The Eyes Have it!

While on the Sands, Seryth sees:

R'owan has connected.

Seryth sneaaaaky lip-nips.

Romth eyes R'owan. « Are you makin' moves on my gold? »

R'owan meeps.

Seryth teeeckles Romth. « Go back to sleep. I'm flirting with a human. The sands are booooring! »

Romth notes, sardonically, that it was Seryth's idea to rise…

Seryth twiddles her talons. « Yeah, I was bored so I thought some hawt bronzes would do the trick… »

Romth is bemused. « I was certainly hawt. It's sort of part and parcel to who I am! » *buffs nails*

Nyunath, who isn't here, agrees, and thinks Seryth should forget that silly Romth and choose a /real/ bronze next time.

Romth pbthths at Nyunath. « Jealous, much? »

Seryth talon chin-taps. « Mmmmm… »

Nyunath wingflexes and then shrugs. « She is quite the attractive gold. »

Seryth « I think, next time I'll choose two bronzes and let them brood on the sands. » *sage nod*

Romth would roll his eyes at Nyunath if nature allowed for that. « What. Ever. »

Seryth « You can whirl them at him? But that might look coquettish. »

Romth only has eyes for Seryth!

R'owan leaves you two to your eyeing.

R'owan heads to the entrance foyer.

R'owan has left.

Seryth grumbles. « Welp. Now you've done it. You skeered away my boy-toy! »

Romth looks smug. « Yup. »

Seryth pouts.

Seryth eyes the eggs, then brightens! Slyly, « The kids are asleep… » Mrow?

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