OH *BEEP* ... I'm not sterile

This is part of the OOC chatter from a recent log:

<Scene-in-brief: Keziah has just confirmed she is pregnant by Ers’lan, who won Alosynth’s flight. Ers’lan thinks he is sterile due to an earlier inconvenient meeting between a tree trunk and his privates. He has reassured Keziah previously she has nothing to worry about. Keziah has just come into the caverns screeching at Ers’lan and then bursts into tears>

<OOC> Thea snorks. The irony of Marella reading about rabbits in this scene JUST hit me.
<OOC> Derin sniggers
<OOC> Keziah says, "what irony? LIttle bunny foo foo?"
<OOC> Thea says, "No-oooo-oooooo"
You paged Keziah with 'What are rabbits well-known for?'.
From afar, Keziah facedesks

<Ers’lan walks away while Keziah crumples to the floor and weeps>

<OOC> Keziah winces "Harsh!" Now if only Kezi could learn to control her temper so well.
<OOC> Ers'lan says, "he's holding back. for the sake of … appearances. xD"
<OOC> Keziah says, "So cold, walking away from a crying woman. :)"
<OOC> Ers'lan says, "oh yeah, that part. *fails*"
<OOC> Derin should totally pose in and gasp at the Kezi pile ;)

<Muir latches onto Ers’lan’s leg>

<OOC> Thea squeaks that in there quick-like. *ducks*
<OOC> Ers'lan dies
<OOC> Thea sniggers.
<OOC> Daoi keeps Thea
<OOC> Keziah snorts.
<OOC> Derin adores the kids ;)

<Kezi leaves for the Admin hallway>

<Thea partial pose>
… "There's a comfortable couch in my office and the door locks." Unlike their ready room. True to her word, she'll give them the privacy they need, remaining in the caverns, but sending up a tray with that pot of klah, a pitcher of iced water, a small bottle of hard liquor from the stock she keeps for special occasions… and a box of tissues.

<OOC> Thea says, "Cos you know Ers'lan's gonna be weeping man-tears. XD"
<OOC> Keziah smirks.
<OOC> Derin laughs
<OOC> Keziah says, "yeah, when the alchohol runs out"
<OOC> Thea giggles. Too bad D'had's not here to commiserate over whiskey in the tavern and get Ers'lan sauced. He totally would.
<OOC> Ers'lan lols. He's going to be running around hollaring, I'm Not STERILE… maybe a few days later it'll be more like… OH *BEEP* … I'm not sterile… XD
<OOC> Thea cackles! That's the point D'had would get him drunk.
<OOC> Thea says, "D'had's been thru this 5… no 6 times now. Definitely can… understand."
<OOC> Keziah smirks
<OOC> Thea says, D'had: Wimmen! Nothin' but trouble! An' don' buy that stuff about diaper-changin'. Ya don't need to do any a' that! You can ignore the looks she gives ya too. Just… tell 'er y'll take the kid fishin' when he's older.
<OOC> Ers'lan grins. All these offerings! oh my. he's going to get hammmmmered

<Ers’lan leaves for the Admin hallway>

From the hallway, there is a high-pitched scream that is suddenly cut off.

[Xanadu Weyr] Ers'lan: it's ok, he just killed her
[Xanadu Weyr] Ers'lan shifty eyes.
[Xanadu Weyr] Daoi wells, then Derin has less to fear ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Ers'lan: or maybe that was Lan screaming…
[Xanadu Weyr] Daoi welps… he's sterile now ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Ers'lan CACKLES. You, are awesome Daoi. XD

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