Wing/Wong Whatever

[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah smirks at Derin "Hold out your hand.."
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah: COme on Der.. just doooo iiiiit. :)
[Xanadu Weyr] Derin fears
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah giggles. Come on… old out your hand… ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Derin holds out Dersk's paw instead
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah sighs "Oh fine and gives Dersk /The/ Eye ;)"
[Xanadu Weyr] Dersk eats it [Derin]
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah giggles
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Greaaaaat. Now I have a one-eyed S&R wingleader.
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah is a one-eyed, one horned flying green wongleader
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah: Wingleader
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea Chokes. On. Dinner. XD
[Xanadu Weyr] Ontali peeks up from zombiewakingup idle and CHOKES on cereal.
[Xanadu Weyr] Daoi dies giggling.
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah: Why does the i have to be next to the o?
[Xanadu Weyr] Mirai always knew her mama was in disguise….
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea caggles. Yes. You heard it right. It's the first ever Cackle-Giggle.
[Xanadu Weyr] Ontali has made so many worse mistakes. …omg caggle. Awesome woorrrd.
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah loves it!
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea, nearly breathless and weeping: Kezi. Just be VERY glad that d is not next to y?
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Becaaaause… horned spelled amiss in that sentence? PRICELESS! XD
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah dies!
[Xanadu Weyr] Derin dies
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah: No wonder the guys run!! :)
[Xanadu Weyr] Daoi would run too >.>
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea … can't…. breathe…
[Xanadu Weyr] Daoi snickers. <3 you guys
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea invents new wong AND leadership position. Because. Epic.
[Xanadu Weyr] Derin giggles
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Wing/wong… whatever. XD
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah dies laughing
[Xanadu Weyr] Daoi raises an eyebrow. Now that's getting creative >.>
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea puts Ers'lan in charge of it. Because, really? Appropriate. XD
[Xanadu Weyr] Derin: Can I be his 'second? ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah cackles
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: When you grow up? Suuuuure. ;p
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah: What? He's 19 ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Derin lesighs and is already grown up, just cause he doesn't act like it doesn't mean anything ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea begs to differ. Age means nothing in Wong Wing. But when females don't skeer Derin, well. Whole 'nother story. :)
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah cackles
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea Derin-ruffles. He's such a good sport with all our teasing.
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah adores the DerDer
[Xanadu Weyr] Derin: Daww..
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea also. <3
[Xanadu Weyr] Derin: Good, then just don't look at the +where ;)

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XAW Dersk's Dark Void (#10998RJ) - Derin and Daoi

[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah gasps! :)
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: We-eeeeell. Nothing like climbing the corporate ladder inna hurry. XD

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