The Bird and the Bee

N'shen arrives from the grounds
N'shen has arrived.
<OOC> P'rel peeks.
<OOC> I'srie licks
<OOC> N'shen says, "You see, there's a bird, and there's a bee. The bee is much smaller than the bird, which means the bee is the boy and the bird is the girl. One day, the bee gets the bird really drunk, then has his way with her. When the bird wakes up with a massive hangover and sees the bee snoring next to her, she thinks "How sweet! Breakfast in bed!" and eats him."
<OOC> I'srie lols
<OOC> P'rel says, "O_O *DIES* OMG"
<OOC> N'shen grins.
<OOC> P'rel says, "I <3 you N'shen"

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