Hat's Mine

[Xanadu Weyr] Olarya doesn't wanna go to work today. Meh.
[Xanadu Weyr] Y'ki keeps Olarya hostage.
[Xanadu Weyr] Olarya weighs pros and cons of being Y'ki's hostage. Pros: I can shank him and not have to worry about him being near my little brother. Cons: I'll be in close proximity to Y'ki. And can smell the fish…
[Xanadu Weyr] Y'ki smothers with a pillow.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea beams. Such a loving family. :D
[Xanadu Weyr] Olarya HISSES at Y'ki.
[Xanadu Weyr] Kiley reflops.
[Xanadu Weyr] Olarya pillows.
[Xanadu Weyr] Kiley thankies. <3
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel steals Kiley away.
[Xanadu Weyr] Olarya steals Pyriel.
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel is stolen. ohnoez.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Now Y'ki has a weyrful of hostages.
[Xanadu Weyr] Kiley blinkblinks.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Y'ki took Olayra hostage, cos she didn't want to go to work. Then Pyriel stoldedz you, and Olarya stoldedz Pyriel. So now Y'ki has… all of yas.
[Xanadu Weyr] Kiley: Oh! Hmm. I shall has to steal someone, then.
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol steals Kiley back instead
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea edges awaaaaay. >.>
[Xanadu Weyr] Kiley drats.
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel: Hey! hat's MINE
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel steals Kiley back.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea admires Pyriel's Kiley-hat.
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel: It's all the rage in Landing.
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol: XD
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri pockets Thea, sneaky-like.
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri wanders away, whistling absently.
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel: Shoplifter
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri <.< >.> <.<
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea rummages around in Eled's pocket. Oooh! What is THIS?
[Xanadu Weyr] Kiley is.. Apparently a hat. >.> *looks pretty on Py's head*
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri: new iphone >.>
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel fluffs his pretty hat. So sexy now. *struts around the weyr*
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea uses it to call Cenlia. "Your brother is pocketing wimmenz."
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol sticks a feather in the Kiley
[Xanadu Weyr] Kiley squeaks!
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea points Kiley up to Pyriel's typo. HE called you a hat first. ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Kiley is a pretty hat.. With a feather.
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri gets shovelled by his sister x.x
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Ah consistency.
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel feels the need to befriend Cenlia, imagines them as…friends. >;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri suspects Pern might not survive the epic, if the two of them ever meet.
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol: her dragon would eat you ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Ticking time bomb, that sitch.
[Xanadu Weyr] Olarya giggles.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea wonders. Pyriel? Did you get rid of your shirt?
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel: My shirt?
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea points at the hat.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea waits for you to connect the dots.
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel scratches the back of his head. Um….
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Now is too sexy for the shirt?
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel DIES!!!!! I love you Thea.
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol inches back, o.o
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: I KNEW it!!!!
[Xanadu Weyr] Kiley laughs. That went over my head.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: You're too young for me though.
[Xanadu Weyr] Olarya hides behind M'nol.
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel will be all growed up someday ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: And… too *coughs and goes the diplomatic route* ……
[xanadu Weyr] Thea: …………….. words fail me. XD
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel eyes suspiciously.
[Xanadu Weyr] Olarya makes Pyr a fake Id.
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol dies at THea
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Olarya…. a fake ID is the LEAST of his…. ahhhh….
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea snicker-snorts and still can't find the right word.
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol: his other problem is he's too /Pyriel/
[Xanadu Weyr] Olarya cackles.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Metal-faced is as close as I can get. It's late. And I'm obviously sands-crazed. Blame it on that. Yep.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: M'nol. You should be a Harper. Or a hammer. Nail-to-head there.
[Xanadu Weyr] Olarya patpats Pyr. He's our special little man. xD
[Xanadu Weyr] Pyriel grumbles off in the corner.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea, Spock-like: Indeed.

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