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XAW Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks - Briana, Pyriel, Flandynn, Olarya, Karona, Aqueepoli, Iessrien and Kaede

<OOC> Iessrien says, "They're flocking <.<"
<OOC> Flandynn says, "We have greater strength in numbers."
<OOC> Iessrien says, "This is true >.>"
<OOC> Briana says, "They will be assimilated, resistance is futile"
<OOC> Karona says, "Today, the barracks. Tomorrow, the Weyr."
<OOC> Pyriel cackles madly. *crack of thunder, flash of lightning*
<OOC> Flandynn fistpumps. Solidarity!
<OOC> Iessrien dies
<OOC> Iessrien loves you guys.

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