<OOC> Pyriel sadfaces at Aquee but nods nods. Piercing scene tomorrow then.
<OOC> Pyriel says, "Okay so…sceneage? Kiley…Iess?"
<OOC> Aqueepoli is sorry! But my SO will be home at any moment, and I'll need to dash offline at that point!
<OOC> Aqueepoli says, "Gawd, I use a lot of !!!'s"
<OOC> Pyriel says, "It's fine. lol"
<OOC> Aqueepoli says, "EVERYTHING! IS! SO! EXCITING!"
<OOC> Pyriel says, "I was just picking on you."
<OOC> Pyriel dies!!!!!
<OOC> Iessrien can do scene
<OOC> Iessrien also falls over XD
<OOC> Iessrien loves you Pol.

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