<OOC> Pyriel says, "So we gunna RPs? Or am I going to bed?"
<OOC> Kiley says, "RPeeeeeesssss"
<OOC> Ryeokie has to head out for a bit unfortunately, sorry guys
<OOC> Kiley says, "Nuuuu. ;.;"
Ryeokie has disconnected.
<OOC> Pyriel says, "OOCly I adore that boy. ICly, six feet under would be awesome."
<OOC> Kiley grins. He's fun. :D
<OOC> Kiley says, "We could start. XD And try to take suuuuper long. Maybe do insanely long written poses in hopes that it'll really be the start of the scene when Ryeo gets back? lmfao"
<OOC> Pyriel says, "I dunno if I could do insanely long poses this late. Eyes a little blurry already. Cause I'm tired. -_-"
<OOC> Kiley says, "Like: What a fine morning. The pickles taste good today, really. And Someone was doing something in the barracks. Holy crap there's a bug."
<OOC> Pyriel DIES!!!
<OOC> Pyriel says, "That is so going on the OOC board."
<OOC> Kiley laughs.

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