What Jail Will Do

(to X'hil) Thea just leans to prop her elbows on her knees, with an air of longsuffering martyrdom. "I really hope you've smuggled in some sedatives for them in your pockets." She waves a hand in the direction of the rest of the inmates, "I'd prenatally stop gunning for you if you did." She adds a brittle smile to that, although it's not directed at him. As the bowl is pushed through her bars, she rises to walk over and peek at that tray. But X'hil is down there staring at K'avu. "So what is this stuff?" She prods an experimental spoon into it. "X'hil, psst, come here will ya? Snap out of it."
<OOC> Sigam says, "She's easy to please, if you know what I mean. *elbow nudge* Kidding!"
<OOC> Thea dies.
K'nan says ""
<OOC> Sigam hides under cot.
<OOC> K'avu fears women.
<OOC> Thea says, "last time I EVER right click for correcting a typo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
<OOC> Thea says, "I'm laughing so hard I cant'type"
<OOC> Thea laughs so hard I'm crying and VERY glad Niah isn't here.
<OOC> Sigam says, "Yes. She would be all over that. XD *gives tissues* <3"
<OOC> Thea still cackling
<OOC> K'nan is finind it a little hard to type at the moment
<OOC> Thea says, "Okaaaaaay that WAS supposed to be Permanently."
<OOC> K'nan says, "Is it now…. heee"
<OOC> Sigam says, "Nope. I don't believe you. It's totally prenatally."
<OOC> K'nan says, "Is it ever"
<OOC> K'avu dies and /just/ saw that.
<OOC> K'nan says, "Oh the imagery"
<OOC> Thea says, "SO just came out the bedroom and was all 'wha?? and I am surrounded by 1 greyhound, 1 cat and 1 daughter all staring at my screen.'"
<OOC> K'nan cackles
<OOC> Thea laughing so hard not making a sound.
<OOC> Thea fans X'hil.
<OOC> Thea says, "And you BET I'll be joining Ista's wiki JUST to fix that typo. XD"
<OOC> Sigam says, "Aaaahahaha oh yes, I wouldn't blame you!"
<OOC> X'hil dies.
<OOC> Thea says, "YES! And I accomplished it WITHOUT firing one shot from my crossbow!!! *fistbumps Sigam*"
<OOC> K'nan cackles "What a woman."
<OOC> Thea buffs nails.
<OOC> X'hil snerks.
<OOC> Sigam fistbumps right back~
<OOC> X'hil has already been shot by that crossbow, clearly non-fatal. ;)
<OOC> Thea says, "Butbut. *pout* I didn't get to fire atcha yet."

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