OOC Chatter One

Random OOC knot chatter. Because you guys are awesome.

[Xanadu Weyr] Vivian: .who
[Xanadu Weyr] Niva: .me!
[Xanadu Weyr] Vivian: .thppptt!

[Xanadu Weyr] Cenlia: quick, let's start some scenes >.>
[Xanadu Weyr] K'vin grins and bats at Cen
[Xanadu Weyr] Cenlia still has 4-5 logs she never got around to adding
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol: scenes? I can do scenes!
[Xanadu Weyr] Cenlia steals a K'vin
[Xanadu Weyr] K'vin: woot!
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol smiffles, can I come?
[Xanadu Weyr] K'vin: threesome? *coughs*
[Xanadu Weyr] Cenlia snerks
[Xanadu Weyr] Myra eyes.
[Xanadu Weyr] Niva: O_O
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea dies!
[Xanadu Weyr] K'vin hides!
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol dies
[Xanadu Weyr] Niva almost spit soda all over her work monitor >.<
[Xanadu Weyr] Cenlia grins
[Xanadu Weyr] K'vin: mwahahahaha

[Xanadu Weyr] Thea researches something and *blinks* I think I just found what species Cenlia is.
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol peers
[Xanadu Weyr] K'vin: boozicus zombicus?
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: She is a Cluricaun (Irish) - Leprechaun-like Little people that are permanently drunk. :p
[Xanadu Weyr] K'vin: ahahaha
[Xanadu Weyr] Cenlia: >.>
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol cackles, it's perfect!
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea laughs!

(after a long conversation about brownouts…)
[Xanadu Weyr] Vivian: Dudes, move to a proper country! *runs*
[Xanadu Weyr] Niva bites Vivi.
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol thwaps
[Xanadu Weyr] M'iri throws pillows at Viv! :p
[Xanadu Weyr] Vivian hugs Niva, you love me really.

[Xanadu Weyr] Sigam: Also, I'm going to get brave and go clean out the fridge via sniff-test. If I don't return, I died. =|
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah clings to the Siggy. No dying allowed.
[Xanadu Weyr] Niva: ded-Siggy = bad-Siggy
[Xanadu Weyr] Sigam: Dude. My fridge could have sentience at this point.
[Xanadu Weyr] Sigam: I can't promise anything.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: It could be considered a wildlife refuge maybe?
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah threatens Siggy's fridge.
[Xanadu Weyr] Cenlia snickers.

[Xanadu Weyr] Thea doesn't hate any bronzers. Really. ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] Cenlia: She SAYS that, but the crossbow does not lie
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri: even when someone else is wielding it
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea dies. Eledri. *cough*
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri innocents.
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri also hides.
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri quiets his knot.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea laughs! I KNOW where you live! ;)

[Xanadu Weyr] Sigam beams~.
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol covers eyes against the glare
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah goes blind
[Xanadu Weyr] Sigam snerks! I win?
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea thinks your dentist won. ;P
[Xanadu Weyr] Sigam: More like the hot orthodontist that gave me teeth-polishing toothpaste. <3
[Xanadu Weyr] Niva snerks
[Xanadu Weyr] Keziah laughs
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol: you just liked her 'cause she was hot ;)
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol: *or him
[Xanadu Weyr] Sigam: Definitely him. ;) *purr* Dockta Chris.
[Xanadu Weyr] Thea grins~. It's a win-win.
[Xanadu Weyr] M'nol giggles
[Xanadu Weyr] Sigam: Definitely, Thea. XD
[Xanadu Weyr] Sigam: And I get straight teeth. D: I need to marry this man. Sigh.

XanaduWeyr arrives from the Caverns
XanaduWeyr has arrived.
XanaduWeyr OOCly leaps into the air and flies away..Ignore it.
XanaduWeyr has left.
In the Sky, XanaduWeyr OOCly flaps its arms and flies towards you..Try to ignore it.
In the Sky, XanaduWeyr OOCly flies off towards the Sky High Above the Weyr. Ignore it.
[Xanadu Weyr] Eledri dies
[Xanadu Weyr] Niva revives?

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