A Question of Succession

The Story So Far:

From nowhere, a call came to the Weyrwoman of Xanadu Weyr from the Lady Ryeira of Rubicon River Hold: The flagship of their fleet was a sevenday overdue with no word. Onboard was Lord Holder Leonidas, as well as the majority of the Hold's able men, as they had been fishing to last out the season.

Searches of the area found nothing other than a bit of debris, which unfortunately only seemed to confirm that worry that the ship and all aboard had been lost at sea. While this fact was concealed for as long as possible, eventually it was leaked, and the Lord Holder Eyvindr of Hannista chose to take advantage. His holders slowly moved to take over the border lands to the north, ousting those minor holders already there that looked to Rubicon River.

After Xanadu Weyr stepped in, in a move that would draw ire from multiple leaders, Hannista found itself without many of its ladies, including the Lord Holder's daughter Izellah as they had been installed at the Weyr. Only after the Holder's Conclave convened, confirming Leonidas's young son as the Lord Holder presumptive with Lady Ryeira as joint warden with an as of yet undetermined man, were Eyvindr's actions addressed - the man told to return the lands to their rightful holders.

As it stands, the Holds have been abandoned by the Hannistas, and Lady Ryeira has yet to chose a partner - but who knows what the future will bring.

Relevant Logs and Posts

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