Investigate the Clues: OOC Information
Scrap of Paper
It's a rather unremarkable silver of paper, about half a hand wide, but nearly three times that long. While bottom half is blank, there is a small set of initials, initials that are surrounded by odd looking triangles. Are those suppose to be mountains? All you know for sure is that it came from the corner of something - it has 2 straight edges, and a number of holes stuck through it.
Burnt Paper
What's this? More mountains? The palm sized piece of paper is charred heavily on three sides, the soot from the fire making it hard to make out too many details. But, amidst the smoke swirls, it appears as if there are more of those little triangle mountains - and is that a line to indicate a river?
Torn Chart
This piece of heavy paper seems to have been torn from the side of a chart - while there are random circles and lines on one side, there is a partial watermark on the back - but there's not enough to make out.
Forged Marks
To a trained eye, these hundred mark pieces are clearly forged - the stamp of the beastcraft on the back is smudged, done by an untrained hand.
Green Fabric
Its green fabric - there's really not much else to say.
Wax Seals
A trio of wax seals - each mounted on a polished piece of wood. They seem real enough, though close examination shows minor inconsistencies. While they make look like the seals of Ista, Nerat, and Telgar, they probably aren't.
Hide Scrap
A well-scrapped piece of hide, the ink on it blurring from the poor quality of the material. However, while hard to see, there is a half circle drawn with a line below it, and three slashes overhead.
Even after this piece of paper dried out, it doesn't seem as if the writing on it became any more legible. While some letters are clearly tall, and others clearly short, the only for sure thing is that there is a space - could it be for an apostrophe?
Rider's Badge
While still shiny, this badge seems old. Perhaps even antique, if it's really examined. A coppery-tinged tin, it's about the size of a woman's palm. There may once have been other color to it, but now all that remains is an embossed circle and a number of odd lines radiating from it.
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