Caves, Children and Cults

The Story So Far:

Odd messages began appearing around Xanadu Weyr - finding their way to certain people, the former Xanadu Junior Ysa and the young stablemaster Keziah amongst them. When they responded to these messages - with a particular colored pebble placed at a particular place - both women found themselves kidnapped and taken to a secluded cove. Here, they were met by a man, Kefai who attempted to gain their support, believing that Thread will fall again. However, he received only laughter in return, and the women were hurriedly returned to Xanadu Weyr.

Despite their best warnings, their story went unheard by the Weyrwoman Niva, and was written off as nothing. Unfortunately, as a result, Kefai was responsible for organizing the mass suicide of his followers, escaping with a few choice women, and leaving otherwise only four young children alive - 3 who escaped initially, and the eldest, a girl named Kate who was found later. Kate went on to join Xanadu Weyr, was Searched, and much to the surprise (and anger) of many, not only Impressed, but to gold Lusiath.

Making matters work, the young gold and her rider disappeared into the fog one day, leaving no clues as to where they went, though everyone knew it was to join her father and his followers. Since then, Lusiath has only been seen once - when she rose over Ierne Weyrhold to be caught by X'hil's bronze Kinseth, though to the best of everyone's knowledge, the eggs failed to produce viable offspring.

Kefai has, at least to the best of everyone's knowledge, been quite quiet as of late, though a large message scrawled on a table in the Caverns has many on edge. Has he returned?

Relevant Logs and Posts

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