Log 4: Xanadu, Igen, and Ista Meet

October 5, 2005
Council Room *Igen Weyr*
Gone are the walls of natural sandstone. Instead they have been covered with a fine-grain wooden panelling of a dark hue — giving the room a faintly ominous feeling with all the weighty decisions that have been made here over the Turns. From the center of the roof hangs an elaborate chandelier, the baubles of glass used to create such a masterpiece catch the light emitted by several small bulbs, providing the room with more than enough illumination. Lining the walls are several bookcases. Divisions allow for placements of rolled-up hides, the more traditionally hide-bound volumes, and there is also a set of shelves that houses the Weyr's main computer. Dotted long the walls in an orderly fashion are portraits of some of the more notable — or egotistical? — Weyrleaders. At the center of the room stands a darkly stained wooden table surrounded by chairs, each with the appropriate wing insignia at their backs.

If Niva knew how she'd be spending the day when she got up, she probably would have done anything but get out of bed. The Xanadu Weyrwoman looks very unhappy as she enters the Council Chambers, personal effects held onto tightly as her gaze works to identify exactly whom will be attending this, ahem, meeting as well.

Not far behind Niva arrives the Weyrwoman from Ista. She removes her flight jacket as she enters, Igen being just as hot if not dryer than Ista. She looks about the room as she enters and notices the others present before she heads over to the table. She inclines her head to Br'yn and Niva, "Good Day, Weyrleader, Weyrwoman."

Br'yn pushes himself to his feet when Niva and Lisle come insie, offering both of them a warm, pleasant smile in greeting, "Hello, Lisle, Niva." So formal! He pushes thick brown bangs from his eyes and politely motions an invitation for both of them to sit, "I wanted to talk to the two of you about what happened over Conclave and if there's any chance of things… settling between Xanadu and Ista." He drops back down, bonelessly, into his seat, linking his fingers comfortably and continuing with, "The two of you never seemed to suffer any kind of animosity before. I heard that it might have more to do with S'va than Lisle, though, but… I don't know if the two of you want to risk Weyr relations over that…"

Niva tosses some notes on the table, though what exactly it is, is not revealed for now, pulling out a chair and settling into it, with her arms folded infront of her, as she watches Br'yn. "Unless you were there, and heard each and every word, I would suggest listing to that copy of X'an's. /We/ have a reason to be upset." And apparently she's sticking to it, for now at least.

Lisle nods to Br'yn before taking a seat, her face neutral as she prepares herself for the meeting. As the reasoning behind the meeting is explained she nods to both Leaders. "There was no animosity toward Xanadu meant in the sanction. We have no wish to deny Xanadu of any supplies. What we can offer we will, but until there is a determination of the reasons behind the blight we cannot in good conscious leave the rest of Pern open to this blight."

Br'yn arches a brow at Niva curiously, canting his head to the side, "Niva, I didn't say anything inflammatory. I didn't say no one had a reason to be upset. If I didn't think there wasn't a need to try and calm things down, then I wouldn't be trying, right?" He drums his fingers lightly on the back of his own hands, then nods slightly to Lisle, "Lisle has a good point. Accepting possibly blighted supplies from Xanadu would put her own Weyr at risk. Igen can't afford to accept any, either; if we lose the small amount of vegetation we grow, Igenites could starve. However, there are a lot of other things that Ista and Xanadu are capable of trading, am I right?" He presses his lips together thoughtfully for a moment before looking aside at Niva, "What are you so angry about, specifically, Niva?"

Niva flicks her fingers at Lisle. "Ten turns ago, Landing suffered from a citrus blight, and yet most places only banned the citrus. We're suffering from a blight on our cereal grains. Nothing else is showing signs of trouble. If we had enough grain to trade, we wouldn't be asking for help." Pause. "Banning /all/ biological imports is an extreme step. /And/ it was not necessary to handle the situation in such a manner." The actual question posed by Br'yn is ignored as her rant ends.

"Only a hypothesis was brought to conclave, that it MIGHT be the grubs. What if it is something else? What if it does start effecting other crops? We really cannot risk the rest of Pern until we know for Sure what has caused this blight and to what extent." Lisle's voice is soft, yet steady, holding her own ground in this matter. "We will offer whatever biologicals we can supply to suppliment your losses, and whatever other supplies you may need, but we will not take vegatable matter. Xanadu is geographically isolated, so that if it is something that is prone to spread it should spend itself out quick enough. As soon as this stuff crosses the waters to the northern continent…" She shakes her head, "Then All of Pern could suffer the same."

"I've got Igen pulling in a lot of favors with other Weyrs and Holds in hopes that we can offer Xanadu a clean supply of grains. That won't be a problem, if it goes through properly. We intend to go into our vegetation surplus to trade it to Xanadu for technology or something along those lines," Br'yn adds onto what Lisle says, nodding to her after a moment, "Lisle is right. What if the tests aren't entirely right? What if it isn't grubs? What if people accept biological matter and infect the entire vegetable, grain, and fruit population of Pern? Leaders aren't willing to risk the lives of their people, Niva. You should know that. Until there is certainty that it's only grubs, that nothing else will be effected by it, it makes sense not to accept biological matter from Xanadu. It's not a personal insult."

Niva glares from one to the other as they talk, shaking her head, and point her finger at Lisle. "But from that idea, you're for banning everything. If it isn't the grubs, what else could it be? Could it be in the grasslands, and thus all our cattle is carrying it. Could it be a result of our technology. For Faranth's sake, we don't know /what/ it is, and we don't intend to spread what's showing signs." Pause. "Vegetables from the next fields are fine - Havested and consumed, and not a single report of problems. You both are turning this into a far larger issue then it needs to be. Though at least /you/ had the decency to do so in private." And her glare is turned solely on Br'yn. "Xanadu is able to negotiate for ourselves, and we do not need Igen's favors with other areas. If other areas continue to react with a level-head, we will continue to see what each area can offer. Otherwise, perhaps we'll simply do without bread." Though, how much of this is what she feels, and how much of this is just frustration, who knows.

Lisle drops her gaze for a moment before looking back up, "I am sorry Niva. I know it seems personal, but you know I do work my hardest at keeping good relations with other weyrs. I think of this in all my dealings. I must also think of my people and the people that look to Ista for protection to not inflict this on them." She shakes her head and rises from her chair placing her hands on the back of it. "Niva this is not a personal attack, I am really sorry you see it as such…but Ista will not change its stance until both Farmcraft and Healerhall clear those fields for export, all of them."

Br'yn blinks twice as Niva glares at him, then makes a soft sound in the back of his throat and leans back in his chair, "You've already decided to take personal affront to everything that's said, it seems like. If Xanadu doesn't want Igen's help, then fine, we won't offer it. This isn't blowing it out of proportion. This is taking precautions against possible disaster. I apologize for any personal insult taken on your behalf, or personal offense. You, yourself, said you don't know what it is. All ideas have to be taken into account, and I'm sorry, but no one should be obligated to risk their own crops just to keep up good relations with another Weyr. It's not logical." Pushing himself to his feet, the young Weyrleader dusts off the back of his thighs before he says, "Lisle's right. It /isn't/ a personal attack. It was never intended that way. Until it can be officially stated that Xanadu's crops are not infectious, then it is too dangerous to import any of them at all. Unless either of you has something reasonable and useful to add, then, I fear this fruitless meeting may be adjourned."

Niva stands up as well, gathering up her belongings, pausing as she looks from one to the other. "I am /not/ taking this as a personal attack. I'm taking this as a pair of teenagers with no /real/ experience thinking they are doing the right thing, and not giving Xanadu the benefit of the doubt. We're not stupid enough to export the affected grains. Fort at least realizes that, and is still willing to trade for animals and vegetables. And given our shortage of grain, animals are bountiful. You are both acting as if we aren't putting every effort into stopping this that we can, even though from the first sign we've been doing what we can, short of razing the fields. /I'm/ doing this for Xanadu's residents. They don't deserve to be indebted to others Weyrs, because they've taken it upon themselves to pull favors. We're capable. They don't deserve to owe a Weyr that is so close-minded that they didn't even come look at the fields themselves before issuing a ban, and a fine, for having organic products. /We'll/ do our own negotiating, and I do ask that both of you grow up, and open your eyes to the big picture. We have no desire cause your lands problems, whether you'll believe it or not." And she stands there, still glaring from one to the other.

"This has nothing to do with experience Niva, but a sense of protection. I am sorry this may provide a hardship to Xanadu. I am content to do the best we can to keep that hardship at a minimal. The only concession I can make is export of carnivores only. Those animals not sustaining themselves on grain and cereal crops. I am sorry, I am not going to back down on this. I hope once this all clears up we can resume positive relations." Her voice remains steady even if her fingers clench the back of the chair. She drops her gaze slightly as the other weyrwoman glares at us. "I would ask you not resort to personal attacks on our lifemates. They have chosen us as suitable for leadership."

Br'yn stands very quietly in front of his own chair for a time before he calmly points towards the door, "I've no interest having someone come into my own Weyr and tell me how I'm an inexperienced teenager incapable of sympathy or conscious thought. No one said that Xanadu wasn't making efforts; so are we. If you want to be angry, do it elsewhere. Last I checked, we were paying attention to the big picture. We are NOT risking Ista or Igen, and I don't really care what you say in the negative against it. This is my home, and Ista is Lisle's. They come first. People depend on us. Help was offered and refused. It'll be documented that way. There won't be any further upset from Igen. We were being reasonable and attentive to Xanadu's needs as well as those of our own Weyrs. You chose to make it a personal issue. Kindly, now, I'll ask you to leave." Nothing in his own stance is tense at all, and that calm, polite tone of voice doesn't leave him.

Niva arches an eyebrow as she looks at Lisle. "It was hardly an attack on your lifemates, as I'm sure both of you will be fine leaders, when you've aged 10 years, and realized crop failures happen, amongst other things. Not everyone is /ready/, even if they are suitable." She replies rather calmly, all things considered, before inclining her head ever so slightly to Br'yn. "Trust me, I have no further desire to stay here any longer. My own area needs my help, and we need a solution. I can't afford to waste any more time with those who refuse to see the light." And so she takes a firm hold of her papers and heads out the way she came, without a backwards glance.

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