Log 3: Tanner Craft's Leaders Meet

October 3, 2005
Mastertanner Bellorya's Office(#1805RLs$)
This office is used by a rather hands on Craftmaster, the filing cabinets that take up half of one wall alone could tell one that. Each bears atop it supplies for the more mundane quirks of the Craft. Above them are two long shelves that hold more of the same. Down that wall, under a large patchwork leather tapestry of the Hall's badge, sits the computer that links the Igen hall to AVIAS, and many a night one can find the young CM typing up the days events with the rapid click and clacks of the keyboard. The large desk that her father and uncle both sat at once upon a time now takes it's position three-fourths of the way to the back wall. Two feet closer to the hallway door sit two wing back leather chairs that are a sumptious cordivan colour. On that back wall are two more leather tapestries, landscapes of the beautiful desert from differing angles. Between them stands the plain wooden door that leads to her private quarters. The third wall is take up with a large table, laden with the personal projects of the master, her tools generally kept neat and put away. But sometimes duty call at the oddest of moments, and there are several patterns and tools out on top.

Bellorya sits at the computer, transcribing her notes from the conclave meeting the night before. She doesn't much look like she's slept, but with her hair down and a simple tunic and trews on, who can tell? And she's humming in an off key sort of way.

Varia has notes of her own, and from the looks of her, was up most of the night typing them, and making them organized enough to deal with. Brushing wisps of hair out of her face, she leans against the doorframe sleepily. "Bell?"

Bellorya smiles and looks over after a word or two. "Come on in. I'm just finishing up my notes from yesterday. You know, until about two turns ago, I didn't really put any thought into where the crops are grow that we eat. Then I started hearing about blights and crop failures." She swivels in the chair after a click click of the mouse. "And I've come to realize that I know nothing about it." She shakes her head, blinking. "Nothing at all. Isnt' that just amazing?"

Varia shakes her head slightly, moving to settle in one of the large chairs as she leans back, papers deposited nearby. "I don't think a lot of people do, unless they're the ones actually having to grow it. Or until there's not enough." And a wrinkle of her nose and she shakes her head. "There's so many issues. Our problems, and problems at High Reaches, Fort, and now Xanadu." Pause. "I'm surprised none of the critics are claiming thread is on its way once more."

Bellorya giggles a little at that. "Well, wouldn't that just be the greatest of all tragedies. But I'm sure the Weyrs would know, don't they have more eggs or something as the first sign?" She shrugs it off as generally unintersting. "Sometimes I wonder if I'm the best person for this job, I've never been posted outside of here or Landing. I don't know what the issues are or the tempratures of other places." She sighs. "Xanadu was the first to offer us help after the renegade attack last turn. They hosted more hunts than anyone and even shed their own blood to do it. We have to do something to help them. But I don't think I fully understand the problem, so I'm not yet sure how we can help. What did you get from it last night?"

Varia thinks about it for a long moment before shaking her head. "I'm not sure. Eggs, maybe. Or something with the Star Stones. Or.." Pause. "Though, High Reaches' gold has risen rather quickly again." She sinks into her chair, pondering this for a long moment, her chin resting in her hand, gazing at the floor before finally glancing back up at Bellorya. "Drought'll cause problems. Too much rain'll cause problems. But they tend to have a similar effect all the way across the board." Shifting, her fingers tap against the arm of the chair as she hms. "From what they said, they don't seem as bad off as they could be. Though, if I were them, I'd certainly miss my bread."

Bellorya nods. "Grains make up so much of our diet here, rye, rice, bulgar, couscous, and then there's the breads and other baked goods. I can't imagine the kitchens without flour, and then there's the oat we import from Telgar and Lemos….the fruits to supliment local melons, the leafy greens to supliment the root vegtables….I guess it's still kind of sinking in. Maybe they have caught it in the early stages, which would be good. I don't think it's the grubs, otherwise like the weather it would be more across the board. Maybe its some kind of fungus or something? When I was a journeyman at landing they had a fungus attacking the citrus trees, and only the citrus trees. Had to have been a bout a decade ago, do you remember it?"

Varia shakes her head slowly, counting back on hand. "I was still at Honshu Island, then, and I don't think it really effected us. At least not that I was aware of, as an apprentice." A slow hmm, and she glances sidelong at Bellorya. "I could understand the fungus, though. T'would explain the cereal crop problems, but why the tubers and all aren't having problems." Pause. "Though, if its a fungus, perhaps that Istan was right to keep it there. Just because its not effecting the tubers doesn't mean its not on the tubers."

Bellorya shrugs. "Could be, but we can wash mold and fungus off of leather, are tuber skins any different? And would tubers come into contact with the fields that bear the grains? Could it be that this blight is sensitive to temprature, average rainfall? We grow citrus here, and along the coast, but the fungus in Landing back then required more rainfall than we get, so the crops here were safe."

"But they've all the same temperature and rainfall, so it might be on it all, whether its seen or not. And, does anyone wash tubers before they're shipped off?" Varia takes a deep breath, wrinkling up her nose as she does so. "Fungi, it seems, need rain. Ista has even more of that to offer then Xanadu. I certainly wouldn't want to take the risk. There /or/ here. Maybe it'll jump to our citrus, or even something else."

Bellorya nods. "It could, I think we need to do more research before make a snap desicion on it." She turns back to the mouse again, clicking open a few screens and reading through a table. "We've got a few days before we're due to get a shipment of any kind from Xanadu. I'm still concerned about what we can do to help them." It's possible that Niva would have more of an idea about what they could do. After all, they aren't farmers, and aren't at all in the same sort of growth band. "Perhaps we could take the apprentices there to help….harvest or something? Collect sample? I'm so out of my depth when it comes to these things.

Varia considers this for a long moment. "To start with, I'm almost be willing to go a bit short, until we're sure. Perhaps we should refuse any shipments from Xanadu if they've grown goods in them. Hides, and technology could hardly be harmed by whatever is causing the rest of the problems." Right? A wrinkle of her nose, and she shakes her head. "Though, we'd have to take our own food with us, if they're already short. We could just make the situation worse. Or bring it back unknowingly." So many possibilities.

Bellorya nods. "I don't think bringing food with us would be a problem, and we could bring tents for the apprentices to sleep in, like for the deep outings my uncle used to take us on. What do you think about reinsituting that? After of course we find someone to take over as apprentice master….Sorry, got side tracked there. Anyway, we should see what the cause of the problem is, if there is a known cause and see what the farmcraft recomends about embargoes. I've requested a meeting, like I'm sure every other leader has, with the farm craft. So far there's nothing about it on their mailing list nor on the conclave mailing list."

Varia idly nods, flicking her fingers at the idea, still mostly focusing on what she terms the immediate problem. "I still think we need to put something temporary on their products, at least some of them, until we know better. Who knows what the Farmcraft will say, and I don't want to be caught unawares, like that Healer was saying." Pushing herself slowly to her feet, she inclines her head to Bellorya. "With your permission, I'd like to invoke a temporary stay on Xanadu produce. They may have been one of the first to aid us in our time of need, but perhaps the best aid at the moment is containment. I am more then willing to see said block removed, once the Farmcraft is consulted."

Bellorya considers it a moment. "I say we take fourty-eight hours, find out what we can and if we can't find out anything, then we cancel our order. Niva said they were going to have to cancel the grain orders, since they'd now have just enough for themselves. If we can't find anything out, that gives us twenty four hours more to cancell the order." The note in her voice is dampened. But her eyes raise back up, and rather plainly she states, "It's good to have you here."

Varia takes a deep breath before nodding slowly, "That's acceptable. I'll inquire where I can, as well." And she shakes her head slightly. "I'm going to finish a few things, and lay down. Perhaps sleep will provide better insight." And she bobs her head before grabbing her notes and heading back out.

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