Log 2: Conclave Offers Aid, and Sanctions

October 2, 2005
Performance Hall -*- Harper Hall (#9368RJ)
A huge vaulted room expands before an ornate wooden stage. Strings of thin neon red lights line two walkways down the stadium steps on either side of the center section of seats.
High-backed chairs form semi-circle arcs before the stage in several consecutive rows: totally wooden at the top, progressing to cushioned seats at middle, to very comfortable recliner type chairs towards the bottom, all done in dark mahogany finished sky room and Harper blue velvet fabric.
Intricate slate-gray marble work outlines the stage as if it's a frame. Curving and winding vines give way to images of harps and theatre masks along the bottom, vaulting up to protruding titans that seem to hold the stage up on either side, to a Celtic inspired braid across the top, ending in an endless knot in the center.
Heavy Harper blue curtains, edged in silver cording, are drawn back to reveal the stage, made of finely varnished wood slats that seem to shine like a mirror. They give the illusion that there are two sets of performers on stage.

Jolie has for once, arrived early to the meeting, turning back though slightly to glance at the other goldrider that has accompanied her instead of Western's weyrleader.

Kathryn smiles encouragingly to Jolie, striding as quickly as her short aged legs can to keep up. "I'll be just fine." She nods to a few people she knows from her time here as Igen's representative but it's to the Western chair that she turns. "I'm normally late. It's so strange to be here early."

Niva is actually relatively on time, and so she heads towards the end of the table, a pile of notes in her arms, as well as a opaque container, nodding her head to those she passes, offering greetings here and there.

Lisle makes her way into the hall, her ever faithful notebook tucked under one arm. She looks about the room giving a bit of a nod to familiar people before she takes her usual seat, setting her notebook down on the table she draws her pen out in preparation.

Varia wrinkles up her nose a bit as she enters the room, muttering something along the lines of despising these things, before moving to take the TannerCraft's chair, her own notes present as she sinks down, trying to avoid notice it seems.

Elara walks in slightly behind X'an, smoothing her skirts quietly.

X'an strides just a little faster than Elara, strait to their usual chairs, with nods and smiles around the table, he pulls out the chair for his weyrwoman, getting his usual little recording device out a second after.

Maharet arrives with a firm though slightly waddling step. She's still getting used to the sudden lack of enormous stomach. With files under one arm, she moves to the chairs held for Healer Hall and settles in, giving a small smile to those faces she knows including Elara, X'an Jolie and Lisle.

Alexandre comes in, unusual in that Miacara isn't accompanying him for once. He looks around, and settles down, a stack of files on his lap.

Majestic flits into the room, banded in the colours of High Reaches Weyr. She croons quietly and somehow makes her way to the chairs where J'em and Hassaleah would normally sit. The little gold has a note attached to one leg, for anyone close enough to remove it.

Tresa moves in behind a small group of holders, heading to her seat without much of a greeting to anyone areround her. Laric as usualisn't with his lady.

Blaire is running absolutely late, as per Telgar's norm. But she's there, actually holding hands now with B'stal and they take their seats in the chairs reserved for that northern area.

Jolie tilts her head toward Kathryn, before acknowledging Telgar's pair with a nod and going back to her conversation. She finally leans back in her chair, after whispering something to the older woman.

A winding desert ditty follows H'las as he jounces into the performance hall, hands in pockets and a carefree buoyancy to his step. There's few here for him to recognize well, but Fort's representatives certainly gain a cheerful salutation in the form of a smile and a wave. There's a folder tucked close to his body, pinned there by virtue of an elbow. Just as he's edging towards Igen's seating, the thing falls and scatters the papers in a heap in the aisle. "Sharding!.." He presses his lips shut on the exclamation, coughs gruffly, and gathers the papers into pile, stuffing them back into the folder before he throws himself down into a chair.

After settling down all of her belongings on the table, making sure that the container is neither too near the edge, nor too near herself, Niva straightens, loudly clearing her throat for attention. "If everyone could take their seats, and get settled, we'll get this started." And she glances around for a second, looking rather unsure of what to say before finally continuing, "Please introduce yourselves, and who you are representing, for the records." Pause. "Senior Weyrwoman Niva, of Xanadu Weyr." She offers to start things off before settling in her chair, letting the others do the same.

Elara introduces, "Weyrwoman Elara, of Fort Weyr."

Alexandre stands. "Lord Alexandre, of Island River Hold. Lady Miacara is feeling ill and will not be joining us today.

Blaire calls out in a loud voice. "Blaire and B'stal from Telgar." With that, B'stal gets a solid nudge with her elbow and a speaking glance to sit down.

X'an follows shortly after Elara. "X'an, Elara's weyrleader, of Fort weyr."

Jolie glances around and smiles. "Jolie and Kathryn from Western Weyr." Then more whispering occurs as she goes back to talking with the junior.

Lisle gives a wave to Maharet and leans toward her, "Mind if I stop by afterward?" She murmurs and while waiting for an answer she rises to introduce herself as well, "Lisle, Weyrwoman of Ista Weyr. S'va should be in shortly." She says before dropping back down in her seat.

H'las holds his freshly disorganized folder tight in both hands, so as to prevent another mishap. He sits up in his chair a bit, and says loudly, "Wingleader H'las, in stead of Weyrleaders Lonriya and Br'yn, of Igen Weyr." Slump, back into the chair.

Elara glances over at Majestic curiously. What's this? She tries to quietly coax the gold to her chair so she doesn't have to stand up and disrupt the meeting.

Maharet calls out in a voice long used to carrying over loud and chatty apprentices, "Master Maharet for Master Healer Chiron of Healer Hall," then turns to Lisle with a raised eyebrow and a slow nod, of course, Weyrwoman."

Tresa calls out as loudly as her slightly raspy voice can "Lady Tresa from Fort Hold."

Kathryn sends a quick wink over towards H'las as she listens to Jolie's whispers. Occasionally she nods at something a makes a note on her own notepad. After yet one more greeting, she writes something down and points it out towards her senior. The Western weyrwomen mutter once more and then go silent.

Niva glances around, carefully taking a list of who's present, before standing once more. "We will be begin with updates on any old business." And then she's glancing sidelong at the Western Weyr representatives, arching an eyebrow. "Might I assume that you have something to update us all on? Or, is it just idle chatter?" And with that inquiry, it seems Niva has opened the floor to updates.

Elara takes the note from Majestic's leg and rises with a warm smile, "Pardon me, but this message is from Weyrleader J'em of High Reaches Weyr. It says he will try and be here after Mhiyath has finished clutching." She smiles at Majestic, "Fort's wishes for a strong clutch." She sits again.

H'las manages to catch the wink out of the corner of his eye, and grins briefly in reply to Kathryn before he's devoted to the re-arrangement of the papers in the folder on his lap. After some shuffling, he grumbles, "why the heck did I even bring half a' these…mmph." Disenchanted with the folder, he drops it into the empty seat beside him and folds his arms, simply watching the proceedings for the time being.

Out of breath from hussling, Bellorya pauses for a moment in the doorway before hobbling over to take her seat. "Mastertanner Bellorya. Of the tannercraft hall." She introduces herself quickly, face red from extertion and likely embarassment.

X'an glances sidelong to Elara, arching an eyebrow as she claims the missive case from Majestic's leg, leaning toward her as she reads it out. Eyes flash across the table to the muttering H'las, he holds his grin in check /barely/ and taking Elara's hand in his own, peers curiously over at Jolie and Kathryn.

Maharet consults the notes in one file and rises next. "No old business from Healer Hall," she states to Niva before turning her gaze to Elara and her announcement regarding High Reaches. "May the clutching go well and the eggs be viable," she adds before settling back into her chair and letting her eyes roam about the room as various representatives speak.

Kathryn blushes slightly and shakes her head. She doesn't seem to know of any old business. Jolie doesn't either and a bit more calmly appologies for them both before glaring at the older goldrider.

Alexandre smiles. "Island River has no old business, and congratulates High Reaches on their newest clutch.

"No updates," H'las bellows out from his seat. "Igen's best wishes for High Reaches and its clutch." That's shouted as an afterthought, while he worms his hands into his riding jacket's pockets some more.

Elara glances at X'an and shrugs slightly. Do they have any old business?

Lisle rises from her chair, "No old business other than we have a weyrling group since last time and all are growing strong." She nods her head once more before taking a seat again.

Tresa rises slowly to her feet "No old business for Fort Hold at this time."

X'an hmmmns. "Only the follow through of the mining inquiries in our weyr. A gas seep was found, it has been dealt with, the theory goes that the explosion that rocked our old stables and decimated it shook the plates beneath the volcano. It's done and complete, the work that was accomplished. Our thanks go to the minecraft, and our eggs are nearing hatching.. it can't be more than a month and a half left, two at the most. That's all."

Niva nods, and lets the others all speak before standing up to offer her own update. "This is both old business and new business. As I mentioned last time, we were noticing slight problems with some of the crops on Xanadu Weyr's lands. As the time for harvest has drawn closer, we've noticed greater failures, particularly with the cereal crops. As such, we are looking as if we will be facing a shortage, and we will be willing to trade those goods which are plentiful for those we are in need of."

Alexandre nods. "Island River will help as much as we possibly can.

Elara nods, "You'll have Fort Weyr's support as well."

Kathryn makes a quick note of this on her notepad, whispering once more a short comment to Jolie. The senior nods back and both go quiet again.

"And Healer Hall's" Maharet adds. "Whatever we can do to assist." The Master tilts her head at Jolie and her junior curiously, but only for a moment. her attention is immediately back on Niva.

Jolie looks up after a moment. "If Western can help in any way, just let us know." She nods finally to Niva, before her attention is attracted once more by Kathryn.

Tresa looks up from her notes, listening to all the offers before speaking up "Fort Hold is willing to offer their assistance as well."

Lisle nods to Niva , "Ista will help as it can. Has ther been any determination of why it has been failing?" She queries as she writes down a few notes.

H'las yoinks a piece of paper from his folder, and withdraws a pencil from his jacket's inside breast pocket. A scribbled note is made after Niva's remark about Xanadu's need of aid in trade. "Igen Weyr would be interested in trade arrangements," the blonde says, voice lifting over the din as he jots down his own memo, eyes not leaving the page.

Niva glances sidelong at Lisle, shaking her head slightly, before the container is opened and passed around the table. "These grubs were found in the failing fields. However, from what we can tell, they are the same grubs that protected us from Thread when it still fell. We are unsure of why only certain fields are failing and others are succeeding. Some holders are claiming it is a result of our use of technology, however, which does not make sense." And she nods her head, "I appreciate the offers of from all of you, and I will meet with each of you to discuss trades." And then she glances around, "Is there other new business to discuss?"

Bellorya raises her hand.

Niva nods to Bellorya, giving the Tanner CraftMaster the floor before settling back into her chair.

Bellorya stands, leaning on the table. "I have a few things, um….In old business, I am lifing the restrictions on projects and commissions. We aren't back to a hundred percent of our stores, but we're close enough that we can now take commissions for new work. Uh….I would like to introduce my Craftsecond, Varia, who until recently was the weyrtanner of High Reaches. And uh….um oh. The Minecraft and the Smithcrafts have completed the refirbishment of the old crafthall in Igen. And we have retreated from Landing officially back to the Igen crafthall. Uh…..I think that's it." And she retakes her seat.

With a nod from Jolie, Kathryn indicts that she has something to say.
Niva jots down a few notes on the Tanners before glancing up, nodding her head at Kathryn. "Western has the floor."

Kathryn smiles as she stands and looks to her note pad. "Western will be clearing some craft debt shortly. We ask that the craft halls be patient just a day or so more as we get our finances cleared." She shoots an uncomfortable glance at her senior, then addes, "In the interest of dragon growth, Telgar and Western have come to an agreement which should help with their current shortage. Western will give one clutch to Telgar."

Discovery! H'las has found something in that pocket of his, it seems - a small bag is pulled out, opened, and peered into. Snacks! Looking more pleased than before, H'las pops one of the little hunks of candied pineapple into his mouth. Chewing upon this morsel idly, his arm lifts and sort of hangs in the air lazily while he waits for Kathryn's conclusion and gets himself in line to make the next remarks.

"Igen, your new business?" And Niva doesn't even look up this time, still worried about writing something down, though whether its the what she's hearing or something else is anyone's guess.

Jolie offers Kathryn a bland look, before she turns back to watching the rest of conclave, with the same mask of polite indifference as she faces the others.

X'an has been idly examining his little recording device as business old and new has been brought forward, facinated by the little spooly things inside and the gadgetty gizmo's workings. Blinking up at the western contingent, he slips to Niva, then across to H'las.

Tresa sits quietly in her chair stroking the neck of the gold that's draped about her shoulders. Her attention seems to move from speaker to speaker though she herself says nothing.

H'las hastily swallows his treat, and rises. "Uhhm. Let's see here." Momentary pause, rapid blinking, and then he's right into his update. "Right. Okay, Igen Weyr had some problems this past fortnight." He lifts a hand and scratches at the nape of his neck. "Most importantly, though, things have been sorted out, and there's been a major readjustment of Weyr structure. Two wings have been merged under a new badge." He turns the arm of his flight jacket, tapping at the patch there; a black peak, a blue background, and a white star above the peak's pinnacle. "And I've been promoted to Wingleader of the new wing, called Bedouin." A finger flicks at his knot briefly, then his hands go to his pockets again. "We have reserve ranks that're undergoing training for emergency situations and can be called into duty. And our shipping division won't refuse to offer transport to any location." Pause, nod, and he's settling back into his chair.

Maharet lifts her hand now and waits for acknowledgment from the head.

"Anything else, Igen? Are the problems something we should all worry about?" And then, as nothing else is said, Niva just shrugs, glancing around, and nodding at Maharet. "Healer Hall."

X'an offers the igenite contingent of one a vague but approving smile.

Maharet rises to address the gathered. "The MasterHealer's Craftsecond, Faizah, has stepped down to spend more time with her family. While she will be greatly missed, the position could not be left open too long. After much discussion and careful seeking, Chiron feels he has found the correct person to assume it." She pauses a moment to let the news sink in. "That said, Chiron himself will issue the formal announcement once the Healer in question has been tapped and all will receive notice at that point." With a smile to all, she settles back into her chair.

Tresa waits for Maharet to finish speaking then quietly holds up her hand for acknowledgement those chairing the meeting.

Niva actually pays a bit more attention to the Healer news, as it affects her at least slightly, before nodding to Tresa. "Fort Hold."

Tresa stands, thin hands smoothing down the simple lines of her dress "Lord Laric was injured in a fall from a runner while inspecting some of the paths and such around the hold. After careful examination by myself as well as some of my fellow healers, the prognosis is that he will be unable to resume his duties as Lord of Fort Hold for an undetermined amount of time. As of this moment I will be taking over all duties for the hold until either Laric does recover or my son Larson is old enough and capable of taking over his fathers title and duties." with all that said the lady for Fort quietly resumes her seat.

Alexandre raises his hand as soon as Tresa is finished, and waits for Niva's acknowlegement, a sad frown on his face as he hears her report.

Niva grimaces at Tresa's report, before inclining her head head to Alexandre. "Island River."

H'las is stuffing his face again, so evidently whatever problems there were which he glossed over aren't Pern-threatening. One hopes he'd put pineapple aside to warn about anything important. He shakes his head in negation at Niva briefly, and glances towards Fort. He grins in the middle of chewing, tipping his head in a nod before swiveling his gaze to the next speakers.

Alexandre clears his throat. "It is my unfortunate duty to report the death of Ophilia, rider of Green Mnenalth. While on the beach during a restday, Ophilia was attacked by a wild feline. Mnenalth, assisted by two of the hold residents, was able to fight the beast off, and kill it, however, Ophilia died before the healers could get her to the infirmary." He bows his head, and settles back into his seat.

Elara dips her head down in quiet respect.

Maharet bows her own head, feeling for the Healers who lost a patient as well as the lost rider and dragon.

Niva bites her lip, ducking for a long moment, before she lifts her chin to glance around her, asking rather softly. "Is there any other new business?"

Yahto lowers his head slightly, showing respect for the death of rider and dragon, before looking up again and lifting a hand to be recognized.

Niva glances around, gaze resting on Yahto, nodding at him. "Woodcraft has the floor." She offers softly.

S'va at this point enters late, his clothing covered with dust and sweat in his hair. Quite obviously, it seems that he has been on the job. A purposefully stride carries him to where Lisle sits and occupying himself beside her, a quiet interrogation is begun. Those near him would heard the word 'Xanadu' come up several times — a few nods and then silence as the Woodcraft is turned to be watched.

Lisle looks up as S'va sits next to her and proceeds to fill him in on what has happened so far, showing him her notebook. She nods at several points in the conversation, shaking her head at other points.

Yahto pulls himself slowly to his feet, glancing around as he towers over those around him, somewhat. After clearing his throat, he speaks, his voice carrying through the room in spite of the gentle quality. "After the Renegade attack on the Tanners, the woodcraft did what we could to assist them, putting other, less important tasks to the background. Now that things are more or less back to normal, those of us who were temporarily posted to the Tannercraft to help with repairs will be returning either to previous postings or back to the crafthall. Consequently, any tasks that may have been postponed until now will soon be finished." He glances aside at Bellorya, and a gentle little smile curves his lips. "I, however, will remain posted with the Tanners. Other than this, there is nothing to report."

Niva arches an eyebrow for a long moment, before looking around again. "Is there anyone else with new business?" S'va's late arrival and the subsequent interrogation is ignored, at least by Niva.

S'va glances at Lisle for a moment and rolls back his shoulders — lifting a hand to be heard.

Bellorya quirks an eyebrow at the start of Yahto's report, but the little grin on her face when she looks back at him might just give some clue as to why the tree-sized smith might be staying on at the tanner hall.

Niva nods her head at S'va, "Ista Weyr." And then she's back to scribbling.

S'va rises to his feet, clears his throat quietly and begins to speak. "The matter of Xanadu needs to be addressed a small bit farther." He states in a voice that is very clear despite the fact that he is needing to speak loudly. "Ista has committed to aiding, and we will do so. Our friends and brothers at Xanadu will quite clearly need all the assistance that they can get, in particular in the need for foodstuffs. However, the fact that Xanadu may be suffering from blight has not yet been brought froth. Fellow members of the Conclave, in particular you of the Holders — consider this. What if these grubs /are/ the source of the blight, and what if in the manner of other such creatures eggs and the like are spread upon organic produce? With so very, very much at risk — can the Holds and Weyrs of Pern afford to end up like Xanadu Weyr? Ista, at the very least will not. From this moment forward a complete block of all organic exports out of Xanadu Weyr into Ista will be put forth. I urge all other Weyrs and Holds to do the same. Aid as you are able, but there is simply too much to be risked at this point until more is known about the problem. Do not risk your own crops; your own fields and the ability to feed your own mouths. If the case is as it may be…. one slip, and you too could end up the same."

X'an's eyes flick up to S'va's face, stay there for a bout five seconds of intense scrutiny, then drop to the recording device in his hands again, turning it this way and that.

Alexandre frowns. "Weyrleader, with all due respect, these grubs have existed in the soil of Pern since the time of Landing. Do you have evidence that they are the cause of the crop blight at Xanadu?

Tresa falls still and silent as she listens to the talk of crops and grubs.

Tresa has disconnected.

Jolie settles back for whispering once more to Kathryn, along with a few nods of her head that seem to indicate a few of the leaders around pern.

S'va smiles at Alexandre and speaks once again; addressing him specifically. "No, I do not. My point is, do you have evidence that they do not? You are quite welcome to risk Island River Hold's ability to feed itself by not acting now, if you wish. However, Ista at the very least will be unable to aid Island River if it comes to that, our reserves will be already taxed." A step back is taken, and he begins to address the Conclave once again. "The point is, fellow members of the Conclave — until more is known as to the source of the blight, we cannot sit idly by and take risks and wonder of fairness. I have nothing against Xanadu, and I genuinely hope the situation is resolved. However, until you can tell me that the source of the blight is /NOT/ these grubs or something that springs of them, I will not risk the foodstuffs of Ista; and suggest that others take the same attitude. Afterall, would you rather a bit of due caution now or be in the same situation tomorrow?"

Niva slouches in her chair some, glaring across the table at S'va. "And if it is indeed, nothing to do with the grubs, you are crippling us for no reason, and how do you expect us to be able to recover from such a block?" The grubs in the container are pushed towards S'va as she glares more. "Do they look threatening? Go dig up any field, you'll find the same thing, whether its flourishing or not."

Elara settles deeper into her chair and quietly listens, holding onto X'an's hand like it's a lifeline. To those who know the Weyrwoman of Fort, she looks a little depressed, which might account for her silence this Conclave.

Niva glances sideways at X'an, idly nodding her head to him.

Alexandre nods in agreement with Niva. "Island River stands with Xanadu in this matter. We will assist Xanadu with food and crops, and we will NOT block their crops from entry until such time as evidence of the blight being caused by the grubs exists. Furthermore, we will consult with the Farmcraft, and assist them in any way possible.

X'an takes a sidelong look to reassure Elara, then straightens up, lifting his chin and speaking clear. "Both lord Alexandre and weyrleader S'va have points, Niva. Fort will assist you, and will provide what we can of foodstuffs to supplement your failing crops, but we ask that the trade you provide us with is non-commestable. Hides, technology, fish products…" he glances with cool eyes at S'va, and lowers his chin a little, to peer somewhat from underneath eyebrows. "Such a matter is really one though, for private trade arrangements, weyrleader of Ista. Crippling Xanadu so publically and sowing concern as you have done, however prudent it might be to use caution as a watchword, wins you no friends and garners you no allies."

Bellorya raises her hand, a first since she almost never speaks with more than her own report. Well, aside from that time she was the chair but thank Faranth that was ages ago.

Niva gives Alexandre a relieved smile, nodding slowly. "Xanadu Weyr appreciates the offers of both Island River and Fort Weyr, and we will abide by the rules set forth." Pause. "However, based on the actions of Ista Weyr, we feel it would be better to refuse aid from Ista, and perhaps it will alleviate their fears." And then her gaze goes to Bellorya, and she nods. "The chair recognized the TannerCraft."

S'va does not seem particularialy bothered by Niva's reply, flicking his eyes across the intervening space to regard her personally. "How do I expect you to recover from the blight itself, Weyrwoman Niva? Clearly at the assitance of others. Furthermore, Xanadu has many other options for trade. The last time I was to Xanadu, I saw an abundance of technology that would fetch prices from the Holds and Weyr of Pern to easily permit you to recover on an economic level. Xanadu is in no danger of strangulation, nor starvation through this unless stubbornness is to become a factor." With that, Alexandre is nodded to and given a curious smile. "As is your decision and that of your own fields." And then X'an is surveyed, and nodded to calmly. "Unfortunatly, as you are likely to well know, X'an of Fort — there are times where friends and allies need to be put aside. I will not conspire in private agreements behind backs and the like, when potentially, far more is at risk." And then Niva's comment reaches him, causing another curious smile. "Very well, if that is the decision of Xanadu. More food that Ista has, and Xanadu does not." And with that, he returns to his seat.

H'las stops chewing his pineapple for the duration of S'va's speech. Once the man has concluded his remarks, the Igenite sighs faintly and bends, gathering up a piece of paper to scribble upon it. As things suddenly heat up into a bit of a debate, he sits up and watches each speaker with more interest; that air of nonchalant boredom he previously sported replaced with intrigue. As key points are made, more notes are jotted down, but he himself does not rise to speak.

Bellorya clears her throat. "Being from Igen, born and raised a creature of the desert, we've come to expect that rain doesn't always fall over the whole of the desert. Else all of Igen would be as lush as Xanadu. Could it be something to do with the weather? A pattern of rainfall that only hit some areas and not others?"

X'an lays his gadget on the table (eep!) and folds his free'd up hand over Elara's, resting back in his chair with his eyes on Niva. He smiles neatly, bows his head to her, then promptly shoots visual daggers at Ista, jaw squaring and closing his eyes after impaling with optic-shivs. He mutters softly to himself.

Niva simply ignores the further comments by S'va, making no move to rise to the bait, instead glancing sidelong at Bellorya. "If it was not the case that one field was flourishing, and its neighbor dying, I could perhaps believe it was weather patterns to blame." And then she sits back in her chair, and effectively, at least in her mind, closes the subject. "If there is no further business, this Conclave is dismissed."

Lisle looks a bit uncomfortable at the turn of the conversation, but finally does rise from her seat. "It is not Ista's intention to cause grief for Xanadu, but to protect the rest of Pern. If this blight spreads throughout Pern, then all areas, all Weyrs will face shortages. There is much that each area surely needs from Xanadu that does not involve biological matter surely."

Maharet again raises her hand to be recognized.

Niva turns her glare on the young Istan Weyrwoman for a long moment, but she's saved from saying anything by Maharet's hand. "Healer Hall."

Maharet has watched and has listened. When she speaks, it is with a clear, strong voice. "I have to see Weyrleader S'va's and X'an's points and make a rather…unpleasant simile." Her eyes grow shadowed as she continues. "I still remember the Plague even though it has been several years since it struck. I remember well how slow we were to recognize it for what it was. I cannot in good conscience demand a full block of your crops, Weyrwoman. I however /can/ recommend that Xanadu strongly consider imposing a block of their own on ALL cereal grains. If we don't know what's causing it, and we don't know the long term effects, people may fall ill and the blight may spread. I can further recommend that the blight be thoroughly analyzed by those who know crops best, the Farmcrafters. If Healer Hall can in any way assist with that analysis, we are willing to help." A bow to the Goldrider and she resumes her seat.

Niva nods at Maharet. "What cereal crops we have appear normal. However, there is not any sort of quantity available for export, and the cause is still being investigated." And then with a final look around the room, she gets to her feet. "Meeting adjourned."

Alexandre stands, and with a glare of disgust at the Istan Weyrleader, stalks out.

S'va seems not the least bothered by said look of disgust, rising to his feet and smiling at Lisle. "That actually went better than I expected." He states, and begins to wander towards the exit. Glances are given to X'an and Maharet both — a muttered thank you delivered in regards to each as he continues on his way out.

X'an rises slowly, murmuring to Elara and nodding outside, he watches his weywoman head to the waiting Izelth outside, with a look to H'las, he turns on Niva, and kips a reverse nod to her. "Might I have a word, Niva?"

Jolie grabs Kathryn by the arm, and moves to drag the older goldrider out with her and back to Western.

Kathryn follows quickly like a puppy at the feet of the younger goldrider.

As the meeting is officially closed, Maharet rises from her seat a final time, gathering her files to her. A quick flick of her wrist and the items find themselves snug beneath the Healer's arm. S'va's muttered thank you is noted and shrugged. I do as I must. A few quick steps then bring her to Lisle's side and she gives the woman a much warmer smile than is usual to grace her face. "Lisle? You asked to see me?"

Lisle gathers up her notebook and nods a bit at S'va, still looking a might uncomfortable. "I will stay on a bit S'va, going to visit Kris." She explains to her weyrleader before turning to Maharet, a smile growing on her lips as she approaches despite how the meeting ended, "So how is the little one doing?" She asks as she falls in step with the other woman. No comments about whether the woman should be out of bed, she is known for such 'behavior' herself.

Niva stays near the chair, gathering up her papers, before looking up and nodding quickly to X'an. "Of course.." And she glances over her shoulder to where S'va left before looking back at the Fortian.

H'las's plump lips can't help but quirk upwards, deriving some form of entertainment from watching people stalk out and mutter fiendishly amongst themselves about the blight issue. He himself simply rises, stooping to grab up his folder and tuck it close to his body. X'an's look is met with a smile, before he turns and meanders towards the door.

X'an gestures to the foyer of the harper complex, striding to the edge of the grand table arrangement, and waits for the Xanadian weyrwoman, trailing his eyes to the passing by of H'las, and back. He then steps through the arch to wait.

From warm smile to large grin, Maharet's expression goes from rare sight to unheard of. "You're nephew is doing /very/ well, Lisle. Do you have a little time? Come see him. Kris is practically handcuffed to him when I'm on duty." Taking her arm rather familiarly, she leads the woman from the room.

Bellorya takes her time gathering her things, glances made in little looks to the woodsmith.

X'an waits just outside the hall, in order to have a somewhat quieter word with the weyrwoman, clipping his recording device shut and slipping it into his pocket. "I just wanted to assure you, Ista's big headedness and ability to be as subtle and politically astute as a brick have nothing to do with Fort's. My estimation of the place rises every single time that ass actually opens his mouth, Niva." he shakes his head softly and coughs to clear his throat a little. "It /is/ though a caution on our part that we won't be trading vegetable products with you. I do hope animal and mineral are in sufficient quantity, or at least the possibility of skilled craft produce is available? We'd be quite happy to have upgrades on our generators, or computer enhancements as part payment on food product…I -am- sorry you've been hit. Seems to be a lot of that about right now… minor disasters that is." cold eyes glower at the hall. "I'm just waiting for something dire to happen to Ista."

Niva follows along behind the Fort Weyrleader, papers under her arm and the tub of grubs in hand. "Our herds have been unaffected, and in fact, a cull may be necessary with this shortage of feed grain for the winter. While they may roam, tracking them in the snow is difficult, and they may fall victim to other beasts." And she nods, "We understand that, and if you are willing to accept other means of trade, we are willing to bargain. Faranth help me, I hope that Ista suffers as badly as us." Though, if something /does/ happen, its not her. Not at all.

X'an nods slowly but smiles. "Alright, well.. I hope you can understand that with our clutch on the sands, and our lack of golds, Elara and I are rather bound to Fort right now. If it's possible, would you consider sending a representative at some point to discuss trade? I'ven comes to Fort quite regularly to visit, as it so happens…" but he waves that aside. "Igen and Xanadu seem to have been taking welcome of our hospitalities of late…" he clicks his fingers. "Oh! Which reminds me… one of your riders, a drunken sott of a woman lost a serious bet to me at the card tables when visiting. She owes me a favour, and I couldn't help noticing her silver knot…" gleam, "Do you suppose I might do -you- a favour along side myself, and call the debt to me a debt to the weyr? We could use an assistant weyrlingmaster, and it might /just/ dry her out a little." — in some fantasy land where the sky is bright pink, perhaps.

"I hope to have a series of representatives organized and dispatched within the sevenday, to discuss all of this with those willing to help." And Niva fingers at the papers a moment, thinking about it for a long moment before glancing sidelong at X'an. "Asiree?" Pause. "If you wish to deal with her antics, be my guest. I've already threatened outright removal from the Weyr." And she shrugs. "I'll inform her of her transfer. If there's anything else that we can do, in exchange for your help, you only need to ask."

X'an smiles with a measure of real warmth. "Our duties to your duties is all we might ask, Niva. Honestly, Xanadu has been good to myself, and to Fort in general. Our weyrs are friendly… that's good." Aaaaaah, politics, politics. "I look forward to hearing from you soon… doubtless you're a busy woman, and I really don't want to keep you longer than I have to."

Niva returns the smile after a long moment. "It is a measure of relief, knowing there is at least one ally, in this issue." And she nods her head. "I will notify you, both of talks, and of when Asiree will be ready for her reassignment."

X'an bows his head, a touch to heart, lips and brow, then straightens and makes his departure. He has to get Elara back to the weyr and her waiting queen after all!

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