Crop Failure TP

Initial Rumor Post - September 30, 2005

Rumors have been circulating as to problems with some of the crops on Weyr lands; however, most of the higher ups have been dismissing them as just that - rumors. They were not about to let the situation go uninvestigated however, and some riders have been out, monitoring the fields, trying to discover the cause of the problems. The main crops affected have been the cereal crops - oats and wheat - while other things such as tubers have shown no signs of whatever is affecting the cereal crops.

This morning, one of the riders brought 2 things back to the Weyr - A container of what seem to be ordinary grubs pulled from one of the failing fields, and the reasons many of the nearby holders are giving as to the problem. The former was poked at, and then put aside for further study. After all, how could some fields be damaged by the grubs, and others helped? The grubs are everywhere; the edges of fields won't stop their movement. The latter was that Xanadu Weyr relies too heavily upon technology, for lighting, heating, and power of their gadgets and gizmos, and generally things that necessary.

As there is nothing truly pointing to the cause of the problem, an order has been put out to limit the use of cereal grains, particularly in breads and porridges, and to encourage the consumption of tubers, and other unaffected crops as well. Riders are still being assigned to the fields, to try and determine if something else could be causing this issue. In addition, trusted riders are supposedly being sent to try and trade those goods, as well as fish and meat, for grains, though the reception they will receive at other areas is debatable, particularly as others are facing shortages of their own.

Blight Source Speculation Rumor Post - October 3, 2005

"They was talkin' 'bout why we was havin' trouble with our crops." The drudge's companion listens on. "They was talkin' about aliens experimentin' on us." "Aliens?" A nod, "Yes, you know somethin' from another planet." "That's perposterous, how c…" Being interrupted the drudge says, "Well I heard that woman say that since the ancients arrived in ships like the ancients then why not somebody else comin' and finding us? Makes sense. Maybe they is experimenting on us. Maybe it was them that took that Weyrleader too!" Gasp, "No!" "Yes! Anyway that's what I heard. So maybe aliens got him and experimented. Used his brain to figure out how to make the crops go bad. And they'll probably blaim the crops failing on renagades." Silence. "You're drunk!"

The Tanner Craft's Respose Rumor Post - October 3, 2005

While Ista Weyr has banned organic imports from Xanadu, and Fort has banned grain-based imports, the TannerCraft has taken a slightly different approach.

After a long night, the Craftmaster and the Craftsecond met, discussing the options - the causes of the blight and what response the Tanners should make. Should they follow Ista and cancel all trades with Xanadu that could potentially involve organic goods? Or do they allow the trading relationship to continue until something more solid is shown as to the source of the cereal grain blight?

Though some ideas, such as these issues across Pern signaling the return of Thread despite AIVAS's promise were quickly dismissed, the thoughts of some fungi affecting the grains lingered in the minds of the Tanners, and so they've sought a meeting with the FarmerCraft, to discuss possibly causes and what actions the Tanners should take. In the meantime, talks are continuing - and the current plan of action is to move Tanners to Xanadu, to aid in whatever way they can as Xanadu came through for the Tanners in their own time of need.

Igen Joins the Fray Rumor Post - October 5, 2005

With tensions already running high between Xanadu and Ista, Br'yn, Weyrleader of Igen, hoped to settle the differences between each area's respective Weyrwoman.
It can generally be said that the meeting did not go well, as Niva left in a frustrated hurry, muttering not so quietly about incompetent teenagers in positions of power. In addition, the following notice has appeared in the Caverns at Xanadu, notifying residents of a ban on both Istan and Igen goods, as if an attempt is being made to turn the situation on its head.

NOTICE: As a result of circumstances out of Xanadu's control, trading will no longer be allowed with either the area of Igen Weyr, or the area of Ista Weyr, until further notice. Any one found to be in contempt of this rule will be fined and suitably punished.

An Istan Assassination Attempt? - October 9, 2005

In the early evening hours, a near tragedy has befallen Ista Weyr. As described by a witness it all begun with a thunderous bellow from the Weyrleading Bronze Vsonath. A bellow of shock, anger, terror and utter incomprehension. The normally stotic bronze proceeded to go to peices in an utterly uncharacteristic way, unable to tell his would-be rescuers the source of the problem. Only able to flash basic images of the Southern Bowl of Ista he nonetheless was able to summon some assistance.

From Xanadu Weyr came Casiella and her Gold Calanth, and I'ven and his brown Khriseth. Fort Weyr answered with X'an and his bronze Izelth. From Ista, the Young Weyrling Franses and her Green Danath quickly responded. Togeather, they came upon the scene of Vsonath madly attempting to squeeze between buildings into an alleyway that was much too small for him in a blind panic. Fortunatly, Gold Calanth and Green Danath were able to talk Vsonath away from the aperature to reveal the Weyrleader wounded upon the ground with an unknown assaliant about to make a coup de grace. The true heroes of the ensuing melee were not men nor women, but a faire of firelizards that were able to distract the man before anyone else was killed and in the end dispatch him — inadvertantly causing him to fall upon his own weapon. Wounded as well was Casiella, said to have had a dagger buried full length into the meat of her her thigh.

It was only be the fast thinking of the Gold that a qualified master healer was brought to the site in time, for Weyrleader S'va had been stabbed once through the back and again through the abdomen, suffering from deflated lungs, various other wounds and loss of blood. His life was saved, but for the moment he remains unconscious with his Bronze Vsonath keeping steady watch outside of the infirmary — himself kept tended and calm by a score of dragonhealers and a few close companions. The next hours will be likely be tense for Ista, as news of weather or not he will survive is awaited.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing of all was the assasian himself. Although the body was quickly covered and shipped out, witnesses report that the knot upon his shoulder was clearly that of Xanadu Weyr — leaving questions as to what will happen in the already strained relationship between the two Weyrs.Regardless, as that news is tensely waited for there will be many questions in the coming days….

A Wounded Junior - October 9, 2005

Rumor has it that, recently, Ista's senior bronze Vsonath screamed across Pern for help. Despite Ista and Xanadu's shaky relationship, Calanth was one of the first to respond, dragging Casi along with her. Things happened, and Casi was pitched headlong in a battle for the life of not only herself, but the Weyrleader of Ista. Against whom, you might ask? Well, the rider that brought the body in is telling people he wore a Xanadu's resident knot, and was killed by his own blade. This has all of Xanadu whispering. Rumor also tells that I'ven was at the sight of the fight, seeing to the badly wounded Weyrleader and desperately working to save his life before a quick order from Casiella sent Calanth between for a Master Healer. The man, unfortunately, seems to have died before any information could've been got.

Add on top of this that Casiella was wounded in the fracas - by a knife buried to the bone in her thigh. Blood was lost, though not nearly as much as the Weyrleader, and the Junior Weyrwoman is currently reposing in a state of unconsciousness in the Ista infirmary, I'ven hovering devoutly at her side. Even still, it will likely as not be sevendays before she is well enough to go b*tween back to the Southern Continent, back to Xanadu, back home. And on to this the shimmery glint that's been noted to Calanth, and the gossip mill is churning earnestly. How will this effect relations between Ista and Xanadu? What does Ista's Senior Weyrwoman have to say about having a young gold inching closer and closer to her maiden flight in her Weyr? Will Casi and Calanth be home by the time Calanth is ready to rise? Will Khriseth win her? What on Pern will Niva do now about Xanadu's public relations? Igen can't be sitting very un-touched by this escapade. Undoubtably, rumors have already begun to fly - cross Xanadu, and they send assassinators.

The Istan Condition - October 9, 2005

Rumors are filtering out of the Infirmary of Ista Weyr that all is not well.

Okay, so that was a given.

Rumors are filtering out of Ista Weyr that the Weyrleader is not well. Also a given, but it seems that the health of Weyrleader S'va is deteriorating faster than the healers are able to keep up with. It is said that fluid from within the chest cavity has entered a collapsed lung, creating advanced pneumonia. It is further said that this has severely worsened both his current state and the prognosis of survival, leaving him in a semi-sedated state of heavy fever and labored breathing. Rumors place the chance of survival as extremely, extremely slim — although these are delivered in whispers around corners, and carefully into knowing ears to keep the Weyrleader's lifemate from catching wind.

What will this mean for Ista?

In the meantime, his Bronze Vsonath — accompanied by friends to keep him calm, keeps a silent vigil outside the infirmary; even as healers talk of moving the Weyrleader to better facilities at the Healer Hall itself.

Xanadu Weyr Responds - October 13, 2005

For an area which, many might assume, would want to avoid any more negative political rumors, Xanadu Weyr certain took long enough to respond to the recent attack on the Istan Weyrleader.
Well over a seven-day passed before a short note was sent to Ista, expressing surprise at the attack, and stressing that Xanadu leadership neither encouraged nor condones such an attack, and that investigations will take place to find out who carried it out, and if there's anyone else working with them. No mention was made of the Xanadu riders who are at Ista, either during the attack or afterwards.

However, despite the message, rumors are working their way around that Senior Weyrwoman Niva is mostly upset that she didn't come up with the idea first, because she would have made sure that the job was done correctly. Also, amongst the rumors are ones surrounding Niva's apparently lack of concern for Xanadu Junior Casiella, who was injured in an attempted rescue of the Istan Weyrleader. Some are saying Niva's ready to hand the 'traitorous' Junior off to Ista, if she's going to be there anyway. Of course, the validity of any such rumors are highly unverifiable.

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