Abuses of Power

The Story:

Since the accident that carried Weyrwoman Thea, Weyrleader Xe'ter, Galaxy Wingrider Laera and Ers'lan, and Minecrafter Derin into a recently discovered sinkhole, Wingleader B'rdian had been working Galaxy Wingrider Ers'lan strenuously and needlessly. From constant night shifts to the worst jobs of the wing (and quite possibly jobs that the wing wouldn't even do), to psychological torments to put doubt in the minds of fellow wingmembers and the brownrider's mind of his capability. While it isn't unheard of to have the newest recruit of the wing put through the paces, the treatment started to raise concerns with fellow wingriders…

  • Alpha and Omega Vignette: Contains Some Coarse Language || December 01, 2011 || B'rdian (NPC), Ers'lan, Keziah
  • Suspension Post
  • "It's About B'rdian..." (Backscene)|| December 13, 2011 || Keziah, Thea, Xe'ter ||
  • B'rd Watching || December 16, 2011 || Ers'lan, Keziah, Thea, Alosynth, Seryth, Zhaoth ||
  • Crash and Burn || December 16, 2011 || Ers'lan, Keziah||
  • To Judge A Mocking B'rd || January 04, 2012 || Interactive Vignette: Weyr Council, including Weyrleaders and Wingleaders as well as Keziah, Ers'lan, and Matrin ||

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