Log Archive

This is an archive of general RP logs from previous years at Xanadu Weyr. Logs are separated by year and are listed from oldest to newest.

For new logs, as well as clutching, hatching, and tiny plot listings, please visit the Main Log page.

Title OOC Date Cast
Glorious Gut-Punch January 11, 2021 F'yr, Sh'y
Clenching Sand January 18, 2021 F'yr, V'ro
The Death of Dreams January 21, 2021 Avi, Sh'y
Finding Fairy Tales January 25, 2021 Avi, Sh'y
The Continuing Saga of Stupid Stuff Sh'y Says February 3, 2021 Avi, Sh'y
Idiotic Chaotic Misfortunes February 4, 2021 M'tras, Ru'ien
Consequences (Vignette) February 21, 2021 Kasle, Dovirauth
Sweeping Stakes May 5, 2021 Ajral, K'vir, Sh'y, Rhodelia
All Roads Lead To Ressac May 12, 2021 D'lei, Sh'y, Avi, K'vir (and @emits by Rhodelia
The Fisher's Lure! May 13, 2021 D'lei, K'vir, Sh'y and emits by Rhodelia
A Danger Door! May 21, 2021 Rhodelia, Ajral
Let There Be Cake! June 1, 2021 Rhodelia, Zaira
Boats and Sanity June 2, 2021 D'lei, Rhodelia
Just Soup-er June 22, 2021 Rhodelia, D'lei
Dignity, Xanadu Style June 23, 2021 D'lei, Rhodelia, Risali, Ru'ien
Rebuilding July 6, 2021 D'lei, Risali
Is Snow or Sand Greener? (Padjma is Searched!) July 13, 2021 Padjma, Rhodelia
Flirtation Gone Awry (Velorn is Searched!) July 13, 2021 Risali, Velorn
Firelizard Mayhem July 14, 2021 Velorn Zachariah
Forest of Surprises July 14, 2021 Zaira, Zachariah, D'lei
The Good Spots (Arden Searched!) July 18, 2021 Arden, Rhodelia
Come Touch the Eggos July 19, 2021 Arden, Padjma, Zaira, M'tras, D'lei, Rhodelia
Toucha, Toucha, Toucha, Touch Egggssss July 22, 2021 Arden, Ila'den, Velorn, Zachariah, Zaira, with cameos by Garouth and Inasyth
Inadequate (Vignette) July 22, 2021 Velorn
Touch ALL THE THINGS! July 23, 2021 Ila'den, Velorn, Zachariah, Zaira, with cameos by Inasyth
Afternoon Projects July 25, 2021 Padjma, Zachariah
Strange Things Between Strangers July 26,2021 Zaira Aranthi
Morning Misunderstanding July 27, 2021 F'yr, Zaira
Shirking duties beachside Aug 09, 2021 Velorn , Zachariah Zaira
Unsettled August 10, 2021 Padjma, Zaira
Gold Inasyth and Bronze Garouth's Eggs Hatch! August 13, 2021 A'den, Padjma, V'orn, Z'ora, Za'ariah, Ila'den, M'tras, Rhodelia, Ashwi
The Morning After August 14, 2021 V'orn, Za'ariah
Something Cute and Tiny This Way Comes August 15, 2021 Ila'den, Risali, V'orn, Za'ariah
Innocence Of Youth July 26, 2021 Velorn, Zachariah
Two candidates and a Bronzerider walk into the Forest... July 31, 2021 D'lei, Zachariah, Zaira
Just A Day At The ( Lonely) Beach July 30, 2021 D'lei, Zachariah
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