Telgar Weyr's Hatching, May 31, 2007

May 31, 2007
==== Aeris, Cherin, Eiriana, Jhoren, J'ldor, L'ton, Morric, M'ric, Phoelyn, Q'reni, Raykini, R'sul, Sris, Tarynn, Vesverius

Telgar Weyr - Hatching Sands
Immensity yawns in this cavern, the space vast in every dimension. Rough walls of natural basalt with the odd intrusion of harsh granite rise up from a carefully leveled floor, arching up into immeasurable darkness that can never be fully banished. Yet, the attempt is sometimes made, with firelizards and the smallest of the green dragons depositing glows on a thousand little ledges until the effect resembles a starlit sky. At ground level, big permanent torches have been built, designed by clever smiths to burn for hours if enough fuel is provided. On those occasions when there is something happening in here, those torches are lit and their bright illumination can be almost as powerful as daylight. Sand covers the floor of the cavern, a wide sweep that is deep enough to bury the largest dragon egg twice over.

Aelith hums loudly, shifting away from the butterscotch egg with one final nuzzle to it. She checks the rest of the eggs as well, but only briefly enough to give each one a gentle nuzzle. The gold then takes her position nearby her rider.

The creamy sweet rain seems to speed up as the kernels on the Fall Colors Fantasy egg being to stir. It starts as a subtle shift, a cascade if you would, from top to bottom. Soon the shifting settles into steady rocking and one plump pumpkin bulges wildly outwards from the building pressure.

Morric steps out onto the sands, in the light sandals candidates wear, stepping quickly, but otherwise not giving any indication of noticing the heat. As he nears the eggs, he stops, and gives a deep bow to the gold, then looks back to the eggs, and moves a bit closer. Still, he leaves enough space to not crowd the dragonets when they hatch.

Jhoren steps out on to the hatching sands, sandaled feet already sweating enough to make her steps slippery. But a bow is none the less executed before she hastily claims a bit of space for herself.

Rusul wanders out, more like someone strolling across the bowl than attending a hatching. He seems relaxed as he bows before sire and dam and takes his place in the ring of candidates. Perhaps a little too relaxed. A glance is cast around the ring towards Raykini and Eiriana before he breaks ranks and moves around to join them.

Dhonzayth has settled to the side, clear of the eggs and the candidates, and all those pesky creatures. His rider, however, stands nearby, watching with much more interest than the draconic counterpart.

Tarynn follows the rest of the group out onto the sands, glancing up to the stands for a moment, and then looking to the eggs. Finally, she bows to the two dragons, and moves into position in the semicircle of candidates, giggling a bit nervously.

Eiriana comes onto the sands along with the other candidates and she joins in the quick nervous bow to the sire and dam. She scoots away from the pair quickly, eyes searching the sands until she sees Raykini and then she's hurrying, in a nervous hot-foot steps, to get to him. Rusul, on his approach, gets a soft smile and a quick wave.

The steady rocking of the Fall Colors Fantasy egg stills with a *snap*, and white ribbons begin appearing around the many kernels. At first it seems as if the heat filled sands are turning autumnal sweetness to creamy goo, but soon it is apparent that the shell is cracking in preparation to hatch.

Qoreni emerges onto the sands, looking quite distressed. His hair is a mess, and his usually quite calm demeanor has been tossed into a blender. Idly poking spiked, damp hair back into place, the young man bows to the sire and dam, flashing the dragons and riders a bare smile, before moving back, shifting off into the pack of Candidates.

Cherin steps lightly onto the sands. Her eyes capture the moment in the briefest of blinks before she is shuffling forward in the lien of candidates, and extending her own respects to dam and sire in a deep bow. From there she steps to the side into one the lines which groups about the eggs and shifts anxiously in the spot she's come to rest at.

Raykini is absently fumbling into the sands, grumbling quietly as he does so. Ray is in one of his moods. Yup. And as the eggs swivel back and forth, his eyes narrow in annoyance. "It's starting." Understatement of the turn.

Grains of sand fall away from the surface of the Sugar-dusted Lokoum Egg as it shifts, but the movement is so slight that it would have been easy to miss if one were not watching closely. The next shudder is even smaller, stirring the sand around the base so that the egg seems to sink, gelatinous, without any obvious movement of its own. Sand covers the darker swath of the egg's shell, leaving only a snowy field of white visible above the surface.

Morric gulps, and watches the eggs, noting the two that are moving, his breath catching as one of his favorites sinks a bit into the sand. He grins nervously to the two candidates next to him, and then goes back to shifting from foot to foot, and watching the eggs.

Rusul returns Eiri's wave with a brief lift of his own hand. Something about that hand catches his eye and with a frown he rubs it on his robe before looking out across towards the eggs. Raykini's comment receives a nod, "They tend to do that."

Jhoren tucks a portion of hair behind her left ear, a nervous gesture. Her attention is rapt on the eggs rather than her fellows, each motion of shell heightening the tention ever so slightly, in her expression. Harried and hopeful; that about covers it.

Jeldor wanders out onto the sands, following the other candidates with none of his usual swagger. He bows with respect to Aelith and Dhonzayth, a slight smile on his face as he walks over towards the other candidates. His normal graceful strides are tinged with nervousness as he stands silently, fidgeting. He looks over the eggs and startles slightly when one begins to move.

Qoreni's eyes travel to the eggs, wincing. "They'll be hatching, soon." He observes to those closest, sounding distressed. "I've seen hatchlings. They're /gross/." Whispered, but loud enough for some to hear, the boy sighs. "Mmm…the eggs are — were — so lovely, too."

The network of melted kernels turns quickly into rivers of melted marshmallow, flecked by occasional flotsam of sea green and olive. The cracks spread to become gaps, soon followed by an olive tipped muzzle. The Fall Colors Fantasy egg stills for one last moment of glory, then with a mighty heave, it splinters to the feet of a muddy green hatchling as shards of orange, gold, and white.

Becalmed by Seaweed Green Hatchling
Dense clumps of sargassum seaweed wrap themselves around the murky sea green form of this angular dragon lass. It starts with her head, the wedge clean cut and narrow, where a drape of thin olive leaves dribble a blaze from forehead to nostrils and engulf the tall headknobs as well. Brown air sacks keep the olive nest afloat on her slender neck so only the very points of sea green ridges show. The slim torso gives way to clear seas, a green which darkens in the concave hallows between bones. The rib bones are clearly visible, echoed by the delicate points of hips, shoulder blades, and keel bones. Her limbs are fully formed, if thin, and echo the darker sea green hallows. They are tipped by sharp silver talons. This open sea disappears when her wings are furled, hidden by the great sail folds. The wings themselves are large, with a spray of sails which would do a three masted proud. The heavy spars show up sharply as sea green divides between the vast olive tangle of tendrils. Normal transparency is gone for the seaweed is so thick only overlapping leaves and brown berry sacks can be seen, though a hint of silver sometimes winds between the seaweed boughs. The last of the seaweed rolls off the furled sails and drizzles a slender line over the top of an equally slender tail.

The Sugar-dusted Lokoum Egg wobbles again, like a shiver going through a bowl of jelly, one surface moving one way while another goes the opposite direction, causing striae to form along the surface. The little lines widen as the cracks grow larger, but the membrane underneath the shell holds it together as the pieces grow more distinct and the movements of the occupant underneath become visible.

Aeris gives her gold a gentle pat before settling her arms over her very large stomach and watching. The goldrider gives a soft smile as the first egg hatches, nodding her approval.

Tarynn doesn't seem to be paying attention to anything but the eggs, giggling a bit nervously, and then gasping as the first egg hatches. "Oh… she's so small."

Eiriana reaches for Ray's hand. "It is." She agrees, looking out towards the eggs and their moving forms. "Which one do you think will hatch first?" Her other hand is offered out to Rusul, oddly enough. Safety in numbers and all that. Qoreni's comment, gets wrinkled nose. "Well, nobody's perfect." And then an egg hatches. "Is that a green?" Blue eyes of Eiri's go wide trying to take in the new hatchling.

Quaking in its sandy hollow, Nebulous Shirrings of Fluff Egg shivers a little, twitching a bit to either side. Then again, it could merely have been a trick of the light, for the egg doesn't seem to have moved much at all, really.

Qoreni winces as a girl near him coos softly, rolling his eyes. "Ooof.." He murmurs, shaking his head almost sadly. "She is…pretty." Is admitted towards Eiri, with a nose wrinkle of his own. "Nobody is, I suppose."

Raykini clutches Eiri's hand tightly, shuffling closer to Eiri, "I think it is a green." He says quietly as his gray eyes fall onto the newly hatched green, "Isn't that a bad omen? That a green hatches first?"

Morric glances briefly at the green, and then goes back to watching the Lokoum egg, rooting it on quietly. "Come on, you can make it…" he murmurs, fidgeting and staring intently at it, as if he can help.

Cherin shifts, jostled a bit between two eager candidates as the eggs rock back and forth. Her attention has drifted tot he gold and dam watching, not having much considered the exact repercussions of being out here, it hits her in the moment hte first egg cracks and the green breaks free. "oooh."

Rusul looks down at his hand again as Eiri offers hers over, and rubs it on his robe a few more times before taking hers — the observant would notice a faint tinge of red appearing on his ears as he does so. "That's definitely a green." He replies, though finally it looks like he might be becoming slightly nervous. Ray's comment makes him shake his head, "Supersition, nothing more. So long as they're healthy then it's a good clutch."

A true crack finally forms in the surface of the Sugar-dusted Lokoum Egg, light gleaming off the moist hatchling form within. Another push and a talon emerges, followed by a bronze wing. After a moment of struggle, the Oath of Blood and Bronze Hatchling leaves the shards behind and strikes out on his journey towards the Candidates.

Oath of Blood and Bronze Hatchling
Long before men set foot on the stones of Pern, they fought with daggers of bronze precisely the shade of this hatchling's hide, polished to a sheen that would admit no tarnish. He is built like such a weapon, straight and true, every line of his body sharp and precise. The square line of his muzzle is hard as stone, light seeming to reflect there as of the surface of a mirror, fading into shadows along the underside of his jaw. Sunlight echoes and glints off the sails of his wings, each bony spar delineated in ebony against the pale membranes. Almost skeletal, there seems to be no fat to pad his figure, just muscles taut as wire visible beneath the shimmering hide, but purpose compensates for lack of bulk. Every movement of limb is exact, right, proper. Only the tail is marred, a blotch of green-black there, a stain like ichor smeared over its length which will not be washed away.

Jhoren's breath catches for a moment as the first young dragon appears, a slyly appreciative smile curling her lips. She chances a quick scan of the other eggs and the bronze hatchling before tucking her hair behind her right ear, having both sections out of her way making her ears stick out in a comical sort of way.

Jeldor listens slightly to the chattering on the sands, and tries to not focus on anything but the hatching eggs and the now hatched green and bronze. He is sadly unsuccessful, though he doesn't comment to their conversations even if he does have an opinion on the topic. He watches the green for several seconds before looking over to the bronze that has hatched. He fidgets again slightly, looking around at the other candidates clutched together in groups before returning his focus to the eggs and hatchlings.

Becalmed by Seaweed Green Hatchling is slow to get to her feet, but when she rises, it's with a curious grace for one newly hatched. Each motion is fluid but carefully done until it seems she just floats to her feet. Not a sound comes from the green dripping slime to the sands below her. Her wings partly unfurl to dry in the head and she begins a steady march towards the candidates fixed in that strange slow, floating motion from before. With each step forwards she takes two and three to either side, ebbing and flowing across the sands until she washes up at the line of white.

Tarynn claps her hands together as the bronze hatches. "Wow! He's almost dangerous looking!" she says to no one in particular, looking back and forth between the two hatchlings, and shifting her weight to her other foot.

Eiriana grips both the hands in hers tightly. And it looks, from the wild way she's glancing around, if she had a third hand she'd be using it to drag more people to her. "She's lovely." Comes her agreement with Qoreni and then her attention is snapped back to Ray and Rusul. "It has to be a good clutch right, in fact.. Isn't that a brown? Wait wait, a bronze!"

This time, there's definitely movement as Nebulous Shirrings of Fluff Egg begins a steady rocking motion. Back and forth it moves, gaining momentum and speed as it does so. Large cracks begin spreading over the surface of the shell, movements clearly visible beyond the thin film separating the creature within from the world. Not long, now.

Raykini leans forward ever so slightly as he notices movement at the corner of his eye. His lips turn up into a scowl as he notes Eiri's hand claim that of Rusul, but he merely lets out a quiet huff and turns his attention back to the eggs. "A bronze and a green now."

Oath of Blood and Bronze Hatchling hesitates only for a moment as the world suddenly changes from the dark shadows of the egg to the great, comparative openness that is the hatching grounds, even if it is only a slightly progression towards the greater world. And, then he's starting that quest, that journey, taking the first steps that will lead him to the larger world - and he heads towards the white ring of candidates.

Morric beams as his chosen egg holds a bronze. "Oh! What a handsome dragon! And so powerful looking." He fidgets, and looks hopefuly, but doesn't break out of line. His gaze follows the hatchling as he moves, not worrying about any of the other eggs or hatchlings.

Cherin looks a bit scared as the hatching proceeds, clutching nervously at her robe and keeping a close eye on the, now two, hatchlings on the sands as well the remaining rocking eggs.

It seems a scene from a surreal play as the Spiraling Swirls of Red on White Egg begins to move, those spirals seeming to turn of their own accord and spin nearly in place on the egg as it wobbles, rocking back and forth of the sands. It seems a parody of hatching motion as nothing happens, just a dizzying whirl of stripes.

Qoreni shifts anxiously, ticking off numbers on one hand, while the other obsessively tucks strands of hair into their proper place. The young Bronze is offered a lifted eyebrow, and a soft sound of worry (they're all so…icky)…but, otherwise he keeps quiet, shifting too and fro,

Aelith croons softly at the two hatchlings upon the sand, her babies. She puffs her chest proudly as she watches, earning a soft chuckles from Aeris. "Yes, they're beautiful Love." The woman murmurs to the gold.

Rusul tries to not wince as Eiri squeezes his hand. Tries, and fails. His gaze drifts to the bronze and lingers there for a moment before drifting back to the more erratic path of the green. "She's… wobbly." He eventually declares, then adds, "Might want to be ready to dodge."

Tarynn watches the moving eggs, and cheers on the hatchlings quietly. Her cheeks are flushed, and she seems to have forgotten about the heat from the sands, only occasionaly shifting feet

Becalmed by Seaweed Green Hatchling moves again with the changing currents until fate seems to wash her up at the feet of a red-headed boy. Her look intensifies from that of a lost bit drifting on the tide to one of deep need. As changing as a tempest her nature shifts. She gives a demanding cry, half croon and half squawk which could leave none thinking her a lost foundling at this point. Look at me! She demands of those standing nearest her.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Becalmed by Seaweed Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Oath of Blood and Bronze Hatchling stays well clear of that green - women in green never bring good things - taking a slightly more direct path towards the similar goal. As the green flops, the bronze seems to grasp that distraction, and goes towards a brown-haired young man, after passing by a series of girls without hesitation. Bronze head is dipped, before a gentle nudge hits the man's shoulder.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Oath of Blood and Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

After a brief rest the rocking motion continues on the Spiraling Swirls of Red on White Egg, leaving it rolling nearly in place on its own little mound of sands. Crisscrossing along the brilliant red spirals now however are the ever widening, snaking dark lines of cracks that threaten the shell.

Tooth-sticking Delight Egg rolls lazily over on its side and stills. Ahh, the bliss of relaxing in the quiet.

Morric watches the bronze pass him by, and looks a bit disappointed. Then he looks over the other eggs, trying to remember what they were like.

Jhoren rocks subtly from heel to toe as the green and bronze impress, it's begining to get to uncomfortable to stand still between the sand-heat and the controled chaos. Her eyes flick back to the eggs that remain, one hand knotted up as she grips the side of her robe.

Finally, the shards of Nebulous Shirrings of Fluff Egg crumble and fall around the newly Hatched dragon within, structure failing as Maitresse des Danseurs Green is unleashed upon the sands. For a few moments, she sits within the remains of her home, gooey head lifting to regard those before her with a keen, sharp eye.

See, Ray'd been standing there ever so innocently, talking to Eiri and /glaring/ at Rusul, just because he was holding Eiri's hand. And then, suddenly there's a green standing in front of him. Blinkblink. Stare. "Usath? Happy…? I guess." He scratches at the side of his head lazily.

Maitresse des Danseurs Green Hatchling
Rich, dark jades brocade over this green's lithe form, flowing elegantly over each limb and appendage much like a gown would, blending seamlessly into each curve. Hints of gold dust delicately about her headknobs, dominated about her neck by folds of deep emerald. Although her coloration appears to be overall uniform, a line of paleness drifts down her chest toward her belly, retreating into darker pine-greens that gather to fall about her haunches and feet. Wings, when folded, blend almost perfectly with the rest of her hide, and when opened, each membraneous wingsail reflects a kaleidoscope of bright, shimmering greens of different hues, varying from the very dark to the very light. Talons are, if possible, darker than the rest of her, as is the very tip of her tail, where the hues seem to pool, as though ending a long, swishy train.

Qoreni grunts as, close enough, Ray has a Green dragonet seated before him. Shifting back a step, though he's not close enough that she could actually *touch* him with her gooey limbs or body, the young man mmphs softly. "Hey, she's nice, Ray." He manages, idly watching the Bronze impress, then, quickly enough, another egg hatch. Too much! He looks quite tempted to become a turtle and hide.

Jeldor shifts slightly on his feet, nodding slightly to Rusel's warning. Jel figures that getting run over wouldn't be a good idea, that would probably hurt quite a bit. He watches the hatchlings a little more closely now, making sure to move if one comes towards him at a fast pace. He blinks as just as he was not paying attention, the two hatchlings impresses, saving him from being run over by one of them for the moment. Just as he thinks he is safe, Jel notices another green hatching. "Oh, look at her… she's so pretty…"

R'sul barely has time to react to the green flopping on Ray before a bronze muzzle is tapping him on the shoulder and he appears to lose all power of speech. For a moment his mouth simply hangs open, "Hesketh." At first it's a whisper, then he reaches out to make proper contact - hand to head. "I hear it. I definitely hear it."

Eiriana's eyes trace over the green carefully, for the most part missing both Ray-fluff's huff and Rusul's wince. "I agree. If she comes this way, I'm hiding behind Ray-fluff." She shifts closer to Raykini, eyeing the bronze now. "He's an interesting character. I think if he gets to close, I might start worrying about my health." The demanding cry from the green is met with a whimper. "She's loud." And then a bronze comes and poor Eiri is surrounded. "Congratulations Ray-fluff! And Rusul too!" And the red-head backs away from the new impressees.

Finally the expectation of the cracks on the Spiraling Swirls of Red on White Egg becomes too much and it shatters into shards, nothing left to hold it together anymore. It leaves exposed on the sands a dark blue hatchling, damp and slightly sandy now with the suddenness of his hatching.

Tarynn beams, and smiles towards Raykini. "Congratulations! She's perfect for you." Then she looks towards the bronze, and grins to Rusul. "Congratulations! He's very handsome."

Dark Forest Shadows Blue Hatchling
Shadows from the forest primeval, slide across the indigo hide of this blue dragon from the tip of his narrowed, pointed muzzle back to the broadened spade of his tail. Darkness creeps, with moon gilded skeletal fingers to trace along his face to favor the narrowed wedge with brightened boning and shadowed hollows, that slowly fades into the steady wiry muscling found on his neck and shoulders. The lingering night continues, an evolving portrait of the forest as it spreads across sheer membranes for his wings, a mass of twisted trees and greenery darkened into the barely recognizable as they twist across his 'sails. Gloaming continues, sliding across his lengthy body before dripping along his haunches, spilled like fog along his flanks and outlining the lithe edges that lead to functional paws and deadly tipped talons. A whipping twist, midnight shaded as his tail drifts along behind, 'ridges captured like the night and in some forgotten dream left to the darkness before it fades to dawn.

Aeris claps lightly as the first two impress and she watches as another egg hatches, smiling. Aelith watches intently to see who her children will choose.

A subtle shift can be seen in the fringe of the shadows, the Marble of Many Colors Egg makes its presence ever so silently known. At first glance one could easily wonder if they saw even the slightest of movement. With a sudden violent shudder as if the presence within is trying to make itself known, it stops lurking to make another attempt at freedom from within its prison.

Morric smiles at R'sul, and then goes back to watching. As the next egg hatches, he holds his breath for a moment, and then grins as a blue hatches. "Well now… he's interesting looking," he murmurs.

Cherin looks a bit baffled at the activity, the words of advice to the candidates sifting through her head as hatchlings look to humans in that odd sort of way which must mean, impression? or maybe dinner, but no, that'd only be rumor not fact. She's to far away to offer her own congrats and turns instead to the next dragons emerging, trying to do whatever it is she's supposed to do.

Jhoren can't help but give a bit of a gasp at the blue. As pretty as the green is, she just doesn't strike the same chord that he does. "Oh /look/ at at him. He's so.. -dark-." Voice ne'er much above a delighted whisper.

Maitresse des Danseurs Green Hatchling remains upright in the remnants of her former home for several, long moments, wedge-shaped head turning slightly to regard the spread of white-robed beings laid out before her. /This/ is what she's been given to work with? In a huff, she pushes herself to her feet, openings her wings slightly to dry them - and to help her look more intimidating, perhaps, for it's in this pose that she begins to move forth toward the candidates. Look sharp, now!

Dark Forest Shadows Blue Hatchling is just sitting there. He collapsed onto the sands after hatching and he's taking a moment or so to recover. That was work. A lift of his head to look around, before a bit of foot shuffling occurs and he lurches, staggering to his feet. Gathering himself together, he starts on his journey, eyeing each and every person on the sands from a safe distance away.

Tooth-sticking Delight Egg jerks suddenly as though the bustle all around it has suddenly been realized. It leaps into action, fine cracks racing around it, circle after circle.

Eiriana drops back from her friends and retreats to the safety of other candidates once more. Now in a crowd, or at least close to others again, she takes a moment to examine the newest additions. "Another green and a really dark blue." The moving green makes Eiri drop back another step into the crowd. "They are so quick." She comments.

Qoreni groans softly, one hand still ticking off others, the other still running nervously through his hair. Eyes flick briefly to the Blue, and a soft "Can't see the stuff, he's so dark.", before the Green is given a wary wince.en a little wince. "She looks dangerous."

Tarynn stares entranced at the green. "She's so… so… forceful." She giggles. "I think she's not impressed with us." And then she glances to the dark blue, and tilts her head, watching him curiously. "And he looks tired… and shy."

Jeldor gasps slightly as the blue hatchling finds it's way out of his egg. "Wow… look at all the colors on him. He's so handsome, so interesting." Jeldor glances over towards the green again who looks like she may be ready to charge. He shifts on his feet slightly, not wanting to be caught not paying attention again, he quickly shifts his eyes back and forth between the two of them.

The Marble of Many Colors Egg waits its turn as a faint cracking noise can be heard from within. Another violent shudder after another as the larger of the eggs starts to rock. It seems to be desperately trying to free itself from the mound of sand that has been its allotment for weeks and months.

Morric watches the green, and chuckles. "Glad she's not coming at me…" He then watches the blue eye everyone. "Poor thing… He's scared." He shakes his head a bit.

Dark Forest Shadows Blue Hatchling jerks his head around so fast it nearly snaps as he catches hint of a voice and he's heading off in that direction, directly toward a boy with darker hair and lighter colored eyes. With a bit of a scramble to stop his forward motion and some back winging to help, he's nudging at his now chosen partner in life.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dark Forest Shadows Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Maitresse des Danseurs Green Hatchling approaches the clusters of white in fairly short order, considering that she's fresh out of her shell. The first candidate she runs across, a young lad from Tillek, is quickly dismissed with a hiss, causing the boy to leap backward, startled. As she marches her way down the line, each foot planted most deliberately into the sand, she approaches another cluster of candidates comprising of several men and a few girls. Pausing in front of them, she gives the men little more than a growl, whirling eyes trained on the girls before her. Perhaps one of these show the promise that she requires? But alas, a frustrated snort escapes her — clearly, they don't have it, either.

Tooth-sticking Delight Egg shatters into a million tiny shards, its occupant tumbling out onto the sand until sliding to a halt and laying there.

Sleeping Potential Bronze Hatchling
Bronze doesn't glitter across this hatchling's hide. He seems to drift in shadows, with the darkest hues settling along his neckridges, tail, and legs. His head is finely proportioned, delicately boned and slender. His neck is narrow and draped with dark bronze, which pools into a single sheet where his straps will rest. His body is stocky and short, and slightly more pudgy than those of his clutchmates. Perhaps his egg had more yolk than the others? His legs are out of proportion to the rest of him, longer than they should be for his body size, but still on the short side. Their color begins at his talons of black, and then rises to fade to your average bronze hue at his shoulders. His knees are a little knobby, and don't quite straighten all the way. For this reason, he crouches. His belly is a lighter hue, in contrast to his dark tail. Overall, this bronze hatchling is both forgettable and curious at the same time.

The Gooey Butterscotch Delight Egg seems to move. Did the delicious little morsel just wobble? Or was it just an illusion of the heat? Only time will tell.

A bit of a twitch, a bit of a jiggle, and the Sugar Scene Egg comes to life in a jaunty little dance.

Morric immediately notices as another egg hatches, and hmmms. "Interesting shades…" he murmurs, tilting his head.

Jeldor feels a tear fall from his eyes, and then another. Quickly wiping them away, he smiles. "I am sorry love. I tried to not stand in a crowd so you could find me." J'ldor leans down and hugs his beautiful blue Rhaniath. "Hello Rhaniath my sweet, let's get you some food."

Qoreni watches the Blue with some curiosity, and the Green is given a wary huff. He looks quite tempted to hide behind the earlier cooing-girl, but resists, standing stock-still. The newest hatchling is offered a nosewrinkle. "Interesting." Is offered, as he tries his best to look away from the scary, icky little Greenling.

The tasty treat seems to be melting further as the Gooey Butterscotch Delight Egg begins to crack along its surface.

Tarynn claps for J'ldor, and beams. "Congratulations! He's beautiful." And then she watches the green and new bronze, fidgeting as the heat starts to penetrate her excitement, and her feet demand relief.

Jhoren breaks into a small burst of applause at the blue finding a mate. That one was her favorite so far. The fact that the new rider teared up doesn't do much to encourage her not to get all misty.. so the only alturnative is to look back to the action and get emmersed again.

Sleeping Potential Bronze Hatchling shakes his head, seemingly to clear it from the stars swirling around as he comes to a sliding stop after hatching. A snort as he picks himself up and then stares back at the crowd he just bypassed. Ooops. He was supposed to be back there. Ah well, there's nothing for it but to go back and do it over.

A low pop is uttered from the Sugar Scene Egg, then a steady crackling as the sugary shell begins to give way in cracks and slivers of powdered shards.

Eiriana tries to duck behind another candidate. Eiri? What Eiri? Not here… She peers out from her spot just long enough to identify the newest hatchling. "Another bronze. Wow!" And then catches sight of the latest Impression. "Congratulations!" She calls out and then quickly ducks back behind her not too happy to have her standing behind him hiding place. Rather unceremonially she looses her place, her hiding behind candidate just steps away.

Cherin flinches from one hatchlings gaze but is passed over and slowly she leans back towards the front of the line. She's becoming more comfortable now to the goings on, cheering softly as each is partnered and yet watching, ever watching out for what her own fate may be in the promise of the rocking eggs.

With a loud crackling and a snap, the Sugar Scene Egg falls apart in a shower of crystalline shards and a snowfall powder of glitter to leave a darkly hued blue in the remains, his body dusted with sparkles and wet with egg dew.

Lure of Midnight Blue Hatchling
The midnight sky comes to life on the tall and proud form of this dark blue dragon - deep enough it nears ebony. A large head is speckled with dots of silvery white, fading out as his head slips back into a solid navy neck. Wings are large and strong, perhaps a shade lighter than his base coloration as they are spread wide for all to see. Long whiplike tail once again darkens to black with the silvery speckles, each of which glitters like a tiny star. With strong hind legs of the same unmarred midnight, the musculature of this blue promises strength and ease of movement. Following the lines of his body upwards to his chest, the night sky is suddenly interrupted by a bright patch of almost grey, a moon rising up into the midnight sky, while the darkness claims the rest of his form to sharp black talons.

Qoreni can't help but grin towards Eiri. "You've the right idea." He mutters towards her, sidestepping in her direction. "Mmph." This is so…dirty. I don't think we'll ever be clean again."

Morric glances back at the bronze that went right by the line of candidates, and chuckles. "Come start over here…" he encourages, grinning. He even starts to take a step that direction, and then stops himself, shaking his head. Not supposed to do that.

Phoelyn has been lurking among Candidates, one who's kept to herself. She's quiet, probably entirely too much so, but it fits her demeanor. The nearest Candidates are eyed warily. "I don't see anything to fear…" She murmurs quietly, half to herself.

Sleeping Potential Bronze Hatchling doesn't take all that long to pick, once he has the opportunity to look over the candidates out there and he heads directly for the brightest hair he can find. Something that will nearly match his hide, if the light is just right and he nudges the older lad in the knees, perhaps with an impish sense of humor for a moment to see what mischief he can cause.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Sleeping Potential Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

With a last and final effort, a loud *crack* echoes from the Marble of Many Colors Egg as the egg shards scatter like debris from an explosion on the sands around as in the aftermath stands the Rebel With A Cause Brown Hatchling. He grunts as he shakes his wings free of the egg goo and his eyes whirl red as he surveys the sea of white in front of him. He gives another grunt stumbling a bit forward off the mound and his journey to find the one, the one that will help him right the world and be by his side.

Jhoren's gaze is rewarded with another blue hatchling. "He's handsome too." Girl has a weakness for blue. "How many eggs are left?" She questions no one in particular, standing up on her tip toes to peer into the shell smattered remains.

The shell of the Saucers and Sprinkles Egg has gotten thin and fragile while it has hardened on the sands, a fragility which is clearly evident as the egg rocks back and forth upon the sands, already displaying some wear and tear from the motion.

Rebel With A Cause Brown Hatchling
The sharp and unyielding presence of an ironwood tree has been fractured and darkened with weather and time, covering a countenance sharp in jaw and narrow in muzzle. Sunlight and rain drizzle down a well worn and sun-baked chest. As though they had been purposefully mussed, his terracotta ridges stick up hither and thither near his head, giving him the appearance almost of a mane. His neck by contrast is flowing in form, the ridges becoming smaller, sandstone shards. His chest is not especially broad, but lean, well muscled, and there is no doubt of his physical power. His forelimbs are perfectly proportioned to his chest, the talons a dark bone color. Despite his muscular build, his wings are incredibly long, and narrow enough to carry him quickly through the skies, the sails easily the color of sake that has fallen to terracotta, and then lit up like the sun. His hips are the same proportions as his chest, and the blackened ironwood that covers his front and upper half darkens along his back and stomach, bathing him in twilight. About midway down his back, between the wing joints, a soft, chestnut colored squiggly mark, like a scribe's calligraphy faded by time, is faintly visible.

Maitresse des Danseurs Green Hatchling would bristle, if dragons could, but she's forced to settle for a red-tinged look of annoyance as she continues down the line. One male in particular catches her attention — most unfit! As she pauses to express her displeasure, he suddenly steps aside, as if by magic, and the green is left to regard the girl revealed in his wake. Why, /there/ she is! Someone as of yet uncorrupted by the ways of the world! Someone whom she can teach and mold and grow with! Eyes now whirling blue-green, she plants herself demandingly at the feet of this blue-eyed, young woman, staring up at her fiercely. Ah, yes. You shall do /quite/ nicely.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Maitresse des Danseurs Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Tarynn bounces a bit, and stares around happily. "Wow… it's amazing." She grins, and congratulates everyone as them impress. She seems to be totally unconcerned with herself for the moment.

Qoreni stands stock-still as he's nudged, eyes wide, wary, and /definitely/ a little fearful. But then, his eyes go blank and his body tenses even more. "I.." He murmurs softly, shaking his head, but his eyes are distant. "Let's…let's do." Is added after a moment, then his head is tilted curiously. "Q'reni. Well. I…okay." He's apparently quite forgotten about those around them as he kneels to gently embrace the dragonet, unaware of the goo and ick /all/ over him. "Lhyzaeth. It fits."

Morric looks towards the brown as it hatches, whistling quietly. "Very handsome…" he murmurs, and congratulates whoever impressed the bronze. Ah, Qoreni. "Congratulations!"

Lure of Midnight Blue Hatchling has only begun his calling with an exploding shell showering down upon himself and others. But he has no time to spare for his next trick and so the dark blue form surgest to his feet - and falls promptly on his face. A shower of sand rains down on the candidates this time. It's a gift, see? Wings buffer the sands, legs flail about and finally he's upright. Then it's a charge full steam ahead. The young Telgar weyrbrat in his way is sent down to the ground, barreled over as the blue went out of his way just to do it. Then he winds in between several more bodies, so that white robes scatter hither and yon. At last, he's stops short right in the stomach of his chosen. He glances up with a twinkle and a merry cuff.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Lure of Midnight Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The golden shards of the Gooey Butterscotch Delight Egg finally fall away to reveal a gooey little hatchling, a few shards still clinging to the egg-goo that covers the little dragonet.

Eiriana squeaks at the loss of her hiding place, just about to jump behind another person when.. She blinks at the green, with large eyes. "Balmaith? Me? Oh! Food! Right. You can show me everything after food then." Eiriana smiles at the green in front of her and reaches to embrace the greenling.

Sunlight's Passion Gold Hatchling
Spun gold in the shape of a dragon is what stands before you in all her grace and beauty. This golden tone is soft, even washed out in places, but when the light hits right she sparkles like a million diamonds. Her wings, with a beautiful peacock green fairy dusted appearance, are perfectly proportioned promising her strength in flight. Strong hindlegs hold her steady upon her feet, tipped with deep ebony talons which dig into the ground slightly as she walks. Whiplike tail seems a bit too long for her body, threatening to trip her up as she walks. Long strong neck with ridges of the same peacock green fairy dust hold up a large wedge-shaped head. Headknobs of a light maroon complete this dragon as she holds her head up and glances around with intelligent whorling eyes.

Saucers and Sprinkles Egg cracks and tears, like paper being rent apart by impatient fingers. Tiny bits fall to the sands, like sprinkles spilling out of their container.

Cherin watches the number of candidates dwindle as the weyrling ranks fill and the eggs grow ever fewer. She shifts ont eh hots sands, drawing slightly closer to the eggs as the ranks close to fill in the gaps left by those chosen. The hatching of a gold catches her attention no moreso than any other has and she just works to try and keep track of all teh comings and goings and where her own feet are at any given moment.

Saucers and Sprinkles Egg is no more, and cracks completely cover the surface, structural integrity failing once and for all as the pastel shades drop to the Sands. Yet, rather than sprinkles, a pale, averaged sized dragonet sits settled amongst the pieces.

Morric gasps as the gold hatches, "No wonder that egg was so large…" He grins, and looks around, at what's left, and starts to look a little worried.

Living the Life Brown Hatchling
Pale khaki hues settle evenly over the bulky form of this dragon, darkening slightly around the curves of his torso, casting his form into subtle relief. Sandy tan is scattered across his back, gathering most substantially over his large rear haunches, and over the length of his heavy tail. A ribbon of golden brown streaks upwards along his belly, fading into oblivion at the bottom of his muzzle, while opposite it, darker chocolate ridges fly down his back. His muzzle itself is rather blunted, more wide rather than long, setting ever curious, faceted eyes outwards to see all around, while shadowed by dusted headknobs.

Tarynn eyes the new arrival, hands behind her back, shifting and rocking on the sands.

Phoelyn is watching, still, with detatched amusement — but a spray of sand and the oomph of a falling Candidate catches her attention. "Er," She manages, soft enough to be barely heard over the commotion all around. "Closer…okay." She kneels, staring intently at the dragonet, face otherwise emotionless. "I do not think you are anything else but yourself, Theisyth. Never fear, eh?" Eyes suddenly light with delight, and she gentle scratches the dragonets' chest. "Yes, food is in order."

Jhoren's eyes widen at the gold, a soft 'oooh' escaping her lips. "Ohm-my! Oh she's .. " What Jhoren thinks.. never makes it to air. Rather she just oogles, her hands clasped before her mouth.

Living the Life Brown Hatchling seems rather awkward at first, stiff almost as the first moments outside the egg pass… A careful twist and turn, and he awkwardly pushes himself to his feet. And then, just as quickly, he's distracted by this gritty stuff beneath his feet, and a nose goes into it. Whoops. But, curiosity of the rest of the world wins out, and he awkwardly starts the progress towards the candidates… They are a whole different sort of curiosity.

Sunlight's Passion Gold Hatchling stands still a moment, to catch her breath after all the work of hatching. Finally she proceeds to remove those pesky shards that cling to her, testing her voice out in a soft croon. The deed done, the gold can now focus on the task at hand. Calmly does she step away from her shards, eyeing the candidates curiously as she spreads her wings slightly with a shimmer of fairy dust to help with the drying of goo.

J'ldor stands quietly conversing with his dragon, scritching his head gently. Looking towards the sands, he smiles at the glimmer of spun gold in the form of a dragon hatches. Though she's pretty, his own blue is the most beautiful thing in his eyes. Looking over towards Morric, he smiles softly at him for a moment before his attention is grabbed by his dragon again.

Rebel With A Cause Brown Hatchling A disgruntled snort as the whirling red eyes of hunger and frustration play over the features of the Rebel With A Cause brown hatchling. He shakes himself free of the egg goo that is bothersome on his wings as he stretches them out to look over the sea of white in front of him. He seems to be at least coordinated enough to barely stumble off the mound of sand. His movements stealthy but slow and calculated as he knows that one is out there… it's just a matter of moving there.

Cherin swallows, and then there are no more eggs, and all she can do is look between brown and gold and wonder.

Morric watches the last there hatchlings, only two of which he has a chance with. And he takes a deep breath, his expression going neutral. Bracing himself for disappoint perhaps. Buthe does still watch them, eyes hopeful.

Tarynn chuckles at the little brown, but only shifts her feet in the hot sands. Smiling at the funny little brown guy and crossing her fingers behind her back.

Jhoren curls her toes in her sandals, her hands still curled before her mouth as she watches the last of the hatchlings make their way closer. Her posture is tight, her eyes hopeful, wanting. But she doesn't move from her spot. Let's dwell for a moment, shall we?

Living the Life Brown Hatchling flails around a bit as he nears the candidates, head swinging widely to one side, trumpeting at a pair of candidates clinging tightly to each other, before he stumbles towards a dark haired young woman, to whom he looks up at with a cocked head. Interesting? And then, a nudge.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Living the Life Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Tarynn's eyes widen, along with her mouth into a large smile that nearly completes a circle of her face, and her arms go out to the little brown "Of course we can get you some food. I'm sure you must be VERY hungry, dearest."

Sunlight's Passion Gold Hatchling continues her path towards the candidates, not allowing herself to be rushed into things. She knows the one for her is here somewhere, and she has faith that she will, in time, find that special someone. The males are dismissed easily enough, and she moves towards the remaing females. She trills briefly, dismissing another candidate before closing in on a young woman with lovely brown hair. And that is where the goldlet's movements stop as she reaches a dainty head to nuzzle at the one she knows is her one and only.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Sunlight's Passion Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Rebel With A Cause Brown Hatchling peers around as the dark one stalks the sands, he knows what he is looking for. He examines each of the candidates dismissing many alone the lines, none of them will be worthy to help him with his cause. That journey is for him and that chosen one, after all, who is worthy enough to fight for justice? Of course, that one is close by as he plods stealthily towards a red-headed young man. Yes he is the one.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Rebel With A Cause Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

M'ric is looking towards Tarynn as she impresses when the other brown sneaks up behind him. Sort of. He gasps, and looks around, dropping to one knee, his face breaking into a stunned smile. "Golmanth! I'm… wow…" He shakes his head, and grins. "And of course we'll get you some food.

Jhoren relaxes.. relaxes.. he shoulders sag, her toes uncurl, her hands drop lightly to those lovely maroon gilded headknobs, "Sribaimoth." An exclamation of love, wholy and completely. Her eyes wet with tears unshed she breaks into a broad grin, nodding as she caresses the slightly sticky hide.

Aeris smiles to herself, caressing her gold's soft hide gently as all the hatchlings find their lifemates. "Beautiful clutch, Ael. You and Dhonzayth should be very proud." The golden dam trumpets her happiness for all to hear.

Dhonzayth seems almost as happy as the gold, rumbling in happiness, while L'ton seems just as happy.

Cherin wipes away a bit of sweat, relief flooding through as the last impresses and any thought of disappointment is shrugged off as she marches to where the weyrlings are to offer her former candidate friends her congratulations.

M'ric beams happily at his brown, and scratches his eyeridges. "Well… this is a surprise…" He laughs as the brown croons worriedly. "A /good/ surprise, Golmanth. A very good one… I was worried I'd be left alone."

Aeris smiles to L'ton, "Well, they did a wonderful job, huh?" Of course, she just seems a bit relieved that she'll be able to get off these hot sands.

M'ric looks around. "Where's the food? Golmanth is going to start nibbling on people if we don't get something for him soon…" Golmanth croons agreement.

M'ric starts leading Golmanth of the sands, encouraging and helping him. "Should be out this way. Come on… you'll make it."

Aeris brushes sweat from her brow and smiles as the sands are cleared of dragonets and new riders. "Well, I suppose it's time to start packing." She runs a hand over Aelith's hide gently.

Dhonzayth has already fled the sands, but not before passing along a message to Odeleth that the brown's rider should come down from the galleries. When the crowds have been filtering out, he offers a supporting arm to Aeris. "Do ya need a hand ta get outta here? Ah can't think that this heat is good fer ya."

Aelith proceeds to head off the sands for some much deserved chowing down, the gold is hungry after the excitement of the hatching afterall. Aeris nods and takes the offered arm. "Yeah, I think I've had about enough of this heat." She wipes more sweat away.

Vesvesris scoots down from the galleries, wincing as she jogs across the sands toward her weyrmate. As he offers Aeris a supporting arm, that gives her pause for a moment, but then the younger woman's expression softens as she approaches them. "Dhonzayth must be proud as punch, L'ton, " she says by way of greeting, grinning a bit. It widens into a concerned smile as she turns her attention to the goldrider. "And you must be Aeris, " she says at last, reaching out to offer her a hand. "It's wonderful to finally meet you. I'm Vesvesris, Odeleth's rider — but then again, you probably figured that one out already."

L'ton grins broadly at Sris as the younger woman crosses the Sands. "Ah dun think he'll stop talking. T'was a great group. They both did great." His other arm is offered more possessively to Vesvesris, for after she meets Aeris. "Ah'm glad ya get ta meet each other. Better if'n we go find something cool ta drink, ta sit over."

Aeris takes the proffered hand after wiping the sweat from her own. "Well met, Vesvesris. Thanks for letting Aelith and I steal L'ton and Dhonzayth for the hatching, it was a lovely clutch." To L'ton's suggestion, the woman nods. "Aye, let's get away from this heat."

"Not a problem, " Sris replies affably. After all, she did get a nice vacation with L'ton in the middle of clutchings and flights and new Weyrleaders, so life is good. "Something cold sounds great, " she agrees as she lets the bronzerider take her arm. "I have to admit, I'm not accustomed to being on any hatching sands in a jacket."

"Besides, everyone has ta see the two lovely ladies Ah get ta spend time with, no?" He teases them both, before ushering them off the Sands, and towards the caverns. "Ah think its worse here, than Ista, Sris. There's more difference in heat, here."

Aeris chuckles, "Well I don't know about the lovely part for this woman." But she chuckles quietly as she's ushered off the sands.

Vesvesris shudders as they begin to make their way off of the sands. "Worse than Ista? No wonder I feel like I'm sweating more here than I do back home." Ugh. Relief is definitely necessary.

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