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Title OOC Date Cast
Where would you go? January 05, 2020 Katailea, N'on
Weyrling Lessons: Mounted Flight January 8, 2020 Evi, Ila'den, R'hyn, Rhodelia, Ru'ien
Roaring Grief January 9, 2020 F'yr, V'ro
Dare January 10, 2020 F'yr, Rhodelia
Bro-ly Support January 10, 2020 F'yr, Ru'ien
Stacking the Cards January 11, 2020 Ru'ien, Rhodelia
Distractions January 11, 2020 F'yr, Katailea
The Lonely Beach Bums January 12, 2020 F'yr, Rhodelia, Ru'ien
Two Freaks in the Dark January 12, 2020 F'yr, Ru'ien
House Hunters: Dragonrider Edition January 12, 2020 Evi, Katailea
Woe and Ideas! January 15, 2020 Rhodelia, Alexa
Sipping Soon to Be Freedom January 17, 2020 F'yr, Ru'ien, V'ro, Rhodelia, Evi
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