Transition Part One (Vignette)

Ierne Weyrhold - Ierne Hills
Dotting the landscape are the hills of Ierne Island that roll through the countryside, several covered with the same forests which blanket the flatlands to the south. Nestled throughout these hills and forests are private areas for dragons and their riders. They vary in size and style, with some being full dragonholds and others just small cottages, but each is large enough to house at least a small sized brown. A myriad of pathways branch off in all directions leading to these living quarters. The pathways all eventually originate in a flagstone courtyard landscaped with flower bearing planters and stone benches. A small bonfire indicates the courtyard is sometimes used as a gathering place for riders and residents. The clearing surrounding the courtyard shows clear indications of dragon occupation. A wide flagstone path leads away from the courtyard to the south.

E’tan leans to check Saburath’s straps once again, tugging at the buckles here and here firmly. The weather is rather nice today, the bright winter sun is basking Xanadu with its warm rays. It’s not even cold. Everything seems right. Almost.

« You are nervous. » comes Saburath’s slightly worried voice in the bronzerider’s mind. It splashes hurriedly, submerging with its usual dark but glittering distant echo. Not an easy thing to deal with his emotions when you share your head with a stubborn and young bulk of a bronze. « I am not stubborn. Most of the time, I am right. And you know that. What’s wrong? »

« I’m sorry my dear Sab, I didn’t mean to upset you. » Tani can’t help but chuckles at his lifemate’s reaction. Leaning once again, he removes one glove to feel his bronze’s broad shoulder and pat. « Nothing is wrong. » he lies with a weak smile. « There is someone I need you to meet. »

Under him, Saburath lets out a rather low rumble, the sound carried with the strong winds from these heights. « Whatever is troubling you, we will face it together.» How to argue with that? From the moment he touched his egg, E’tan knew his life would change and that his heart and soul would be filled. Forever. « You’re right. It is time. » And he closes his eyes, searching within his deepest souvenirs updated with the recent pictures he saw in the archives. The color of the sea, the green of the hills, the winds…

You draw into mind the hilly island of ierne weyrhold. A large flagstone courtyard is imaged below, with several large rooftops of living areas bringing the visualization into focus.

Away from Saburath, Saburath suddenly disappears -=* BETWEEN *=-

Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.
Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…

Ierne Weyrhold - Upper Sky

Saburath suddenly reappears from -=* BETWEEN *=-

Saburath spirals down to a landing.

Saburath cranes his neck just as he folds his wings, exploring this new land. His rider’s homeland. On his back, Tani fills his lungs with air, taking deep breaths after deep breaths. « So it is here your egg hatched? » The young bronze’s tone approbative .

A sudden laughter bursts out the young bronzerider’s throat. He wasn’t in the mood at all but his bronze’s comment caught him off guard. He leans to fondly pat his flank. « You can say that, yes. » Tani replies aloud just before sliding down.

Once he touches the ground, his face darkens, like distant threatening clouds hiding the sun. He’s been tormented since they left Xanadu and even in a vain attempt, he tried hard to keep his feelings at bay not to disturb Saburath too much.

« You know I am strong enough to protect you. Where is that someone you want me to meet? » his voice like a plead, Saburath’s stellar ocean troubled with waves of concerns.

« Come. It’s just over there. » Letting his palm feels the heartbeats of his lifemate and trying to sync them with his own, Tani begins to walk, leading the way to a small clearing where a huge tree is standing. Just one tree.

Saburath lumbers closely, draconic senses alert and ready to face whatever may come. He keeps darting his huge head this way and that to finally stops when E’tan kneels.

Curiosity has always been known to rule a dragon’s personality especially in his youth and Saburath is no exception. But today, at this very moment, he doesn’t comment or ask. Deeply feeling E’tan’s sad and troubled mind, he just crouches, bringing his huge head just an inch above his rider’s shoulder.

“It’s been a while now, Rey. I…I…” Tani’s voice nearly dies in his throat and as a mix of pain and pride grasps his heart he immediately seeks for Saburath, placing a hand on his neck instinctively. « I am here but…whith who are you talking to? » This time it’s too much troubling for the dragon not to query, cold starless chaos overwhelming his deep space ocean.

At the end of E’tan’s extended arm stands a lonely grave. Not very far from the bottom of that huge tree. It’s simple with no fancy engraving. Just the word ‘Rey’ in bold letters. “Rey this is Saburath. He found me on the sands of Xanadu Weyr. From now on, I will carry your dream…brother…” His voice still fighting back sobs, he raises to his feet again, looking at his amazing flying friend with a smile as broad as the universe can be. « You are talking to a stone? »

Good Saburath healed Tani’s heart like no one could with those simple yet naïve draconic words. And there’s that awkward moment when tears of pain are mixed with those of joy in a burst of deep emotions as the bronzerider wraps both arms around his lifemate’s neck. “In a way, yes. I promise I will explain it all but not now. I just can’t now.”

E’tan didn’t even realize he talked aloud since they reach the grave. Another thing that puzzled the young bronze who also straightens, emitting an odd warbling sound. « You seem a bit less sad. I prefer that. » Not yet capable of managing his rider’s melancholic state of mind, Saburath tries to reach for normality again. « I like it here. I like to know the land that’s seen you hatched. Now I know where your strength is coming from. »

“I don’t know if I’m that strong but my heart is attached to this land, yes.”

“And what about people from that land?” The voice came from behind and made E’tan perk and turn to face the silhouette. « Oh? Look! She has your eyes! » Saurath made Tani chuckle again. A true chuckle this time.


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