Keziah is Searched

High Reaches Weyr - Mountain Slope
A branching of the road to High Reaches leads into the mountains, ending at a steep slope that lies beneath several feet of snow through the Reaches winters. The snow and ice cling to the mountain's face precariously, mounds of white that look as though they might lose their hold at any moment. The trees here are bent and twisted by the wind, where they have managed to cling to the rock. Above, the mountain's peak is white even at mid-summer. Past the road on down the slope, the footing looks treacherous and the grade is far to high for any but a very brave hiker to attempt. The road continues to meander on to the small holds many hours' travel beyond, while a broader though rocky road curls around the mountain and disappears into the wilderness.

Down away from the road in a small valley is a small herd of goats and a couple of canines. A small fire can be seen sending smoke upwards. The day is getting later though there is still plenty of light left for the moment. Out of a tent near the fire steps Keziah who stirs up the stew pot a bit and then glances towards the goats and the canines relaxing. Satisfied that all is well, she settles down to eat.

Treacherous footing seems to be the course of par for this Vintner, his idle terrain not so sloppy under foot but not far from this haphazard trail of snow melt and mud. Without cargo it makes the trek easier than had he been in charge of a wagon coming through this way, yet today, it's simply he and nature. If scouting or simply enjoying the hike is unsure as his features are that of concentration and utter focus. One must be alert when the avalanche season is at its peak. A glance is cast toward the high white caps glinting the late afternoon sun. Balancing a foot on a rock outcrop, the man considers the valley below him and the wisp of smoke that snakes upward before disappearing. Throwing a look back over his shoulder, with a hitch to his shoulder pack, he begins picking his way down the rock side, making his way toward the open valley…

The canines ears perk up as the two of them look up the slope. In a split second the two of them are up and herding the goats together. Keziah startles a little and picks up a crossbow from near the tent. "Who goes there?!" she calls out as she determines the canines attentiveness is due to person and not some wild creature.

Some time later, since the slope is wet and unstable, Nalkor makes it far enough down to hear the shout from a woman down further - possibly around that fire he spotted from up high. Breathing heavy, the man pauses with his hands going to his fists, absently swiping a hand over his brow for his exertion. The action of the canines is duly noted, dismissed for his reply to her shout. He cups his hands over his mouth, still likely not in her plain view as of yet — "A friend!" He bellows, "I'm coming down!" Small rocks bounce and tumble down the slope until the man himself can be seen, hunkered down in a warm fur lined coat and gloves - his knot hidden but his face clearly seen. A few more jumps and skips, a shove through some small standing trees, and then he appears, sweat beading down the sides of his brow. "Thought to share your fire, since you've got one started - goat herder," a familiar up turn of lips is given across the way, distance continued to be closed despite the threat of a crossbow.

Keziah lowers the crossbow at the sound of the voice, though she keeps it in hand for the moment until the face comes into view. She then smiles and whistles a couple of commands to the canines who swing the goats back around. "Well, how about that. It's our Benden wine protector." she states with a grin and sets the crossbow aside. "Do come in, I'm happy to share. It gets quite chilly out here after all. I've got some stew and some klah, if you don't mind it strong." she states with a smile as she stirs up the pots a bit "What brings you out this way? Wouldn't have thought you'ld actually come climbing through."

"Indeed it is— Though I do believe it's High Reaches wine protector as of late," he lifts a finger to correct her like some astute teacher professing a lesson to a student. Coupling the distance with a heavy fast foot and a smile that looks too much like a sneer, the man gets into the close proximity of her camp, until he's close enough to soak in the fire's warmth. There he stops, pushing out his hands after removing the gloves, "It is getting chilly. I hadn't thought to be out this long or this far, but I just wanted to keep going and get over that rise, which turned into the next rise.. and the next." He shuffles his feet as he rubs his hands together, "Stew. That sounds delicious as does the klah." At the same time he remarks of food, he's taking in the sight of the canines and the goats, pointing with a chin, "You did that? Train the canines like that?" There's enough space given between his sentence and his response, "Adventure. The journey," a wink, "I actually had to get some air, away from the Weyr. And second, I'm checking the conditions - in case I have to go work my trade to the Holds out this way."

Keziah grins as she gets up to get up a couple of bowls "Candia was out here too checking thinks out as well, she was able to get a better look at the snow, course some of it's been set off already so it should be a bit before it piles up enough again to be trouble." she states as she dishes up the stew. "Which is nice, I've seen the stuff come down, it's like water and then solidifies. Lost a couple of does into that one." she sighs a bit and looks out towards the goats and the attentive but relaxing canines. "Yup, taught them with a bit of help of course." she states with a smile "But those two I've had since they were pups. They were kept out with the goats and such, they hardly go inside unless it's with the herd."

Hunching his shoulders together, Nalkor can't help but appreciate the warmth of the fire, despite his hike which pretty well got his blood pumping. It was the sweat cooling on his back that alerted him to need the warmth of a good fire, and good stew in his belly. "Candia?" The man questions, "Mhrm. I'm sad to say I haven't run across her yet. She's of the wild sort to? Enjoying the sprawling mountain slopes instead of the crazy flurry of activity?" He peers around at the make shift camp she's got, deciding on a rather large rock that would fit his rump. Feet crunch under the stone as he goes to collect it, having to put some effort into moving it close enough to the fire to make a good seat there. Popping down on it, he nods his head about the avalanches, "These parts can get rough. It's why I came to have a look, to see if the trail is still dangerous. I do mean to ship out to those Holds shortly. A man's got to keep his income coming in after all, even if he likes the rugged mountains." A look of respect is earned there after for the conversation of the canines, "You really have a thing for them. That's great. Not many people can do that."

Lorena is chattering. Yes. Chattering. "Stupid cold places!" She mutters rather lamely as Loyauth lands on the spongey ground beside Adinaeth. Rumble. "Oh shush! You're a dragon. Plus you've more meat on your bones." Pause. "Relatively speaking!" She mutters and swats the dragon lightly. The brown follows Adinaeth along the trail towards a herd of goats, peering curiously at them. "No I expect they don't. L'alie? Maybe we should leave them here?" She eyes the goats and dismounts, the other brownrider following suit. "Er… Hello there!" Lorena calls as they head over. Loyauth meanwhile -stares- at the goats.

It isn't precisely fair to call Adinaeth a brown in his current state. Someone has died the small brown a wonderfully bright shade of pink that glows over the normally blonde tones of his hide. His rider seems unfazed by the bizarre color of her mount, and glances at Lorena, "Probably best. We'll feed the lumps when we get back." She pats the neck muscle next to her knee and now her head swivels towards the two young people on the slope, and she lifts her hand to hail them cheerfully. "Xanadu's duties to High Reaches!"

Keziah shrugs a bit "It's a matter of learning and applying it. Kalinds a good teacher and the canines are of good breeding. It's in their blood to guard and protect." she states "Anyone is capable of training canines providing they take the time to train themselves as well." a pause "Even the goats can be trained as well. I've a pair of wethers that have been trained to pull a cart. The kids love it." she adds and then she's silent again as the dogs start staring again, their ears pointed forward. The sounds of voices can be heard on the cold air, even if it's not quite understandable. The goats on the other hand are acting more nervous and start heading further down the valley. Keziah picks up the crossbow again, her stew now forgotten. Then she notices that there are a couple of dragons as well and she lowers the crossbow "Shards, but it's busy out here of late." she mutters and then smiles "Greetings!" she calls out. Blinks and then looks a little closer at the pair "Xanadu?" she asks and then she grins "Hey, I know you!" she exclaims as she recognizes L'alie and Adinaeth.

Nalkor heard something. The echos were faint, the wind was not really in their direction entirely - but he thought he heard it. So, he crans his head over his shoulder, frowning when he notices a pair of dragons landing. Immediately he assumes out loud, "I wonder if they're here to tell us the pass is blocked? They'd give us a ride back, I'm sure, if it was…" Creases of skin fold together as he watches the pair of dragon riders come down the muddy path toward them. "Do you know them?" He says as an aside to Keziah, hoping that maybe the girl had visitors often, to steal the rise of anxiety of what it meant for them to be out here. So much for his seat. The man stands from the fire, shuffling his feet to meet the on coming couple, shouting to them when they're not too far off, "Afternoon." … A pause, "Xanadu?" The same time as Keziah, though he adds, "Little far out, aren't you?"

Lorena blinks as the girl -knows- L'alie? Weird. She looks from L'alie to her and back again. Then beyond at the- ooh! He's cute. Lorena suddenly falls a step behind L'alie, peering practically around the older brown-pink-rider curiously. As Nalkor makes a near obvious comment she just nods, mutely. This gets Loyauth's attention, no longer staring at the goats he strains to see what's making his talkative darling so quiet. Cute? Like… the image of a baby runner comes to mind. No Loyauth. Hm… Oh! Oh you mean… Yes. Hroom.

L'alie gives Lorena a sideways glance, a bit of a smile tucking itself into the corner of her mouth. Young things, I see. As she slides down from Adinaeth's neck, she lands lightly, her knees absorbing the shock of the fall. A big grin splits the Weyrsecond's face, "Keziah!" mind like a steel trap, this one. "How are you, dear?" Arms outstretch towards the young woman to embrace her once she comes nearer.

Keziah gives a nod to Nalkor "Well one of them." she states as she casts a glance towards the goats who've found a bit of higher ground to watch the proceedings under the watchful gaze of the canines. As L'alie calls out her name she bursts into a wide grin as she moves towards the brownrider as well. She gives the older woman a strong hug "It's great to see you again L'alie. I'm doing well. Kalind says I've been doing really well on my studies and now I spend more time out here with the goats than under his watchful eye." She's proud of herself to be sure. "Wbat brings you two out this way?" she asks and then couvers her mouth and goes oh. "Forgive me my lack of manners. This is Nalkor, one of our vintners. Nalkor, this it L'alie and that brown one there, that looks pinkish. That's Adinaeth." she smiles at Lorena then "Would you two like some stew?"

Nalkor considers Keziah, "It's your fire, your camp, your stew. Invite them if you will—" he notes as a lowered aside toward his Reachian counterpart, feeling his attention reverting back to the dragon riders - of which the one certainly catches his attention. It must be from the way she hides behind her rider friend that catches his eyes - oh definitely. Pitching his foot up on the rock he had just used as a seat, he smirks nevertheless at the pair, "Far as you may be, duties to you both. You'd find a better meal and warm hearths up at the Weyr proper, though please make yourselves comfortable here." A look cast to Kezi then thrown back at the rider pair, considering the dragons and in turn the goats that seem ill at ease. Flopping an arm over his up lifted leg as he bends over it, his mouth pulls into a smile-borderline-sneer, eyes on Lorena as L'alie evades her a moment to hug Keziah. At his introduction, he lamely lifts a hand, nodding to each in turn, though gives a pause for Lorena to fill in the gap of her own acquaintance, lacking her own intro.

Lorena follows along behind, smiling at Keziah in return. She follows the woman's introduction of Nalkor, turning pink, and bobs her head to him then looks quickly away as he seems to be watching her. Ooh look! Goats! Lorey, don't be silly. "I'll be what I want." she mumbles under her breath. Loooong awkward pause. Lory darlin? "Oh! Um… sorry… Lorena, Brown Loyauth's." Is that… red on her face? Somehow this 'stupid cold place' got a lot warmer.

L'alie looks down her nose at Nalkor and smiles, "Kind of you to offer, journeyman Nalkor.." She says in an overly sweet way. She turns a bit green at the mention of food and shakes her head, "Oh no, really.. I would probably just throw it up. This baby has me so ill. The healer said it was normal to be sick even this late in the pregnancy, but…" she shrugs and clears her throat, "It is cold though." A boot is scuffed. Lorena is just given a look and a small shake of the head. And perhaps a gentle kick if no one is looking.

Keziah watches Lorena curiously and then looks at Nalkor and then back to Lorena and then just shakes her head a bit. Well, guess someone's gotta like him, right? "It's a pleasure to meet you Lorena." a glance is given to the brown "And you as well Loyauth." she gives a bow when she says that as well. Another glance towards the goats. "So, what brings you two out here? You're not checking snow levels and possible avalanche spots as well are you?" she asks and then ohs a little at L'alie and blinks "Pregnant?" she asks as her eyes go wide. "Congratulations! Should be you umm betweening and all?" she asks curiously "When? How long? Who?" she tosses out the questions in a patter of excitement "It's wonderful!" She grins at Nalkor "Isn't it great? She's gonna have a baby. Lots of people seem pregnant of late. Course, the Weyrwoman is as well, she's really showing, shouldn't be much longer now." A pause, oh yeah. The cold." She hrms a little as she glances at the tent. Too small for four people, just barely big enough for one and all. "Umm, I can build up the fire some."

Eyebrows make a pop to highlight the curiosity in his expression for this Lorena when he finally hears her name. The man can't help but to take some enjoyment out of her unease - considering her face is turning pink and red with embarrassment instead of anger. Slowly though, Nalkor disengages his eyes from her, so that she doesn't run away, putting his foot down on the ground proper once more. Maybe he hears her, maybe he doesn't, he just doesn't make an issue of anything else than her name. "Good to meet you Lorena,.." a long pause, eyes try to catch her face before he flickers his gaze off toward L'alie, "And you rider L'alie." He fans his hand down toward the discards of trees and rocks, "Find a seat if you like. You've a choice of wood or stone," a wink flashed then as he points out the options, frowning in afterthought of not having a more comfortable seat for an expectant mother. "Aye, it's good news," said at least, side glancing at Keziah, "I'll gather wood if you like. I might have to climb back up the ridge to find some dry tinder though." The wood around them is mostly wet.

Lorena is back to looking at Nalkor again. She can't help herself! But with a little kick from L'alie she's paying much better attention suddenly. Naval discipline through and through. She seems to shake herself. What's wrong with her? Ugh. "Pleasure to meet you too." Lorena manages back, finding her voice. Loyauth shifts about and rumbles for Lorena to translate. "And Loyauth seconds that." She smiles a bit as Keziah fusses over the pregnant L'alie, her eyes trying really hard not to drift back to Nalkor. But now he's invited them to sit. She sure as shells isn't going first. L'alie? Pleeease?

L'alie pinkens in the cheeks just a little, "Ah, the healer just cleared me today, actually.. I got six months left..It's R'sul's." She smiles fondly as she speaks his name and skirts around, "Oh, it's okay. I don't want to put you out, you know?" Tongue flicks over her lips. Nalkor is given an assessing look. "Weyrsecond, actually." Oops, not a good sign. Adinaeth chuffs around, eyeing the goats again with more speculation. "If it won't put you out much, Keziah, why don't we head for the caverns? Your poor caprines look witless with Adie and Loyauth eyeballing them, I'd just as soon get them off to the Bowl."

Keziah hmms a moment as she looks back at the goats, and then gives another piercing whistle, though it sounds distinctly different from her earlier one. The canines start off after the herd and driving them back up towards the road. "Yeah, it would likely be best to get you in out of the cold. Wouldn't do for you to get sick and all." she states and then gives a softer whistle and a bright blue firelizard comes barreling out of the tent. She pulls a pad and pencil out of one of her pockets and writes a note and then tears off the sheet and slips it into the case that's on the blues leg. "Sharita, go to Sharita." she tells him as she holds him a moment and then lets him leap off and disappear between "Okay, that should do it. She'll make sure they're penned for the night and it's not all that far back just down the road a bit and just outside the Weyr." she murmurs. "A good thing I wasn't out here with sheep, they'd likely have run themselves off a cliff in fright."

Nalkor nods at L'alie, "No offense meant," he cues in when she gives him an eyeball, though he makes no correction upon his lacking a rank. A simple shrug meets her comment of being put out, "It wouldn't be too much trouble." The offer of a seat goes disregarded apparently when the women decide to remain standing, even suggesting Keziah should flock her caprines to a cavern and out of the dragon's gaze. Smartly - Nalkor keeps his mouth shut, resting his rump back on his 'boulder' make shift seat, warming his hands again as he juts them forward.

Lorena bites back a snicker at the mention of these creatures' fluffy counterparts. "Mm… we had a heard of them once on deck…" She finds herself saying. "My brother…" Eye-dart at L'alie and back to Keziah. "…vowed to never do it again. We near lost one overboard when we moved them up to clean their pen. Couple of us had to go over after it." And there's her attempt at conversation. She ruffles a hand through her hair awkwardly. "Um… we're going inside then?" Eye-dart now to Nalkor who's sat back down. And then she speaks to him. "Would you… erm… like to join us?" Good girl Lorey.

L'alie smiles at Keziah, and glances at Nalkor, eyes going back to her old charge again. "So, did you know Keziah stood for the last clutch I was Weyrlingmaster for, Lorena? Before Tay took over." A pout converges on her face, "Which, was, of course, before Myra and R'in." She sighs, "Cursed job, that."

Keziah shudders a little as she listens to Lorena "They're so dumb sometimes, easily panicked and will follow the leader wherever, even to their deaths. Best to stick a goat with them and all. They're smarter, won't run themselves off a cliff and thus the herd is usually safer." she notes. She glances back at L'alie "Wow, certainy has been some changes and all." she hrms a little and then glances at Nalkor. "You should come too, don't think I've showed you the eggs I've sitting and warming there."

Nal listens quietly to Lorena, even flashing an eye toward her as he rubs his hands near the fire, slowly prompting a finger at Keziah and toward the Klah pot, "Mind if I have some?" Before she even answers, he shifts enough to reach for the camp mugs set aside already, pouring himself a hot steaming cup. Rude though he's not, or doesn't intend to be, he hefts the klah pot, "Anyone else?" In which case, if he doesn't get any answers he settles back - and if he does, he'll pour and hand them out as needed. Otherwise, he goes directly to sipping on the warming drink. He looks curiously toward Lorena when she invites him to go inside? "Um. If it doesn't displease you, I'd rather remain here for now." After all the effort it took him to hike out this way, "I've still got further down the trail to hike before striking my camp." He taps his sack of supplies where he left it some time ago near the fire. Further he explains: "I'm scouting the trail before I get my crew together. We've some beverages to sell and I'm sure there are Holders out there willing to pay for good Benden and Tillek." A pause, "But you three go on ahead." Even to Keziah's mention of eggs he gives a stubborn response, bent on doing his duty, for his only way of income is by trade and sell, wheel and deal, "They'll be there tomorrow, won't they? I'll be back before dusk then."

Lorena looks to L'alie curiously, and then to Keziah. "A goat? Hm. We had one on deck… should put it with them I guess." He's looking at her again! How does she know this? Because Loyauth is watching the young man intently too now. "Er…" Gee… awkward knowing things like that. "…really? I forgot you were Weyrlingmaster, L'alie." A glance to Nalkor and then an actual curious look and without even realizing what she's saying it spills out. "Loyuath wants you to come." Blink. He does? The dragon rumbles as if to enforce this, probably not helping the little fuzzy things feel any better about life. "Er… please?"

L'alie nods her head, and glances between her brownrider and Keziah. "Why don't I walk with you, Kez? I'll meet you when you're ready to leave, okay Lorena?" Perhaps it is some internal cue from Adinaeth, or just female intuition.. or maybe just that L'alie has watched over the young woman since she came to the Weyr to live with her ex-weyrmate and knows her, but she's going to let the girl alone with her fascinating new thing. Setting feet to trail, she begins heading towards the Weyr, perhaps even if nobody comes or not. Adinaeth is more patient by far, waiting and watching Keziah.. or her caprines, more specifically.

Keziah watches Lorena thoughtfully and then can't help but grin at Nalkor "You have fun there." she states as she heads up the slope. She glances at L'alie "Is is okay for you to be walking over this terrain?" she asks as she peers at the expectant mother "I wouldn't want you to have troubles." A pause "But then you are in shape, so perhaps it's okay, I mean it shouldn't over-exhert you and all." a thoughtful look as she eyes Adinaeth a moment and then glances back towards the goats. Well.. they are meat as opposed to dairy, but still. "I'll see you then when you're back." she calls back to Nalkor. "If you'd be so kind as to bank the fire when you do head off?"

For the most part Nalkor is looking down the hill toward the next steep pass and its challenging incline as it heads between the closing valley. The man considers how much sun since he lifts his head, a contemplative expression grasping his facial features. It was to be evening soon. Except he's put off track by the abrupt proclamation of the dragon rider Lorena. Odd. Twisting back to regard Lorena and then in turn her mount, he can feel himself frown. "It's really inconvenient, too be honest — no disrespect of course…" he starts, brows twitching, "with the trade being as competitive as it is… the sooner I check trail, the sooner I can be moving out." Business man at heart - sue him? A glance at Keziah, "Until then," he flicks a hand, "I'll be having some of this stew, if you don't mind." To the rest of the camp duties, he waves a hand in a lazy flop, peering toward Lorena, "If you're cold, come sit by the fire…" another invitation as he sets the stew and klah pot aside in favour of adding more kindling to the fire. So he decides to be a bump on a 'stone'…

Lorena finds herself standing there alone with the young man, shivering a little. Not alone. Loyauth reminds her with whisps of whiskey breath and trail dust, a warmth like desert sun on her thoughts. The strange meekness that's taken her is lifted like a veil. Wordlessly she moves fowards and selects a stone to sit on, pulling up her legs to sit crosslegged on it with surprising balance for how oddly shaped the boulder is. There's a long silence as both she and her gleaming eyed dragon watch him. "Do you… like to live this way?" She inquires, "In the cold?" Her eyes flicker to the fire and back to him.

L'alie tilts her head back, laughing full-throatedly. "Really, honey, it's just a baby, I'm not an invalid. You're worse than Rus. He thinks he's going to break me if he breaths on me the wrong way." She grimaces, "Really, going to have to break him of that delusion. We're not even sharing a bed, if you know what I mean." She winks at Keziah, and continues on down the trail without concern. It's not /that/ bad.

Keziah follows behind the goats as they head back towards the pens outside the Weyr. "Sure it's just a baby." she states with a grin "But I'm even careful with them when they're expecting. I just like fussing over them. So much fun." she grins and then glances over at L'alie "Least I likely won't have to reach in and help pull out or push back in a prolapsed uterus and sew it up." she states with an oh so innocent look. She sighs wistfully "Been a long time since I've shared anyone's bed. Not enough time and well, none really willing enough to brave the elements or Kalind." she laughs brightly. "Not that I've been real worried about it. Not anymore."

L'alie grins lopsidedly, "I hate to ruin your chances more, but there is a reason I wanted to speak with you alone." She glances over her shoulder at Lorena and huffs, "Is he always so.. snooty?" She asks abruptly, her nostrils flaring. "I can't understand how you can stand him if he is."

Keziah glances back a bit and shrugs "He's amusing." she states with a devious grin "He's fun to poke at because he is such a snob." she rolls her eyes a little "And hardly any sense of adventure. You should have heard him when he say me running and then jumping off the cliffs into the lake. Sure it was getting dark and thus harder to see deeper into the water, but jessh not /that/ dangerous." She laughs brightly and then pauses and glances at L'alie as things sink in "What do you mean ruin my chances more? I wasn't trying to get /him/ into bed." she snorts at that "He ain't my type."

L'alie makes a face like she might vomit, "I hope not, or I'd judge you a poor eye." This past, she grins brightly, reaching out for Keziah's hand in order to swing it back and forth between her own two. "We have another clutch on the Sands, actually. We'd really like it if you'd come back and Stand for it.. I mean, if you're willing. And if you can stomach the Survival camp once more.." Her eyes roll skyward, "Er.. at least the bunks are brand new.."

Keziah is startled a moment and then stares at L'alie "You're kidding me right? You actually have bunks to sleep on?" she asks her eyes dancing. "Wow, really? That'd be sweet." She glances towards the goats and then can't help but grin "Kalinds gonna have kittens." she states and laughs "He's gonna have to watch his kids himself. I'd love to Stand for the clutch. I certainly wouldn't mind a chance to sleep out when it's warm. Sometimes the cold does get to you and all." she states and then pauses a moment. "Though hopefully I won't be stuck with a girly mashochistic male like Naemon was. What a wuss." she shakes her head saddly.

L'alie snorts, "There were bunks before.." she defends, "Just… slightly rotten and collapsing ones, I guess." A twitch of her mouth at the mention of Naemon, "Can't say I liked him, no.. Though he is someone else's problem now." She rubs her hands together briskly, "I'll endeavor to get you a better partner though, I promise. Do you need me to speak to Kalind? Will it be a problem for you to go today? I can come back for you, if you need time to make preparations."

Keziah thinks about that "No, I don't think it'll be a problem, but it wouldn't hurt if you did talk to him and all." she states "Be the more responsible thing to do and all." she can't help but grin and then she blinks "Oh, but I can't leave my eggpot behind." A frown "Though, it wouldn't be good to take them between.. would it? THough I suppose could pack them up in furs and all… hrm."

L'alie rubs her fingers through the hair at the crown of her head, "We can wrap the eggs in furs and whatnot. Transporting them won't be too much of an issue." She brushes her hand through the air as if sweeping the thought away. "Why don't you point me towards him and I'll talk with him while you gather your things?"

Keziah gives a nod and glances down the road and then points out a building with multiple chiminies. "That building there, he'll be in one of the rooms. He does like his warmth." she states and then snerks "Likely why he's always in someone's bed." she shakes her head "I'll just go get the eggs and my stuff. Hopefully Eirwyn won't be too upset about it all."

L'alie grins and winks at Keziah, "A man with a lusty attitude. I can appreciate that." She trundles on down towards the building thusly pointed out to her, humming cheerfully as she goes. Not long before she's knocking on the door and is admitted within. Even less time before she's out again, looking perturbed.

Keziah has been in and out and has come back with her pack on her back and her vest pockets stuffed with this and that. She's also carrying a fur sack that's been carefully filled with more fur and eggs. Eirwyn is anxious and flying around Keziah, alternately crooning in comfort and creeling in distress. She's walking with another girl and giving her instructions on feeding her canines and the critters and such. She blinks as she looks at L'alie "A problem?" she asks as she shifts her pack a little.

"Nope," says L'alie shortly, turning her head towards the mountain pass where a distinctly pink dragon is winging his way in the sky. She searches in her pocket, pulling out a tangle of similar knots. Extracting one, she hands it to Keziah, grinning. "Welcome back to Xanadu, Candidate!"

Keziah hmms a little, glances back at the building and then shrugs as she turns back to L'alie and the knot. She smiles brightly as she sets the sack down and affixes the knot in place of her old one. "Well, it's been awhile since I've worn one. Oh, this is going to be so much fun." she states brightly as she watches the dragon move inwards.

L'alie laughs, "I hope so, hon. I'd hate for you to be miserable, and me responsible for bringing you." Adinaeth spirals down for a landing and the rider waits for him to settle before adjusting the straps to bear Keziah's things. She outstretches on hand for her pack, "We'll put the eggs between us for warmth, just hold onto those for now."

Keziah laughs and shakes her head "Well, can't ge much more miserable than sitting out a drenching downpour in the cold and all and hoping you've not set up in a wash, though I ain't done that in turns." she states cheerfully as she shifts the eggs a little as she hands up the pack. "Wonder if I can get one of them fancy feline skins this time around." she murmurs thoughtfully.

L'alie frowns, "It's possible.. Damn things are sharding dangerous though." She buckles the pack on and pats Adie's side. "Well, as soon as Lorena is done, we'll be off. Is there anything else you can think of that you might need?"

Keziah hmms a little and nods "True, but so are wherries, though I hear the felines are more cunning." she looks thoughtful and then shakes her head "No, I've the essentials. "Now hopefully my canines will behave themselves, though they do work well for Sharita, she knows the commands and such as well and she's got an uncanny way with critters and such."

L'alie shrugs, "Wherries are cowards when you do 'em the right way. Felines.." another helpless shrug. Her head tilts and then she bursts into laughter. "Seems Nalkor is giving our Lor a run for her marks! I guess you won't be the only candidate we take in tonight." She winks at the girl and settles back against Adinaeth's side, crossing her arms over her stomach.

Keziah blinks a little as she peers back down towards the valley and looks thoughtful "Heh, well, would you imagine that." she scratches her head "Who would have thought." a pause and then a groan "Oh sweet Faranth, I can just imagine at camp." she murmurs and then as she thinks about it she starts to snicker and snort.

L'alie grimaces, "Hailing N'mon." She says dourly. "Oh dear, this class is.. going to make my hair fall out. At least it keeps Delenn away from the children if he's doing other things." A shudder wracks her small frame. "Shards he freaks me out."

Keziah blinks and frowns a little at L'alie "Delenn away from the children? Is he some kind of pervert or something?" she asks, after all, what else would freak someone out but some freaky pedophile?

L'alie shakes her head, "Ah, no, not a pedophile perse.. I just.. don't trust him with my children, exactly. And his past is extremely shady. He was a prostitute, for one thing. I don't really know if I want a whore watching my daughters." She sighs and rubs her face, "Loyauth said he will return shortly. Are you ready?"

Keziah listens quietly and then can't help but snicker a little "A whore huh? Not often you here that term applied to a guy." she states and then nods "I'm about as ready as I'll ever be." she states with a grin "Not that I really need much and all. Much easier to travel light and all."

L'alie nods her head and vaults to Adinaeth's back, reaching down to offer Keziah a hand, "Up and off we go then!" she announces cheerfully, her legs kicking in excitement.

Keziah snatches L'alie's and and scrambles up after, a little different than scaling rocks, but same principle in some ways. The eggs are carefully secured in between her and Alie and another check to make sure it's all set. She glances at Eirwyn and hmms think you can ask Adinaeth to give her a picture? It's been awhile and I don't wanna lose her."

L'alie nods her head, eyes slightly unfocused as Adinaeth transfers an image to the firelizard, and then his strong wing muscles bunch, and suddenly they're launching into the air, high over the bowl within a handful of breaths. And then L'alie warns, "We're going between." And blackness surrounds them..

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