Amarante and Delynni are Searched

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Delynni nearly bolts into the hatching grounds. "Alright! A day on my own in a new place!" Del sounds very very excited as, carrying a canteen of redfruit juice and dressed in her usual workclothes, she looks around directly for a seat right smack dab in the middle of the galleries, takes a swig of her juice, and figuratively glues her eyes to the sands. "Heeee, this is fun, eggwatching without any disturbance whatsoever!!"

T'eo just watches the girl enter, sitting in the very back with a little brilliant green asleep on his knees, which are drawn up as his feet prop against the chair before him. He's content with not being seen for now, eyes returning to the sands with a silent sigh. He strokes the green's belly. If anyone does look up at him he looks… like hell. His hair is down, which is rare for him… all 3 feet of it, his eyes and face look a bit red. His knot is also not visible, having been on the jacket he was wearing that is now stowed on the floor beside his seat. So if you don't know him? Yeah… good luck guessing who he is and what he does.

Delynni giggles as three streaks of color sail out of between, warbling in their owner's infectious glee! One dark stormy green, one pale icy blue, and one rich golden brown. CHIRP, CHIRP, CHEEEEEEEEP! Are the exclamations of each upon landing. Del laughs. "The three of you are so silly!" CHIrrurrup! The green replies.

Amarante can't help it. She's drawn to the stands and the eggs like moths to flames. Creeping in with far less intent to be spotted, she enters and tries her hardest to become blue and part of the scenery as soon as she spots someone else present. Chameleon…. VANISH! Not that it is at all viable. Her hair is just a bit too pale of a blonde to vanish into blue. Ever. There's the briefest look that crosses her face that maybe she should dye it, and then she's moving on again to find a seat somewhere close to Delynni without actually trying to disturb her. She's got three little guardians, after all. SOMEONE is bound to see her out of that little happy chirping group of pure trouble.

T'eo remains mute, watching the pair a brief moment before returning to his thoughts. The little green stirrs on his knees, looking up over her plump sunkissed lime belly at the pair… and then the three noisies. Muffle-whump. She rolls over and hops to T'eo's chest, climbing up his shirt to nestle under his hair… as if this might dull the noise. A long green stem of tail curls around his neck. "Erk!" Oopsies! She withdraws it, just letting it hang loose down his front.

Delynni is a very sharp sensed apprentice, she hears the 'erk' out of T'eo's mouth and whirls. Hyakki chirrups in glee to the other green lizard. Shirochan lets out an unenthusiastic chirp and keeps his eyes intently on the eggs. But brown Kyuubi seems to suspect only the potential for a green fight or a Shirochan/Hyakki fight. In either case, he doesn't want to be here when that happens. The sunbrown Kyuubi takes off and circles in a tight flightpath up to the dragon ledges. After all, were he to fly out over the sands he might disturb the fair queen, and that just /won't/ do. "Sorry if I disturbed you!" Delynni chirrups in greeting to T'eo, then she spots Amarante and offers a wink of greeting. "Hi there!"

Amarante doesn't hear the "erk" so much as the sudden cacophony from the firelizards. This happens while she's settling into her seat, and she glances their way. She's in time to receive Delynni's wink and grins shyly back, lifting a hand to wave at the other girl. Then she's looking off and up towards what the firelizards, and Delynni herself, are looking at. She blinks a little. That… is a lot of hair. Um. She glances around quickly, the sudden impression of impending doom hitting her. This is about when someone comes in and booms, "GET BACK TO WORK!" Usually. She's sort of waiting for it as she sinks down in her blue seat a little more so as to not be noticed as much. Definitely blue hair dye….

T'eo loves his hair. It's rather thick and probably lovelier than any lady's hair. But that's besides the point. This sailor looks a wreck. He grunts to the girls as Hestia hisses at the other flitters. Do not disturb my massster! A plague on your houssses! Emphasis on the 's's for the hissing, yup. But T'eo feels a bit bad at being so quiet and rude. Especially since he's now worried about his appearance to the other Weyrs. "It's fine…" He mutters. But what else can he say?

Delynni snorts at Hestia's hissing. "She sounds worse than my green Hyakki." Speaking of Hyakkis, the green hisses right back at Hestia. Hey! Keep your hisses away from my foodthing! She's /my/ foodthing! Shut up! Delynni turns red at Hyakki's retaliation at the green, and Shirochan does a lizard see, lizard do and warbles an agreement to Hestia.

Amarante peeks back at the long-haired…. yes, man, as he speaks. She sits up as DOOOOOOOOM doesn't seem like it's on its way directly. With a last glance at the eggs, she cocks her head to the man whose green is hissing at the other greens and vice-versa. "Are… you all right?" she asks hesitantly. He seems down. Or at least to her, he does. He's… you know… hiding behind a wall of hair with a hissy firelizard guarding him. Not what she'd call Gather cheer, there.

T'eo pulls back a curtain of hair and tucks it behind his ear since clearly it's fallen in his face if people thing he may not be a man. Grump. Anyhow… Hestia gets a gentle stroke of his fingers over her textured hide and she sedates. "She's… just tired." Right. Just tired. A pair of wary amber eyes settle on Amarante and he gives her a rather flat: "No." Yup. Man of many words. Hestia peeks her head out of the hair curtain, looking at the girl with cautiously whirrling eyes. She likes it when his hair is down… It's fun to play with.

Delynni smiles at T'eo and says cheerfully. "And stroking gets her to settle down, and a simple no." She says enviously. "I wish I could get Hyakki to calm down, the durn excitable green, loves making trouble, and the only way I can get her to stop is to get her brown brother in arms to tell her in a firelizardly way to 'Shut up.'" Delynni shakes her head. "And she's miserable when Proddy, I made a 'Firelizard house' in my yard so that I can put her in it when she goes proddy. She's that bad."

"Oh. I…" Amarante falters and ducks her head a little, glancing at Delynni curiously. "I'm sorry. I'm sure things will straighten out?" she offers to T'eo hopefully. If quietly so. She pauses a little awkwardly. "What is it like?" She's asking Delynni now. "Having firelizards, that is? My friend just Impressed one. I'm curious."

T'eo gives a bit of a snort to Amarante. "Maybe." He mutters. Hestia slinks out from the tresses to creep towards Amarante curiously. "Hestia… she… she's normally a very happy one. Just…" He shrugs. "I've not been so she's upset. Rogan, my brown, doesn't care much either way. Spends his time sleeping." Yep. Silence.

Delynni smiles and chuckles at T'eo. "You don't talk much do you?" She asks T'eo. "Too bad, Hyakki will argue with anything that moves, and if its not over food or men, its over things I have no understanding of." Delynni chuckles.

Amarante blushes faintly at T'eo's response to her directly. "Nothing bad lasts forever, one way or the other," she says somberly in reply. "Not even Thread. I'm sure it'll be all right." She smiles a little, though it's more when Hestia approaches curiously. To the both of them, she asks, "Do the greens fight a lot, then?" She'll just change the subject.

T'eo shrugs at Delynni, reaching back to collect his hair as Hestia sits on the seat edge peering at Amarante. It's apparent now that on his arm is a slew of hair bands and he carefully starts to bind his hair with them. First band… then a few inches down the second… and so on. "Hestia doesn't." Shrug. "She's the only green I've had and I only know a couple others. They don't seem to be." As he binds the last section of hair he looks quite visibly more 'tamed' in appearance, though his eyes are still worse for wear. He picks up his jacket, the Weyrleader knot visible now. Hestia meanwhile reaches out towards Amarante, making a purring warble. "She wants you to pet her." T'eo mutters as he dusts the jacket off.

Delynni laughs, smiling at Amarante. "Most of the ones I know don't fight, but Hyakki seems to love it. I once found her eyeing some scraps of firestone some rider was fool enough to leave around." Delynni makes an ick noise. "I had to ask my friend Torukia to have her blue 'persuade' Hyakki not to touch it. And then another time, Senkyou was gone and I was waiting at the woodmill for a ride, Hyakki hid in a pile of sawdust and jumped out at a younger firelizard with a /message/ on her ankle and screeched. And the worst part is that after each stunt she acts so /smug./"

Amarante brightens instantly at the notation from T'eo that Hestia wants a pet. She slowly reaches out towards the green firelizard purring at her to do so, asking offhandedly, "Anywhere in particular that she likes being petted?" To Delynni, she says with a quick glance, "That sounds like some people I know, hiding somewhere and jumping out at others to scare then, running off snickering afterwards…" She looks amused.

Kitty wonders up the steps, yup, she wants another glimpse of the eggs. Sides, she's awake and Mio is asleep after having gotten his meal for the week. Seems a good enough place to pass the time for now. A quick glance around at who's gathered and she pauses and frowns momentarily and looks to be on the verge of perhaps finding somewhere else to pass the time, but then she shrugs a little and starts to make her way towards one of the open areas of seating.

Lorena jogs up the stares in a hurry, reaching the upper landing out of breath and with a ruddy tinge to her cheeks. She looks around at the mostly empty galleries and spots him. "Matt!" She blurts out, coming to his side, moving past both girls without a thought. "Are you okay?" She coos, sitting down next to him. Hestia bumps her head into Amarante's outstretched hand only to hop sideways as Lorena blusters past. "Anywhere really," He mumbles to Amarante. "She's a glutton for it." At Lorena's arrival he blinks. "Wha- how'd you? Oh nevermind. Yes… I'm fine." …Liar.

Alara makes her way up the steps in silence. As she hits the observation level, her eyes go wide and she attempts to melt back down the steps. But, alas, she's trapped by the crowd coming up. Instead, the little Healer starts to make her way deeper into the crowded area. Wheee! People. Surrounded by said people.

Amarante pets Hestia with a little grin blossoming on her face, then blinks as someone comes whooshing past, causing the firelizard to hop a little. She reaches out again, saying only, to Hestia herself and in a bit of a whisper, "I'm pretty sure he'll be all right, you know. Don't worry so much." As more people enter, she strokes Hestia's neck and gives them all a quick once-over to make sure she's not fixing to be sent back to the stables. She's sitting somewhere between Delynni and her firelizards, and T'eo above them, stroking the neck of the latter's green Hestia.

Hyakki spots people coming in, and turns her head at the chirp of greeting from a blue firelizard. The green is feeling seriously contrary, because she hisses at Arkoss's little blue, then lets out a croon of mocking endearment. Isn't she the most clever little thing? And caliber dun mean nothin honey! For the next sound out of the green's mouth is a creel filled with sass! Hyakki darts from her owner's lap on an intercept trajectory only to be headed off at the pass by her brown brother, Kyuubi, who /finally/ comes down from the ledges, darts between the green and her would be blue victim. Hyakki turns back and lands on Delynni's head. No, calibur seems to be no indication of the respect this firelizard gives her peers.

Senkyou walks up the gallery steps, doing it quickly but sighing at the top when she finally reaches the observation level. Peering around she sighs, just taking her usual place to peer down at the eggs and waving to the people she knows. After a few moments she turns around, looking peeved that her gazing has been interupted she walks over to the group, waving a little to T'eo, a tense wave. Lorena gets a bit of happier wave, but otherwise the xanadu wingleader looks to be in her usual bad mood.

Kitty watches the antics of the firelizards and shakes her head a bit as she settles herself into a spot. She watches the eggs a bit, pursing her lips in thoughfulness and then shakes her head a little as she pulls out a pad and flips through several pages and then starts to write something down.

Delynni's face twitches at Hyakki's target of the little blue. "See what I mean about loving to fight?" She asks Amarante. "She woulda divebombed that little blue." She tsks. "And every sort of behavioral correction I've tried to give her has never changed the fact that if given the chance she will pull a prank, hijink or other sort of attempt at making trouble." Hyakki emphasizes this with a jeer at the little baby blue with hide so brilliant he's conspicuously bright.

T'eo eyes the firelizard with disdain, ignoring Lorena. She -had- to bring everyone up here. "Then you shouldn't bring her in public." He says darkly, standing. He pulls his coat on, more obvious as to who he is and where he comes from than before, though a couple in this group would know him anyhow. "It's like a canine, girl. If it starts fights, you muzzle it and keep it on a leash." He's grumpy alright. He doesn't regard Senkyou. Lorena stands too, knowing what T'eo's plans are inevitably. But before she can say anything he's moving out and down the stairs. Leaving Lorena looking rather awkward and Hestia suddenly confused. The green creels at Amarante with worry.

Kira ignores the green as being beneath his notice. He had greeted the /other/ firelizards, not her. Wrapping his tail around Arkoss' neck, he tugs in the direction of Hestia, since /she/ seems to be worth his time. Arkoss sighs and smiles at Delynni. "Firelizards." he replies, shrugging the shoulder not currently inhabited by said firelizard. He glances down at Amarante, holding a green. "Whose is that?" he asks, noticing the firelizard is a bit large to have just been impressed, so not hers.

Amarante laughs a bit at the antics of the others, but blinks at T'eo as he rises and gets a worried little creel from his Hestia. "Best give him love," she remarks to the friendly green seriously. "He looks like he needs it." That's when her bud Arkoss comes and sinks down next to her with Kira, and she grins at him. "It's his," she answers Arkoss, nodding at the upset Weyrleader, T'eo, as he's stalking off. "She's really nice. She likes to be petted, so I was happily obliging her."

Senkyou looks over at Lorena, and sighs as T'eo leaves saying to Lorena. "If he wasn't so moody I might have apologized." But then she looks over at Delynni, shaking her head and mumbling, "No. not saying it." She gives in and goes up to delynni, seeming at the moment awkward and a little uncomfortable, blushing slightly she asks Delynni. "Would you mind escorting me outside?" Senk asks, but each word is said with an awkward pause. Gritting her teeth, face tense she gives Delynni a 'just humor me' sort of look, like no isn't exactly and option.

Delynni nods and whistles. "Hyakki! Shirochan, Kyuubi!" Hyakki's name is called sharply, because the green has started to creep towards Arkoss and his little blue Kira. But she comes sailing back after her name is called. Shirochan has been quiet this whole time and Kyuubi sails out with him in relief. Hyakki is last, aiming one final hiss in little blue Kira's direction before following her brothers with a saucy flip of her tail. "Coming Miss Senkyou!!!" Delynni hurries over to the brownrider.

A cloaked figure quietly stumps on to the observation level. The figure stops for a moment at the railing to glance at the sands for anything of interest. Two slender hands raise up and press back the hood of the cloak. The woman, Dare, gives her head a shake causing her hair to tossle about then settle in to a less dishelved look.

Arkoss nods at Amarante. "Sometimes my blue seems to be too snooty to allow a person such as me to pet him. Why, he refuses to come near me until after I take a bath if I've been cleaning the stables." he grins amiably at her, rolling his eyes.

Hestia's little eyes whirl with concerned yellows as she looks between the two, Arkoss and Amarante. Creeel. She looks to Lorena. Creeeeeeeel. "What do you want? Go with your bronzer." Lorena snaps at the green, clearly unhappy. Creeeeeel. A little blue, dark as night, peeks out from Lorena's bag. Croon? Creeeeeeel. Warble! And the dusty mind of Loyauth touches his rider. "You're kidding me?" Nope. Lorena drops her eyes to Amarante and the green, but rather than annoyance, she seems to look a bit lighter, though tired. "What's your name?" She asks the girl. Hestia waddles over and hops in the girl's lap, curling up.

Amarante laughs and shakes her head at Arkoss' words about Kira. "Figures you'd get the snooty one, eh?" she remarks cheerily. "But at least he makes you /bathe/, so I have to agree. Good show, Kira." She grins at the blue firelizard on Arkoss. Which is about when Hestia croons, creels, and looks worried. She, too, cocks her head at Hestia, wondering why she hasn't followed her source of all that is delicious and edible, but pets her again. Looking up at Lorena, she seems slightly taken aback. Coloring juuuust a little, she offers, "Amarante, ma'am." She's about to get up and bow, but Hestia plants herself into her lap. She looks mildly confused, but keeps petting the green firelizard. "Goodness. It's like I have food," she suddenly giggles. "She makes me wish I had one!" She grins up at Lorena again.

Kira chirps, somehow managing to sound bored, and flops on Arkoss' shoulder, forepaws dangling down the teenager's shoulder. /He/ doesn't see what all the fuss is. "You might change your mind when you get one, unless you don't mind being woken up in the middle of the night with a little fussbudget screeing at you to feed it." he laughs.

Hestia warbles softly from her spot in the girl's lap as Lorena smirks a bit. "Yeeeah. Well, Amarante, I think you'd better bring her with me to return her to my brother." And with that she says no more, walking to the edge of the stairs and looking back. A puff of wind blows her hair back and she scowls from where it came from. "Knock it off! We're coming! Where's Matt?" Rumble? "Thanks a lot. I asked you to stop him for me." Glance towards Amarante. "Coming?"

Alara is quite overwhelmed by the people, and so she sneaks off into a corner, less people you know, and from there she perches and watches the milling of people around her.

Amarante eyes Arkoss a little. "How is that any different from when the foals are born, or the other little ones in the stables?" she asks with a quirked brow. "They're only little, you know." Oh. Blinkblink. "Um, gotta… go that way," she tells Arkoss quickly as she carefully lifts Hestia. Rising, she moves through the seating towards Lorena. "Coming, ma'am!" she calls as she goes. "Pardon, sorry," she offers to anyone she has to squeeze through or bumps into.

"Calling me m'am… yeesh… I'm not that old am I?" Lorena mutters, looking back. She nearly walks right into Loyauth's sooty snout at the exit. "'ey! Back up there buddy!" Rumble. The brown lifts his head and steps back a couple steps. "Well… here she is. Like you wanted. Now where's T'eo?" She looks about but only sees Senkyou and Delynni.

Senkyou rolls her eyes, leaning against the brown she runs fingers down his hide and says to him "We could make it simpler you know!" The cinnamon brown isn't interested in simplicity, he is interested in custom. The cinnamon brown mind gives off the feeling a valiant and brave spirit, a real gentleman and his mind voice is flowing and strong, it's followed with greens and reds of banners and the smell of vanilla «Lady Delynni, I have a quest that if you accept may lead to great things for you. First though Delynni I must see how you look in a dress, for if you are the one I seek you must be a real lady.» Senk sighs, "I know the dress he has in mind… I've got it here." The brownrider comes prepared, in her bag is the wrinkled dress, it's a denim color and very simple. "Just put it on."

Delynni blink, blink, blink. "Ooooooooohkay, not only does that make the third dragon to speak to me at all, but I'll only wear the dress if I don't have to wear it /during/ the quest." She rolls her eyes, holding out her hand for the wrinkled dress. "And I guerantee Miss Senkyou your brown is the only one who's ever referred to me as a lady, human or dragon."

Amarante hurries along with an armload of green Hestia. The firelizard isn't hers, but she's got her and is returning her. She doesn't catch the mutter given she's heading after Lorena as fast as she can get. She stumbles a little to a halt as she looks up…. and up…. at Loyauth. "Wow," she breathes, round-eyed. "I never get tired of seeing them." She's either talking to Lorena or the firelizard in her arms. One or the other.

Loyauth lowers his head to look at Amarante and sniffs her a moment before crooning. He extends out the creaking of wagon wheels over velvet into Amarante's mind as well as his Lorena's. « Lorey darlin', Ah do believe we've found one. » "One…? There's a flicker in both of their minds of white robes on the sands of Xanadu. Rumble. « One… this one. » "Oh!" And Loyauth's mind, satisfied, retreats like galloping runner hooves from Amarante with a contented rumble. "Er… what do I… oh yes! Um… Amarante, Loyauth would like you to stand for Kilaueth and Hesketh's clutch, becoming a Candidate here at the weyr."

Senkyou shrugs, "Every woman is a lady.. deserving, or not." Well it's clear Senk is pretty sure Delynni doesn't deserve to be called a lady, but she hands over the dress the brown crooning, and giving a sniff of Delynni, his voice almost has a bit of humor in it as he says «No, for the quest lady delynni you will wear white. You are on a quest to see if your lifemate lies inside the shells laid by Kilaueth and Hesketh, will you accept?» The last question is asked with great care, he has style. "Would you stand for Kilaueth and Hesketh's clutch is his real question."

Amarante looks a little more awestruck as Loyauth lowers his head towards her, blue eyes wide. "Shards," she whispers, the Brown's voice filling her head. Especially at the white robes. She gasps a little and tries to not actually, you know, clutch someone else's friendly green firelizard in a hug. "I… I think… I understood," she stammers, smiling and flushed with color all the same, then going a little pale from surprise, then flushing again. "I would be honored to stand for the clutch. Yes." She nods rapidly. Her features finally break into a wide grin. "Yes!"

Delynni is midway through putting on the dress when she first hears Lorena speaking to Amarante, and then the brown is calling out to her, and poor Delynni is so startled she falls over onto her face in the grass. Struggling to disentangle herself from the dress she mumbles, "phmmph course……" She says with a mumble. "….. one….. ruuuugggrrrg….." Delynni struggles to turn so that her head is looking up at the brown and his rider. "…….. one condition……" She grumbles, pushing herself up into a sitting position and making a muscle experimentally to make sure she hasn't twisted anything. The strength in those tiny limbs is obvious in the way the muscles move beneath the skin. She glares up at Dulacth. "Its a quest I would undertake no question, I refuse to back down when given a challenge. I'm stubborn on principle. But I've not found a lifemate in two times standing in as many Weyrs. If I've not found a lifemate here at Xanadu, then I'd like the option of going home, there's a racetrack I've yet to run." Del says with an excited grin. She straightens up slowly, slipping fully into the dress. "Hmmm….. not stained, nor wrinkled. And nothing broken. Lead the way brown Dulacth and Miss Senkyou. But do me a favor, its /just/ Delynni, or Del, /not/ Lady Delynni. That would imply noble blood, Holder Kin, of which I am not. I'm a cowpoke who was born in Keroon in a thunderstorm, with dirt under her nails as an infant." She's exaggerating as she dusts herself off. "I'm only a 'Lady' because of gender." She concludes. "There ain't never been anything ladylike about me."

Lorena can't help it. Even in her irritance at her brother's rudeness, she grins at the girl, remembering her search. "Awesome! Well… Here… hand me Hestia." But as she reaches for the green she hisses, runs up Amarante's arm to her shoulder. There she nuzzles and croons in the girl's ears before swooping off towards the meadow. "Ah… he's a M'iri's. Right. Anyhow… Come with me and I'll show you where you'll move into when you've the time." Loyauth preens, looking rather pleased with him. He casts a glance over at Dulacth and his selection as Lorena leads Amarante back the way they came.

Amarante grins at Hestia as she gets nuzzled and crooned at, causing a giggle to erupt, and then she grins after the firelizard as she heads off. Turning to Lorena, she nods quickly and clasps her hands behind her back. "I don't have much," she admits. "I didn't come from Half Moon Bay with much. But that's okay. Just means less to haul around." She half-bows her head and says simply, "I'm following…. Would you rather I call you Mistress rather than ma'am?" Maybe she was a bit more perceptive than she let on, on the way down.

Senkyou shakes her head, the brownrider has had a hard week, month, last few months and isn't taking to much lip. "We will return you because at this point I'd rather not deal with yu, but he insists!" She steps from her brown, who is still sniffing Delynni in the dress. "You will go by whatever he decides to call you, and from this point forth I am Ma'am or Wingleader Senkyou." Dulacth is supportive of his lady, saying «YOu will show respect for your superiors.» Senk turns towards the candidate barracks, yup Delynni is now on her black list. "Follow me, and I don't need your life story." Delynni should stop digging.

Loyauth chuckle-rumbles at Lorena who just shakes her head. "Lorena… or Lor… or Assistant Weyrlingmaster… but that's long. So lets stick with Lorena or Lor. C'mon…. let's go. I gotta go find my brother after this." She disapears into the complex again.

Delynni grumbles and nods, following Senkyou. "Yes ma'am!" She says fervently. She looks to Senkyou for directions, casting a glance at Amarante. She says nothing, though Hyakki takes the brown's Search of her foodthing to mean that she can go back into the hatching grounds and see if little blue Kira is still there to pester. A tolerant brown and blue brother sail off after her. Del closes her eyes, face twitching at the trio's antics. Since a blurry picture of the blue Hyakki has pestered prior has flashed into the heads of any who will listen its obvious what she's more interested in.

Amarante nods at Lorena and hurries after her. She does take the time to say, softly, "He seems upset. I hope he'll be all right? He seems like he's a good man despite it all." She glances towards Senkyou and the girl she'd been talking to earlier, the one with three firelizards, and smiles quickly. She waves as well, but doesn't stop following Lorena.

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