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Xanadu Weyr - Stables


The Stables of Xanadu Weyr are composed of one long building, lined with box and standing stalls that are kept thoroughly clean by the resident grooms and stablehands. Runners nicker and neigh at everyone who enters, save for the obstinate ones that just flicker their ears in indignant curiousity that they dare not make visible. The foremost stalls near the door to the Barn Yard are the grand box stalls which are home to the prized runners of Xanadu, as well as the most pregnant, those which are so far along that they require constant observation by the Herders, so as to ensure easy foaling.

However, the primary design of stall which lines the broad pathway that is covered in saw dust which is the main avenue of the Stables, is that of the Standing Stall. Many runners are in the standing stalls, with ropes strung across the front so as to keep the runners from leaving their designated containers. A few hay bales sit here and there along the avenue, some of which act as seats for the stablehands and grooms on their breaks, others as snacks for those runners who can reach out their necks far enough. Buckets and baskets of grooming supplies, brushes and combs, and the like also sit here and there, occasionally knocked over by a wayward hoof or inquiring muzzle.

Eyeing the dagger, Delenn nods, lowering his hand with the water skin when his offer to the other male is ignored. "Delenn, a pleasure to meet you Chaitra." he says with a another nod before capping the skin back up and giving a lazy stretch upwards towards the stable roof. "I was a nanny here, but I was asked to stand for the weyr's latest clutch." he informs with a bit of a nibble to his bottom lip. He looks like he might have more to add to that, but when his mouth opens, it closes again a few seconds later after nothing but silence emerges. A few careful steps towards Jupiter, and he holds out a calm and soothing hand, "Shh, shhh…" he whispers and very gently tries to rub his hand up and down the beast's nose. "Hear now, none of that handsome."

Chaitra blinks for a moment before a full friendly grin breaks out over his face, jerking only slightly as Jupiter snorts, then submits to this new hand on his face that strokes. /Finally/ Chai is able to finish with the curry and move on to the next, hard bristled brush to flick up all the stuff he just dug up. "Aw, you'rra lucky one, you are." He says, a little envious as he brushes and flicks away from the other. "Eh ain't been asked to stand ever. This your firs' time?" Jupiter seems to be pretty lulled at this point, between the grooming and the rubbing. Ooooo, happy runner! "Tho, why does a nanny needda runner?" Is asked, more of an afterthought.

If the stables are rather quiet, it doesn't stay so for long, for in comes M'iri, bluerider made Wingleader. A frustrated groan is the first thing to be heard as she fiercely steps within, "WHat could possibly be in here that you want, Kieranth?" She stills after a few feet within, looking a little timid at the runners. Give her the sea, or the air, or a fiercely violent dragon… But runners? She wrinkles her nose a little at the unique smell runners seem to have, before she suddenly huffs again, "No, I will not bring you out a runner! Lorena, or any other flea bag lover, would have my hide!" It's after she says that that she sees Delenn and Chaitra here, and her face turns a sudden and bright color of red. " I-I… Well, they're nice creatures, but…" Apparently Kieranth has said something, for she covers her mouth, trying not to grin. "Hi." Yeah, that works. She says from behind her covered mouth, face still a flaming red.

Continuing with his soft adoring sounds, Delenn keeps his his eyes on the runner before him, though he can also pay attention to Chaitra. "Yes," he replies, stroking a hand up under the neck and jaw of Jupiter, nails lightly scratching in those places that the creatures do love so. Again there's a pause and the former nanny's mouth opens as if to add more, but no sound comes out and he falls into silence. "Former nanny. Once the hatching is over, I'm going to be focusing on my craft." he goes on to says, pausing a moment before he chuckles lightly. "Beauty is for riding. Us non-hunters do enjoy that from time to time." Amused, he peers over and past Jupiter's head to cast sparkling green eyes on Chaitra. M'iri's appearance startles Delenn, and he half turns towards where the rider has entered. "Good afternoon M'iri."
he goes on to SAY

Chaitra spares a look up this time for a bit longer, to actually register the knot(s) sitting on Delenn's shoulder. "Ahhh. Healin'." Chai nods with approval as he switches to the other side of Jupiter, flicking off all the dust from that side. Really, the hard and soft bristled brushes go the fastest since all the dirt and hair have already been loosened, and as the rider enters, he's just finishing brushing the legs with the soft brush, moving to grab the hoofpick. "D'you have any specialty?" Chai asks, tilting his head up and back as he gives Del a splendid look at a hunter's tush… *cough* "'Nd Eh'm not sayin' Eh don't like t'ride, 'cause tha's what Eh was just out doin'. Bu' pleasure ridin'." A brief pause with a nod. "Sure. Eh can see tha'. She looks like a fine beas' for it." And Chaitra straightens up with pick in hand. "Af'ernoon, ma'am!" Peer. "Anythin' wrong there?"

M'iri tries her best to compose herself, coughing away whatever amusing thought Kieranth shared with her. "Delenn, Chaitra." She says their names, now coming forth with a more formal greeting. Noting the pick in Chaitra's hand, she considers taking a moment on actually answering that. But, big blue dragon outside is a little scarier then hunter with a horse hoof pick. "Nope. Just Kieranth thinking that runners would make a good snack." She finds her way down the stalls, keeping herself towards the center aisle and away from the hoofed beasts. "How're you two doing, this fine day?" If she was looking for something, she's suddenly brushed it off in favor of conversation with those present. As for Chaitra, he might possibly start feeling as if someone is watching him, though what it might be, one can't be too sure… Unless their name is M'iri. Miir is taking note of Delenn's knot, then. "You've been searched? Congratulations, Delenn! Always knew you had potential." The bluerider grins at the former nanny.

"Psychology." Delenn answers Chaitra, looking away when the hunter's backside is thrust out in his direction, drawing in a quick breath and then slowly releasing it as quietly as possible. Flicking his gaze up towards the rafters for a second, his eyes once more focus on Jupiter's face, smiling softly at the stallion and giving his velvety nose an affectionate rub. "She's a bit on the shy side, but she's a good riding mare. Healthy and full of energy." Glancing to M'iri, Delenn smiles, warm and friendly. One might could almost say he likes the woman, if for no other reason than her unapologetic manner, perhaps seeing in her what he wished he had in himself. "Well, thank you." he tells her before flushing a bit, a hand drifting from his side to the knot on his shoulder. "Thank you. It was, a bit of surprise." he admits, still using his other hand to stroke at Jupiter for the sake of Chaitra's sanity. "I'll do my best to do the weyr proud while I wear this."

Facing M'iri for a little while longer Chaitra smiles, that easy, friendly, always ready smile. "Eh'm doin' pretty well, ma'am." He comments cheerfully before he shakes his head. "'Nd Eh'd tell ..Kieranth," he stumbles over the name only briefly, "Tha' runners don' make very good meals. Herdbeasts got /lots/ more meat on 'em." Finally, he remembers why Jupiter is still out, and pats the runner's flank before running a hand down a hind leg to get at the bottom of the hoof. "Las' part boyo, 'nd then you can have your grain 'nd water." And amazingly enough, the hoof lifts obediently for the hunter. Ah, yay for cooperative runners. "Sounds like she'd be a good 'ne t'breed if you ever got th'thought." He nods in appreciation as he picks at the hoof, shrugging and rolling his shoulders as that feeling of being watched … eats at him. "Ugh.." is mumbled.

If it was just M'iri alone, Delenn would have nothing to like M'iri about, for it's her blue thats given her a spine. Keeping her smile at the same "wattage" it was at, she nods her head… And notes Delenn's obvious avoidance of Chaitra's rump. This just makes the Wingleader grin all the more, but she knows when to keep her mouth shut on such matters. Infact, the bluerider looks a little sympathetic at the nanny-now-candidate. "Believe me, it's always a surprise. You never know when—" M'iri cuts herself short, and furrowing her brows lightly, she looks from Delenn to Chaitra, almost as if Chaitra has grown a third head. "Him?" A part of her acts as if she's a little shocked, and if one knows how to tell, you can see the look of talking with Kieranth come across her face. She looks at Delenn again for a second, "I'veh eard Psychology is a good field, a new one as of recent years, but I'm sure you would do well at it…" The last part is said distractedly again, and she turns back to Chaitra. « A hunter is much to be proud of, if he knows how to hunt well… » The sudden lurch of thick blood ebbs over Chaitra's mind, suggesting contemplation, and the feeling of a large cat stalking about in the darkness, waiting for the right moment… «Hunter, Master…» And these singular words have Miir eyeing Chaitra up, as if calculating whatever Kieranth may be implying.

"I was considering it, but I need to find a stallion. Something with good stock. I'd like to see her birth virulent foals." Delenn explains to Chaitra, but wisely gives another affectionate stroke to the length Jupiter's face and steps away. He chooses not to elaborate on why being search took him particularly by surprise, and instead wanders nearer to M'iri, seating himself down on a stack of bales in order to rest a bit and have some of his neglected water skin. A nod is given the bluerider, "I've some turns before I'll feel right taking any patients. I'm almost worried about being promoted so young. After all, my field in particular is of a rather delicate nature. It can take a long time to gain that sort of level of trust, but to do my job well, I need to be able to narrow that down to a two, if not a single session with another person who…could be a stranger…" he babbles, flushing a bit when he catches himself at it, and softly apologizes for it. He goes quiet then, watching Chaitra in particular.

Just what is this? Stare-At-Chaitra Day? "AUGH!" The hunter exclaims as the 'taste' of Kieranth's mind runs over his own. "Augh. That's… tha's… eugh." But as much as the taste upset him, he still finishes with the four hooves of his runner. After all, y'can't leave your beast just sitting about uncared for. Finishing with the picking, he leads Jupiter back into his stall, and finishes taking off the bridal and bit, hanging those next to the stall itself, along with his lead-halter. A few more moments pass as he mutters to himself about some foul-like taste, and sticks his head under the pump usually meant for filling horse buckets. But hey, it's clean water. And he also takes that time to pour some over his head. "Now why're you two watchin' me? It's all disturbin' like, 'nd then… eugh. Th'taste is still /there/." The last part is said quieter, though suddenly his pride sparks up as he realizes just /who/ was talking to him. "Eh'll have y'know Eh've taken down felines, sir. So if you'd kindly stop prowlin' my mind like one…" His mind. Not his dragon. Something doesn't fit right in that picture to him, and he's getting a little prickly about it.

M'iri isn't trying to ignore Delenn, seriously. Infact, she is more then ready to take a seat beside Delenn, suddenly drapping a arm over his shoulders, and crossing her legs. "Remember, if you think your getting searched was bad…" And Miir seems to be highly amused at Chai's reaction to Kieranth's touch, the same touch that for over ten turns, she has readily and fondly welcomed into her mind. "Atleast it wasn't Kieranth." Oh, the bluerider knows the ways of her dragon, and for something that would disgust most, Miir is oddly full of pride at the reaction Kieranth can bring out in people. This, of course, doesn't help Chaitra, as Kieranth feels this pride, and dwells in it a little, suddenly pushing a yellow bubble down the thicker blood, and making it explode, gushing the redder and brighter stuff all over Miir's and Chai's vision. Maybe a little even into Delenn's mind, in his gory enthusiasm. Suddenly, out of the blood appears a wide opened human eye, iris colored the same color of the blood. «Do you think yourself worthy, hunter? Worthy of one of my kindred?» He asks belligertantly, sending a high pitched wicked laugh across the connection he's suddenly created with the hunter.

Delenn can't help but smile at himself at M'iri's boldness, accepting her company at his side, and not shrinking away from the unfamiliar arm that drapes over his shoulders. He tsks softly at her as well, his attention not so much on Chaitra, but rather on the ground at his feet as the three converse around him. Yes, he can feel the splashing of the blood just on the outward edges of his mind, but strangely perhaps the former nanny doesn't recoil or complain. There is the lightest of shivers, nary visible, but certainly the rider with her arm of vantage against his body can feel it's subtle inflection before Delenn has a chance to nullify it completely. Licking his lips he flicks his gaze up towards Chaitra, and then to M'iri before it drops again to the stable's floor. "You know how I feel about others where they shouldn't be." he murmurs softly to her, a gentle reminder of what his reaction was to Senkyou's lifemate intruding into the one last place that Delenn thought he could call his and his alone.

Chaitra opens his mouth to say something probably along the lines of 'you darn right I am!' but instead his mouth clicks shut and his brows furrow together as he gets a look of concentration about him, like he's trying to stare down that eye that just popped into his head, and trying to ignore the wash of blood dripping into his actual vision, which is reflected by him wiping at his eyes. "Tha' ain't for me t'decide, sir." His tone is still crisp, but at least his anger doesn't seem to be the prolonged sort. "Tha's for the hatchlin's t'decide." And with that he tries to get Kieranth a mental 'push' out of his mind in a non-too-subtle hint. His body shivers convulsively for one moment before he turns to M'iri and Delenn, trying to plaster a smile on his face, and getting a rather fake looking one instead. "Well, if y'like Jupiter's lines Delenn, Eh'd be happy t'make some sorta deal for th'stud 'fee'." Whatever that deal might be is unknown, but y'know. Things could work out later, and he looks at M'iri as he starts to settle himself in front of the two, on his knees. "Geh. Does he do tha' of'en?"

M'iri finds herself turning back to Delenn suddenly as she feels that soft shiver across the candidate's shoulder blades. At first, she thinks his words apply to her straying limb, and she makes to lift her arm from him, before it dawns on her at just what he means. Even in Kieranth's vigor, and possible enjoyment in torturing the hunter, Miir has a sudden solemn look come across her face, an almost beautiful sincerity which is rarely for the viewing of those she doesn't consider close. "If there is anyone that can understand the most, Delenn, it's dragons. It's amazing the types of things they can accept, so if there is anyone you should least fear being in your head, it would be a dragon's touch." She squeezes his opposing shoulder, before removing her arm and looking to Chaitra, and back into the macabre touch of her dragon. Kieranth doesn't take well to the pushing, and pushes right back, though the ebbing feeling of respect is there in the flowing blood, now beating as if pumped through some invisible artery. «Master, him. Ask him. » Kieranth suddenly prompts, a different feeling of soothing grey directed towards Miir, even though Chaitra can still feel it. Turning her full attention to Chaitra now, the Wingleader looks the hunter full in the face before smiling. "Yeah, he does…" Her tone is a little dreamy, but she snaps out of it soon enough, "Hunter Chaitra, you know of Kilaueth's eggs on the sand, yes? And that blue dragons have the best eye for searching candidates?" She smiles a little at him, arching her brow to see if he gets her indication…

Regarding Chaitra for a second, Delenn lets his eyes wander briefly to Jupiter, or rather his stall. Though after that heartbeat of straying, his pale green gaze comes back to the kneeling figure before him and M'iri. A brow slowly arches at the way that the young hunter raises the matter of payment; there is a somewhat wary expression that follows. There were signs that one looked for in regard to the sorts of things that are first to pop into the former nanny's head, but Chaitra raised no red flags in that area. And so, his cautious visage shifts to one of friendly compliance, aided to with but a nod of his head. They could after all, discuss those terms at a later date. That smile deepens, takes on a more familiar feeling as M'iri speaks, and without question leans a bit against her when she gives his shoulders a squeeze. Yes, he liked this bluerider very much. "I know, but, he's not my dragon." he murmurs gently. Not that he thinks that Kieranth would dig around to get the nitty gritty on the young Journeyman healer and tell everyone about his deepest darkest secrets, but it felt nonetheless uncomfortable to him. That at least, he believed, that M'iri could understand. Once the arm is gone, Delenn rights himself and sits up a bit straighter, a few bones along his spine cracking back into alignment. That's what he gets you see, from sitting all hunched as he was. There, there it is, the question he suspected might be coming for Chaitra. The older of the two teens offer the younger a nod of encouragement, after all, those who are asked are bound by duty to accept. Right?

As push comes to shove, kneeling comes to kissing the ground with the back of his head as Chaitra looses his sense of balance for a moment and falls backwards. "Aaarrrwww…." Comes a groan for a second as he clutches the back of his head with both hands. But as he regains a bit of his thought process beyond 'Oh, that hurts..' he realizes that the blood is no longer … blood? But it is. Just not as something and it's making him less agitated and fussy. He goes about slowly righting himself, deliberately placing one hand at a time to get himself back to the upright kneeling position. "Rrrnn." Is grunted again, gently feeling the back of his head. Probably nothing more than a bump. "Yeeeeah, Eh know she's laid some eggs…" He responds. See, the mental facilties still work! "'Nd Eh have heard the blues gotta good eye for can'idates…" There's a small pause. "Wha'of it?" … Nope. Mental facilities damaged. Please shut down for repairs.

M'iri flicks her eyes to Delenn and nods her head subtly at him, "We all have our secrets…" And that is all she delves into on that matter, a shy blush leaking into her cheeks before she's back to Chaitra. Well, she can't help but just blink at the kid, peering up at the ceiling in a general direction as to where Kieranth might be. The look comes clearly across as 'what the hell are you thinking!?', and from aspect, most likely only Delenn sees it, being the tallest person here in a seated position. She's sympathetic, though, and places a hand of Chaitra's shoulder, trying to be a steadying force in Kieranth's chaos, even as the blue receeds from Chai's mind. He's made his opinion known, the hunter has passed his 'inspection'. "Kieranth is saying that you have an adept mind, one that has the potential to attract the curiousity of a hatchling…." She leans back a little, smiling in her own thoughts, and possibly at Kieranth's words, before looking back down to the hunter. "What I'm saying is, is like Delenn, we would like you to become a candidate, and stand on Xanadu's sands for gold Kilaueth's clutch." She's more formal now, now that Kieranth's antics are over.

"Oh." Is all that Chaitra gets out for a few moments as he lets M'iri steady him. The mention of Delenn brings Chai's attention back to the other youth. Oh yeah. He's still here too. One blink. Two. "Oh..!" Is… is the idea dawning? One would think it is from the smile that spreads across his face. "Oh! Eh'd be deligh'ed t'stand for th'clutch, ma'am." He finally gets out as he rightens himself fully only to bow forward in his kneeling position … which thanks to his lack of inate grace, means his head kisses the floor of the stables rather forcefully. "AOW!" Is yelped as he rockets back up. Ooo, poor Chai head. Oh, his head is spinning alright, but not thanks to Kieranth anymore. "Eh'd… be… happy t'stand. Truely." … Uh M'iri? You might want to show him his bunk…

Delenn nods to M'iri. Indeed. Of course the former nanny's secrets are truly something that would rapidly pale the flush the bluerider's cheeks have been painted. Whatever he might have wanted to add, if there had been anything, is quickly forgotten as Chaitra attempts to revive the ancient art of yoga. Slowly his head tilts to one side before he blinks in a succession of flutters, casting his gaze aloft as the woman beside him had. Back to the younger teen and his countenance reflects his perplexed state. Delenn himself was not repelled by the trickles of thought that Kieranth allowed to drip in his direction, it was the invasion of his privacy that concerned him. He almost laughs when the realization dawns, a hand quickly finding it's way to his mouth in order to cover it; a cough covering what would have been a genuine giggle. Expression schooled properly again, Delenn pops off the bale and offers a hand down to Chaitra. "I can show him to the barracks for you M'iri, if you'd like. I need to be heading back there myself."

M'iri has played that laugh-turned-cough one too many times in her life since impressing Kieranth, and a smirk comes over Miir's face as Delenn does it, though she assumes the same over the amusement of Chaitra's "yoga" tricks. My, what acrobats Kieranth can make of people…. Oh yeah, she supposed to be talking with them, isn't she? "Oh, wonderful, Hunt— Chaitra," Friggin dragon habits, "I think I have…" And she suddenly digging into her laptop bag, smacking her radio awkwardly and making it squak in protest, "Oh shut up, you stupid… Ah! Here it is!" And out comes a white knot, which is taken from pack, and put in Chaitra's hand, Miir all a grin at her success. Placing her other hand forward, she's attempting to steady the unsteady hunter, hearing Delenn's offer just then. "Yes, that would probably be good… And I can get Kieranth to the feeding grounds, before he decides runners /are/ a viable food source…" She stands then, turning to the younger lads as she does so, and smiling at them, a WOnder woman pose going on for a second, before it's thwarted. "Yes, Kieranth, hold on." Grumble.

Chaitra blinks as he is helped to his feet and more or less held on to by one or the other of the pair… until M'iri retreats to feed Kieranth before the evil one decides Jupiter might make a tasty snack. "Thank you, ma'am." He gets out before closing his eyes. Ooo, that last bump might've done a little bit of damage. "Eh think…" He pauses, and looks around, realizing Mir is no longer here, but it's not Delenn supporting him. "Eh think Eh need t'go lay down, yah?" His head nods feebly which prompts another groan. "Yah. Layin' down. 'Nd a knife t'm'head t'stop th'pain." Yup. Its time for a new-candi to pass out.

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