Xanadu Riders Visit Western

Western Weyr - Living Caverns

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Just about breakfast time, and Xelleen is sitting at a table with a piece of paper in front of her and a piece of carbon dangling loosely from her fingers. The other hand is busy propping up her fist. From the disatisfied look on her face, whatever's on that paper is.. well.. dissatisfying. A plate lingers near her, untouched except for a large bite taken out of a slice of redfruit.

Hadria walks in from the lower caverns, her arm covered in this very bright red fabric, the color you might see on a redfruit. The young woman is wearing one of her own designs, which looks like it could be a tuber sack, skin tight potato sack top and really baggy pants. The shirt is a shocking lime color, and has a crooked seam, the pants aren't hemmed and look very unfinished with thread sticking out in random places. Sitting down she pulls a bundle of papers from her basket, almost like doodles but they seem to be off the wall designs.

T'eo enters the caverns with an already surly look plastered on his face. He's been up for a while, still adjusting. Infact there's rumor his hammock is hanging just inside of the ledge so the sunlight would better wake him up. This isn't true. Raenth's been the marshal, but either way, he's trying, even if he's not happy about it. The look on his face increases in distaste as a girl walks by in something very obnoxiously bright. and quickly walks the other way, toooowards the kitchens. Here he requests, with surprising politeness, for some food and a strong mug of klah. "Here you are, Weyrleader." Yeeeagh! "Er… thank you… miss." He manages and turns back around again. Walking a few steps, he pauses and frowns. All tables have -someone-. So he picks the least threatening looking… and sets his mug down across from a short dark haired girl. "Mind if I have a seat?" He asks gruffly.

Xelleen can't help but notice Hadria, and there's a barely stiffled look of terror on her face before T'eo's question drags her attention that way. "Well hello there, handsome." She croons, grinning at him flirtatiously. Safer? Not today, mister. "You can have a seat anywhere you want, it's your Weyr." She nods towards his knot, and motions to the table. "Settling in well enough?" Eyes stray towards Hadria, squinting at the obnoxious colors.

Hadria is sitting at a table near Xelleen, and is looking at a design. Noticing the Weyrleaders entrance she says, "Good morning Weyrleader." Putting the red fabric down, she gets out some yellow thread, and starts attempting to embroider the fabric, the design she has in front of her calls for very intricet design, and she is starting though the loops are very loose, and the handiwork leaves some to be desired.

The courage that seemingly brought the Xanadu Wingleader here seemingly runs abruptly short, M'iri stopping right at the entrance of the living caverns and looking about. She's busying herself with her finger nails at the moment, trying to act non-chalant in her awkardness, though her eyes peer through her lashes in an attempt to find /someone/. At the brightness of one girl, M'iri's face suddenly hauls up and her mouth drops a little, some mumbling about "Wouldn't be caught dead in that color.." before the looks from a nearby table shut her up again. It in noticing the girl, that Miir notices the person she's looking for. She takes a deep breath and heads that way, a tentive "T'eo?" coming from her lips— as to weather he hears it in this noise or not…

T'eo subtly flinches. It's in the eyes… that little twitch. He manages a stiff nod and half smile to the brightly colored girl. That same smile turns to thee other girl, which could probably better be described as a grimace, as he takes a seat cause, well, he certainly can't back out now. He takes a long sip of klah. Or goes to, but it's hot, and he ends up giving a muted yelp of pain and spitting it back into his mug. Grumble. He takes a deep breath and manages a clearly lie-filled nod. "Well enough." And then, like the voice of a Pernese god… "Miir?" He looks about and yes! It is her! "Hey!" Save me?

Xelleen lifts one eyebrow at T'eo, "Well, don't lie to me, dear. I'm not so easily fooled." She leans forward, clasping both hands under her chin, still holding the pencil in the crook between one thumb and the rest of her fingers. Eyes glance up at M'iri and her smile only widens, "Dear me, be I so blessed with two such fine looking folks at my table." Hadria isn't included in this. She really only gets a 'what in the world?' kind of glance.

M'iri gives a broad smile at T'eo's recognition, and makes her way further over to the table, before suddenly veering herself away a little at Xelleen's comment. The girl is turned to and earned a wide eyed look. "You either don't get out much, kid, or are overtly desperate. Either way, your flattery is misplaced o nthe likes of me." She grins just a little, the tinge on her cheeks turning up before she's back to T'eo. "By Faranth's Egg, T'eo, you really got yourself in deep here, didn't you?" The bluerider asks, eyes twinkling as she says so, leaning just a tad closer to whisper to him, her eyes straying to Hadria for a moment. "… Are they all this crazy?" And here she thought L'alie and Adinaeth was bad…

T'eo actually does manage an honest half smile, at the exchange between theis girl and M'iri. "Well, I dunno… I'd more question her opinion of me." He manages, feeling better at the sight of a familiar face. He stands and pulls out a chair for her but she's talking in his ear. "Ah…" He murmurs, giving a pained look. "I can't tell just yet." He murmurs, motioning politly to the seat and now unable to avoid Xelleen without being rude. "Erm… Yes, well… I've been… adjusting." To say the least.

Xelleen waves a hand, "Don't take it personally, Wingleader. I just gotta keep my skills in shape, I flirt with everyone, just in case the big fish come along. Would be a terrible shame to find my wiles had rotted out like a badly tanned hide when I really needed them." She leans back in her chair, unclasping her hands. "Well, if I can't flirt with you, at least do me the honor of looking over this design? A fresh perspective is always welcome in my trade." She gives T'eo a perfectly skeptical look but nods her head, "I just got posted here, you know. I'm acclimating, I suppose. But I really can't stand the fish." She shrugs and picks up the other half of her redfruit slice, popping it into her mouth and chewing vigorously.

"Why thank you, Weyrleader." Ah yes, revenge is sweet, Miir smiling cutely up at T'eo as she takes the seat profered to her. At his next comment, M'iri snorts, arching a brow up at him. "Your a Weyrleader, and a bronzerider… I find it unlikely that you won't find yourself hit on. Just get used to it." Turning her attention to Xelleen's comment, she nods just a little, seeming to size up the girl before she comments, "I'm not sure throwing yourself at everyone that looks remotely living will help you much with your cause…" She grins at that, though, to take any sting from her words. "But, if you feel you need the partice, I'm sure T'eo doesn't mind being a target…" If Pern had halos, Miir would be attempting to wear one, because she knows T'eo is gonna kill her. "M'iri, of Xanadu." She finally says, as way of greeting.

Hadria hears Xelleen speak of a design and gets up, leaving her fabric on the table and walking over so she might get a peak. Creeping closer, trying not to eavesdrop but her curiousity drives her towards the new Weyrleader and the Xanaduian wingleader. "May I see the design?" Asking with a smile that could make some cringe, genuinely curious and lacking any shame she looks at each face at the table and then back to the design. "I make designs as well." She says blushing just slightly, which turns her pale cheeck a pink color.

Maybe T'eo does not want her here so much? Well, in actuality, having someone of familiarity teasing him versus not? Soooo much better. He manages another tight half smile as he takes his seat again and just… shakes his head. "I have, actually, in the past… but after a while I did manage to avoid it." He doesn't even conceed a comment about being a 'target' however and just gives her a 'look'. He turns his head to suddenly find himself bliiinded! The green! It burrrns!

Xelleen could light up a grin with that white-toothed grin she's got. "Well how generous of you to offer up our handsome, fearless leader, Miss M'iri. I'm Xelleen, apprentice tanner, trader brat, hopeless in general." She glances up at Hadria and her eyebrows furrow, "Oh, honey, is that really all you could find in Stores?" she tsks and shakes her head, "And I thought the fish was bad, that's just dreadful." The design on her paper appears to be a leather cuff with some broad-leafed tropical flowers shaded in to give contrast. She taps the design with her pencil, "I'll leave this shaded part alone, but I'll be burning in this light part."

M'iri is keeping that innocent grin, yes, all the way through T'eo's 'look', because she knows what one of those looks can mean. At T'eo's sudden, horrified, change in facial features, Miir turns to see what he sees and oogles a little, herself… Maybe not as bad, though. She coughs a little and switches to Xelleen again, suddenly, afraid what might come out of her mouth at Kieranth's prompting. "Believe me, you can leave the 'Miss' off, as well. I ain't that old." The bluerider wrinkles her nose, giving a slight shrug. "M'iri will do. But nice to meet you, Xelleen." Hadria is turned to again suddenly, "And if those are from the storage in Western, I fear there might've been a tornado there, and Hadria was in the middle of it." Okay, so she is more susceptable to her dragon then she thought, And Miir blushes brightly as it dawns on her, closing her mouth and eyes for a moment as she places a hand on her face. To hide the *huge* burst of blush that is coming over her.

Hadria looks down at her shirt, "I wanted a darker shade, but this one just called to me. It's some of my best work." That sentence alone is said with great pride, like she is wearing the finest ball gown instead of a skin tight shirt that if it didn't have arm holes and a hole for her head could be a pillow case. "Your design is alright, I'd just see if I could use more color." She is ignorant in the ways of leather and makes the suggestion. "I don't go outside enough to be in a tornadoe, and it'd leave a horrible mess." Looking at her shirt she honestly doesn't seem bothered.

T'eo nearly dribbles klah down his chest as he'd just distracted his affronted eyes with a sip of klah. Right when M'iri makes her statement. Xel's was bad enough but he totally didn't expect that out of M'iri. Sputter! He manages to down play it a bit by looking into his mug as if there's a bug in there. Yus. A bug, stewing himself alive. Right Toe. He shoots a sideways look at M'iri, and smirks, a full smirk, behind his mug. He tries another sip and nearly chokes when the girl is oblivious to the statements made. Coughing furiously, he reaches for a napkin.

Xelleen gives Hadria a blank look. It's the same sort of look she gave Dare just the other day. A look that sums up just about everything she's thinking without actually giving it away. "Well aren't you special, precious." she drawls finally. For M'iri and T'eo, "So, you two a couple, then?" This grin is new, and full of mischeif. "The two of you are sure cute together." Her head lolls into her palm. "You okay there, darlin?" She asks T'eo, her forehead furrowing with concern.

M'iri looks through her fingers, eyes taking in Hadria for a moment and relief covers her features as she sees Hadria isn't offended. Lowering her hand a little but still blushing furiously, the look on her face seems to suggest she's got a mighty scolding going on wit ha certain blue outside. Hadria is taken note of, again. "No, I'm sure it's lovely… If you like it, that's what matters." Sweet tempered smile, and ebbing blush makes Miir attempt to be an innocent bystandard, before her attention is suddenly drawn away by T'eo's coughing. Instinctively, she slaps T'eo's back, "Are you alright?" She asks plaintively, afraid she's offended T'eo, now, in some form. It's a few minutes before she registers Xelleen's comment, and the bluerider rips her hand off T'eo's back like she was burned, suddenly sitting straight, with eyes wide and face a full fused red. "Uhhh… Uhhhmmm," Xelleen is turned to frantically, Miir shakes her head furiousily, casting her plait from one shoulder to the other. "Nooooo. No." Can she even put together a sentance? Obviously not.

Slowly new footsteps mingle in with the hoard of Western's residents as they flow in and out of the living caverns until they stop off to the side of the rush and flow. Soft seafoam eyes peer across the room, sending their narrowed predatory gaze through the masses, searching through the faces and upon the shoulders of many. The foreign rider takes steps forward, papers still in hand and neatly kept until his transfer has been completed. Things have been put on hold due to unfortunate events but what can a man do? At the very least, the ocean was there to greet him, cold and unforgiving as the women he's grown to know over the turns. At the very least, when the waters receed, they always come rolling back to his feet and foaming for him. As fingertips run through his discheveled pale hair to push it from his view, he slowly strides over and leans down just enough to whisper, "Sorry lass, do ye know where I could find the… Well, hello poppet!" Poor Xelleen, greenrider found the leader he was looking for. "Ye know, men don't usually choke in the company of women but for some reason men seemed to offer me the courtesy." Such words from a new comer with brows raised mischeviously.

Hadria looks at Xelleen, taking a moment to process sarcasm, and giving a simple "Oh, well ok." At Xelleen calling her precious, she has a stricken look on her face, which hints that she is not use to being made fun of. Looking between M'iri and T'eo she notices T'eo dribbling and pulls a badly embroidered piece of cloth, because it doesn't really qualify as a hankerchief and holds it out to T'eo. "You have something on your shirt." Saying like he hasn't noticed yet.

Jolie takes her time wandering on in and then giving the tables a good looking over, mentally picking out where to sit down. A slight acknowledgement of the new weyrleader and then she's done, finding a spot to settle in and just people watch and then pulling a skin from her belt to take a drink from.

T'eo comes up from his fit with an equally stricken look. It's talking to me! He tentatively takes the proffered piece of fabric, again, oh so polite, and dabs at his chest with it. Things happen so fast as he blinks at Xel. "Errrr…." But M'iri's beaten him to it. He looks at her rather suddenly, and then away… right into the face of a strange green rider. Eep! He hadn't registered the presence with the hullabalou going in about him. "Er… err…" Now who can't make a sentence. He takes a deep breath, squares his shoulder and from somewhere distant within him manages this amazingly businesslike voice. "Yes? Can I help you?" Behind he can see Jolie, and, with a half smirk, gives a faint wave of his hand.

Xelleen glances up at R'lyeh and grins enigmatically. "Well don't let me stand between you and his yumminess right there." She scoots her chair over and directs for M'iri's benefit, "Well, gosh, perhaps the two of you should consider shaking up. You'd have fantastic looking children." She folds her design paper up and glances up and down at Hadria again. "Well, dear, tell me, is that your first outfit you've made? It's a valient effort, anyways." She's not making fun, it's just her way to be condescending.

As if he heard his name being called, the cockiest rider on pern makes his entrance to the living cavern. R'oc even has his own theme song playing as he does, though he's the one playing it. "Well hello there Western, R'oc has entered the building." He grins as he looks around the room, blank faces looking him up and down as he looks over towards a few tables unsure of which to sit at. He strolls in slowly his guitar slinging onto his back, his flowing locks swaying into his eyes. His hand reaching up to move them, then suddenly his caramel eyes lock onto the lonely table. "Well hello there lovely." Ooh seems he has spotted Jolie, poor girl.

If anyone expects M'iri to offer any sort of greeting, or acknowledgement, they would be dead wrong. For as Xelleen cheerily continues on her line of thought, Miir proves that people can, infact, turn shades darker then red. Since her hair has no way of hiding her face, Miir does the next best thing— Fold her arms up on the table and plops her face into it, shaking her head. "Well, one would figure, that if we arn't together, the chances of having babies together would be an even farther leap, don't ya think?" She asks finally, dark blue eye peeking up at Xelleen from her arm. She's not looking at T'eo, oh no, because if there is any incriminating evidence involved on her face, she is sure as hell not showing it. "Hi…" Miir mumbles through her jacket, when she hears another person step up, but face is remaining planted where it's at, oh yes. Much safer that way.

"Ye know, they just might make beautiful children," R'lyeh agrees with a nod of his head before leaning forward, planting both hands and his file upon the table top before tilting his head towards T'eo with a wide grin. "Might being the key word but perhaps we kin give it a shot, we might not have children but we kin have something definately beautiful." Poor T'eo, even the greenrider is reaching into his pocket and offering a handkerchief over towards the weyrleader with a crooked grin and nod of the head, "Ye have something on the corner of yer mouth there, I'd get it for you but we've only just met. I'm R'lyeh, green Shoggoth's rider. Just transferred here and I thought I'd offer a proper introduction to ye and to see if the rumors be true." Eyes drift between the ladies briefly before turning back to T'eo, "And aye, they are. No wonder this one be blushin for ye." Poor M'iri.

Hadria watches as more people come in, and smiles at T'eo happily when he takes her cloth, looking and M'iri then T'eo she wrinkles her nose looking back at Xelleen when she mentions children. "I don't think they should have children if they don't like each other. But the babies might be cute." A bright grin she stands, her baggy pants slipping a little and she pulls them back up. Gathering the fabric she look at R'oc, tilting her head finally someone that has baffeled her. Jolie is notied and she smiles, "Hello weyrwoman." Saying with a perky semi-annoying voice, R'lyeh is noticed hitting on t'eo and she says, "But, I don't think you two can have kids." Again with stating the obvious, "But you can always try!" Perky as if discussing breakfast.

Jolie continues to just watch the influx of folks here at Western, sipping calmly on the drink she has prepared and looking amused for the moment. "Do let me know how the children begatting comes out. I'm rather curious and all. I can't say as it's ever really been much for a topic of discussion here."

R'oc looks towards the weyrwoman and waits for something some sort of recognition, but as he waits he gets none. This seems to amuse the bronzer, he licks his lips and then says. "My appologies I was so taken by your eyes that I did not notice your rank weyr woman." He takes one hand and puts it around his chest, then bows to her. "R'oc rider of bronze Nasheth." He sits up and then looks over to the larger group and just stares, wondering what could be so interesting. He's also wondering if he should ask whats so funny.

T'eo falters in his attempts at a calm, cool, collected demeanor. He seems to shrink away from the green rider, closer to the equally shrinking figure of M'iri. He looks like he just might die, his swarthy face as pale as it can manage. "I… uh… er… I…" A brass swing of thoughts suddenly touches on his mind as if with a gentle push and he slowly grins. The grin turns into a chuckle and into a laugh. He laughs for a good minute or two, as he is allowed amidst all the bombarding before, wiping a tear from his eye- and the corner of his mouth just in case- he looks up around him again and pulls out a seat for the green rider, still sitting. "Have a seat…" He mentions between chuckles. "I'm sorry to say I'll have to decline… I hope it wasn't that which you needed my attention for?" He glances to Xel and Hadria and gently nudges M'iri. It's safe. Or at least, he'll make it safe. Promise. It was either this… or just die on the spot with embarassment… which he still might do… just later.

A wide, open-mouthed grin splits Xelleen's face, her hands coming together in pleasure. "I like this one!" She announces, her thumb jerking towards R'lyeh. She just can't seem to leave M'iri or this subject alone. "Stranger things have happened, darlin'. The two of you seem to be getting along real nice, I wouldn't discount you getting together, and then there will be babies!" See, it's already set in stone. "Not that I like babies, mind you. Children are terrible, with their sticky hands and dirtying themselves, but I know some people are into that sort of thing." The roll of her eyes says she doesn't know why. R'oc's announcement gets a high-browed look, "Whoop..de.. doo?" she says sarcastically, twirling her finger upright in the air as if swinging a noisemaker.

Hadria looks back at her fabric and goes over to it, looking over the bright red stuff she picks it up and says. "I hope to see you all again!" And puts all her materials back in her sewing basket, she humms a small toon and walks down to the lower caverns with a small skip in her step, though it seems to be her normal stride.

M'iri knows that if it wasn't so highly wierd of her to do so, she might consider banging her head against the table, now. She's completely covered her face as she hears R'lyeh's comment, and Hadria's affirmative. At her blushing comment, her head shoots up at R'lyeh and Miir frowns deeply, "I am not blushing over T'eo! He was my clutchmate for Faranth's sake, just because I visit him when he's gone out and had a bit of nookie with a goldrider, and made himself Weyrleader, /doesn't/ mean I'm here to steal him back, and have tons of babies with him!" The long winded sentance is said with a vengance, and she plops her head down in her arms again. She feels the subtle nudge of T'eo against her and again the peeking eye menuver is practiced, before she shakes her head again and just scoots her chair closer to T'eo's. Though with his sudden laughter, she's not sure if he's safe, either, but she knows him, and thats good enough. " You sure you don't want to head back to Xanadu, I mean… If Raenth's not willing, I'm sure I can convince Kieranth to play get away dragon in a quick minute…" She's murmuring this to T'eo, trying to act like she's still hiding in her arms to everyone else as she looks up at him. Turning her head slightly under her arm to see the other person agreeing about babies, Miir spots Jolie, and one arm is raised over her head as way of greeting. "Hello weyrwoman!" Hopefully she can be heard behind her muffling, before she takes to hiding behind both arms again. She's not coming up until her blush is gone, and that might take more then a few minutes…

Jolie mmmhmmms softly. "I think folks are protesting too much. Sounds like there will be a bumper crop of children around here. Thankfully, none for me." With that, the the goldrider is getting to her feet and wandering on out. "A pleasure to meet you T'eo, formerly of Xanadu and M'iri of Xanadu. Welcome here to Western, if that's not been done. Also a pleasure to meet you as well, R'lyeh, Hadria, Xelleen. But I must be going."

"Tis a shame, I wouldn't have missed a spot," Ril replies as he does take the offered seat with a bow of the head before reaching up and motioning to his chin. Out in the bowl resonates a sound only heard in nightmares as the haunting form of this foreigner's green lands upon the area with small wings and a massive head with eyes whirling in sanguine tones. Tail lashes from side to side and Shoggoth plants herself upon the ground, offering a shrill hiss towards any that get too close. Her rider on the other hand, has no problem with proximity as he removes his file from the tabletop and folds it open, flipping through the pages. "Ye not blushing over him? Then tell me, poppet, what's not to blush about cause aye, ye definately be something he should be turning brighter 'bout than he is now." Isn't R'lyeh a man of words? He turns to Xelleen and offers her a wink of the eye before nodding his head back to his paperwork. "Clutchmates only means ye be closer, poppet. No offense, lass but goldrider's be nothing but an accessory to men these days!" Shouted out to Jolie before motioning his head to R'oc with a cheshire grin upon his features even if she left without hearing more than likely. Surely this behavior will pass him by, hopefully. Unless his mate decides she'll be a glowing beacon upon the shores of this weyr permanently. "I wouldn't say tons, only a few would suffice for the dear man less we should give it a shot." D'oh.

T'eo's paled complexion has since resumed it's color. He raises a brow to Xelleen, but with a half smirk. "They're not that bad… when you get past some of those stages." M'iri's explosion gets a look of raised brows and a complete blank. "I… uh…" But it's R'lyeh's comment where his word return. "Hey now, just because I'm not scarlet doesn't mean I don't think she's worth-" He comes to a moment, looks at Miir, then the others in turn, before scratching his neck and flushing a bit. "It's… I… Um…" He looks down to M'iri… doubting that gettaway offer is still valid. Tiny weyrleader. o.o

R'oc turns his head as Jolie leaves him, not one word to the bronze rider, not a single word to him. And as he stands for a second speachless he turns to the clatter and then shakes his head. "She must have had a lot of things on her mind." He mumbles to himself before approaching the group, just in time to see T'eo flush red and look at M'iri. "Evening all." He says smiling to all, making sure to make a good impression. He has to throw them off his trail of evil doing after all.

Xelleen leans to elbow R'lyeh, "Hah, see! They fancy each other. I knew it." Prophecetic, this one. (It's a word now, shut up.) Rubbing her hand over her short dreads, the little woman slides to her feet. "Not that it hasn't been a blast, but I have craft duties to attend to. Such is the life of a poor, lowly apprentice." Flashing that white-toothed smile, she winks at the greenrider and gives a last smirk to the Weyrleader and his clutchmate. "Oh yes, there will be babies."

M'iri can't make out whether she has just been insulted or not by the greenrider, setting both of her eyes on him as she put her chin on the table, opening her mouth for a second, and then closes it. She was never good with interpreting those heavy accents. Well, if she had been given time to try to process it, before T'eo's words slip out of his mouth, and her eyes widen again, turning suddenly towards him. "B-but.. I-I thought…" She's sputtering, searching T'eo's face as she does so, before she turns, looks at the greenrider, and then at the door. Maybe a get away is in order for her, and she takes a moment to consider this before shaking her head, and sighing as she put them back in her arms.

For once and probably for a while the greenrider maintains his silence as he continues to thumb through his files and other forms he was given and have since completed. "Now that's not right," he mutters as he reads them over with green eyes scanning the pages. "That's not how it…" R'lyeh begins to dig through his pockets and lightly patting his chest in search of a writing utencil, surely there's one near him and unfortunately the blond upon his head is preventing the greenrider from finding the pen tucked behind his ear. Tis a shame, he'd have to ask. "Sorry to bother ye, sir, but can I bother ye for a pen? There seems to be a discrepency with me papers, says I'm still a captain but uh… since been… retired." Shoggoth is starting to lend her tired form to her lifemate, curling up in the bowl with eyes fixed on the entrance. Good luck getting past this one with talons digging and kneading into the earth between her toes.

T'eo can hear the crickets. Oh no, wait… that's R'oc speaking. He looks up at the bronzer and gives him a rather weak grin. Please don't hit on me. Or so his look says as he infact manages a "Hello." in a rather weak voice. "Welcome." Welcome indeed. "A pen?" He checks himself and has… a pen. Yes. "Captain?" He manages. He can't much avoid looking at M'iri any longer and peers down at her huddled head with daring. "Thought… er… what?"

M'iri peers up at the request of a pen, maybe letting her blushes die down a bit, now that not everyone is cajoling her shyness factor. Taking a moment to possibly unfold herself, peering around at the lack of people… Maybe she's safe. Maybe. A hand goes to check if there is a pen in her pocket, but T'eo beats her to it. Looking shyly over at T'eo for a moment, she nods a little, as if accenting to answering his question, "Well, you know a certain brownrider… But you seem to be doing better since I last saw you in the tavern, so.." She seems afraid at having brought up the subject, so she turns to the greenrider for a moment. "What brings you to transfering to Western, if I may ask?" Her cheeks are still pink, but maybe her spine has returned with the lessening of people in the caverns.

Slowly do those papers lower themselves to the table as the greenrider turns his now drowsy gaze to M'iri with a soft smile. "Well, for turns me an Sho have been working out of Ierne tending the ships that come to port as well as the routes that be planned for the freighters I partnered with. Been livin on the seas for turns, even before I met me lifemate I was bound to it more than anyone could ever imagine." The pen is taken with a slight nod of the head in thanks before a small note is made. "Had a ship but it went down one night when we were lightening the load of another, wouldn't be here if it weren't for m'Shoggoth and the local pod. When she went down in the depths, I no longer took the title of Captain since I didn't go down with it per tradition. I chose m'girl to live for. To be fair to her, I wanted to settle somewhere that she could spread her wings and still be on the land should she choose." The pen is gently placed down before T'eo with another nod of thanks before the pages are flipped through once more, eyes running down the lines to make sure there are no other discrepancies in his records before turning them over to the weyrleader. With Shoggoth asleep in the bowl, her ways slumber deep within the depths of his mind, offering her rider a more behaved break for a short while.

T'eo seems to relax a bit himself as M'iri does. Funny that. S'like felines or something. He looks at M'iri a long moment as she questions the greenrider, just watching her and thinking… assessing… Is he still upset about that? Well, now that he doesn't have to see L'alie so much… or R'sul for that matter… He kinda hasn't thought about it. He voices this, but not in so many words. "I, well… not so much… I mean… not her so much…" Dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig, that's what we like to do! Dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig, digging holes for Toes like you! He turns his attention to R'lyeh at the mention of the sea. He listens with his eyes on the table before him, distant suddenly. Not like he's speaking to Raenth. Something different. He snaps out of it as the pen and papers invade his line of vision. He looks up, pulling them closer with a hand. "I'm sorry… about your ship." And boy, do his tones truely convey that.

M'iri seems to note T'eo's stare, and it makes her blush a bit more, even as she looks at R'lyeh, "Sorry to hear about your ship, but you are a lucky one. Lost my eldest brother, that way… They never found him." She frowns a little at this, but it's been so long, she doesn't seem overtly sad. "I lived in Tillek when I was a girl, my family was very much in love with the sea." She shakes off the frown and smiles to the greenrider, now that he's calmed quite a bit. She's trying to show her commonalities with him, to keep conversation going, or maybe to ease her own tension. "And though ships are beautiful, I find that I cannot see sacrificing my life for it, at the expense of my dragon's. But, maybe that's because I'm not a sailor, myself." She flicks her eyes to T'eo and nods, reaching over and giving his hand a squeeze. "Good. I was worried that was why you got yourself here, you know… Run away from it all?" Who hasn't considered that at one time or another? She lightly removes her hand and smiles sheepily at Western's Weyrleader, before turning back to R'lyeh. "I'm sure you'll fit in nicely at Western, at least…" Especially if earlier comraderie was any indication.

"Aye, it was an old ship. Been in me family for generations with our trading business and it was a shame for it to go under but… Time and the sea does what it will, now it's up to the younger of my kin to start anew and carry on." R'lyeh slowly nods and shrugs, the tired lines below his eyes growing more apparent as he leans back in his seat and covers his mouth as he yawns. "Losing loved ones is hard but in comfort, lass, know that when you go out to the beaches and ye let the waves wash over yer feet, they take back all yer wishes and good intentions with the ebb of the tide."

T'eo smirks at M'iri, squeezing her hand faintly before she removes it. "Trust me… this was -not- my idea." He lets her remove her hand and just watches her face a long time before she turns away. He gives a small sigh and nods to his fellow sailor. "I only just got mine… well, just got as in a few turns or so. Been working comissions on others but they were having a hard time placing me in my division. The requirments were, heh, more than most ships have these days." He rubs his neck again, and shrugs. "I had planned passing it on to Lorena, my sister, and starting actual work with a couple of the ship crafters at Xanadu on a new one… working some of the new technology into 'er. But between Lorena becoming an assistant weyrlingmaster and my coming here?" He doesn't finish giving another shrug of his shoulders. "I guess I don't see the dangers as any worse than some of my work in Xanadu's rescue wing." He conciders.

M'iri nods solemnly to what R'lyeh says, folding her arms and having a faint blush at T'eo returned hand squeeze. "Nature always has a way of telling when things shall begin and things shall finish, doesn't it? I think that is the appeal of the sea, a type of love thats loving at one moment, and testy at another." Like greenriders, but she definately doesn't say that, herself, just a little twinkle in her eye at the though, before it winks out of existance. Taking comfort in his next words, Miir nods, giving her first genuine smile to the rider since he arrived. "I will have to keep that in mind, sir… Maybe that is why the Xanaduian beach appeals so much." T'eo's words bring a snort from the bluerider, and she shakes her head a little, "It can't be /all/ Raenth's fault, you've had to've been a little willing…" She quirks her head at him, raising a brow. "Maybe you just thought the goldrider was something nice to look at?" She's been teased enough, now it's a bit of her turn.

R'lyeh chuckles and peers over to the weyrleader as he slowly rises from his seat and carefully moves the chair back into place, out of the way of other passing residents. "She has a good point there," Ril adds as he takes a step back and offers a bow to the two of them. "Well, here and now that I have me papers handed over /corrected/ to one of the proper leaders, I take me own leave. Can't be out in the open so soon when she'd due to go up and when she does there's no warning. Like to be locked in me room, safer that way. Ye both have a good day." With that, the greenrider turns on heel and slowly makes his way through the growing traffic within the Living Caverns to safer and more distant areas of the weyr.

Great. Here T'eo's being all sweet and sentimental and Miir starts in on him. He gives a small rolls of his eyes. "No, I wasn't just blindly led, but at the same time…" He puffs, looking a bit stressed again, but in a frustrated way. "I… He…" Murph. He gives up with a cross frown upon his face. "So I'm supposed to sit and sulk at Xanadu? Tell Raenth 'nope, sorry dude, you have to be as unhappy as I am'?" Somewhere outside comes the distressed creel of his bronze. He looks to the greenrider with a 'you aren't helping' gaze, but dulls it after a moment as he regains some self control and nods. "Good luck." he offers in regards to the green before fixing Miir another look. It lasts a moment before, looking defeated, it slips away and he stares back at the tabletop.

M'iri lets T'eo go through what he says for a moment before she gives a soft laugh, watching with her eyes as the greenrider stands and leaves, tilting her head in a nod as way of goodbye. "No one deserves to be unhappy, least of all you, since you've already been through a lot. And believe me, I know… When S'ver left, it was hard. Picking up the pieces, you know? Remembering what it's like to be just yourself, without being with someone…" She sighs a little and plays with the end of her plait, twisting the hair there. She gets up the courage and sets her hand again on his, "I'm just glad your happy here, Matt, and even if it was your idea or not, I think you'll do well for this Weyr. If not, then you wouldn't be here, correct?" She leans forward a little to look up at his down turned face. "Don't take it so seriously, if I don't tease a little, you might have to worry, anyways… And well, you are more then able to have visual opinion on women. It's all part of being male, right?" She smirks at him, tugging a little on his fingers as she does so. "Slumping Weyrleaders are bad, being as it's his first seven day in the position?"

T'eo's downcast eyes flicking over to watch her hand on his. He listens to her with the smallest half grimace of recognition. Being with yourself. Well, being with Raenth… which is arguably himself. He slowly turns his hand to hold hers, and looking long at it as he holds it. He finally raises his eyes, that grimace turning into a smirk. "Yeah… well… with things changing. It all happened so fast. I was here looking for parts and suddenly I'm weyrleader. I guess I just haven't settled much. And then, well" the smirk becomes full. "All those loonies. This is going to be interesting at least." He sits up and cracks his neck once, as if shaking the negativity out of his system. "We'll see how this goes." He pauses, thinking… then… "Why'd you come? If you don't mind my asking?"

"Well, that might explain why bronze and brown Weyrlings are given the extra run in training. Never know when you'll go from average rider to leading a Weyr…" M'iri's voice runs off a little and she stares at his hand holding her's, that tale-tell blush creeping over her cheeks a little as she observes the interaction. Switching her sight from her hand to his face, she laughs lightly at his comment, nodding, "If those here today are any proof of how Western is… I fear I would bubble into embaressed oblivion under their eyes." She winces a little at the neck cracking, though from girly-grossness, or sympathising with the pain associated with having the crack the muscles in one's neck is unsure. At his question, her lips thin a little, and she thinks, looking up into his eyes and blushing more before looking down again. "I wanted to make sure you were alright, that Western was treating you well… I- I worried about you." She coughs, "Thats alot of responsibility to take on, I mean…" She's bluffing her way out of it, a little, but the true meaning might be a little obvious.

T'eo looks away as she fumbles with words, a silent chuckle shaking his broad shoulders. He glances back at her and raises his brows with a rather prnounced but disbelieving grin on his face. "Alright… If you say so." Smirk. He sits back a bit, still watching her with amusment dancing in his eyes. "I appreciate the sentiment, o' former weyrsecond. Oh yes," He chuckles. "I haven't forgotten. You remember when I had to step in for C'ian? And you? My 'second? It's been a while… But I believe that was teh scenario." He scratches his head with his other hand, before runing his fingers down his chin. "I kinda blundered through that tho. I have to pick one here but, pft, I don't know anyone."

M'iri nods firmly. Yup, she says so. Buys her a little time to deal with her shyness, after all… Not that it's ever been helpful in the first place. Shifting nervously under his chuckle, she smiles demurely at him, before raising her brows suddenly as he brings up her being Weyrsecond, "Oh shells, if I had known C'ian was going to catch me for that position, I think I might've ran. I'm not sure what he was thinking… Maybe a little to high flying in the atmosphere with Alhenaeth." She takes a moment to think, raising her eyes to the ceiling as she recalls T'eo being acting Weyrleader. "Thats right! So, your not too far out of sync, then. You've done this, before." She squeezes his hand again in way of comfort and nods, thinking a little more. "I would try to suggest someone, but I really don't know anyone here, either, except it's Weyrleader." She grins again as she teases him with the name, "I can jsut be thankful, as a bluerider… There is no way under Rukbat's rays Kieranth is catching a gold!"

T'eo gives a chuckle and conciders. "I'm sure you know best but he doesn't strike me as the type who'd find that anything to be fussed about." Doesn't really strike him as the sort to get fussed about anything, except Miir. "I'm sure I'll find someone… But I guess that means I gotta be social, huh?" Snicker… which is cut short as he looks distant. The 'Raenth' distant. "Hm… So the duties begin… with a rousing meeting!" He says dryly, squeezing her hand. "Debreifing, Raenth says…" He starts to get up, and pauses, looking at her. "I…" Hm… loss for words. "I'll see you around…" Right? He sits there a long moment before a small shake of his head as Raenth pelts him with brandy-coated mental ice cubes. "I'm going!" He snaps at the air. It's only then that he notices he'd been holding her hand rather firmly. He gently lets go and gets up. Half-smiles in a goofy fashion. "Besides… gotta check up on Lor now and again too." Another hesitation. He leans forward and kisses her cheek. "Thanks." And off he goes before the bronze comes in after him. "I know I know!" He can be heard yelling as he walks briskly, the greenrider's papers in one hand, out the caverns.

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