J'ymi Returns to Xanadu

Kilaueth senses that Zsuzsath's mind is faint, almost not there. It's like an echo, something not really intended to be overheard. Grief, anger, depression, it's a whirlwind of emotions snuffed out abruptly. But it's close. J'ymi and Zsu have returned.

Zsuzsath senses that Kilaueth lets the warm colors of her mind stretch out, concerned, worried, a flare of brightness as she attempts to touch the bronze. « Zsuzsath? Are you and yours alright? »

Kilaueth senses that Zsuzsath may have recieved your send, for no bronze would dare block out his senior, but he's most definately not responding.

Zsuzsath senses that Kilaueth just lets the warmth of her mind lean, making no more demands, no more questions. Unless, of course, the bronze's mind fades, or seems worse.

Kilaueth senses that Zsuzsath's mind won't fade, but it's definately not one could term normal, especially not from this guide of a bronze. That swirl of emotions seems pulled towards some central vortex, ever generating, ever spiraling, but, perhaps fortunately, the gold is spared from whatever is forcing those emotions inward.

Zsuzsath senses that Kilaueth stays quiet for a long while, mind bubbling and flowing, lava-hues merely present, not taking over. And then, « Mine worries. She will have me ask you, if you and yours need aid? »

Kilaueth senses that Zsuzsath shakes off his auge long enough to send a flare of panic. « He will be angered if yours comes. He says we will never go again. Never. We are here, and will stay. » Oddly, 'here' is quite a bit smaller than Xanadu proper. « Oh, she will be angry, » he moans, before sliding back into the spiral.

Zsuzsath senses that Kilaueth quickly attempts to soothe the bronze, « Mine will come. Mine worries about yours. Mine worries about you. We come.. » And still attempting to calm the bronze, she seems a bit distracted.

Kilaueth senses that Zsuzsath thrusts himself into your mind. « No! He will be angered, so angered - he's so angry now, and- » Abruptly he cuts off, and with the force of shattering glass, breaks himself free from her mind, enveloping himself in the cold wasteland that is starless space.

Niva doesn't take no for an answer, particularly when one has his dragon frightened, and a worried queen. And so, in she comes, making no move to knock, gaze sweeping the interior. "J'ymi!" She demands loudly, arms folded angrily infront of her.

It's probably a good thing J'ymi has cold rages - he's surrounded by glass. It sparkles from the ceiling, glitters from shelves, and shines from the walls. Though pillows litter the floor, he's obviously be careful not to break anything. Right now, he's perched on the edge of his bed, methodically shreading a tattered hide. As Niva enters, he snarls. "Don't I even get a moment's peace?" he snaps, lifting red-rimmed green eyes to hers.

Niva quickly snaps back at him. "Not when you act like you did." And she glances around her, eyeing the glass, before she crosses towards the bed, tilting her head as she narrows her gaze. "You look like your best friend died.." Real tactful, ain't she?

"It's really none of your business," J'ymi replies coldly, flinging the hide aside and standing to tower over her. "But if you must know, we had two dead eggs at Eastern." Zsuzsath, listening quietly through the glass bead curtain seperating his area from his rider's, moans softly. "Zsu is quite upset over it, as am I."

Niva takes half a step back as he stands up, angling her chin to look up at him. "Duds happen, J'ymi. And I'd blame the gold before Zsuzsath. Look at Calanth - The one egg was cracked so badly, it had no hope. Certainly not your fault." A glance towards the dragon's area, and the wrinkles up her nose, reaching to hesitantly pat his shoulder, should he let her.

J'ymi gives no reaction to the shoulder pat, though he allows it to land. "Three duds. Though Calanth /may/ have ruined the egg on her own - Zsu says that she seems quite certain she did, Talisyth was a very good mother, and there was no reason for those eggs not to have hatched." Actually, there's a very good reason, but he's not exactly in any condition to consider this rationally. "I've had enough grief in the past few weeks, I need no more. We're grounded." Another moan issues from the bronze, and the rider's face darkens unexplicably.

Niva shakes her head hurriedly. "You should sit down, and rest.. Talisyth was stressed, was she not? The eggs got shifted to Telgar just at the last minute.. That's more then enough reason for problems." And she wrinkles up her nose some. "The grief has simply piled up - You just need some time to yourself, without worrying about who's going to do what next.."

J'ymi makes a cutting gesture with his hand, squeezing his eyes shut. "I can't do it again, Niva. I can't. In two weeks, I've taken three of Zsuzsath's eggs between. I can't forget it, so he doesn't forget it. Once is happenstance, but twice is not a coincidence. I won't allow a third time to prove me right." He tilts his head slightly, and snorts violently. "Some promises can't be kept," he snaps towards the bronze, who growls in protest.

Niva moves to put a hand on each shoulders, the reach somewhat awkward as she gives him a bit of a shake, hoping to get his attention. "Sometimes eggs just don't hatch, J'ymi. Think of all those that did. Those out of Calanth are growing stronger every day and promise to be wonderful adults. I'm sure it will be the same with Talisyth's. I know its hard, with it so close together. Just, try and think of something else.."

J'ymi shrugs off her hands, backing up and looking rather mulish. "You know, it's odd. I rarely hear of eggs not hatching. And now, suddenly, two clutches have duds - both sired by the same bronze. I'm sorry, but I just can't believe that he didn't have something to do with it. And I'm sure," he adds, with unexpected wry humor, "that the ladies won't miss his attentions, with all the other bronzes out there." When the bronze grumbles and offers a soft yowl, his face goes blank. "They'll deal. Both of 'em, too young to know what they want." That earns a draconic snort.

Niva takes half a step back up to him as he backs up - she's not letting him totally retreat. "You never hear of duds because no one ever considers spreading it. Our dragon healers have more then enough to study, though admittedly most are from junior clutches. We had two from Telgar in the past turn alone." Pause. "He's obviously good at what he does, if he caught twice at his age."

"Inexperienced queens, first flights," J'ymi replies dismissively, earning a snort from his dragon. His green eyes flicker towards where the bronze has thrust his head through the curtains, and the pair share a look before the young man sighs. "Maybe Zsu could be one of those bronzes who sires half the clutches on Pern, but it won't be any time soon. Not until I know for certain why Talisyth missed not one, but two. There was no damage to them," he adds softly. "No visible reason."

Niva folds her arms infront of her, glancing up at him still, shaking her head. "Spend some time talking to the dragonhealers. They'll tell you most of what they see have no visible damage. That there was just something wrong with it, and it was better it didn't hatch." Pause. "Women lose babies, but they don't stop. This was no more your fault then Talisyth's, you shouldn't stop."

J'ymi shares another look with Zsuzsath, and then the bronze sighs, while the rider shakes his head, crossing his arms over his chest. "It's best this way," he says, stressing it lightly. "I saw Jheina's face, she was angry with us. And Casi - " He cuts off there, sending the Weyrwoman a narrow look. "Dragons are too special to risk them like that."

Niva glares at him. "Casiella was mad at /me/. Not at you, not at Zsuzsath. /Me/. Why do you think she's at Fort, hm?" A deep breath and she shakes her head. "You're worrying about things which you have no control over. I bet if yours sired a clutch on Kilaueth there would be no duds. Both were under stress, and in extreme conditions. Hardly a risk."

J'ymi recoils slightly. "Faranth forbid," he breathes. "That is one thing I hope never happens. No offense to you, Niva, for you're a lovely and wonderful woman - but." That whole knot thing. Does every bronzerider dread The Knot? As for Casiella, well - she earns a deep breath and a sharp shake of his head, while Zsuzsath rumbles with amusement. "Stop that," he says crossly. "It's not funny. Why are you two fighting?" he asks bluntly. Change of subject? Probably.

Niva laughs softly, despite the mood, shaking her head. "I wouldn't worry too much. I doubt Alhenaeth has any plans of losing any time soon." A glance over her shoulder at the bronze, and a bit of a smile actually crosses her face. "She seems to think that I'm incapable of leading, and that she could do a better job. And that she knows better then everyone else."

"That's not entirely true," J'ymi mutters. "She doesn't think she could do a better job, and she's aware that she's lacking. S'why she's learning from Elara at Fort." He rubs the back of his neck and stares off into space, while Zsuzsath watches him with a sly expression. "She's too young for all of this - she should be playing at dolls and dreaming of boys, not handling a gold dragon and - " He cuts off, flushing slightly. "Ah, yes. This isn't all on her shoulders," he adds lamely.

Niva arches an eyebrow at him, shaking her head. "She informed me she could, though I'd like to put most of that on simple immaturity. I hope Elara has luck with her." Yeah, that whole issue between Niv and Casi didn't lead to the best training. "She's older then most. And you don't seem to mind, either way." She hides a grin at the flush. "Nor is it all on yours."

J'ymi bristles. "She's just my little sister. She needs someone on hand, and she seems to find comfort in me." The bronze coughs softly, a soft, barking sound that sounds remarkably like his rider hiding a laugh. "That's all. Really. She's far too young for me." Shoving his hands in his pants pockets, he grunts at Niva. "Maybe not. But I don't like taking risks. I take enough of them in the forge, and I have all the scars I need."

Niva actually unfolds her arms, waggling a finger at him. "Whatever it is, as long as she dotes on you, she's leaving me and mine alone." No complaints from her. "No matter what it seems like, its not a risk. You're just stressed. Glancing over at the bronze, she shakes her head. "I think Zsuzsath would agree if I said you /someone/ to distract you. Soon." Whoever it may be.

Wait. Is Niva actually matchmaking? And for Casiella? J'ymi openly gapes at her before regaining his control, and draws his tattered rags of dignity about him. "Ahem. Well. She'll find someone else to crush on soon enough, and I can focus on what's important, which is giving Xanadu a thriving glass-trade. Now that I'm home, and not going anywhere anytime soon, I'll have plenty of time to start turning out some of the more simple pieces that we can trade with other Weyrs. Maybe I'll tag an apprentice or two amongst the weyrbrats."

Niva really just wants Casiella to stop her doting on daddy. Its a bit frustrating, at times, after all. "That is important in the long run. And I'm sure you'll find plenty of people willing to learn. But, for the short run, get out there and find a distraction. Or am I going to find one for you?" Persistent, ain't she? "You're stressed, you've had a rough few weeks, and you feel like you can't do anything right. Its the best solution, you know."

J'ymi's stress levels aren't going down with this line of conversation. Shifting his shoulders uncomfortably, he offers her a tight smile and reaches out a hand, trying to herd her towards the door with the polite gesture. "Yes, it's been a rough few months, being at Telgar, dealing with two clutches, and other such things. I'll think about it, really. Probably spend a little time at Fort - promised Casi I'd come by, maybe get my mother to let me take the twins for a bit. Really. It'll be fine." Zsu's pleased rumble is cut off mid-note, and he gives his rider a dirty look - though for what is unsaid.

Niva is going anyway, bug she waggles her finger at him as she heads towards the door. "Don't dwell on it. And don't think that if I don't see you on a daily basis around here, I won't come and pull you out the door. And let me know if Casiella has.. matured any." And then she shakes her head, reaching to pat his shoulder before she leaves. "Just don't think about it."

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