Random Logs: Isa is Collected

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl
Compared to that of other weyrs, Ista's bowl is small, and incomplete - northwards, one wall was blown clear away several millenia ago, leaving the view clear towards the plateau, the jungles, and the ocean beyond that. Somewhat elliptical, the breadth of the bowl seems to run Northwest to Southeast, the bustling epicentre of the weyr being here, towards the southwest. Several large entrances have been dug into the great bowl walls here - north east are the hatching grounds, south the Living Caverns, these being the two largest caverns in the weyr.
To the east, a small entrance leads in to the ground weyrs - the ledges of these line the bowl wall above, often filled with dragons of gold or bronze; westwards is another ledge, but with a staircase built into the wall, allowing access to the Sable Sands. The infirmary is located towards the southwest.

Isobeth lands with little fanfare, carefully folding her wings to her sides to stir up as little dust as possible from the bowl floor. V'dim dismounts easily, pulling a rolled-up hide out of his pocket and shaking it open as he begins heading toward the caverns. Walking slowly and perusing it as he is, he's not really watching where he's going.

Isa is carrying a large bowl with a bag in it from a ground weyr towards the living caverns, and it is barely that she notices Isobeth's landly, sidestepping the green without realizing that it's not a normal Istan green. Indeed, it's only when she looks around the bag for the entrance, that she spots the unknown rider. "Hail, there, rider. Ista's greetings, can I help you?"

"Hrm? What?" V'dim glances up as someone hails him, one hand releasing the hide so that it partially curls up again. "Xanadu's duties, " he returns, almost idly. "I'm looking for a couple of people, actually." And he names one of Ista's weyrbrats, first, an older girl who last stood for Avarinth's most recent clutch at Eastern. "I'm also looking for an — " He frowns, squinting at the list. "An Isa, transferring her candidacy to Xanadu Weyr? Do you know these people?"

Isa shakes her head briefly at the first name. "I think she's still over at Eastern." The second half makes her chuckle. "Senior apprentice, bakercraft, Isa, at your service." She nods perfunctorily. "That's Isi, and the other one is Ise." She motions to her two firelizards.

V'dim's delighted at finding one of the people from Ista, at least, and moreso to find that he doesn't have to comb the caverns for her. "Oh, wonderful! Well met, Isa. I'm V'dim, Xanadu's weyrlingmaster." He gestures toward Isobeth, who's waiting patiently somewhere behind him. "Gather your belongings and let your superiors know that you're heading to Xanadu. We'll wait out here for you."

Isa nods briskly. "Be back. Soon." She promises, disappearing into the caverns. What she does in there is a mystery, but eventually she's back out, apron, bowl, and bag-less, and a knapsack of her stuff. "Alrighty, then, everything's cleared." She says, stopping for just a moment to nod to Isobeth. "Beautiful green coloration, very unique." She adds, on, "That I've seen, at least." And Isa has been to a /lot/ of weyrs.

Isobeth warbles brightly in thanks, turning just a tad so that the late afternoon sun can gleam off of her hide just that much more. "She's the loveliest, I daresay, " V'dim grins. But he is, y'know, just a tad biased. Mounting easily with the green's assistance, he gestures for the baker to come on up and settle behind him.

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.//

V'dim dismounts easily enough once they've landed, gesturing grandly about him. "Welcome to Xanadu." That said, he begins striding toward the hatching arena, calling behind him, "The barracks are this way."

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

V'dim shows Isa into the barracks, pointing to each side of the room. "Boys on one side, girls on the other … shells, you've been through this before. You know the ropes." He shifts a little. "Got any questions for me?"

Isa shakes her head, tossing her bag on an empty cot. "None whatsoever, glad to be home, if I can so boldly say that I've been a candidate here before in front of everyone."

V'dim grins. "Well, then. We'll be seeing you soon, candidate Isa. Again." And then he's exiting the barracks, but not before casting a stern glance around the room. Those candidates had better be keeping the cavern in order.

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