Gathering in the Clearing

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

Senkyou dismounts on Dulacth's forelimb and landing with a small thud as her feet hit the ground. Waving to Kamari and glancing back at Heeva, and waving her over. "Yu can come over, they don't bite." Motioning to the dragons as well as the people. Dulacth settles quietly in the clearing, Senk still has a huge grin on her face from the flight as she says to M'roc, "Nice to meet you M'roc I am Senkyou Xanadu Wingleader and rider of Dulacth." A small hand motion to what is obviously her brown dragon.

"Mind if I take a look?" M'roc requests, gesturing to the rolled up sketch in Kamari's hand, curious as to whether the girl is any good. Though, if she's decided to take a job as an artist, she must have /some/ skill! To prove to Kamari that she's disciplined enough to hold a pose, Bharie lifts off from M'roc's shoulder and lands where Kamari previously sat, sitting back on her haunches with her forelegs held to her chest and her wings thrown open, head thrown back as she trumpets loudly. "I think that that answers any concerns you have about her being able to pose," the brownrider laughs, shaking his head and sighing with amusement. "I'd love a picture of her," he says gratefully, incining his head. "New to Xanadu, you say? Where are you originally from, if I may ask — and what brings you to Xanadu?" While M'roc waits for Kamari's answer, Bharie — bored with posing already — notices Heeva, hanging back and unsure of herself. Chirping inquisitively, Bharie crouches low and springs into the air with one swift downsweep of her wings, moving to hover just above Heeva's head while she chitters excitedly, peering at the girl. If translated to from 'lizard tongue, Bharie would be heard barraging the poor girl with questions — Why don't you join the conversation? Why do you seem so shy? Why're you just standing back here? M'roc turns his head to allow his gaze to follow his queen, frowning as he spies her bothering Heeva. "C'mon, leave off," he scolds the gold, and Bharie (reluctantly) retreats back to her perch on M'roc's shoulder. As M'roc chats with the others, Bharie's quickly whirling eyes, a bright shade of blue-green, occasionaly drift back to Heeva. Turning to Senkyou, M'roc once more swiftly bows, politely greeting his fellow rider. "Well met, Senkyou," the brownrider says, but turns to look and nod at both Kamari and Heeva, including them.

Kamari smiles at M'roc and shyly unrolls the sketch, showing the start of a picture of the little flowers that are poking up through the grass here and there in close-up, the petals textured and popping out of the background of grass stems. "It's not done.." she says quickly, but nods. "I'd be happy to draw her for you sometime, although she'll have to pose longer than that.." she says as she watches the gold, although she can't help but chuckle at the flitting about. "And I'm originally from Fort, have been trading my way around Pern for a few months, and I think I like it here the best so far."

Heeva's delighted when the gold flies over even if she seems to be scolding her, and wishes that she could understand her language. Belatedly Heeva holds out her hand to the hovering queen just as M'roc calls her back, then smiles as Senkyou calls her over. Straightening her shoulders, she walks determinedly to the group of people, determined to make friends in this weyr that has become her home now. "Well met M'roc," she greets, holding out her hand and looking up into his friendly grey eyes, then turns to the girl beside him, "Well met Kamari, hello Senkyou". She adds quietly, her gaze still on the gold.

Loyauth and Lor are always the attention seekers, right? And so it is when a herdbeast comes at a panicked gallop through the clearing, darting right and left away from the dragons there, that the brown and his rider are in hot pursuit, diving in from the sky. "Get 'em Loyauth!" Shouts Lorena as the dragon swoops down, talons outstretched, seizing the beast. It lets out a fearful low as Loyauth pins it to the ground in a cloud of dust. "Awesome, my winged companion. Now go take him back. I'll take a look around and see if he was the only one." But… "No. You can't eat him. You've already had too many. That dive was rather lazy. Now go on!" She swings down off a strap before the dragon carries the woefully lowing beasty back into the sky. As the dust clears, she notes the eyes on her. "Um… corral broke. So, well, if you all see any wandering beasties… um… yeah sorry?"

Senkyou watches the 'lizard and shakes her head as a very bright little bronze hatchling pokes his head from inside her jacket pocket. As Loyauth dives Senk jumps out the way watching carefully and getting very near Dulacth, who has fanned his wings open and is preparing to take action should the beast come any closer to his rider. Bugling a welcome to Loyauth, the welcome a mix of cinnamon and vanilla may reach into other minds, As it settles down Senk calls out, "You sure know how to stir things up! Half a mind to go to Western and get your brother back here." Though she says it all in what might be senk making a joking. M'roc is nodded to though she sits near Dulacth comfortably finding a seat on his forelimb.

M'roc eyes the sketch as Kamari unrolls it, nodding appreciatively at the texture that has been incorporated. "This is very well done, even for just a start," he praises, smiling down and the girl. Bharie leans forward off M'roc's shoulder to peer at the drawing, reaching down with a paw to delicately poke the drawing, chirping. "I'd say that she likes it, too," he says with a light chuckle. Then, Heeva finally makes her way over and M'roc grins. "Glad you've decided to join us!" He says warmly with a broad grin, Bharie echoing her owner with a quick succession of elated chirps. Preening under Heeva's gaze, Bharie makes quiet noises as she paws her wings, stretching them out and making sure that no dirt is hiding in any nooks or crannies. "Oh, cut that out. You wash yourself every morning, and you haven't done /anything/ to /get/ dirty — so there's no dirt anywhere," M'roc says, correctly interpreting his gold's actions, poking her playfully in the side. "You look gorgeous, as always, dearie," M'roc lavishly compliments — and then a frightened herdbeast comes their way! Light on his feet, M'roc looks ready to dart back to Cairokelth's side, but changes his mind with one glance to his brown. The dragon is crouched low to the ground, eyeing the escaped herdbeast hungrily, tongue snaking out to lick his muzzle. But Loyauth snatches up the beast just as Cairokelth seems ready to spring. Rustling his wings and shifting his weight, with a disappointed snort, Cairokelth resigns himself to sunning as M'roc laughs and slaps his knee, shaking his head. "Wasn't yours to eat, anyways!" He calls over to his brown and then offers a friendly wave. "If we see anymore wandering beasts, I can't guarantee that they'll be returned!" the brownrider informs Lorena with an easy chuckle, jerking a thumb back at his own brown. As M'roc keeps on chatting with the people in the clearing, Bharie finds herself pushed to the back of their minds — but is determined to find /someone/ who will pay attention to her. Spying the bronze peeking out from Senkyou's jacket, Bharie launches herself into the air, chittering a rapid greeting to the 'lizard, even if he is just a baby.

Kamari blushes at M'roc's assessment and rerolls the sketch, shaking her head. "It's just practice…" she says, stowing the rolled hide in a tube over her shoulder and grinning. The commotion makes her turn, and she involuntarily grabs ahold of M'roc's arm as she sees the herdbeast, then blushes again as she lets go once Loyauth safely has the beast. "Many thanks to you.." she says with a smile to Lor, shaking her head. "That could have been close." she smiles at Heeva as she approaches. "Nice to meet you Heeva; I'm Kamari…" she says with a smile to the shy girl.

Heeva hears the thundering herdbeast before she sees it, and is already moving toward M'roc's back to hide when Loyauth is called to take it back to the corral, and sighs shakily. "That really /could/ have been dangerous!" she agrees, "Hello Kamari, great to meet an artist, " she smiles, eyeing the hide now rolled up and put away, not wanting to ask for it to be displayed again. She instead watches the antics of the gold with the tiny bronze in Senkyou's jacket. "when did you impress /that/ little fellow Senkyou?" she asks.

Lorena smiles, somewhat meekly at first, to the two riders present. Specifically to the brown who missed a snack. "Sorry there," She says to him. "But if you find any others, be my guest, heh." She looks for something to sit on, but doesn't have to as Loyauth soars back in, empty handed, and settles himself behind her. Rumble? "Thanks, buddy. She sits on his resting forarm, grinning at Senkyou. "Hey, hear tell T'eo's caused more trouble than some her'beast wranglin' and water diving in the past." She and Loyauth both peer at the drawing girl. Yup. Drawing girl. "Well, s'no trouble really since -someone-" her eyes go to the sooty bay brown. "…decided to show off and break things in the first play." Croon. Lor smiles kindly at her brown and scratched his brow. "I know you didn't. I love you anyway, Lo."

With a rather stunned look on his face, as though he's just been struck in the back of the head with something (and quite a hard hit, as well), M'roc suddenly remembers just /why/ he's come to Xanadu in the first place! "Shards," he swears under his breath, laughing and shaking his head. "Sorry, but I've got to dash!" He apologizes. "I came to visit a cousin of mine, and what with meeting you all and chatting, I forgot that we had a lunch date," he explains, laughing. "If I'm ever in Xanadu again, though, I'll make sure to look you all up — and Lorena, I'll make sure to tell T'eo that you miss him very much," he says, turning to the brownrider with a wry smile and chuckle. As he moves towards the lower caverns, Bharie reluctantly leaves the young bronze's company to follow M'roc.

Senkyou shakes her head at lorena, "Ya, well I think I'll protect his sense of modesty for a while, though now that I'm back in the air I plan to visit him. If anything to make sure he ain't peeved over the whole, situation." The word situation is said with a smile, and a blush. "Though I've got to see an istan bronzerider as well." As heeva looks at the little Azento, who has gone back in the pocket. "I got him about six sevendays ago, got four now though he may be the prettiest I've ever seen."

Kamari waves to the departing M'roc, then turns to Senkyou and makes eyes at the baby bronze flit. "He's adorable." she croons, then blushes and clears her throat. "I mean, he's very handsome…" she says in a sterner voice, and smiles at Heeva, noting her look. "I'd be happy to show you some sketches later if you like; I have more in the residents dorm.." she says with a smile. "I'll even draw one for you if you like…" she adds a "well met." towards Lorena as she talks, realizing she forgot to introduce herself.

Heeva watches M'roc walk away toward the weyr to meet his cousin, Bharie following, and calls a parting greeting to her, then blushes as the others look at her in surprise. "Er, just saying goodbye to Bharie." She explains lamely. "I sometimes can't help communicating with creatures in their language" she shrugs. As if in explanation to the others she adds, "I didn't have friends when I was growing up as we lived in a very isolated cot, so creatures were my company. I guess that's why I /talk/ to them." Then, turning to Senkyou, she asks, "do you think I could stroke the little guy? Never been close to one before" she lifts her brows and eyes Senk briefly as she bends toward the tiny firelizard. She shifts her attention briefly as Kamari addresses her, "yes, I'd like that, but I'd not make much of a subject though," she adds in a self deprecating way.

Lorena looks around from loving on her brown to the Westerner leaving. Snerk. "Who said I missed him?" Hah, take that! She peers curiously at Senkyou. "Situation? What situation?" Yus… Lorena does not yet know about her brother's new, er, relation. Cause he's a jerk and never tells her anything. Yep. Loyauth rumbles sofly. "What do you know? Loyauth! What? Oh don't sweettalk me! Bah."

Senkyou sits back down on Dulacth, and pulls the small but very fine form of Azento out of her pocket for heeva to see. "His name is Azento, and he might let you stroke him." Glancing Kamari she says, "Thank you, I'm pretty happy with him, though all I need is another mouth to be feeding constantly." Lorena and Loyauth bring a grin to senks face, "I'm not sayin' anything it isn't my place." Dulacth rumbles and senk gives a large sigh, putting Azento back in her pocket, though he sticks his little head out. "I've got to go talk to an istan bronzerider, about my current situation." Motioning to her stomach, which is rounding out a bit in the front. Mounting Dulacth she waves to Kamari to the group before Dulacth launches and .
Disappointment clouds Heeva's face as the little bronze is put back into Senkyou's pocket before she can stroke him, but chirrups a greeting to him all the same, and smiles weakly at her. Then, not understanding the exchange between the others of the group, she waves to them and heads into the meadow.

Kamari watches Senkyou and Heeva depart, and turns to Lorena. "Your brown was quite careful catching that herdbeast; you two make a good team it seems." she says with a smile.

Lorena frowns between Senk and her dragon. Both seem unwilling to tell her. "Fine! I'll just have to talk to the shiney-riding-jerk myself." Croooon. Lorena takes a deep breath. "I know Lo… I don't mean it, but… sometimes he's just soo… urgh!" But Kamari catches her attention. "Hm? Oh… heh… thanks. Yeah. He's awesome. I dunno how I did anything without him anymore." The brown wuffs… in agreement? No… He spost another beasty and his eyes whirl as it lopes through the brush towards the meadow. "Hm? Oh!" She climbs up swiftly. "Sorry! We gotta run. Got another t' chase down. Nice meeting you!"

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