Breaking T'eo

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to north and south, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. North leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, wide and shallow but an impractical route to the road that can be seen following the coast beyond. Southwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for drgaons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. Westwards, dunes fade into scrub which swiftly gives way to thick forest, a wide path near the river leading back to the heart of Xanadu Weyr.

Xhonovith has now been allowed to go out and explore, and that was like releasing the greyhounds in a race after a rabbit. Seeming nearly everywhere at once, the blue goes from one end of the beach to the other, generally just having a good old time.

S'sev occasionally accompanies the blue whenever he gets close enough….ever try to keep up with a dragon who's…really big? S'sev grins at the blue.

Kilaueth is content to head for the water, the large dragon gently working her way deeper into the water, settling on a spot in the warm sun, where she floats calmly, ignoring the antics of the younger blue. Niva, meanwhile, takes short steps, accompanying a wobbling Vivian as the toddler takes uneven steps on the shifting sand, a wide brimmed bonnet pulled down over the girl's brown curls.

Branwynth backwings gracefully to the sand. Seems she and her rider came to check out the weyrlings, now that they've been let loose. The pair watches Xhonovith bounce back and forth, a slightly confused look on both of their faces. Surely that's Zoith's side he's exhibiting. Ell breack away from her dragon and heads for Niva, cooing over Vivian as she gets closer to the pair.

Raenth looks up from his sunning spot and rumbles irritably as the little blue dashes by him, eyes tinging pink. "Raenth." T'eo's deep voice booms from the water. The dragon's eyes receed in color and he lets his eyelids droop again. "Pest." he mutters. "No, only on a good day." His mumbling must mean he's talking to his dragon. As the golds' arrivals however both 'boys' look up. Raenth crooning to each of them and T'eo giving a wave. Yeah, like dragon, like rider.

Dark blue wings brings down yet another dragon pair, though from the look of M'iri's face, when it is visible, looks as if she wasnt expecting the crowd. "Are the fish biting that well.. ?" She mumbles, allowing Kieranth to land in a shaded spot and slide her way down his side. "What do you think-" She seemingly talks to her companion, but stops when her eyes befall upon the weyrlings out on the beach. "Ah, that explains it." The Weyrsecond is keeping to herself for the moment, watching those that might be nearby while Kieranth sets his muzzle close to M'iri, in his usual protectorate mode.

Siyamath is a little more cautious then Xhonovith, taking careful steps along the sand, and discovering each new sensation carefully, one at a time. What contrast to his lifemate, who comes skipping about in a frantic display of color delight. "Well how fantastic it is to be out here at last! Didn't you say just the other day how you hated being so cooped up in such dreadfully cramped quarters? Why, my dear you said it, you said the very thing!" As R'soe is saying this, he trips along the beach, picking wild flowers, and stowing shells carefully in his pockets. "I missed the beach!"

Xhonovith appears really excited that everyone's coming to the beach, although S'sev looks a bit overwhelmed and guilty looking. They're not doing anything wrong, are they? R'soe gets a grin, however. "Xhonovith hates being indoors all the time too…I've had a hard time keeping him in one place." he says as Xhonovith warbles exuberantly at all the other dragons, bounding over to Siyamath.

Vivian reaches unsteady hands out to Elia as the other goldrider approaches, lifting a pudgy chin to show a pink face. "Up Ewi?" A bit of a grin and Niva inclines her head to Elia, gaze drifting across the beach, taking a moment to identify the weyrlings, and then the others of Elia's clutch. "Certainly a nice enough day to be out here.. its got to be a treat for the weyrlings.." A bit of a grin, watching Kilaueth for a moment as the gold rumbles a mumbled greeting to each as they arrive.

Elia giggles and scoops up the toddler, cuddling her for a moment before nodding to Niva. "I'd imagine. Being cramped in those barracks so long. Besides, it gives us a good chance to see how they all turned out." And between the two, there's a hyper one and an overly cautious one. Bran calls out a greeting to Raenth before shuffling over to the two young blues, curious to see what they're up to.

T'eo prowls along in the water gazing deep withing it's depths for something. But what? Immediately it's proven 'what'. He darts downa nd retrieves a fish with his bare hands. A decent sized one too. Raenth couldn't care less. He's watching the ladies, ofcourse. Though his head had lolled back into the sand when he only got a small greeting from one. Poor guy.

M'iri hesitates for a moment longer as she leans against Kieranth, before pulling what looks like a crutch from the straps of the blue dragon. Further inspection reveals a casted up ankle. With a presicion of someone who has used the crutch for a few days, M'iri makes her way across the beach sands to the others. "So, they finally let the Weyrlings loose, eh? Nothing broken around here, yet.." She chuckles lightly, nodding to both goldriders and giving an instinctive grin towards Vivian. T'eo is watched for a moment as the fish is caught, before leaning in on her crutch and staring out to the water. "Enjoying the beach?" She finally calls out to the Weyrlings, a light blush across her cheeks belying her unnerved call.
R'soe grins, and flops down onto the sand. "Oh, Siyamath? Yeah, he enjoys the out doors, but, sometimes he's grumpy and hides…" Siyamath snorts, and flops down in dragonly simeration next to his lifemate. Thats alot of sand he's laying on. M'iri's question is answered with a single excited, "Ayup!"

You might have spoken too soon, M'iri, for there goes Xhonovith towards the shack on the beach. Curiously he rears up and tries to climb on top of it. It groans alarmingly, and S'sev dashes over. "HEY Xhono, don't break it!" Xhonovith rumbles amusedly, looking over at M'iri with as close to a devilish look as a dragon can get. "Not funny." S'sev says, putting his hands on his hips and grinning at the blue, though he eyes M'iri a little nervously. Nope, no breaking anything here.

Kilaueth shifts deeper in the lake as T'eo suddenly retrieves a fish, a large eye turning to regard him rather surprised. A loud snort and she shifts, resubmerging to her nostrils. In Elia's arms, Vivian turns the hug for a moment before squirming, turning around with her arms outstretched for Niva, despite her mom being rather distracted by everything else that's going on, though M'iri's crutch does catch her attention. "What /did/ you do to yourself? C'ian didn't tell me he was out a Weyrsecond.." The rider's gaze goes back to the weyrlings, even as she waits for an answer, perhaps.

Elia lets Vivian down, begrudgingly, and flops down in the sand next to the other goldie. She'll stay a good distance away from the rampaging blues, thanks. "Oh, nicely done M'iri. What happened?" Rumors must be slow in getting to her. Watching Xhonovith climb the fishing shack, Bran doesn't seem to be doing her gold duties, her attention stolen away by a sand critter at her feet. Facinating enough, it seems, to warrent the gold's full attention.

T'eo looks up at the gold and smirks. Yep. With the right amount of training any human could easily catch their own food. Granted T'eo doesn't plan on eating the fish. He lets it go and wades around in the water some more. He looks up as M'iri arrives and waves. Then notes the crutch and frowns. Raenth warbles curiously to Bran. What's she looking at?

What might have been a light blush has now become a full blown one, the color of M'iri's cheeks resembling something of a redfruit. "I- uh.." She grins and both goldriders sheepishly, trying to continue. "I attempted to ride one of the Beastcraft master's broncos. It did'nt end too well…" She is looking down, so doesnt see S'sev's blue, though Kieranth does, taking an amused glance and stepping up, walking over to where Xhonovith is perched. He snorts derisively. "I ended up shattering my ankle bones." M'iri continues, "I've already gotten a lecture from S'ver about it. Don't worry, I'll be good for duty soon!" The last notes seem a bit panicky as she tries to reassure, before landing into that akward silence again.
Siyamath is meanwhile flicking his tail back and forth, which sends sand up into the air around him. "Now then," R'soe says, piling up his confiscated shells. "No no no Siyamath, a beach is a place to relax, not work. You worry too much!" R'soe flips a hand, and stacks the shells up by color shape and size. Siyamath takes this as liscense to go running, and hence splashing, into the water. Dragon size waves crash onto the shore. SPLOOSH
…..uh oh. This shack is really shaky. Too shaky to try jumping off of. So…Xhonovith is stuck on the top, and he doesn't seem able to get down. Reminiscent of a kitten stuck up a tree. "Uh….Xhonovith, you ok up there? Can't you just try jumping off?" S'sev asks, looking about again.

Once she's down, Vivian hesitates on her way to Niva, despite the goldrider settling down in the sand. Giggling, she points at the pair of blues and the fishing shack. "Blue!" And the toddler is turning and looking at the various adults nearby for confirmation, adding again, "Blue!" Niv smiles and nods. "They are blue, honey.." A pause and she shakes her head slightly at M'iri, a bit of a grin still on her lips. "You're lucky you didn't break your neck, if you ask me.." No reprimand.. why should there be? As Siyamath bounds into the water, Kilaueth bobs, lifting herself up some with a deep rumble of protest before her attention is caught by the 'trapped' Xhonovith, as she gives a warning rumble. Silly blues. Trouble makers, they are.

Kieranth a large yellow bubble pops again and covers those listening in a mental splurge of blood. «Wherry brained, you got yourself up there, use whatever you have in your head left not jarred out of perportion and figure your own way down.»

Elia can't help but chuckle a little at M'iri's story, though she quickly stiffles it. "Well, it's good you're alright, and will live to stay on as our Weyrsecond." She leans over to tickles Vivian's tummy, agreeing, "Yep, blue. What about Bran? What's she?" she asks the toddler. The gold in question is still engrossed by the crawling thing, though she looks up briefly at Raenth. « It's a thing. » she states quite simply, and does what any curious child would do: eat it. A few crunches and it's gone, leaving Bran to wrinkle her nose, eyes whirling an alarming shade of red. « Nasty! » She tilts her head up to Xhonovith and rumbles. He'll find a way down, either jumping or falling.

Raenth looks repulsed and puffs a little. « Then why'd you eat it? » He ignores the blue, really. If he wrecks something so be it. So long as it's not something T'eo'll complain about. Meanwhile the sailor has dove under the water and swum out a ways.

Siyamath splashes about into the water, stomping and crashing through the water. « Its not blue at all! » sends the blue to every dragon nearby. « It merely looks it! But I am blue all the way through! » R'soe can't help but burst into giggling laughs at this, and he jumps up to go join his blue. "Siyalove you're so silly!" chortles the boy.

M'iri peeks up from her flushed face towards Niva and Elia, before giving a slight sigh and though still ducking her face, she doesnt come out so crimson skinned. "Yeah, it was pretty silly. Seemed fun at the time…" She tries to avoid the subject, watching Vivian and laughing when she points out the blues. "Yup, now just say Kie-ran-th, and you've got it perfect." She winks at Niva before Kieranth's conversation catches her attention and and she limps her way over to the shack, closer to where Kieranth is at. "You can't get him down, Kieranth?" «Why should I? Falling my teach the little bugger a lesson…» The blue snorts, looking over at the larger dragons in comparison to himself. "Bah, just see if you can.."

The roof of the shack suddenly caves in, and Xhonovith jumps off as he gets startled off. He lands on the ground, and hurriedly slinks off away from the shack. Nooo, he didn't break it! S'sev winces, looking over at the others. Uh oh….they're going to get in trouble now, aren't they?

Vivian giggles, nose wrinkling up as she squirms, thumping down in the sand, as she continues to giggle, point at the grossed-out gold. "Gowd." She sits for a minute, pondering it over before trying again. "Gol-de." Niva grins at it for a while, hiding her face in her hand for a long moment. Hey, at least its not her lifemate eating random sand-inhabitants. At least not this time. Said lifemate, however, apparently doesn't like the splashing of her grandson or alarmed reaction of her daughter, seeing as she trumpets loudly, attempting to spread her wings in protest, though she doesn't get too far being submerged as she is in the lake. Niva starts to scurry to her feet as the shack collapses, pausing as Xhonovith jumps off. "Suppose that's one way of handling it.." Man.. something like that needs a punishment, doesn't it?

Branwynth pouts at Raenth. How can he scold her? « 'Cause it was there. And it looked good. » She heads for the water at a slow waddle, as if cleaning her hide will get the taste out of her mouth. « I want a fish instead. » She starts fanning her wings, tossing water over her back and anyone else nearby. "Oh, very good Viv! Gold!" Any conversation is cut short by the sound of the shack collapsing, and the rider is quickly on her feet, taking in one wrecked shack and a guilty-looking Xhonovith. "Oh…" is all the quite manages to say, her dragon adding the rest, « You adle brained blue! Look what you did! »

Siyamath stops splashing, almost as in after thought, to peer at the crunched shed. « It was un rather unpleasant thing anyway…» the young blue sends sympathetically to Xhonovith. "They really should make those things studier," R'soe agrees, and dives down under the water for a swim. Yes, in his clothes. Whee!

Just as the shack collapses, M'iri makes a dive for Kieranth's side, where a wing is spread across her for protection. Kieranth, eyes whirling an annoyed red now, looks down at his feet and lifts one and then the other to remove to debre on his feet. Dust is still sifting about Kieranth as he holds still where he was before, just a little beaten from the collapse, with a check of M'iri who seems alright, the dark blue takes to glaring at Xhonovith. «You wher-faced dim glow! You could've hurt mine, if not yours, with your act of stupidity! Maybe I am wrong, maybe you were born with nothing inside your-» "Kieranth, stop." M'iri calls, ending her lifemate's colorful speech towards the dragonet, and Xhonovith's timing is horrible, for M'iri has picked up a few things from her Weyrmate. Crossing her arms as she stands up and leans against her crutch, now that Kiernath had folded back his wing, M'iri looks upon S'sev. "You should be able to control your dragons actions a little better then that, S'sev. We would not want to disappoint your Weyrlingmaster by showing that her training of you seems to be lacking…" S'ver's personality switches to her own again and M'iri blushes, moving back from the destroyed building. "But I know how it is.." She mumbles for only S'sev to hear, looking up at Kieranth for a second, then back at Niva and Elia to see what they plan on doing…

Xhonovith hunches down a little, looking quite miserable. « I just wanted to be taller. It seemed like a good idea at the time… » he says pathetically. S'sev hurries over, hugging the blue. He looks about, chewing on his lower lip anxiously. Uh oh, they've been bad…and here comes the DOOM. S'sev hangs his head too. "Sorry."

Niva scoops up Vivian as she gets to her feet, settling the toddler on her hip as she moves over towards the remains of the shack, Kilaueth exiting the water at just about the same pace which she entered, headed towards the gathering as well. Afterall, the best place for the girl to stay out of trouble is in her mom's possession, right? Eying M'iri for a long moment, to see if the Weyrsecond issues punishment, she was the one nearly injured again, afterall, she turns to glare back at S'sev and his offending lifemate. "S'sev. Xhonovith. I'm /very/ disappointed. You should have known better, I know what Kirilla teaches." Darn straight she does.

Siyamath stamps about in the water protestingly. « It was an accident! Its mean to make it seem like it was intentional! » R'soe stands up on the water, and puts his hands on his hips. "Accidents happen, but it _was_ an accident!" he turns a pout towards the adults. Urk! "Besides, that shack has looked quite stable for some time, it should have held Xhono, I'd say that shack was an accident waiting to happen all on its own." Going off at the mouth a bit. Siyamath puts his head between R'soe and the waters edge. « Hush. »

Elia has regained her voice, but she does seem slightly more amused by the whole situation than Niva. Maybe that's just a benefit of being a Junior: you can actually be amused and not have to dole out punishment. Besides, poor Xhonovith looks upset enough. However, she doesn't say anything quite yet, defering to Niva right now. Bran, on the other hand, is furious. She charges up the beach, nosing around the rubble that was the shack. « Ooooh, I liked this shack. It was so….ooohhh » she rumbles at the two blues, Siyamath just because his rider jumped to Xhonovith's defense.

T'eo comes up intime to be almost stepped on by Bran. "Erk!" He surface dives and swims out of the way. He resurfaces a little ways away to look at the shack and yelp! "What the….?! He swims quickly to the shore and dashes off towards the shack. Raenth opens one eye and sighs. Damn. He did care about it. The dragon gets up and lumbers after T'eo. He couldn't fix that thing on his own in just his shorts. He grabs up the sandals that rest beside him in his jaws and lumbers after his lifemate. Meanwhile T'eo hurries past the blue and S'sev, long dark hair having lost it's band a while back and whipping about in strange ropes. "Out. of. my. way." He commands to the weyrlings and Bran who'd bounded on ahead of him. Raenth trots dutifully behind, looking placid and tolerant.

«Hush, child! Or you shall find youself joined in punishment with your companion!» Kieranth rumbles, setting a whirling red eye on R'soe and his lifemate. M'iri also turns to look at R'soe for a moment, letting him finish what he says before speaking. "But, if it had not been for Xhonovith's lack og judgement, that shack would have remained in good state. Dragons weight more then you think, and though it might have been a little less stable, it was not made to hold a blue dragon's weight, no matter how small he is." One hand is attached to Kieranth's shoulder, as if leaning against her mount will give her strength, she turns eyes at S'sev. "Since Niva is present, I will let her place the punishment upon you…." The ending note looks suggestive to Niva, the Weyrsecond looking to her for the moment. She's having a time holding onto Kieranth's tongue as it is, and if it were not for the bronze and two golds present, Kieranth would not hold his tongue back so easily. He just continues to glare balefully down upon the two blues. T'eo is given a look as he runs up, M'iri's brows furrowed.

Niva shifts Vivian to the other hip as her hazel glare turns to R'soe. "An accident, you say? I'm sorry, but to me, that looked about as much of an accident as eggs hatching on the sands." The charging gold of Elia's, and the charging bronzerider that is T'eo cause her to pause momentarily, staying quiet as Kilaueth rumbles warningly to Siyamath and Xhonovith, spreading her wings and crouching, certainly not pleased by the activities of the weyrlings. Inclining her head slightly to M'iri, she turns to glare at the weyrlings. "Luckily for you, you're both still weyrlings, otherwise I'd certainly make sure you were back in Kirilla's wing immediately. Instead, though, seeing as you were responsible for the destruction of an otherwise sound building, and then the defense of your actions, you're going to replace the building. Just the two of you, with the help of your lifemates. And, since the building was so dear to T'eo, I leave it to him to draw the designs for its replacement, which the two of you will follow. And, since our dear weyrsecond M'iri is rather unable to perform her regular duties, she can supervise the pair of you. Since you will be spending all of your free time from now until when it is finished building a fishing shack." Finishing, she glances to the other full riders for their approval, patting Vivian gently on the back as the toddler burrows her face in Niva's neck.

S'sev clings a little to Xhonovith, gulping as they both get charged, first by a gold, then by a T'eo. They both seem a tiny bit scared by all this, though R'soe gets a grateful look for supporting him. At Niva's announcement of his punishment, he gulps and nods. "Yes Ma'am." he says in a small voice.

Elia nods her agreement at Niva's idea. "Sounds like a fine idea." Her attention turns to the two weyrling, giving them a smile, "I'd say you both got off rather easily for destroying weyr property. I give you points for style though." she adds , teasingly. Bran seems satisfied as well, sitting back on her haunches and snorting. « It'll do. It'd best be one amazing new building though, or I'll hunt you down myself. » Attention span depleated, she shuffles about in sand, looking for anything interesting.

R'soe jumps out of the water, practically crawling along the sand, to stand next to S'sev. "Then I will ma'am," he says to M'iri, and claps a hand around S'sev's wrist. « And I'll help too! » Sends Siyamath with an excited squeak. He WANTS to do work.

M'iri turns a shocked look upon Niva for a second as she hears that she will be watching the hooligans, but with a gulp, she turns back to the Weyrlings and nods. "I'll keep a good eye on you, too. So don't do anything too silly." Please. Her hand lifts from Kieranth and she leans on her crutch again, looking at the destruction. "What do you say, cleanup starts at day break?" She peeks over at Niva but tries to keep her athorative voice. "That should give you enough time to get it all picked up and ready for T'eo's plans. The bronzerider is given a look again to see how this works for him aswell, kicking a chunk of wood away from her uninjured foot as she does so. «Ha, my little pets. I will make sure you have fun…» Sarcasm as usual, dripping from the silent threat of Kieranth's deep voice.

B'relle walks into the beach, from the Weyrling Beach.
B'relle has arrived.
Gwynaleth lumbers into the beach, from the Weyrling Beach.
Gwynaleth has arrived.

Niva arches at eyebrow at the pair of blue weyrlings, gaze going to her fellow riders as the punishment is taken rather calmly. Sighing slightly, she turns to look at T'eo first. "You think you can come up with those plans in the next day or two? Do whatever you want, it meant more to you then to the rest of us, it seems.." And without really waiting for an answer, she glances over to M'iri, waiting for agreement from the elder bluerider. "Well then. You two will, as M'iri said, start cleaning up at day break, and once its cleared, and the plans done, you'll start. I'm going to tell Kirilla and C'ian, and take Vivi back so she doesn't get into any trouble with this mess you made." Can you tell she's not really happy? The toddler pouts some as Niva turns and heads back towards the main weyr, waving chubby fingers and blowing a kiss at the group, murmuring a 'byebye' as Niva carts her off, Kilaueth rumbling another warning to the weyrlings before stalking off after her rider.

Branwynth has completely wandered off in thought, pawing about in the sand before she looks up and whines, « El…I'm hungry. And I need to get that taste out of my mouth from that sand thing. » After her rider ignores her, her protests become more whining, « Ellllllll…» "Oh, alright!" the goldrider finally mutters, trudging over to the gold's side and swinging up between the two ridges. "We'll be back to check on it in a few days. Good luck guys!" she giggles as the gold kicks off into the sky.

S'sev looks over to T'eo, and sighs. Aww, did Xhonovith break T'eo's house? R'soe grabbing his wrist gets a smile from S'sev. "Thanks." he says gratefully to him. A look over to the shack, and he winces again. Xhonovith is rather off-color right now in remorse, though S'sev seems to constantly reassure him, so he perks up a little.

B'relle gasps in astonishment at the rubble as she rushes over to the beach with Gwyna gliding above her. "Gwyna said something happened. What? Is every one all right?" Suddenly noticing she's still holding her embroidery, she quickly shoves the small white and brown cloth in her pocket. "Ow!" she yells as the needle stabs her. "How did it happen?"

Siyamath gives a snort. « I don't like her…» he sends to Xhonovith in a snort. « Nope not at all…» Obviously, he means the gold that just left. R'soe rolls his eyes. "You don't like anyone pet…" « Course I do…I like you…» The blue nuzzles his rider, then rumbles reassuringly at Xhono. "Oh, big bully. Unless T'eo is going to plan a big fort for _fishing_ in, this shouldn't take too long. Besides, with two of use it'll go faster. And we'll be out here on the beach, enjoying the sunshine…" this is a source of immense pleasure for Siyamath, who rolls in the sand rumbling and purring like a feline. "Silly," then R'soe smiles, and squeezes the wrist reassuringly. "Its not any trouble…People are more important than buildings…" he says in a no-room-for-arguments tone.

House? Are you kidding? Does it look like a Bronze would fit in there? T'eo nods absently to M'iri and Niva before she leaves then starts on in again to take a look at the damage and how much can be salvaged. He kicks around some wood, ignoring the cuts that gives him on his toes. He inches along to the bait barrels, one completely smashed with fisheggs everywhere. The scent of roe fills that whole side of teh shack, reaching out from there quickly. Raenth sticks his head it, scents the air then pulls it out repulsed.

M'iri watches as the two goldriders make there exits and she grins reassuringly at S'sev. "Atleast you get to wait until tomarrow, right..?" She notices the color of Xhonivith and nods towards the creature, leaning with a bit of a sag on Kieranth, bringing the ache standing has caused off of her casted ankle. At the sound of rushing feet, M'iri turns her head to see B'relle, shock written on the green weyrling's face evident to M'iri as she looks. "Xhonovith thought the fishing shack would make a great perch." And well, the rest is kinda obvious. Kieranth snorts a little, watching the little blue and somehow taking pleasure from his suffering. «How could you do this… So clumsy for such a blue dragon as yourself. Where is your honor for your kind..?» M'iri isnt catching this, but nodding lightly to R'soe, and clucking her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "Will be good practice for the two of you aswell with cooperating with your lifemates, as the stuff will probably be loaded onto them and dumped somewhere…" She hrms a bit and watches T'eo for his reaction, though she is eying the fish bait he is infront of, the smells not having reached her nostrils yet.

S'sev frowns at Kieranth. "Sheesh, you don't need to yell at him so much. You're making him all sad!" he says a little indignantly, rubbing Xhonovith's side reassuringly. He wrinkles his nose at the smell, then nods at R'soe. "Yeah…maybe we can even make it into a game or something. I've never built anything with wood before." he says.

B'relle sighs with relief and glances at Gwyna. The green croons appologetically and scolds her brothers. «How dare you scare me like that! And my B'relle too. You could have told me what the noise was when I asked!» B'relle's cheeks color red as she covers her mouth with a smirk. She recovers quickly and mutters. "Gwyna, not now." Then speaking to all. "I'm glad no one was hurt. When Gwyna told me what she'd heard and that Xhono wouldn't answer her I got scared."

Siyamath jumps between Xhonovith and the other blue dragon. « You leave him alone! » R'soe hastens to rush after Siyamath and reassure him. "Quiet now Siyamath, c'mon, lets go help T'eo…" he turns back towards S'sev, and hence, Xhonovith. "And its all right, Xhonovith, its an honest mistake. I've seen men sit on chairs they think will hold their weight, and end up on the floor surprised at it breaking underneath them…" he scratches his chin. "Its hard to tell how much something will stand up to…that tiny shack was hazzard waiting to happen. Somebody would have sat in there, and unknowingly a flock of wherries lands and POOM! Flat as pancakes…" he nods, ayup!

T'eo skirts the roe and approaches the tackle truck. A large plank holding it closed. He reaches to move it and Raenth's mind goes off like an alarm. "It'll be fine Raenth." He lifts the plank. The rest of teh roof comes down. « T'EO! »

M'iri blushes in final realization that Kieranth is still scolding the younger blue, and she slaps him on the shoulder. "Enough, now keep quiet before I make you help them, you blue lump." She tells her own lifemate with a blush, before looking over at S'sev. "Forgive Kieranth, he doesnt know how to hold his tongue properly. He's quite-" She doesnt finish the sentance before Kieranth bugals an alarm at Raenth's own sound of alarm, causing M'iri to jump forward and almost land on her broken foot. "S'sev, R'soe, help T'eo, now!" She says in a commanding voice, feeling a little lacking in help herself as her crutch stops her from making swift movement over the rubble. And with a swing of Kieranth's tail, he keeps her from doing so. «You don't need to add anymore injuries to yourself, master.» The blue rumbles at the Weyrlings to emphasize his lifemate's command, M'iri grumbling as she peeks over the dark blue tail. "T'eo! T'eo, are you alright!" She calls, jumping on her one good foot to be able to see, a humurous act for the Weyrsecond, if it wasnt for the seriousness of the situation.

B'relle screams. "T'eo!" Her brown eyes lose focus for a minute as she takes a few steps back. With a run she mounts, just barely making it up on to the green's neck. "I'll get the weyrhealer since I can't be much help lifting." She yells as she grabs tight to the rige in front of her. Gwyna takes off carefully since her rider doesn't have straps, then glides over towards the clearing.

S'sev squeaks a little in surprise as he hears the rest of the building collapse…with a T'eo inside?! Dashing over, S'sev looks at a loss at what to do. "Are you ok?! Are you breathing? Alive? Conscious? Bleeding? Can you hear me?" Tug at some of the planks. Xhonovith seems even more depressed at this….he's all to blame! Uttering a small, pathetic croon, he lays his head flat on the ground and closes his eyes, all hunched in on himself. This causes S'sev to pause, looking anxiously from the trapped T'eo to Xhonovith.

R'soe squeaks in fright, and spins around frantically. "Ah ah!" he spins, and then falls on the ground, planting his face in the dirt. Siyamath lifts him up and shoves him in the direction of the collapsed shack. "What do I do what do I do?"

Raenth fusses around like a worried mother gold, creeling and crooning in an agitated fashion. T'eo wasn't responding to his calls. « T'eo? T'eo! » He snarls at the blue. « Don't sit around and mope. Help. » Raenth reaches out and noses his shiney copper head into the rubble carefully scouting for signs of a body and bracing himself against the scent of dead fish and eggs, since the other two barrels of fish parts had opened with the impact. « T'eo? You there! Weyrling! » He projects to S'sev. « Look in there. Don't touch anything but see if you can see any part of him! »

B'relle returns with Weyrhealer J'roy seated on Gwyna as well. The dragon glides to a gentle landing that nonetheless causes B'relle to slip sharply to one side. She pulls herself straight with the hand still holding the neck ridge and slides down the side of the green's neck only moments after the Healer. She glances around at the lack of progress made and Xhono moping. «XHONO!! Get up!! Use your talons! You're strong enough to Lift them! Siyamath as soon as he moves a piece you get in and grab the next!» B'relle rushes forward and shoves her shoulder under the end of one plank. Lifting it as much as she can for the dragon to grab.

M'iri grumbles at the uselessness of Weyrlings, trying to see over the tail of her lifemate. Seeing her frustration, Kieranth finally takes inititive, rumbling at Raenth. «Help them. Pick up planks, lightly in your teeth. Don't crush them.» And with that the darkened blue muzzle fastens onto a larger plank near where T'eo was last seen, avoiding B'relle so she may work. «If you love your lifemate, move it, you dumb bronze!» And M'iri is looking over to where the healers have come in, keeping an eye on the two male weyrlings, aswell. "Good of her to fetch you. S'sev, R'soe, get your acts together for Faranth's sake!" She's moved out of shy mode for the moment during the panic, watching as Kieranth carefully removes a plank from the debre.

J'roy quickly lifts the strap of the first aid bag back over his head and sets it on the ground beside him. He opens it and grabs a small mostly clean plank from the edge of the rubble. He spreads a cloth on the board and then put bandages on the cloth. He sees a dragon taking a long wide plank away and cries. "Who's ever dragon that is, tell it to bring me the plank. We may need to support T'eo on it. Spine injury is possible."

S'sev bites his lip and tugs at the board again, looking over at the blue dragon. "Come on Xhonovith, I need your help!" he says. The young blue dragon rumbles a little again, but he does get up and head over, grabbing the board in his teeth and lifting it up and away. "I think I see him!" S'sev exclaims. "It looks like he just got hit on the head, he's unconscious." he says.

Siyamath is frantic now, helping the other dragon to remove planks slowly. R'soe starts to cry! He's sobbing and sobbing, and twisting his hands in his shirt. "T'eo! Oh T'eo!"

What was that smell? Did he fall asleep in the kitchen galley again? T'eo opens his amber eyes slowly to see a series of little pink spheres. Fish eggs. Ew. And he was lying right in a bunch of them. That's just… nasty. Repulsed he tries to get up. That's futile however. Something heavy weighs him down rather painfully. But that's nothing compare to the sting that lances through his head and makes him woozy. « T'eo! » Raenth detects the consciousness of his lifemate. Raenth? « Yes. It's me I'm here. We're trying to get you out. » Out? Of where? It starts to come back however. Fishing shack, Xhono, smashed, tackle trunk… yeah. Good job T'eo. But he starts to feel very leadened and tired. Hurry Raenth. « Okay, best buddy. » Raenth trumpets. « He's awake! He wants us to hurry. » A duh factor, yes, but the bronze it too agitated to care.

B'relle lets a dragon take one more plank before leaving it to the stronger guys now that they have snapped out of their panic. She squats down my the opening and examines T'eo as best as she can. She sees his eyes flutter open and waves to J'roy with one hand. "T'eo. T'eo, talk to me. How do you feel? Where do you hurt? A healer is her. We'll get you out soon."

Kieranth whirls an eye at the healer for a moment before depositing the board near him, and continuing the process. "Dig, Kie!" M'iri cries, looking up at Raenth for a moment as she looks over Kieranth's tail like a child in a playpen. "Will you help already and quit standing there?" She points, talking to the bronze dragon before directing spots for the planks to be put by Kieranth. "Well, atleast he's up again, could've been a little worse.." But then again, she doesnt know the extent of his injuries.. At a silent scold she quites hoping on her feet, hindering Kieranth for just a second before she watches. Kieranth sends out a silent inquery to T'eo. «Don't move.» And then he is silent, lifting a short stubby board just past B'relle's head.

S'sev tugs at another plank, the one that's lying on top of T'eo, and Xhonovith grabs that one too, carful of the people present. "Oooh, T'eo, are you alive? Don't die on us now!!" S'sev says anxiously. « Is he okay? Ooooh, this is all my fault! » Xhonovith wails, clearly audible to everyone present.

R'soe just stands there for the moment with his fingers in his mouth. He's not a good crisis person, thats for certain. Siyamath does his own duty, clearing away the planks still left. At least the areas been cleared!

T'eo strains to try and see B'relle who must have joined while he'd been inspecting the shack. But it's too much strain. He's not at the right angle. In answer to the questions: "Like crap, all over, paticularly my head, Yes I can hear you and yes Sev… I'm alive." Tired his eyes droop, head throbbing. Raenth starts power lifting those boards. « T'eo. Stay awake. Stay with us. » It's hard. « Please. »

J'roy sees the board being deposited out of the corner of his eye and points first at B'relle then the board then the ground near him, to indicate she should bring it over to him. "T'eo!" J'roy shouts. "You need to stay awake. I know it's hard talk to me. Tell me about your impression. As much as you remember." B'relle drags the plank over and lays it near j'roy, who puts a hand on it to insure it is as strong as he thought. He then nods sharply while listening to T'eo.

Kieranth starts moving at the speed Raenth is, or atleast trying to, his size making him a little slower then his bigger brother. At Raenth's insistance, unlike the usual Kieranth, the blue starts to encourage the rider, in his own fashion. «Don't be weak! Are you weak? Stay away you fool! Don't sleep!» They are getting closer to lifting the last board off, very close. M'iri is silent with the inner tension, watching silently now as the others look over into where T'eo is at. "Hey, that stinks, doesnt it?" M'iri smells it now. "You wanna go to sleep in that stuff? Comeon T'eo, we know you can do it…" She mumbles off, biting her lip before she scoots out from behind Kie's tail, scooting herself slowly to where T'eo is. "Hey boy-o, you'll be alright.." She speaks softly, wincing at where he is at, steadying her crutch on a secure spot. "If you can survive being Weyrleader, you can surely survive this." She chuckles nerviously, trying to keep talking, something for T'eo to concentrate on… but as the healer talks, she quiets down into her shiness again, watching with immence worry upon her face.

S'sev dances to the side, really worried. "come on, don't go to sleep! Your dragon's all worried for you! I'm really, really, /really/ sorry about all of this! We both are!" Aww, poor guy.

Impression? T'eo thinks hard which causes his head to hurt. "It was my second time on the sands. L'alie was there. I stayed beside her…" He tries to remember details. But he'd rather just remember L'alie and forget impression details. L'alie. he hadn't seen her in a long time. Kieranth's mind voice breaks in. "I'm not weak." He mutters, sounding a little delerious if no one kne the blue was talking to him. Then M'iri's voice. He tried to focus on the words she's saying but some of them don't register well. He goes back to thinking about L'alie and the impression. And Raenth. "Raenth…" He mutters. « T'eo… T'eo… think about L'alie. About teasing her… Shards, think about Adie if you need too… bright pink cushions! » That keeps T'eo's attention.

"Talk T'eo. It'll help you stay awake. You need to stay awake. About anything, just talk." J'roy says sharply, as he lays one hand on the injured man's shoulder. "Tell me where it hurts if that's all you can focus on. B'relle, bring the board with the bandages here too! T'eo, what day is it. Do you know?"
Long distance to L'alie: T'eo snugs. thought you'd given up on the poor Toe

B'relle brings the board carefully, not touching any of the bandages. Once she sets it down beside the Healer, she stands and wait for the next order. She's too weak to help with anymore planks, and the experts have taken over directing, so she just stands and waits.

"L'alie!" M'iri clasps onto that single name like a lifeforce, bending down at him. "I remember when that woman tried to deshort you while you were swimming! And- Make you her Weyrmate…" She can't remember if they ever did… But she continues to talk about L'alie with an inner desperation, forgettting about the pain in her injured foot for the moment. She leans down as she can, slowly, but surely. "Remember her? Think of her. When she painted Kieranth's nails." And Kieranth gorlws angrily in rememberance, lifting a few more boards, just a few more.

S'sev inches forward into the demolished building, despite Xhonovith's extreme reluctance for him to do so. « You sure you should go in there, S'sev? You might get hurt too, and that would be my fault too! » the young blue says plaintively.

T'eo manages a weak smile at some of the memories M'iri generates. He gives a small laugh at some of them and Raenth's spirits soar. The bronze creels to the healer and B'relle as he and Kieranth remove some of the last boards. The sensation of relief from a paticularly heave series of boards causes T'eo to take a deep shuddering breath. He looks like he's been beaten with sticks. Many. Sharp pointy ones too. Part of the disadvantage to being shirtless. Blood has made a nice stream down his neck amidst his hair and among the fish roe.

There's a snap, and a crackle, and then a really loud shreiking noise. Wait, shreiking? Dragons don't shreik. Umm.. well. Some do. Like Adie. A very upset Adie would shreik most mightily. As the poor distraught brown is doing now. Creamy wings stretch out full as the dragon spirals down from the frosty passage between. He takes one pass over the beach before coming back for a landing, barely touching the ground before his rider tumbles into the sand.

M'iri gives a cheer and tumbles onto her injured side when the last boards are removed, Kieranth giving a happy bugal- that is short lived. He is Kieranth, afterall. As M'iri crawls over to where T'eo is she lets out a paniced squeak, the healer J'roy not far behind her. "H-he definately needs help." She states to the healer, in a dumb found way, before moving back and looking to the Weyrlings. "He going to need help moving T'eo. When he says, help him do it." She commands, moving back to Kieranth in a hobble kind of fashion, after having dropped her crutch a little too far away. «Will you quit moving, there is enough damage done here without doing yourself in, master!» Kieranth croons soothingly, for both M'iri and everyone else's sake.

J'roy is not hesitant at all, and at the sight off the blood, immediately checks the wound. "Definately a concussion.." Scurrying back to his supplies, he brings out the bandages to apply to the wounds on T'eo. "Now don't move, dragonrider. You have a serious concussion and doing so will make you very dizzy…" As he talks, his swift fingers work to wrap the wound on his neck. "Might even be a broken neck, hrm…" This is mumbled softly before S'sev and his fellows are looked upon. "Bring that wide board over here. I'll need your help moving him." He takes command of the situation.

Oh good, another adult is here. "Hey, um…I don't know what to do." S'sev says to the newly arrived L'alie. And she doesn't have a messed up leg, either. Xhonovith quietly watches the shrieking brown arrive, looking back and forth. As the healer talks, S'sev looks over again and nods, going over to the board and picking up one end. "All right." B'relle had gone off somewhere, R'soe had gone to get Niva or someone, so S'sev is the only one there.

L'alie scrabbles to her feet and takes one look around. To her credit, she doesn't panic.. yet. "Adinaeth said there was an accident." She says as she gets near the site of the demolished shack. She doesn't notice T'eo just yet, but still her voice is tight with worry. The urgency in Adinaeth's message and the fact that he insisted that she come back to Xanadu in such a hurry, something definitely is not right. She looks down at S'sev and replies, "Then you shouldn't do anything until someone tells you to do something."

T'eo obeys but a familiar voice like out of one of his memories drifts towards his thudding ears. "L'alie?" He mutters. Raenth croons to L'alie. « Alie! It's T'eo! T'eo. She's here… i called Adie… she's here now. » T'eo doesn't move but he wakes up a bit more at this and strains with his eyes to see. But to no avail.

M'iri is staying perched against Kieranth now, watching the scene, until the boom of Kie's voice echoes out. «YOU! You wherry-face, wher wrinkled-» "Kieranth, shutup." M'iri remarks, turning to see what he is fussing about when she spots L'alie coming in. "L'alie! You here! Yes!" Bouncebounce. «Quit bouncing!» And the Weyrsecond is over in that direction. "Wanna help S'sev here get the board for the healer, I would, but.." She gives a little blush and frown, pointing down at her casted up ankle. "We need to hurry.." She leans against Kieranth again, growling. "Hurry!"

J'roy is looking over at the three for a moment before a swoosh of one of his hands indicate for them to bring the board. "She's here, yes. She's comign this way, don't worry." Each bandage is checked with a swiftness, though T'eo's eyes have not been looked upon. Serious injuries first, until they can get him into the Infirmary. "Hold on, we're hurrying." He mumbles, before turning back. "When you get over here, I'll need you two to lift from the torso and his legs, try to do so with as little wobbling as possible so we can get him on the board." His look is becoming a little immpatient.

S'sev looks from T'eo to L'alie. "You must be good friends then, that's good. He needs all the help he can get!" he says, dragging the board over. But he's rather young and scrawny, so he can't really handle it all by himself.

L'alie's head snaps that way. "T'eo?" she squeaks. And then the alarm bells sound. "T'eo?!" Oh, we're walking. Yes we are, very quickly. That's her T'eo under there. Okay, sure, yeah, they fought and she got mad at him, and so she avoided him and they didn't really talk for awhile there, but, that doesn't mean he deserves to be squashed like a bathmat! She walks towards the bronzerider about as fast as a person can walk without running and then stops dead. "Matt…" She stares at M'iri blankly for just a second and then swallows, "What.. happened?" But.. gotta.. take care of him. So L'alie sorta detatches her mind from just who it is who's all battered and bruised and beat up, and helps S'sev handle hte board. "He's my weyrmate." She tells the weyrling quietly.

T'eo winces as he's moved, the pain waking him up decently now that he's no longer loosing that much blood. Raenth turns to L'alie and croons. « I told him not to touch it, but he didn't listen. And the whole roof caved in on him. The blue broke the roof originally. » T'eo listens, more preoccupied with where they're moving him, seeing as vereything except his legs are arms hurt. Funny… Usually it's the other way around.

«Not me.» Kieranth hastily adds. «Like I would be dim-glowed enough to do that. It was the smaller one.» Kieranth mentally indicates Xhonovith, but says no more when M'iri thuds him in his ribs, lightly ofcoarse. "It's okay, L'alie. I'll catch you up later…" She is concentrating on what the healer and the others are doing for now, pulling nerviously on her Weyrsecond knot. 'Careful now.." Like she really needs to say that, Kieranth twitching his tail in showing M'iri's nervousness.

And there people go accusing again. « I /said/ I was sorry! » Xhonovith replies, slumping again. "Weyrmate? That's good, then you're really good friends then." S'sev says, going over to T'eo and opting to lift his legs because his body looks a lot heavier. This might make all the blood go to his head, which most likely would cause him to pass out or something.

J'roy croons with encouragement as they lift T'eo… and then catches S'sev lifting the bronzerider's legs too high. "No, no!" He scolds, looking over at T'eo as he tries to opt lifting his torso to counteract.. but was he fast enough. "Dear Faranth, boy, did you not listen?!" The healer scolds, before opting for a diffrent approoch. "Your alright, lets just hurry and get him to the infirmary. I can't do a complete check here…" He looks up at T'eo to see how he is…

L'alie is a strong lass, but this is just cruel. Shouldn't she be, uh.. crying.. or something.. over there? She watched the bronzerider's face and bites her lower lip. "When will you learn, you sharding idiot?" Yup, if she can't cry, she's going to be pissed. It looks worse than it is, promise? Over that way a little more His Pinkness is wearing ruts in the sand pacing. « I really, like, don't like this. »

T'eo's eyes droop. He tries hard to grab onto L'alie's or Raenth's words but grabbing consciousness was like trying to get a bar of soap in a bathtub. And T'eo didn't have the energy to try any longer. « He… he's gone… he's asleep again! » The bronze moans, head drooping.

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