A Gathering in the Meadow

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

It's a beautiful Xanadu afternoon, Rukbat is high in the sky and shining down warm beams of light that illuminate the area nicely. The long grasses have been mowed back from the recent rains, making the area flat and pleasant. Delenn has spread out a blanket for he and his younger brother Ryski. The older of the boys is sitting neatly reading a leather bound novel, though he pauses once in a while to peek up and over at his sibling. Keeping an eye on him would be a good guess.

Ryski is sitting in the dirt. Because, of course, blankets are for silly people. Or maybe just older people, who actually care about getting dirty. He, however, is not one of those people. Settled on bent legs, with likely rather dirty knees, the boy has plucked a few stalks of grass in one hand, the other rummaging about through the dirt below, only to come up with a..crawler? Yes, it's a rather wriggly thing, which he seems quite satisfied with. Which is probably why it gets dumped in a nearby jar.

What was that about 'older people who care about getting dirty'? For Chaitra pops up from the direction that a spread of trees is located, mud from the recent rains smudged on the knees of his (thank Faranth) brown pants and across some of his arms. Don't ask how it got /there/. However, the older youth stands up at this point, exiting the forest into the clearing with a hunter's wariness as he peers around, silver eyes noting the pair of brothers. Blink.

If the day is windless, it doesn't stay so— or at least, not when the bulky form of Kieranth passes from above. He's a bit low to the ground, but high enough to be a good hundred feet. Passing over the woods, and the meadow itself, the blue dragon lands with well enough grace close to the Weyr, presumably near the opening of his own weyr. Limberly sliding from him is M'iri, who suddenly turns once she's on the ground and looks to the two out in the meadow. "Sorry!" She calls, wincing a little in hopes that she didn't mess up their setup too much. She hasn't spotted Chaitra yet, at all, but with Kieranth radar in her head, it would be hard for the bluerider not to know. Adjusting the pack with her laptop on her back, the Wingleader walks over to the two, smiling a little in her tentive shyness. "It's nice to have a sunny day for once, after weeks of rains, eh?"

Delenn is one of those older folk that minds getting dirty, of course considering his attire that could scarcely be unobvious. The older of the brothers crinkles his nose at the younger's crawler collecting, shifting uncomfortably at the boyish task, a light shake of his head at the concentration present on Ryski's young visage. Rather than voice his opinion on the matter, the nanny forces his returned attention to the book before him and gingerly turns the page. Unable to see Chaitra lurking hunter-like on the fringe of the forest, Delenn turns up his face to greet M'iri, offering the bluerider a brilliant smile. "Indeed it is," he returns warm and cheerful, "Would you care to share my blanket, rider? It would appear my younger brother is more interested in dirt and things that crawl in it."

Ryski ducks a little at the sudden pickup of wing-caused wind, hurriedly tucking his jar into his arms for safekeeping. It has /critters/ in it, after all. They're important for..well, some reason or another. Still, he does look over, sending a dirty look in Delenn's direction. "What? There's nothin' wrong with it? /LOOK/." Indeed, he holds that jar up, which has quite a few crawlers nestled inside of it. Though of course, it's also shown toward M'iri as well, given that the rider is there. "All the rain brought them out. I'm gonna collect them. And feed 'em. ..Uh..what do they eat?" Though, after a moment, the boy seems to lose interest, instead looking toward Chaitra as the man emerges. "Hey! Hey you…person-guy. What do crawlers eat?" Because..naturally, a dirty man would be more likely to have such an answer.

"Eh'll have to agree with ya." Chaitra speaks up from the edge of the trees, trying to brush off his knees and well … failing. Wet dirt, leaves and moss stay attached to his pants. As he looks up from staring at his knees, there's a faint frown on his face. "Easier to see, af'erall." The boy-man shoves a strand of bangs out of his eyes, purely from habit. It takes a few moments however to realize that the youngest of the gathering is shouting in his direction. Chai blinks and crosses the clearing, crouching easily down next to the kid like he was inspecting something - which he is: the jar. "Bugs." He says aburbtly at first. "All sortsa lil bugs. Eh'd stick some grass 'r some'hing in there." .. Naawww, he wasn't brought up in the country at all…

M'iri seems to contemplate Delenn's offer for a moment, before suddenly turning her head about and finding Kieranth following her. "Hrm, I think I'll be alright, lean against my big lug here. Gotta make sure he's useful for something." Kieranth snorts from behind her and M'iri outright laughs, patting the blue's shoulder as she leans against it, Kieranth getting comfortable in a laying position. As the jar is brought up for her inspection, Kieranth turns a whirling blue eye to it, as well. "Hrm, a crawler. Add a little dirt in with it and a few rocks, I'm sure it'll feel plenty at home." She addresses Ryski, smiling a little before she hears Chaitra, and seeks his voice out in the meadow. "Your probably right, bugs… Or grass. Put both in, I'm sure your pet there will show you which he finds more appealing." Chai is given a nod, "Did they ever give you a place to stay here? I never got the chance to ask…"

Hmming softly, Delenn nods his head to M'iri, not seeming bothered by her decline of his invitation, nor by the look Ryski gives him. Inclining his head, he observes the arrival of the dirty young man that had been hovering just on the outskirts, but soon his eyes fall to the pages of his book. He isn't trying to be rude, but it might be guessed that the topic of crawlers and what they may or may not eat is lost on the nanny. He seems at ease however, not disturbed by the sudden influx of people to his quiet corner of the meadow, nor at the blue dragon a small ways from where he sits. He's quite comfortable to be quiet, read, and eavesdrop for the moment.

Ryski does seem to consider the information he's being given, looking firstly at Chaitra, and then back to M'iri again. "Grass 'n dirt 'n bugs, huh?" Well..he can manage that. At least the grass and dirt part of things, since a handful is abruptly taken and dumped into the jar. "Bugs are kinda harder, I guess." Though he doesn't look quite discouraged by such a thing. He'll find a way! Or..the crawler will shrivel up and die of starvation. He pats the lid of the jar though, giving a small sniff as he leans to set it on the corner of the blanket, and then just looks at the rider..and the dirty guy. "I'm Ryski."

Chaitra grins kindly at the kid, staying in his crouched position and just … staying there. Like it doesn't hurt at all. Because obviously it doesn't. Yay being agile. "T'get bugs, jus' pick up some leaves 'nd plants 'nd stuff, kiddo." He supplies with that ready and friendly smile. He doesn't seem to be entirely shy. "Jus' make sure not t'give the guy a home while he's /in/ th'jar." He tacks on with a chuckle before he looks up at M'iri. A blank look comes across his face for a moment or two before that clears with an "Ah!" And finally he straightens up with ease, still standing by Ryski. "Yessum, Eh did. Found m'self a cot in th'dorms." Aauuugh! Too many conversations! "Chaitra's m'name, kiddo. Chai, if its easier."

M'iri winces a little as dirt and grass are poured into the jar on top of the crawler. But Miir doesn't say anything, nooo… Poor crawler's funeral. "M'iri. And this is Kieranth." She juts a thumb to her blue, before suddenly pulling the straps of her pack off of her arms and placing it back up onto her riding straps. Folding her arms easily, she peers at Delenn a moment before nodding at his book, "What're you reading, if I may be so curious?" She arches a brow a little, since she can't see if the covered is labelled or not, before turning back to the conversation with Chaitra. His long pause makes the Wingleader frown a little, but she shrugs it off… Maybe her face is just not that memorable. "S'good to here, then. Liking Xanadu and it's 'openness' a little more? Definately plenty of wildlife around us to trek through."

A moment spared to Ryski, merely to glance at the boy to ensure that he is behaving himself despite the conversation he might be having with Chaitra, Delenn does not return to his book but instead to M'iri his startling green eyes go, his warm friendly smile in place as he regards the bluerider. "Just some pretty poetry today. I had been engrossed with a novel but I wanted to reserve that for when I didn't have to worry about being suddenly distracted." he muses, then flicking his gaze to his sibling tenderly before again his attention is returned to M'iri.

Ryski stiffens just a little bit suddenly, turning a rather sour look up at Chaitra. "I'm almost /twelve/. I'm not a kid." He is a /man!/ A small man..that plays in the dirt and catches small critters. There's another small sniff then, rubbing the back of his arm against his nose before he tips his head toward M'iri, eyeing the dragon as the blue is introduced as well. "Uh..huh." His face scrunches up somewhat, not entirely enthusiastic, before he shifts his gaze back toward his older sibling, brows furrowing. "I'm just glad you stopped tryin' to read that boring junk /to/ me."

Chaitra blinks, looking down at Ryski with a somewhat startled look on his face. "Sorry kidd-" He pauses and clears his throat a moment. "Sorry Ryski. Eh'm just so used t'my siblin's back home 'nd callin' 'em that." There's another small pause as the young man seems to think "So, what you been catchin' those crawlies for?" And then his gaze shifts to M'iri again. "Much. No siblin's to crowd me 'nd say I gotta do this 'nd that." His friendly smile broadens to a full grin. Teeth and all. "Eh just gotta find a place where I c'n do m'skinnin' 'nd stuff."

M'iri arches her brow rather high at Ryski's comment of being twelve. The bluerider opens her mouth for a second, as if to comment on it, and then shuts it just as quickly, clearing her throat and trying to give a pleasant smile thats covering her smirk. It's a pleasant smile, dangit! Delenn and Chaitra are taken in again by the rider, while Kieranth still seems to have an eye on Ryski, just… Staring. "Good choice, then. Apparently your ability to judge when you will have a crowd is spot on." Miir remarks, "And reading is good for you, expands the mind." This is said to Ryski, blushing a little as she contradicts the boy. Chaitra is nodded to as she suddenly switches away from Ryski, and bluerider nods towards the woods, again, "There are a few rivers that way, I'm sure you can setup something. I know a few riders will skin out on the outskirts of Xanadu and in the jungle… Though, I've been told the bugs can be awful when doing such."

"It wasn't that really," Delenn clarifies, content for now to give the bluerider a slice of this lovely afternoon as he explains his words, quietly of course. "Ryski is the only younger brother I have, and neither of his parents would be pleased with me if I let him wander off and get hurt. Of course, I don't think I could quite forgive myself either, considering." That said, the nanny once more allows his attention to wander, eyeing both Chaitra and Ryski, schooling his expression to one of mild curiosity rather then allowing an amused grin to replace his genteel upturning of lips. "It's not boring if you allow yourself to understand it, Ryski." the older of the siblings accounts, noting the dirt that matches that of the young hunter, and the nanny sighs softly. "Goodness, the two of you are a mess." Ewww, dirty.

Ryski does relax a little from his defensive state, eyeing Chaitra still for just a moment. "Well..guess that's okay. Just use my name 'n all." He just isn't a nickname kind of kid. He inspects his jar then, just to make sure the crawler is in fact moving around before he gives a small shrug. "Huh? I dunno. They're /there/." And it's something to do to alleviate his own boredom. Delenn is given a skeptical look though, a small huff coming out of him. "I'm not gonna fall in some hole and /die/, Delenn." He's old enough to play by himself! A vague twitch passes through him after a few moments then, whipping his head up to look at Kieranth. "Stop /starin'/! It's rude." Or at least that's what people have told him.

Chaitra pauses for a moment as Delenn assesses Ryski's and his own state. For a moment the hunter looks like he might be a little angry, but then he chuckles. "So Eh am." He pauses again making another attempt at his knees. "Eh think Eh fell in some sorta ditch 'while back, 'nd well… y'see th'results." For a moment even he looks disgusted. "Eh think Eh even got some in m'hair." Chaitra looks at M'iri for a few moments, seeming to think as he goes over what he's explored himself, and what he's left to explore. "Well, can't say Eh'm not used to being swamped by bugs. 'Nnoying critters." Randomly, he gives himself a little bit of a shudder-shake as if the dirty is finally getting to him. "Eh like the occaisonal book too. The fiction ones're my favorites." OMG! The hunter reads?

Kieranth looks for a second more at the boy ,before he gives a snort in his direction and lifts his head, over looking the jungle, idly. Some comment is made by the blue, because Miir's face suddenly twists in being aghast, and once again not laughing. "Kieranth, be nice…" She grumbles, before schooling her features and turning back to Delenn's conversation, "I know what you mean, Samira, my ten year old little girl, has a way of finding trouble even when it's not looking for her." She notes his knot and a sudden wince comes over her features, "Which makes me apologise in advance if you've ever had to watch her." WHo knew timid M'iri's child could possibly be a hellion? Must be from S'ver's side. Ryski's comment is just earned another look from the bluerider. The boy can claim all he wants, M'iri /knows/ better. Children, yeesh. Chaitra's comment is given a bit of a blink, as well, the bluerider absorbing his comment of book reading, and the look that possibly passes Miir's face is disbelief, but it lives a short life as she nods to him. "Aye, poetry 'n fiction, and the occasional technical book." She pats her laptop bag, before pointing towards Xanadu's beach, "Well ,if your dirty enough, you can always go throw yourself that'a'way." Smirk.

The sound of runner hooves come from the treeline. Around and out of the woods lopes a sooty dun runner and rider. They moves across the meadow, the sea of grass causing a floating effect from a distance. "Woah, Diyao… This way." The runner is wheeled about at the sight of the blue… but actually heading towards them now. "Hip' hip'… get up there!" Comes Lorena's voice, urging the beast into a quicker pace. The drop to a jog at last, nearing the three boys and M'iri and Kieranth. Diyao eyes the dragon a moment, but Lor hasn't moved him too close. "Hey. Thought that was Kieranth." Smirk.

Chaitra seems to be ready with an easy smile this day. At M'iri's suggestion he go throw himself in the ocean he shakes his head. "Eh do have /some/ respect for m'clothing." Which would probably be the reason why his clothing isn't exactly of the best - or even remotely so - quality there is. As a rider and runner come jogging, Chaitra fixes his attention on the runner for a moment, before paying attention to whom the rider might be. "Lorena." He greets with a call. "Good af'ernoon." Aw, poor M'ir, she got the blank look while Lor got remembered. Given, the poor boy was half asleep at that point in time. Proven by his chair-crash.
Delenn doesn't frown, but his smile disappears at what Ryski says to him, and the green eyed young man nearly pales out further. "When you can predict the future young man, then you can argue with me about what will and will not befall you." the nanny sighs, disappointment slightly distorting his smooth features. Distracted momentarily, the older of siblings begins to rise and starts to collect his belongings, tucking most of them into a canvas tote as he softly replies to M'iri, "I tend to the little ones four and under, and I'm afraid that I haven't been at Xanadu even a turn as of yet. Though I'm sure trouble aside, she's a lovely child." You know on the inside. Delenn regards Chaitra again, his brows lifts and his lips purse. About perhaps to reply to the filthy hunter, Ryski's jab at the dragon snaps his full attention his way and the nanny now frowns. Never a good sign. "That's quite enough of that Ryski." he chides, seemingly gliding over the ground towards his sibling and taking a firm hold of his hand. "I apologize for him, Kieranth." he tells the blue dragon before he bows his head to the gathering. "If you'll excuse us, I need to speak privately to my brother, likely over a bath." And with that he drags Ryski off, murmuring lowly to the pre-teen.

Dulacth comes from the forest sky, moving in lazy circles as Senk jogs behind him shaking her head. "No, we are going to check on the runners." Muttering she moves towards the stables, coming back out with a red roan race runner, and walking her around. Dulacth stays out of the way, while Senkyou works with the runner. Spotting M'iri she gives a small quick wave, looking at Kieranth for a very long moment. Seeming to be sizing up the blue, though Dulacth pays no attention to Kieranth, more interested in sunning himself.

Ryski just rolls his eyes a little bit, not at all worried about his own 'well-being'. He's quite sure he can handle himself and everything, he hardly thinks he's in need of a babysitter. Although Delenn coming around the blanket earns a wary look from the boy, only tugging briefly backward before he's hauled to his feet, grumbling quietly to himself. "Quite enough of /what/? I didn't do nothin'!" The boy grouses lowly, trying to get his hand loose while the other arm clings to his jar, giving his brother an exasperated look. "I can /bathe/ myself too, ya know!" Though he doesn't really protest too much about being led away, despite the irritated look he gives the older boy.

M'iri goes to wave to Lorena as she heads up, and then furrows her brows as Kieranth turns towards Lore's mount. "Don't /even/ think about it!" The tone of her voice suggests the blue might have a little fun scaring the creature, but Kieranth pauses and looks as Miir, before backing down. She nods lightly to Delenn and Ryski as they leave, wincing as she remembers something herself. "Ahh, tech check at that cothold…" She mumbles, the look over her face suggesting she's talking with her blue, before she turns to everyone. "Looks like I've got a meeting to attend to, if you'll excuse me… And I'm sure the baths will do you plenty good, Chaitra." She smiles, not even noticing that Lorena is recognized when she's not. When your shy, you get used to not being noticed outright. With that, the bluerider bounds up, flinging her pack back over her shoulder and Kieranth launching himself info the air and away.

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