Cleaning R'yn's Hut

R'yn is standing, hands on hips, looking vaguely distressed. Xanadu's most relaxed rider rarely summons more than a mild frown, but that's what he's wearing now. What a mess. Debris of the party of the night before is absolutely everywhere. He greets the arrival of the others with a vague wave.

Eulalie is doing what she does back, being hyper. It seems any sort of cleaning assignment brings out Alie's vast store of energy. She she's now sliding around, not so much sweeping with it as she is, well.. dancing with it. Oh yes, she's got style, she's got grace, just not the work productivity everyone was hoping for.

Matteo works away dilligently. He's used to this sort of deal and has been for a while. The other candidates have gotten used to his pacuilar sense of work ethic, and for the most part avoid any converations with him. Broom. Sweep sweep sweep. Nice little pile of debris. More sweeping. As Alie dances by with the broom, through his pile, he whips around, shooting a glare at her. Why can't people just get the work done for once?

Kysli is walking in for some reason or another, who exactly knows why… doesn't really seem like she does for example. Either way, the woman glances around and grins a bit as she sees the dancing candidate get a glare. R'yn then gets a smile and a nod.

"I'm always surprised at how bad it ends up. I mean, this wasn't even a big party. It was impromptu." R'yn's addressing Kysli in part, the clearing at large in general. Crouching, he picks up a discarded riding jacket, examining the badge. "High Reaches. I suppose they'll turn up to reclaim it eventually."

Eulalie blows a kiss at Matteo and winks, "Aw, I promise to dance with you next, Matty." With that she giggles and spins away, giving the broom another ineffective sweep, grinning up at R'yn as she passes, "Heya, s'cuse me." She pirotes past Kysli with a tip of her head, "Afternoon, Miss Kysli!"

Rolling his eyes, Matt goes to rectify the mess once more then proceeds on across the room, sweeping piles, then piles into piles, then larger piles with little piles, and so on. He listens, as he goes, to the others around him. Now he's nearest to Kysli and the bronze-rider R'yn. Sweep sweep sweep.

Kysli gives a little eyeroll at the 'Miss Kysli', bleh, not fun thing to be called for her. R'yn gets a curious look. "Need any help?" Other than what the candies are doing of course.

R'yn shakes his head, indicating the labouring candidates. "They look like they've got it under control." He raises his voice, addressing the labouring masses, then. "I appreciate your efforts enormously. If you'd like to take advantage of the spa later, you're more than welcome." A wave of his hand indicates the spa room, clearly identifiable by the clouds of steam billowing therefrom.

Eulalie smiles prettily at Matteo as she passes him again, and holds still to sweep more trash into his pile. "Don't be such a grump. You've got a nice smile, you should show it to us more often." And that's about as much of an attention span as she has, before she whisks away again, humming whimsically.

Matteo blinks a bit and shrugs. Smile? He smiles often. What was she talking about? Now was a time for work. Not smiling. You could smile while you work, but then you'd get teased by an older crewman and thus get a harder job. Matt knew his way around the system, oh yes. He watches her dance about a bit, though. Nice smile? Really? Meh. R'yn's announcement gets a bunch of grins and increases the talk amongst Candies. Spa… Matt had never been in a spa. Sweep sweep sweep.

Kysli gives a nod and then smiles. "Never been much for parties." Which would probably be why she wasn't there last night right? Why was she here now, again? Oh… shoot. "Bergerath just informed me that one of my wingriders is having a bit of a problem, I'd better go." With that excuse (which is valid by the way) she nods to the candidates and R'yn before going on her way.

Eulalie squeals in delight and indulges herself in one of her more childish habits, sweeping over and standing up on tiptoe to smooch R'yn's cheek. "Aw, you're such a doll!" Well, a manly doll, right? Um.. like.. G.I.Joe! Yesh.

R'yn raises a hand in farewell to Kysli, offering a grin before turning his attention back to the candidates - attention demanded, in fact, by Eulalie. "Well, thank you. I don't expect drudgery for nothing. I appreciate the help." He seems half amused, although he winces slightly as a howl sounds from within the house. Sounds like Lymera just discovered some of the damage.

Matteo jerks in alarm at the sound, dust scattering. He examines the mess a moment before sweeping it back up. What was that? Was it human? He shoots a questioning glance at R'yn before returning to work.

Eulalie eyes the house and wrinkles her nose, "Oh my.." she shakes her head and uses a series of short strokes to clear a path with her broom, skipping beside it, and adding the mound she pushes to Matteo's pile.

Kysli escapes, yay… just in time to miss that howl, otherwise she might have come back to investigate. Whew.

R'yn barely flinches at the howl, shrugging his shoulders easily. "Probably one of the girls discovering something gone wrong." There are a number of candidates - Lymera, both his daughters. Jezzara is probably still in there slumbering somewhere, but too relaxed to be back to howl. "I think we're coming up due for a break, personally. There's a lot to be done, no point doing it in one go. Shall I find some leftovers?"

[Xanadu Weyr] R'yn: It's IC - R'yn and Lymera are absolutely loaded, and throw large parties all the time. And candidates would get pulled in to clean up. That's what they're there for, ICly. Aside from the whole impression thing.

Eulalie siddles over and moves to slip her arm through Matteo's, "Care to hit the spa with me, oh stern-faced sailor?" She affects a pout, giving him the full power of wide eyes turned on him. She can't hold this long before she starts giggling however, "Pretty please?"

Matteo pauses and eyes his broom and piles a moment. Alie takes his arm and he eyes her a moment before a small half-smile oh-so typical of Matteo. "Alright. I suppose." He casts a glance at the other candies but allows himself to be drug by the Alie.

"Come along, then. I think there's leftovers inside." R'yn's easily distracted from chores such as these. In remarkably high spirits for a man who's probably suffering something of a hangover, he leads the way inside.

Eulalie could certainly drag, the petite young woman is definitely stronger than she looks, but Matteo's being so nice and actually walking that she doesn't really have to.

R'yn winces as he catches sight of the interior, picking up a large platter of nibblies on his way through to the spa. "In here, if you don't mind the heat. Some find it too humid." R'yn not among them, evidently, for he makes staright for the entrance to the spa. Ignoring the two riders who suddenly emerge from the cellar, blinking in the light, to scuttle outwards towards the clearing.
Eulalie snickers and sighs, still holding onto Matteo as she pulls him after R'yn.

Matteo watches teh riders with amusment all over his face. He's seen a sight similar to that several times out at teh dock and on the ships. As Alie continues to drag, Matt continues to follow, looking about at the mess. He enters, blinking quite a few times at the intensity of steam. So this was a spa. Hm… how odd.

Steam billows everywhere as R'yn and his merry troupe enter. A pile of clothes seem to have been abandoned on the floor, and the bronzerider kicks them into a pile in the corner. They'll either be claimed, or the drudges of the weyr will score some fancy new outfits. "Relax. Put stuff in if you want." He gestures to the shelf-full of various potions. "Candidates don't get official time off that often."

Eulalie chuckles as if to say 'that's what you think' and, true the weyr-raised child, begins pulling off a few items of clothing.

"Heh, I haven't had genuine time off in the past seven day or so." Matt comments mildly, just looking around him. After a moment of getting comfortable with teh place, he removes his shirt and boots, rolling up his pants to the knees as he normally does. Ah, that's better. Cooler any how.

Eulalie finishes removing her clothing under a towel and wades to the pool, slipping in with a little sigh, "Oh, that's very good for the muscles.." she murmurs, laying the towel aside as she sinks down to her collarbone in water.

Matteo finds himself entertained by the bottles on the shelf. "Jasmine… Vanilla… meh, vanilla's too sweet… ceder. Ceder's nice…" He examines each in turn, soon loses interest, and goes to sit down by the edge of the pool, feet in the water. "Not bad." He comments over all.

Eulalie tilts her head up and smiles a little, "Hop in, its really very nice.." She slides her elbows back along the edge of the tub.

Matteo conciders a moment, then hops up to get a towel. He returns, removing remaining article sof clothing and slipping into the warm, if not a tad bit hot, water. He stands a moment, just getting used to the temperature before undoing his hair and placing the ties be the towel. "Aye… that it is."

Eulalie chuckles, closing her eyes and leaning her head back appriciatively, soaking for a moment, before she brings a hand out and splashes it at Matteo.

"Ack!" Matt gets a nice facefull of warm water. After a nice effective pause, the sailor wipes his face free for a clear sight at his target, and… SPLASH! Alie now gets a nice face full of water. With a snicker, he backstrokes away.

Eulalie squeals and shakes her head fiercely, and then reaches up, pulling her hair tie out so that she doesn't hurt anyone with her wealth of hair. She scowls, and trapses after Matteo with mischeif in her eyes.

Matteo lets out a dramatic 'eep' and increases the speed of backstroke at this. He glides away rather gracefully, careful not to run into any sides. He's done that too many times before. Silly artificial bodies of water.

Eulalie pouts and makes a pass to try to trap Matteo against the wall anyway with an arm on either side of him.

Matteo finds himself soon trapped. She definately has the advantage on the sailor, used to open spaces like oceans and lakes. Stupid artificial bodies of water. Now… if he can get in teh first shot maybe he might confuse the enemy and get away? THUMP. Ow… that would be his head and the edge colliding.

Eulalie frowns, "You know.. you're very good at thumping your head on things whenever I'm around you.." She grins, and reaches up to ruffle his hair, "Hi."

Matteo gives a half smirk, rubbing the sore spot on his head. "So it seems…" His eyes flicker over hers a moment, smirk becoming a full grin. "Well, hello there…" Maybe articial bodies of water weren't that bad?

Eulalie pouts, "Dumb candidate rules.." She reaches a hand out to touch the back of his head, "You gunna live?"

Matteo's grin fades back into a smirk. He casually runs the tips of his finger along her arm as she reaches. "Yeah… I'll live." He shrugs a bit. "Had worse. Seem's I'm always hitting my head on some beam or another below deck. I'm probably immune to it actually and only think it hurts because I know it should." He doesn't need to question teh first comment. At least, so he thinks?

Eulalie blushes faintly at the touch, "You aren't supposed to do that.." she murmurs, shifting and sitting down beside him, splashing her toes at the top of the little spa.

Matteo watches her a moment through placid amber eyes. "What, touch you?" A small snicker comes to him and he lightly tickles her neck. "As far as I know I'm free to touch other Candies." He stops, still watching her. "Just not certain ways, of course. And as far as I know, your arm is fair game."

Eulalie licks her lips a little, "I suppose you're right.." She smiles slightly, and then suddenly stands up, wading over to the shelves and inspecting the bottles before taking one down and bringing it back into the pool. "If that's the case.."

Matteo arcs a brow curiously. "Now what're you up to?" He wades after her curiously, having scanned all the many scents on that shelf anyway.

Eulalie smiles, "Just sit, turn your back to me, you'll see.."

Matteo looks reluctant, glancing between the bottle and her face. But in teh end, like a good sailor, he does as he is told.

Eulalie grins, and opens the bottle, letting some of its contents pour into her palm before she sets it aside, "I suppose not having a day off in a sevenday makes your muscles ache.."

Matteo shrugs a little. "I suppose. I don't notice too much anymore if anything hurts, heh." This was true. Especially since he hadn't had actually sleep to rest his body in over 3 months.

Eulalie rests her oiled hands against his shoulders where they meet his neck and begins rubbing, working her fingertips deeply into tissue. "Doesn't mean you can't feel better."

Matteo gives a deep sigh at this, eyes half closing. "I suppose not…" He says quietly, allowing his neck and shoulders to relax for once. He casually pulls his dark mane off to the side, his breath deepening.

Eulalie's breath can be felt against his neck as she works her fingers downwards along his spine and outwards under his shoulder blades. "Its amazing what a good massage will do for you.."

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