Going to the Survival Camp

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

Senkyou nods, "Dulacth wouldn't mind at all, he'd rather take the extra off of Adinaeth." Dulacth croons and is waiting, when Alie corrects the candidate Senk grins at the tone Alie uses and strokes her dragon. "So who'm I taking? I don't need anyone freaking out on him or acting like they might die."

Esher's sedate pace has, by now, brought him closer to the two riders - and Raelin. He stops to give a little bob of his head to L'alie. "Wingleader Senkyou, I gotcha." He keeps his tone neutral before he loses interest in the woman momentarily, looking over at Raelin and then at Zekiel with a knowing grin and a twitch of his eyebrows. L'alie's bellow doesn't catch him by surrpise; nor does he respond particularly quickly. Esh just turns his head lazily, nods the once, then ambles over to aforementioned green rider to hand over his pack. "Thanks, R'gan." That done, the lad saunters back over to stand before L'alie, waiting.

Getting to her feet a little shakily, the colorful — in attire, at least — girl gets to her feet and salutes the riders. She chirps her name towards L'alie as she makes her way for R'gan and his green. "Raelin!" Once she's been relieved of her luggage, she grins broadly towards Senkyou. "I'll ride with you!" A glance towards the proverbial ringleader, L'alie, and she adds a bit sheepishly: "That, ah, is if it's alright."

Keziah scurries out into the clearing. It's plain to see that she did a quick cleanup of herself after weeding the gardens. Her hands are clean, but her arms still show dirt and well her Hair is wet, but there are a few streaks down the sides of her face from where the water has dripped down. She's got her pack on her back and a pair of boots. "I ain't too late am I?" she calls out as runs for the group.

Offering a respectful nod of his head to the two riders, Zekiel volunteers his own name in a quite tone. "Zekiel." He murmurs, loud enough to be heard, before moving to deposit his bag. Esher's knowing grin and eyebrow twitching is answered with a raised eyebrow, the young man apparently somewhat confused. Once his bag is deposited, Zekiel returns to stand by Raelin and await the assignment of transport.

Hot on the heels of Keziah, though perhaps a bit less graceful due to his big feet, comes the tall trader-candidate Felandre, a bit out of breath with a half-eated redfruit clutched firmly in his hand and dribbling juices all along his digits. His other hand has his heavy, leather and canvas duffle thrown over his shoulder. It would seem someone lingered too long at lunch. "Wait for me too!"

L'alie looks like she ate something sour, "Your name, Candidate?" she prompts Esher again. "Alright.. Raelin.. Zekiel.." She murmurs under her breath, checking the names off her paper. "Once again, packs with R'gan and his green over there." The greenrider, who looks like he might be just out of weyrlinghood, is grumbling under his breath about being a packmule as he ties packs onto his bond's harness. "If Betweening makes you nervous, please come here!"

Senkyou makes sure her browns straps are secure, waiting for someone to come. Dulacth is looking over the candidates with eyes whirling green and blue, he fidgets opening his wings slightly and seeming anxious to get off the ground. "So who're you taking?" Asking L'alie and laying and hand on her bond who quickly stops moving and stands very still.

"Esher, ma'am," Is the reply that finally comes after the second prompt. Esh does look a bit apologetic, but he's being cool about it. Turning his head, he notes the arrival of two more of their lot - Keziah and Felandre. Side-stepping subtly to get closer to Ralin and Zekiel, Esher adresses the pair, a wry smile twisting at his lips. "Wonder what - ah." But L'alie's giving orders again. Not that Esh has to move anywhere, standing quite happily where he is as those candidates for whom Between /is/ an issue go to take their place. Dulacth gets a brief look for his fidgeting, Esh smiling.

"Kez here." Keziah states as she carefully hands her pack over to the greenrider "You'll be careful with it, right?" she asks looking a little anxious about. "Don't generally let others have it and all." she murmurs looking quite like she's ready to keep it herself.

Between? An issue? Not for Raelin! Weyrbrat born and bred, this one. It'd be Hold life that would make her nervous. The girl rocks back and forth on her heels, clasping her hands behind her back. She looks quite a bit more colorful than most, but her clothing is fairly haphazard and multilayered. Much like someone who's grown up with hand-me-downs and feats (or disasters) of handmade clothing would wear. She grins at Zekiel, eyes bright. "I'm excited! Are you?"

Felandre makes his way up to the line of candidates, flashing a slightly sheepish smile to those who glance his way. The canvas bag duffle is dropped to his side with a ponderous thud, giving him a moment's respite to take another bite of fruit. Mention of Between does bring a slight paling to his face, but he keeps hushed about any hesitations. One can't mention being afraid before one's peers, afterall. It's a natural law.

Zekiel doesn't seem at all worried by the idea of between, he too having grown up a Weyrbrat. Raelin's grin is returned for a brief moment, the older boy nodding. "I guess I am, yeah. Not the word I would have chosen, but…definitely looking forward to it." He glances to Esher there, prompting for a continuance of the cut off words. "Wonder what…?"

L'alie looks around, frowning, "Alright then, good. Between is nothing to fear!" She announces, as no one steps her way. She glances at Felandre dumping his bag. "Alright, if your bags are with R'gan.." she says emphatically, "Esher, Raelin, Kez.. Keziah, is it?" She makes another check on her list, "Please go with Wingleader Senkyou on Dulacth." She rubs her chin, "You two.." she waves her pen at Zekiel and Felandre, "You're with me on Adinaeth."

Senkyou smiles and leans against Dulacth, "Ok, Raelin just behind me, then Felandre, then Keziah." Saying as she gets her straps situated, "I'm not sure how it will work out, he can lift all of you just the most comfortable thing for him." Stroking him she adjusts the straps.

Keziah gives a nod "Yup, that's it. Keziah, Kez, Kezi even Ducky. Call me most anything I suppose." she notes as she heads over towards Dulacth. "Tup of the day to ya." she says to the brown as she gets closer. SHe then mrrs and changes that "Err, my duty to you." Yeah, that's better. Ooo she's on the end. She don't have to be squished between anyone. She looks doubly happy now. Better to look around as well.

Huzzah! And nevermind that Zekiel is likely relieved to not be strapped to a dragon with Raelin. The girl grins broadly at Senkyou and bounds over to the Wingleader and her brown. The girl straightens as she steps up to the pair she'll be riding with. She salutes both, grinning to Dulacth for a split second longer. "You'll be good, right?" She giggles, brightly. Tugging at her armwarmers a bit more, the girl steps up after Senkyou has mounted, getting the brownrider's aid in getting into the dragon's back.
L'alie makes a face, "Yes.. unfortunately Dragons can lift infinate weight, it's just how much they can physically carry that's the problem.." She says, examining Dulacth's neck."

Felandre reclaims his bag from the ground and wordlessly moves over to where L'alie and her brown wait, placing down the bag once he's there so it can get stowed properly. "…just like a big wagon…big open air wagon…that flies," can be heard in muttered breaths from the trader who likely prefers to keep his feet planted firmly on ground, or only a few feet above. Still, he's there and waiting for Zekiel to mount up first - he doesn't need the other candidate seeing his eyes bug out when they take off.

Senkyou straps everyone in, giving a backwards glance to those behind her. "Lets get everyone situated, he'll move fast because that is what we're used to doing. It might be a little bumpy, if you haven't gotten used to dragons. I ask that you don't look down if you're scared of heights, and will warn you before we between."

Zekiel heads over toward L'aelie and her dragon, not seeming to mind the fact Felandre is waiting for him to mount up. Once given the signal from L'alie, he settles himself on Adinaeth's back and awaits things getting moving.

Keziah gives a nod "No worries back here" she states as she looks down and around towards the others. Oh yes, she's excited all right. She can barely contain herself as she looks around down the other side. "This is going to be great!"

Nodding with Senkyou's instructions, Raelin wiggles into place a bit. Poor Esher. The girl helps to make sure straps are secure, if needed. She goes places with her mother often enough to be comfortable. She nods in response to Keziah's observation. "Oh yes it is!"

L'alie swings up onto Adinaeth's back easily, and gives the riding straps a secure jerk to make sure both boys are hooked it. Lifting her arm, she signals the other dragons with their packs and the other candidates into the air, "Adinaeth, please share our destination with the others."

Once he's been hooked into the straps, Zekiel glances around. Just before they take off, his gaze lands on Esher for a moment. And there it hovers, though exactly what the young man is thinking is unreadable. And then L'aelie is signalling them airborne, and Zekiel's attention moves away to watch the view.

Adinaeth spreads his mighty wings and leaps into the air, surging upwards.

Dulacth rises into the air, with a large jump her gets airborne and his long wings stretch out.

Keziah lets out a yell as they go between and then come out again. It's not one of fear, but one of adrenaline rushed exhileration. YOu know, like a roller coaster.

Senkyou doesn't bat an eye as Dulacth lands, this is her job and her bond. "All four of yu back their?" It's a joke hopefully.

No sound comes from Raelin. She's merely wide-eyed and grinning. A deep breath is taken as they return from between and she stretches a little, before looking over her shoulder. Then, to Senkyou: "…there's only three of us." It's said in mild horror. Who is she trying to mess with?

Keziah blinks a moment "Four?" Wasn't there just three? She peers around behind her "I think one fell off." she notes as she looks backwards "Nothin' but a tail left behind me.

Esher, though quiet, looks no less enthused than Keziah about the trip. "I think I left a leg back there," he quips oh-so-unfunnily. Raelin's horrified statement gets a grin and a soft laugh from Esh, and he pats a hand on the shoulder of the girl in front.

Felandre makes sure he's well and secure, even sucking it in a bit to make sure the straps get cinched extra tight. It doesn't make breathing comfortable, but then he's Between and the trader isn't worried about breathing. Or, at least, he's momentarily forgotten how as the cold saps his brain numb. When they reappear, his eyes are indeed thoroughly bugged, his knuckles gone a frosty white as they cling desperatly to the straps holding him in. He sucks in a tentative, wheezy breath, staring resolutely at Zekiel's back and daring not a single fraction of a glance in any other direction that might betray how high up they are.

Senkyou chuckles, looking back at Raelin. "I'm joking, I hope we only had three or Niva will kill me when I get back, you only lose a couple and they freak out." From underneath you Dulacth lets out a little rumble.

L'alie laughs, leaping down from Adinaeth's back, "Yeah, you'd think they wouldn't mind, Candidates being so abundant and easy to come by!" she teases. "Okay, everyone, dismount and follow me."

As they land, Zekiel glances over to Dulacth to check on the others. Eyes are narrowed at the hand that finds Raelin's shoulder, and then he shakes his head as if to shake himself out of whatever has gotten into him. Then the straps are unbuckled, and he dismounts.

Keziah climbs from the brown "Thanks for the ride." she states as she walks around a moment and then heads over towards L'alie "And our packs?" she asks as she's looking around and wondering if there wasn't something else she should have brought. After all, most stuff she has is for spending the day and sometimes the night out on the slopes.

It's just a slide and then a thump onto her rear and Raelin is on the ground. The poor girl is so ungraceful it's almost disturbing. But then, perhaps those are the things that happen when one is so full of energy. Getting up to her feet, she brushes herself off and grins at Esher broadly in response, though a few seconds belated, to the laughter and shoulder-touch. The looks around the clearing for the camp. She scratches the back of her head a bit, beginning to meander over towards Zekiel.

Senkyou offers help to those dismounting, and strokes her bond happily. As L'alie laughs she does as well, "Ya, who knows why they get so mad, something to do with needing all of them." Dulacth watches everyone dismount, rumbling and stretching while he exmaines his surroundings.

Esher dismounts with style, no doubt using a move his dad's taught him. Once on the ground he squints his eyes against the sunlight and shoves his hands into his jacket pockets, surveying the area with interest. "Nice little place." 'Little' being the objective word in this particular clearing, of course. he grins back at Raelin, entirely unaware of Zekiel's scrutiny, shaking his head a little in amusement at the girl's dismount.

It seems like forever to Felandre, but then there's the bump of touchdown and he just barely restrains himself from bolting off the side of the dragon to the lovely, solid ground below, instead descending in a very stiff manner. He seems to relax steadily once he's standing again and takes a moment to get a good look around at a whole lot of nothing. "Huh…place could be anywhere. Scenery seems pretty consistent with a good load of places I've passed by before."

Adinaeth turns his head to wuff Felandre encouragingly. « See, I didn't lose you. You may stop worrying now. » L'alie glances up at the sky where five more dragons have appeared, and makes a face, "Better get ourselves out of here. Follow me, everyone!"
Kacen seems to be tagging along at the back of the candidates. He's got his own pack over his shoulder and another bag that seems to hold several woodworking tools. A slight frown lights on his face on spotting the run down follower barracks and he groans softly to himself. "Loumoin hates me. That's all there is to it. Why else would he send me out here to do that?" The crafter doesn't seem to be talking to anyone, just complaining to himself but it's possible a few of the others near the back might over hear what he's said.

While Adinaeth and Dulacth are moving to the (as yet unbuilt.. mental note to do that) ledges off the clearing to make way for the four other dragons dropping candidates and the pack dragon, L'alie beams, spreading her arms wide as she stands in the middle of what is usually a campfire ring. "Welcome to your home for the next two days.. well.. two and a half days, I suppose." She chuckles. "First order of business, you'll need to get your packs and pick out your bunks."

Zekiel's word of choice for dismounting appears to be 'carefully'. No fancy theatrics, or overly carefree sliding and thumping for him. Watching Raelin and Esher with a thoughtful expression, he smiles slightly when the girl meanders his way. Then L'aelie is ordering them to move out, and he stretches slightly and cracks his neck as if to look big as he walks alongside the slightly younger girl.

Keziah glances around the place and hmms a bit and then ohs packs. She hurries over to snag up her pack and then makes her way towards the bunks and plops her sack on a lower one. She ain' climbin up when she's dead tired. She'd sooner sleep on the ground.

Felandre needs no effort to stand taller, he is, but then he's got about as much physical presence as a walking stick at the moment, perhaps still a little deflated from the unnerving flight. He follows after the crowd of candidates with his bag over his shoulder, eyes paying a great more deal of attention to their surroundings than anything else, squinting at a little detail like a flower or a certain shrub, hmming to himself on occasion.

When the dragons appear up above, Raelin squints as she looks up into the sky. She grins a bit, then is off at a light run. It's not quite a lope, but within a few years she'll be tall enough that it likely will be. The girl is likely easily ahead of the others, though they could keep up should they want to. Like any good camper — that's what they are, isn't it? — she's excited and attentively listening to L'alie, rocking back and forth on her heels. But equally like any camper, she's easily distracted by looking around the camp. Packs, right! It takes her a moment, after darting over to their burdenbeast to grab hers, but she easily slings it over her shoulder once she has it.

Esher reclaims his pack from R'gan first, letting Raelin head over to Zekiel. "Bunks." He scratches at his chin a s he heads for the candidates' temporary barracks. It's with interest that his eyes scan the insides, taking a good look at the state of the walls. "In't this place goin' to fall down in the night? " He laughs though, before flopping down ungracefully on the nearest bunk, pack bouncing beside him on the too-hard mattress.

Senkyou is just following along, watching the candidates closely like one might get eaten or lost on a small trip. Taking off her coat she has a long sleeve shirt on, and isn't very worried that she will have to do much. "L'alie, what do you want form me?"

Kacen looks hesitantly back and forth between L'alie and the fleeing candidates. "Um. Rider? The journeyman didn't really give me much in the way of instructions, other then fix what needs fixing. Where do you want me to stay?" He doesn't seem pleased with this situation at the moment.

R'gan hands out the packs as candidates approach him, swearing and glaring at them as he does so. Foul creature, he is. His dragon is a sweet tempered thing, however, and sits serenely in t he campfire square, taking up as little room as possible. As soon as her burden is lifted, she and R'gan rise out of the square, her wings blasting dirt everywhere. Once high enough, the pair disappears /between/. L'alie glances at Senkyou, "Ah, if you aren't in a hurry to get back, Senk, I could use the help keeping them from wandering off. I don't want to have to hunt them down when it's getting dark." At least it's warmer. Wherever there are on the planet, it doesn't seem to even be winter, or at least, it's mild if it is.

Zekiel retrieves his bag, not seeming to mind the swearing and glaring from R'gan. Indeed, he offers the greenrider an answering glare that speaks of much practice. Then he's following behind Raelin to figure this bunk thing out. "Interesting looking place." He murmurs, not really speaking to anyone in particular.

Keziah sits down on the bunk and goes through her pack, making sure everything is still there and not been dropped, broken, abducted by aliens or the like. She lets out a sigh of relief and then packs things up again "So. What do we get to do first?" she asks as she leaves the pack on the bunk and gets up to wander around the site.

"Slept in worse." Felandre concludes as he makes his way into the bunks, finding himself a lower one not far from the door to claim for his own by the sheer presence of his ponderous pack. "Are we allowed to know where we are? Kinda curious where this place is, doesn't look familiar and I've been a lot of places." He asks of the riders, stepping just outside the door to regard their surroundings once more.

Senkyou nods to L'alie, "I've got plenty of time, make sure none of them get eaten by felines or lost. Dulacth just wanted to know if we where staying or leaving. He don't care either way, one thing will I have to sleep with the rest of this crowd?" Looking at the bunks, she doesn't seem to uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping here.

Suddenly, realization occurs that the other candidates are on their way and there's a limited number of bunks. Which means a limited number of bottom bunks. With this realization, Raelin's eyes widen and she's off like a shot, running for the poor, rundown shack that's to be their cabin. One had better hope her velocity alone doesn't bring the place down. So far, so good, as the teen finds a suitable bed near the back: lower bunk, of course. If Felandre's duffel is ponderous, hers is worrying. It looks fit to explode with all that's been shoved into it. There's a soft chirruping sound from her vest and she oh's! with surprise and tugs some bits of jerky from her pocket as she returns to the area by the campfire. A small bronzen 'lizard head pokes from within the pocket and snatches the jerky as she holds it near.

Kacen shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other, looking after the candidates even more worriedly as they all disappear. "Let me guess. I need to sleep in the death trap with them?" He shrugs then, settling his work pack on more securely. "Though, maybe Mon saved me a bunk. If not, we'll just move em." This bit of mischief seems to cheer the crafter and without waiting for confirmation, he also heads into the ramshakled shelter.

Keziah glances over her shoulder at Kacen "Might be safer just ta sleep out under the stars and all." she notes as she looks up at the sky "Fact that might be kinda nice. Ain't been able to that in a while and all." she notes thoughtfully "Course, can only do it in the warmer months and all back home anyways. Don't really got the proper stuff to do it in winter. Don't think I'd want too either."

L'alie jerks her thumb towards the Leader cabin, "We stay there, Senkyou." She says with a laugh. "You think I'd make you stay in /there/?" She snorts. "There are some ledges up there for Dulacth and Adinaeth to stay." She says, nodding towards the cliff. To Felandre, she smiles, "We are on the southern hemisphere, I couldn't actually tell you WHERE because we aren't really near much of anything." She watches Kacen bemusedly. She was going to offer him a spot in the Leader Barrack, but as he's headed off his own way, she isn't going to argue. He'd probably be happier with people his own age anyways. "Anyways, first order is to get a fire going and get dinner. So those of you who are somewhat capable with cooking or food gathering, raise your hands?"

Zekiel heads into the cabin, shaking his head at the way Raelin zooms around the place. While the idea of a top bunk doesn't seem to trouble him, the fact the most obvious available one is directly about Raelin gives him pause for though. Then he shrugs and places his bag up there, returning in time to heare L'alie's request. His hand is duly raised, not seeming shy of this.

Keziah frowns a little "Food and I don't get along well, less of course you don't mind dirt and all seasoned with it." she notes. Course some may have heard about the disasters while serving food. Bout the only time she ever seems to be clumsy is carrying food.

"I wanna make a fire!" comes Raelin's voice, bouncing on her feet and raising a hand into the air. No, this isn't an answer of she /can/ build a fire or even that she can cook or gather food. But the fire, ohhh… The girl glances a few times — quick, small, jerky things — towards where the campfire is supposed to be. She grins, a little broader, rocking back and forth on her feet.

"I've had plenty of experience hunting and, well… most all of this sorta stuff, Ma'am." Felandre voices to L'alie as he works about pulling some things from his bag, one of those being a rather ominous looking belt knife. "I'd be glad to teach the people who don't know much about outdoor life, if you'd like."

Senkyou smiles, "That looks much better." Moving to look at the bunks in leader barracks, smiling when she comes back. "I could cheat and see what dulacth could catch, but that'd be way to big for me." Looking around she sighs, "I fish but I'm guessing we ain't near the ocean or a stream, maybe I'll just see what they bring back." Dulacth is already up on a ledge, relaxing and laying out.

Neamon and Kacen spend a few moments in conversation with several of the candidates. When the dust settles, they've managed to get themselves one of the sets of bunks under the more stable section of roof. While the other candidates hurry over to start a fire, Neamon hangs back with a look of distant for all the mess. Kacen meanwhile is actually wandering around the inside and outside of the cabin as if trying to find out where to start. "Yes, I think fire is the answer as well." the woodcrafter says.

L'alie gives Raelin a look and just rubs her temples, "Child, you give me a headache." In turn, she gives Felandre and Zekiel smiles, "Excellent. It's not much to work with, but if you think you could round up some sort of game? Raelin and Keziah, I want you to collect as much firewood as you can find, and pile it here next to the fire ring. Senkyou, will you go with the girls? Don't let them burn the place down."

Keziah blinks "Hey! I ain't burned anything down since that time I accidently turned the candle over in the hay shed." she absently rubs her backside "I ain't done that again since." she adds as she starts searching for dry pieces of wood and carrying them back."

"Likewise." Zekiel murmurs, in response to Felandre mentioning his experience. Once L'alie has handed out assignments, he heads back into the hut to get his own knife. Resurfacing, he heads over toward his fellow hunter, shooting Raelin a worried and slightly curious look. He's never seen her actually build a fire, now that he thinks about it…

Senkyou nods politely, "Sure, come on girls come with me." watching each one of them carefully, and picking up a few pieces of wood. "Just try to make sure they're dry, wet wood doesn't burn very easily." grabbing wood, she glances at Raelin. "Come on, fire starting isn't much fun an' we need to get going if we wanna eat sometime tonight."

"Southern continent, eh?" Felandre murmurs aloud, thoughtfully rubbing a palm against his cheek. "Hm." His belt knife is hooked firmly to his belt, and from his bag is also drawn a length of strong rope, heavy metal pins, and a couple of canvas sacks. No wonder his bag was so heavy. Upon any closer inspection, one might notice there is very little clothes in there, it's mostly all tools. Someone takes survival seriously, it seems. "Well, good to go?" He asks of Zekiel once he's loaded up all the items on a sling that's strapped across his shoulders.

There's a bit of a scowl and Raelin looks decidedly disappointed. She can't make a fire /and/ she has a chaperone? But the boys get to go out alone. She looks towards Felandre and Zekiel, sticking her tongue out in their direction. She moves to catch up with Senkyou, blinking at the brownrider. "You're kidding, right? Fire is /fun/! Have you ever burnt paper? It gets all crinkly and then poof! black and ash. I once burnt my hair accidentally. It was really stinky, but it looked cool." She snatches up a couple of sticks absently, starting to make her way more towards the woods proper. If she can't make a fire, then maybe she can explore a bit.

L'alie looks around, selecting two more candidates to go dig up the tubers she knows to be growing nearby. Two girls are hooked into service with another rider to collect fruit from an orchard growing nearby in an abandoned Hold. L'alie starts shouting directions to the rest to start pitching camp. She looks extremely smug about it, too.

Keziah blinks at Raelin "You actually burnt your hair?" she asks and shakes her head "Even I managed not to do that." she eyes a branch and snags it up only to toss it back down as the other end is damp and dripping with grubs.

Kacen pauses in hs perusal of the cabins to just stare at Raelin. "How do they do that?" he asks the air in amazement. "It's like a gift. All that talk and the giggling?" He looks to Neamon but his brother has gone on to join the other candidates while Kacen is technically supposed to be working. He might even manage some work for once too.

"Good to go." Zekiel replies with a nod to Felandre. "Looks like you brought some nice kit." He murmurs, eyeing the sling of things. "I travelled a little lighter, myself." As he talks, he's walking off in whatever direction seems best between the two of them.

Senkyou grins at L'alie, watching everyone work and picking up large amounts of wood. With Raelin she arches an eyebrow, "Yes, but with so much forest around, you could start a huge fire which isn't fun. I've gotten enough burns to know that yu don't mess with something so hard to control." Throwing a few more logs in the pile she stretches out rolling her neck and jogging a bit, like this is osme fun exercise she is doing for amusement purposes.

"Uhuh," Raelin is saying to Keziah as she adds a few more sticks to the bundle in her arms. She's really only gotten twigs thus far. Good for kindling, but not for a full fire proper. No one gave her any specifics, did they? Plus, this allows her to wander further and further. She moves along the edge of the forest, peering curiously out into it as she plucks up branches that seem at least mostly dry, if not dry. The girl begins humming softly to herself as she goes.

Keziah just shakes her head at that and touches her own hair "Think I'm glad I've not." she murmurs as she steps into the bushes a bit to pick up some wood she found.

L'alie watches with her hands on her hips as a candidate clears any branches overhanging the firepit as another fills in any gaps in the rocks in the ring to contain the fire. Finally, she sends a girl with a bucket off to the marsh to the south to collect mud.

Senkyou watches Raelin slip further away, "Raelin, come back please. A little wandering and then I lose you, and will have to explain why to L'alie." looking a little off balance she shakes her head, mumbling, "no, we don't have to." Then moves to the large pile of wood, "Raelin we don't need a lot of sticks, but we really should get some larger logs. Also we'll need kindling, dried leaves work pretty well but I'll wait for L'alie's direction."

Kacen seems content to let the others do the work. Or it would seem. After several moments of staring at the cabin inside and out he finally ambles over to where the firewood is being gathered and drops to a seat on the ground. Then, he reaches into a pocket, removes a pencil and bit of paper and very slowly makes a few notes. More often then not, he's watching the candidates scuttle around and grinning. The candidate sent off for mud gets a saucy wink as she passes his position. "Need a fair amount of kindling, though. Especially when you aren't used to a fire." He calls out unasked to the other brownrider.

In all the hubbub, it's easy to miss the subtle pops and groans coming from inside the Follower Barracks. That is, until there is a loud screech and a terrible rending sound, and then a crash so loud even the ground shakes a little. Dust billows out from the door hanging half off its hinges. That can't be good.

Keziah pops out of the bushes at the crash "My pack!" she yells as she drops the wood she's been carrying and runs back towards the barracks. After thoughts of the pack, her mind turns towards people "Was anyone in there?"

Senkyou looks at the barracks, "What's going on in their." The brownrider goes into the barracks, looking around and staring at Keziah. "What do you have in that pack that is so darned important?"

Pop! And in from between appears a green firelizard, hovering over Raelin's head. The girl looks up at the thing and blinks a few times. She giggles a little to herself and goes back to gathering sticks, Manicotti settling on her shoulder. Little Ricotta peeks his head out of the girl's pocket and chirrups at the older 'lizard. They carry on a conversation as Raelin duitifully moves a bit nearer to the camp, even if she mumbles about it a bit. Gathering wood is /boring/.

Keziah bites her lower lip a little and then says in a quiet voice "Grandfa's compass." she murmurs in the hesitant voice of someone who knows she'll catch hell if it's found out she's allowed it to be broken. Course, one might wonder if she even should have it.

No, that didn't just happen. Kacen didn't just hear the whole place come tumbling down. Slowly, methodically he turns his head around to actually see the damage and groans. "I'm /never/ getting home at this rate. I'll be cutting wood all day!" The woodcrafter stands, slamming each limb donw with more force then necessary. "Of all the shardin'…" The voice trails off to mutter to himself as he heads back yet again to see what's left to work with now.

L'alie frowns and turns her head towards the barracks, "Mm.. that didn't sound good.." biting her lower lip, she goes to investigate. Luckily, all of the candidates have gone about their business and the firelizards are perfectly capable of getting out of the way of collapsing bunks - which is exactly what seems to have happened. The joints seem to have been rotting on a few of the bunks, and the ones bearing heavier loads have given way, crashing into others and knocking them apart as well. Luckily the damage sounded worse than it really is. "Hmm.. well, that's unfortunate. Good thing it's warm out." She says brightly. Hey, it isn't HER bed that just collapsed.

Senkyou grins, "ya, we should've gotten rid of those years ago, bunks really aren't necessary." says the one sleeping inside tonight. Keziah gets a glance and a sigh, "Did they know you took it? Becuase if the did they'll probably forgive yu." Glancing at L'alie and grabbing more wood, she says. "Will we need kindling?" The brownrider is so pleased with the way her day is working out she has a spring in her step.

Keziah just almost seems to whimper a little "Kinda? Maybe? Don't know if they'd look at it that way though." she whispers as she continues to look towards whats left of the barracks. "That and I had a pot of numbweed in there. I hope it didn't break." she murmurs.

Looking over towards the sound of crashing, Raelin's eyes widen. And they widen even further at L'alie's words. She swallows. Sleeping? Outside? "But I've never slept outside," the girl protests, holding an armfull of sticks. Manicotti has taken wing by this point and holds a few twigs in her talons. The girl looks to be getting a bit overheated, a bit of sweat upon her brow. Apparently, she's not noticed how much warmer it is here.

While the others are still standing around discussing things, Kacen has moved inside. But not before giving L'alie an evil glare for her cheerful comment. After a moment he comes back out, dragging a couple of the pads used to sleep on the bunks and coughing. "Lots of dust in there. Try not to breath too much of it. If you get all your stuff out, I can start cleaning it up enough to check what's left for safety. But.." He glances at the riders, to be sure they agree. "Not safe to sleep in there tonight."

Zekiel and Felandre come wandering back, apparently having been successful. Both seasoned hunters, they've managed to find some small game that will at least provide the basis for a decent meal. "Well, I don't know that I'd go that far. When it comes to snares, I've always felt…" Zekiel trails off then, coming to a stop as the various candidates peering mournfully at the remains of the barracks register. Glancing to his companion, the young man sighs. "There is no way this can possibly mean anything good."

"I didn't do it!" Raelin shouts, from fairly far across the clearing from where the cabin is, as she sees Zekiel.

L'alie sniffs, "There's a first for everyone, girl." She tells Raelin, sweeping forward to take charge of the fire. "Where are those boys?" She wonders, looking around for Zekiel and Felandre. "Hope nothing nasty got them." She doesn't seem overly worried about those nasty things. Just then, the boys return, hauling their catch, and she claps gleefully. Cabin forgotten, she starts packing the tubers that have been dug up in leaves from a nearby tree and then packing them in mud. "Isn't that fire started yet? Someone get a spit going!"

Senkyou looks at L'alie for a moment, "want me to start the fire? Or would yu rather let Raelin try." Looking at her nice bunk area she shakes her head. "I'll start it." Arranging logs she pulls two rocks out of her pocket, flint and scrapes on on the other creating sparks which catch the leaves on fire, blowing the flames get bigger and she grins, "Got fire."

Keziah looks at the others working on the fire and then she starts to head towards the wreakage. Maybe it's okay, maybe it's not broken. She frowns as she draws closer. How will she ever find it?

Somehow, Kacen has become convinced this is all L'alie's fault. He keeps glaring at the brownrider between trips in and out to remove bedding, items, and lots of broken wood. The goods are piled haphazardly to one side while the wood is sorted carefully into different stacks on the other. Some he brings over to the fire. "Rotted. It'll flame fast and burn out easy, but it will feed the fire well at the begining."

"The thought had never crossed my mind." Zekiel replies when he hears Raelin shout, though there's a brief grin. Wandering over to L'alie to hand over their catch, he tilts his head to one side slightly. "So, while we were gone…" He leaves the rest of the sentence open, perhaps hoping the brownrider will fill it with information.

At the words 'let Raelin try', the aforementioned girl all but drops the sticks she's holding, readying to run over to the area to try to start a fire. However, Senkyou shows some common sense and saves everyone. Even if it means that Raelin pouts a bit. She gathers up some more sticks, with Manicotti fluttering behind her; the green with a few twigs in her grasp. Rae drops the sticks upon the growing pile of kindling for use and rocks back and forth on her feet. She looks to the cabin and goes over to see if her things have been brought out and are alright.

L'alie beams at Senkyou, "You're so useful." She croons to her fellow brownrider. Somewhere a gold is flying, and L'alie has completely lost it. She hauls herself to her feet, taking Zekiel and Felandre's catch. "Oh.. some of the bunks collapsed. No big deal.." she says idly. "If we get the food going, we can clean up while we're waiting for it to cook." She nods her approval to Kacen, and wanders off to find something suitable with which to construct a spit. She finds herself a nice long spit to skewer their meat with and beams, brandishing them like a sword. On the ledges, dragons can be heard bellowing in agitation, wanting to Fly.

Keziah picks her way through the wreakage, heading to where her bunk is, err was. She frowns as she starts moving the wood, piling some of it to one side as she works dogmatically. Unearthing a path towards her precious… her precious pack.

A young bronze sits atop the ledge, his rider below seemingly having a huge arguement with his dragon. Then without a moments hesitation the bronze bursts into the air, knowing exactly where he is going and *poof* he goes between quickly, because their is chasing going on and it's his turn to fly. Dulacth croons and bugles after him, upset because he's gone or mad because he isn't going to. R'lint look confused, walking around and not panicing, but pacing and giving Raelin a look, like she might be tonights meal.

Kacen frowns, distracted by the actions of the dragons above. "What's got into them?" Raised around dragons, he recognizes the odd behaviors around him. "There's not a green around here and L'alie said we were far from anywhere. Can't be a flight." yet, for all that, he seems doubtful but not disturbed.

Senkyou shakes her head, her voice a whisper. "Maiden gold." Saying with a loving trill to the sentence, she is pacing as well. Her dragon opens and closes his wings, shaking her head and using all her control to keep him on the ground. L'alie gets a smile, and R'lint a worried look, but she says, "You have no control." Before going back to walking back and forth

"No big deal." Zekiel echoes dubiously, clearly not so sure about that. But he wasn't exactly personally attached to anything in his bag, so he's not rushing to ascertain its safety. That tension in the air has gotten into him, too, and the young man is pacing back and forth. When he happens to glance over at Raelin, and sees R'lint, he frowns slight but continues his pacing. Now, however, his steps take him in a large circle that encompasses both his friend and the bronzerider.

Oblivious. That would be Raelin. The girl is crouching over her bag, making sure everything is okay. She carries it off a bit to the side, barely noticing R'lint or Zekiel, other than to smile at Zekiel. Though perhaps, from the angle, the bronzerider may interpret it as directed at him. It's then that the heat — or at least 'warmer than Xanadu' — starts to get to her. The girl tugs at the armwarmers and pulls them off, stuffing them into the bag. Then she slides out of the vest, but only long enough to pull off the green sweater she wore under it. Beneath that is essentually a white tshirt. The girl pulls on her vest again and straightens, exhaling with a relieved sigh.

On the ledges, Adinaeth is shaking his head violently back and forth. He's not the oldest dragon, but he's been around the block long enough that he isn't fighting L'alie as hard as the younger dragons are. So she simply wobbles around the campsite, grinning like a loony. She stabs a y-ended stick into the ground, and another one on the other side of the fire, and then sits down to strip and gut the caught rabbits before jamming her spit pole through them. That done, she grins sloppily at Kacen, slinging an arm around him. "Take a break, there's time!"

Keziah pauses to glance at the others and has she does she catches a climpse of something familiar and lets out a shriek and dives, well not literally, after her back. Seems it was knocked off and was missed by much of the falling debris. Course it ain't likely half as heavy as some of the others seeing as she left her books back at the Weyr.

Senkyou is pacing, her hands shaking and scruffing her feet like a runnerbeast about to charge. R'lint gets a glare and she stands in front of Raelin. Rae gets a small smile, before she starts her routine again. Zeki gets nice smile and she gets a little closer to him, before she backs away a little horrified with herself, "Sorry, dragon.. gold, flight, anxious." she speaks in little pieces, as controlling her dragon is taking a bit of work, even for an older dragon Dulacth has a lot of love to give.

Kacen smiles to the brownrider, not at all bothered by the situation. "You're doing well. You should see Mom and Nel when they are rising." Because of course they both normally do at near the same time. His work is forgotten and he allows himself to be dragged around whereeve L'alie seems inclined. He's not a candidate. He can do what he likes.

R'lint looks at Zekiel, and then shifts his gaze to Keziah. "Hello their precious." he says, in a drunken tone of voice. He walks towards Keziah with a nice smile, "So, have any plans for the night." he is sweating bullets and is surely a little out of it.

Keziah looks up from her pack, a blank look on her face. "Huh?" she asks and then blinks and then smiles sweetly at R'lint "Oh yes." she states as she shrugs her pack onto her shoulder "I've got someone I plan on cuddling up real close with. A real butch of a woman." she states sweetly as she turns to walk away from him.

"Gold rising. Right." Zekiel replies to Senkyou, returning her smile somewhat absently. He seems equally distracted, though in his case it's because he's trying to keep both his eyes on R'lint and Raelin at the same time, and that just won't work. Then R'lint solves the problem for him, and the young man moves to stand directly next to Raelin. There's hints of triumph in his posture, and every so often he glances at Raelin, but he also seems a little confused by his own behavior.

L'alie is still on a mad mission to get some food in everyone's belly, though she seems pleased with herself with her arm around Kacen and her hip bumping into him as she walks. "R'lint, no candidates!" she chides. "Call that beast of yours back." She stands, a little mesmerized by the fire, swaying in time to Adinaeth's head bobbing.

Senkyou sits down finally, sighing. "Do we have food?" seeming to have missed the last few minutes. Dulacth is wiggling and scratching at the ledge, his wings and firmly closed, but he also seems to be doing something with his head, bobbing it and eyes whirling furiously.

R'lint looks like he's trying to lay an egg, eyes shut and face squishing in tremendous concentration. "I can't get him back, he won't come. He won't come." Keziah is now being ignored, as he is trying to get his dragon back.

"Gold flight?" Raelin inquires, looking around. She squints at Dulacth a moment, before nodding slowly. "Makes sense. Mom has told me a bit about these." She reaches out a hand to pat Zekiel on the shoulder. "Maybe you'll Impress green. Then you won't have to worry about behavior like this?" She smiles at him and stretches, apparently enjoying not having as many layers on now. "I wonder," she says, considering as she relaxes, "if anyone got any water for us to drink."

Kacen is very relaxed, enjoying the warm body and the lack of work to do. He'll just keep following along with L'alie tucked in at his side as long as she allows it.

"Green." Zekiel echoes, smiling at Raelin as she puts that hand on his shoulder. "I'm not sure I'm really greenrider material." There's a brief laugh, as if something funny has occured to him, but he dosn't share. "You know, I don't know if they did. But we're going to need some sooner or later, and probably sooner."

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