Egg Touching

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Matteo wanders through the eggs finally deciding on the Sweet Harmonious Sonata one, settling himself near it, he places a hand on it's shell tentatively.

Touching the eggs, Jutin gets a weird look to his eyes before suddenly falling back on his butt. Giving a quick gasp, Jutin seems too speechless to comment on the colors that he can suddenly see. "Uhh…err…" He manages, though being intellegent will have to wait awhile. R'don glances over to Kirilla and nods, "I'll make sure."

Yanlish sways on his feet a bit as a smile spreads across his face, softly moving from side to side. His face then scrunches up and he tries something, not saying anything, but just recalling a time when he was very young, sitting in his father's lap and spent an entire afternoon asking questions. You know the kind, "Why is the grass green? Why is the sky blue? Where does the sun go at night?" The usual things any youngster does, trying to give the impression of him being his father, seeing if the egg might have a question, but just goes about dancing as well, thinking of the time he was at a gather and a rather lovely green rider asked him to a dance, the two men drifting across the dance floor in his memory.

« In Matteo's Mind, Harmony of Light and Darkness gives an equally light and almost polite touch back, not at all invasive. Occasionally though a silky feeling will slip in just a bit deeper and ribbons of crimson appear at those times. These sensations are brief against the calm and steady backdrop of darkness speckled and swirled with a muted ivory. »

Jutin is ready to be devoured by the mutant egg, which is a good thing he already told his friends who can have what once he's gone! picking himself up, then going over to the egg again, he sits on his knees and puts a hand back on the egg. "Well…what to say? I'm ready to be taken away I guess…I've already made the arrangements…I'm sure though, that soon you'll be able to see the world as I once had." He cowers back on his knees, but keeps his hand firmly in place.

Niva wrinkles up her nose, sniffing slightly as she shakes her head. "That' wasn't exactly right. But… Logic and reason don't always help you make the right decision. Sometimes you still make the wrong one, because emotions are involved." A soft sigh and she shakes her head once more. "But, life can be happy, too. Its both right and wrong decisions that cause you to change. Life would be sad if there were no choices…"

Matteo tilts his head to this egg but doesn't draw back at all. He lets the constrasting images touch him and even advance a little, wondering in his own polite way, the story of this egg, if it had one it would be willing to give.

Kirilla eyes Jutin and sighs. "Off your knees, lad! I know it's easy to go down when you're touching and preoccupied, but the sands are hot and burn."

"But but…you mean you're not going to try and devour me alive? There are stories of people wandering into the sands…and never being seen again! Its the fear of not knowing what'll happen next…that scares me the most about you and all the other eggs." Jutins comments to the egg seem to have taken up all his mind, as if it was in a place far away. Not even hearing Kirilla, Jutin continues sitting on his knees as he had, ignoreing what they may tell him, only listening for what the egg might instead.

Kirilla rolls her eyes. "Oy, R'don, get him on his feet!"

Yanlish can almost feel the waves of warmth from the flowings of the egg. Oh. Hold it…that's just the sands. Right? Well, maybe it's the sands. At any rate, seems to almost relax, his other hand coming to rest along the side of the egg gently, his expression calm and open as he slowly opens his eyes, opening his mind as well to the egg, letting it wander amidst his memories of the deep jungles of the south, of his years spent learning his craft, of the friends he's made, the things he's seen, the few times he's been adragonback, all of it is there like a maze of wonder, a cluster of worlds all the same, yet all a little different.

« In Matteo's Mind, Harmony of Light and Darkness slowly and gently seeps into your thoughts never pushing or forcing but waiting for the acceptance or permission at each step. Slowly the darkness reveals that in fact there is colors there, a rich and deep mahogany. The light also is never too bright somewhat muted to a creamier hue mixing with the dark, not brightening, the two existing together. Still that red, seems to question about Matteo as well as it explores and curls here and there, gentle and never prying. »

Niva gives a gentle pat absently before nodding her head. "That's right… hope. Hope's good. Hope's what helps you try to make the right decision, even if you've made a few bad ones." And with a soft sigh, she glances over her shoulder. "I think.. I think I should move on." And with another soft pat, she moves away from the egg, glancing around her as she does so.

R'don gives a grunt as in 'why do I get the ones who won't pay attention?', grabbing Jutin under both arms and pulling him away from the egg, breaking contact suddenly. Stretching his hand out as if to say more, the apprentice-candidate is dragged from the sands and put on one of the benchs in the gallerys. "But…but…!" Is all he can manage, as R'don starts to look at his already glowing red legs.

Yanlish leans in toward the egg, his face almost pressing against it. Indeed, it could look like the egg was trying to pull him in. Perhaps he has the Mutant egg? He seems totally fine with it though. Of course, that is always the way, isn't it? They make you want to be sucked in and then once your inside, you find out the horror of it. The green silk of his shirt brushes against the shell as he does, saying, "Oh, don't worry, little one. Soon enough, you'll be seeing it all as well." His thoughts do, however, focus more on the world of the Jungles, the vast spreads of trees and plants of every imaginable hue, towering crags of rock that pierce up into the sky, the joy of standing there on their summits, looking down over a world huge and sparkling like an emerald, the wind flowing past him. Yes. Good memories. Those are what he likes. Of course, not all is good in that vastness of experience, there is a tiny little shadow over in the corner that the weaver seems not to even notice. Why dwell on the bad.

Matteo smiles a bit at this and flits over stuff in his mind. "Well… I'm a secraft apprentice… I like that very much. Large bodies of water to be traveled suits me well…" He offers up. He likes the inquiries of this one. "I like to travel a lot too. Learn of new places and all." He wonders if this one likes the idea of that at all?

Yanlish frowns a bit but then pulls back from the egg, his hands leaving it as says, "I guess…umm…your tired. OK. Maybe we'll talk again…after you've rested." He pulls away and blinks as takes a step. Wow. He's been standing here a bit to long. The heat is getting to him. He goes over toward Kirilla to ask for some water, but begins to stumble a bit on the way, his hand instinctively reaching out to grab support from somewhere and thus comming into contact with the swirly fires of the Suffered Sanity Egg, whether that suffering be quiet or not.

« In Matteo's Mind, Harmony of Light and Darkness appear to pull the curious color away from it's quest for interesting information. But it flits back here and there, the polite side not quite able to quelch the want for knowledge. Though it becomes more reserved. »

With a push, R'don forces Jutin to lie down on the bench, and grabs his ankles to put the legs up. "Jutin! I told you about not staying on the sands! They are hot, and you've gone and burned yourself already…" Jutin dosn't seem to notice nor to care, stretching his one free arm out towards the egg, as if just by pointing, he could contact it again.

Matteo gives a smile almost sadly. Perhaps it was best to pull back a little too and let someone else in. He runs his fingers over the shell as if waving good bye. "I shall perhaps see you again? Anything you'd like to know I am willing to tell to the best I can." He removes his hand reluctantly and looks around at the others.

Matteo approaches another egg after much time in deciding. He bends down, careful teh hot sands and extends his hand to brush along the patterned side with curiosity. "Hello there…" He mumbles.

« In Matteo's Mind, The Music of What Happens drifts into your mind slowly, quiet at first and then becoming noisy, bouncing, rousing. All colors twine and twist and curl, searching here and there, tugging everywhere. Roving curiousity fills your entire being with that strange gut-wrenching feeling of happiness. Nothing is bad, nothing is wrong. »

Matteo feels the intensity that is so different from teh last egg he touched. He persues ever so little with his mind to wonder about the egg it's self. "Nothing wrong?" He muses softly. "Why should anything be wrong?" At this he smiles. "You seem very content in there…"

« In Matteo's Mind, The Music of What Happens presses forward in a sudden crescendo of color and volume, surrounding your words and pursuing explanation. You touched the egg. Explain content, explain your words. A tenative strand of goldenrod stretches out, bringing with it a soothing flute's song and a hint of soft, child's laughter. »

Yanlish catches himself on the egg, and the egg seems to catch him as well, his eyes going a little vacant as he turns them unseeing to the fires that burn across the shell. Images roll in his mind of the deep jungles of the south, of wandering through the trunks of giant trees, of vines twisting in his path. He smiles as he pushes the vines a bit to the side and enters them, "Hello again. Sorry. Didn't mean to disturb you."

Matteo muses. That he did… he did touch the egg. "I was just commenting on how happy you seem. You do seem very happy there…" He is intrigued but unsure of so happy an egg, though it pleases him in an odd way. He shifts his position to set his other hand gently on the egg.

« In Matteo's Mind, The Music of What Happens bounces into a cheerful laughter - wrinkles of umber, mahogany, and tawny brown cackle and fizzle to the beat, surrounding your words and emitting a feeling of bemusement. Of course its happy. What is there to be unhappy about? »

Yanlish grins and chuckles at the egg, images of a thousand times of disturbing people flit through his mind. Walking in on his parents at as they were kissing, asking his Master at Weaver Hall a thousand questions all in an instant, all sharing the commonality of being somewhere he was not entirely wanted, "Disturbed? Oh, that's a hard one. Kind a like when you're sleeping, and someone comes in makes a lot of noise to wake you up." Yup, that image is there as well. A very young Yanlish bouncing on his parent's bed to wake them up. It was his birthday and he wanted his presents. His parents were a little annoyed at his rambunctious actions, but they did pull him into the bed and tickle him silly with loving hands.

Matteo couldn't think of anything that the egg had to be unhappy about. It would hatch and meet it's lifemate sometime soon. And meeting interesting potentials through the egg must be fun for so gay a mind. "I suppose nothing for you… You're right." He thinks for a bit about all he has to worry about, but that might depress the happy egg. He wouldn't want that… "Perhaps then I shall leave you to remain happy." He nods at this and grins to himself.

« In Matteo's Mind, The Music of What Happens pulls back on its own, having sensed his melancholy thoughts although unwilling to pursue the unhappiness. Leaving behind a feeling of being tickled and happiness, the presence fades into darkness. »

Matteo smiles understandingly and chuckles at the remaining effects of this egg. "It was nice to have met you…" He says to the darkness and lifts both his hands from teh eggs. Upon standing he looks upon the great golden mother and smiles. She had a variety indeed.

Kirilla eyes the dam herself. "All right, candidates. Looks like she's starting to wake. Let's get of the sands now - anyone who needs water come on over here. Yanlish? You don't look so well?"

Yanlish's face turns to a worried look as he stumbles back away from the egg suddenly, gasping as he seems to almost pull back as if on fire. He stammers out, "S..sorry…I…I..", looking around confused. He always seems to end with that egg looking confused and unhappy.

Matteo reguards the water but does not ask. He was fine, though sweat dripped again from his brow. He'd learned to go awhile without… If he'd have too much he'd become a bit waterlogged. "Thank you, ma'am." He says politely for being so kind as to bring them down there.

Yanlish he turns to Kirilla at her words and nods, stumbling over and getting a bottle of water, putting on a sad smile that is intended to be a happy one, "Just…a little warm, I guess.", and takes the offered water as he makes his way off the sands.

Jutin is dragged off the sands by R'don, burned legs and all…"Jutin, be more careful next time, even more so when I warn you BEFOREHAND?" Jutin only gives a soft moan as hes dragged out, numbweed covering his lefts from knee to ankle.

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