Spontaneous Tavern Gathering

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

L'alie glances up at Senkyou and grins widely. "Yep! Congratulations, Senkyou, you just won the job. Have a seat, help me find the file I'm looking for." One looking would see that Lala has pulled maps of the area surrounding Xanadu and the nearby holds. "Actually.." she glances over at Niva. "I aquired myself an assistant today."

Niva looks up at the entrance of a rather boisterous rider, with another rider on his shoulders, an eyebrow arching as she leans back a bit to watch them. "He won't serve if you're already gone." She adds as a warning before looking sidelong at L'alie. "And who did you give the promotion to, hm?" A nod to each of the others as they enter, she smiles to them, before looking back to L'alie curiously.

R'miel lifts Ysa up over his head and plops her onto a barstool, then takes a seat on the one next to her. "Barkeep! Two mugs and a pitcher of your finest ale, please!" He puts an arm around Ysa. "You get this lady whatever she likes on my tab." He spins on his barstool and gives a friendly wave to the other patrons. "Mornin." He grins to Niva. "How are you, weyrwoman?"

L'alie grins at Niva, "Your daughter, actually. She was moping and complaining about having to do honest work for the miners, so I asked her what she thought she'd be better at. She said embroidery or supervising.. So I offered a few other posts as a seamstress or a nanny, and she declined, so I said maybe she could be a Weaver apprentice, and she didn't like that either. So I thought.. if she really thinks that supervising is such an easy job, I'll let her come see what we really do running this Weyr. It'll keep her out of trouble at the least. She might even learn something and go on to assist the Headwoman perhaps."

Andis doesn't really have his books with him at the moment, but Andis makes his way over towards the crowd, offering a wave in greeting. "Hey." He moves to help himself to a seat, peering at the new people as they enter.

Ysa takes a moment to readjust herself on the barstool, twisting on the seat as well so that she can watch the bartender as well as the entrace of the tavern to keep those entering and leaving in line."Weyrwoman?" She asks, tilting her in in the direction that R'miel was looking at. She stares a Niva for a moment before grinning at her and waving. "Ierne's duties an' all," she calls to her, being responsible and all, before taking her mug when the barkeep delivers as promise. "Do ya know what's good here?" She asks this of her companion, though the question can be directed to anyone else within earshot.

Senkyou shakes her head and sits down next to L'alie. "I'll help yu, but you really should find someone else to do this, someone who isn't me." Giving a small complaint she sit down, tipping her chair backwards and then noticing Niva brings the chair slowly back to the floor, if she does it slow enough no one will notice. "Morning Weyrwoman." She says to Niva after all four legs of the chair are safely back on the ground. Looking back to the charts she asks L'alie "So what do you want me to do with these?"

From outside the bar, M'iri comes a stomping in, her long coat flailing behind her as she pushes the door open. Taking in the amount of people here, the bluerider suddenly halts in her tracks, sliding to the door siding as she looks around. A disgruntled grumble murmurs from Miir's throat as she suddenly spots her victim. Smoothly walking past the others as she enters farther into the bar, she gives an embaressing nod to Niva, a soft "Weyrwoman" in greeting as she passes. Apparently, M'iri's target sits close to L'alie, the bluerider slapping her hand down on the table. "T'dahr, you know, it's most helpful that you would not abandon me to the holders when we're fixing panels, and go get yourself drunk!" The bluerider glares once more at her intoxicated fellow wingrider, before throwing her hands up and moving away from him. Abruptly, M'iri pulls up a seat next to L'alie and whomever may be sitting with her. "Hi." She grumbles again, before rolling her eyes and blushing a little, "Greenriders." And that statement says it all. Yup.

Niva lifts her mug back to Ysa with a smile as greeting, before her attention is taken yet again by L'alie, and she just stops and stares at the weyrsecond. "Assistant, hm?" And from the look on her face, it seems obvious that Niva's rather annoyed she didn't come up with such an awesome solution for her troublemaking daughter. Her breakfast seems to be finished, for she's pushing the plate away and moving to lean next to Senkyou to flip through the papers for a minute, before looking back at the brownrider. "How did she take it?"

R'miel is given a pitcher of the local favorite byBeldar, and two frosty mugs. He fills one mug for himself and one for the goldrider sitting next to him. "Awful crowded for this time of day. I usually just let the tender decide my drink when I'm not someplace I'm familiar with." He looks around and grins. "Lots of girls. Maybe we ought to get out the cards, or the bottle." He takes a long swig of his ale.

Andis wrinkles his nose ever so slightly when no one greets him back, deciding to slip off from his seat and find a quieter place.

L'alie frowns, "There's a little road off of Kahrain, I'm trying to find the map of it on it.. So far I've only found half of it, I want the whole thing. There's a bridge, if that helps." She glances over at Niva. "She sorta just said okay and ran off. I'll have to make her a new knot I suppose. I don't think we have any lying around for 'assistant to the Weyrsecond'.. Anyways, she said I could tell her about her duties later, that she had an appointment to go to." Lala shrugs. "Which is fine, gives me plenty of time to.. come up with duties for her." A glance is cast to the strangers, and to M'iri, and a wave. "Someone's making merry. Wonder what they're celebrating." She murmurs to her fellow riders.

Ysa takes a cautious sip from the ale first, before deciding whether or not she likes the taste. Satisfied with the taste, she takes a long drink before setting it into her lap. "I meant food. Can't have all this ale with an empty stomach. Well, ya can, but looking at all the breakfast plates out here gets me hungry." She stares after M'iri as she watches her entrance. Smirking, she turns back to the bronzerider, tilting her head up to him. "All women an' no men to play with. Where's the fun in that? But it seems everyone's too busy to play 'round a poker this early in the morning."

Senkyou nods and begins to exam the maps, "Have you tried just doin' it from the air? If yu can't find it on a map it may not be well mapped." Stating the obvious she looks at the visitors and looks back at Niva, "Anyone you know?" M'iri catches her attention, "Nice to see you again, though it seems everyones here this mornin'" Gazing back down and muttering under her breath.

"All of its good, miss." Niva offers to Ysa politely, without looking up from the map that she's studying carefully, though a glance now and then is tossed in R'miel's direction, shaking her head at his well.. enthusiasm. M'iri gets a brief nod and the intoxicated greenrider a look of disgust - remind her to deal with him later. And then, she's pouring back over the map that she pulled from the stack. "Wait, why are you trying to find this road?"

"Vivian?" M'iri asks of L'alie when her assistant is mentioned, "Oh, you'll have buckets of fun with—" Suddenly, M'iri remembers just who is in the bar and looking appeasingly at Niva. "I'm sure she'll do well… Mallorn has been telling me a lot about her work with the miners…" Oh, the insights this bluerider has gotten of Niva's children. Taking note of the maps on the table, Miir tilts her head to look at them, giving a rough wriggle of her nose at the smell of alcohol in here. "WHy so particular about the road off Kahrain?" She asks, obviously bumping into a conversation that doesn't include her, but if any looks are given to her for doing such, she doesn't notice, for the comment made my R'miel makes her turn and raise one brow high. "Don't even get any ideas…" She mumbles, turning to Ysa with a slight grin, "No kidding, we're certainly making his day, though, eh?" She turns around in her chair again to hear Senk's words, "I wouldn't be here, if it wasn't for that dolt." And she cocks her head to T'dahr, who's apparently not paying anyone any attention.

L'alie frowns, "I picked up something R'sul forgot this morning, and I just wanted to check it out.. I can't fly over, it's sorta.. blocked off, yeah." She glances at Niva and shrugs. "R'sul's been with you all day, did he mention it at all?" Apparently enthused riders and drunkards are beyond her at this point. It's too early int he morning to notice.

T'eo appears blown in, as he stumbles through the door. Hair, a mess of loose strands from a long runner tail, he grumbles something through his teeth while making great effort to close the door. This isn't too hard except people keep coming in and, like a gentleman sailor, he stands holding and holding and holding untill at last the room can be free of the gusty outdoors. He unfixes a smile and with a haggard shake of his head, makes it past the threshhold as if it were on fire.

Or'un enters the tavern briskly, his mind apparently set on a certain table empty and away from other people. His apperance isn't what it normally is, his clothes rather drenched in muck though his boots are rather clean, a testament that the rider wipes his feet before entering establishments. Setting down he removes the sack that he carried on his shoulder, settling into his chair as he waits for a server to come by and take his order.

R'miel just grins and drinks his ale. "I'll get whatever you're having, love. So what's all the excitement about this morning, ladies? Something need exploring, Ysa and I here are good at that." He thumbs to the gold rider next to him, then grins at all the Xanaduarians… Xanaduites.. Xanadulings.. Xanaduers? "I'm R'miel by the way." He seems intent to make sure no one gets any work done.

Ysa bobs her head towards the Weyrwoman in thanks, but doesn't really move to order anything just yet. She watches the other riders in the tavern over the rim of her mug as she takes another sip. She chuckles at M'iri and offers her a roll of her eyes. "I bet ya. It's almost like he's jus' not satisfied with what he gets back home." Her green eyes notice the arrival of, finally, a familiar face, but instead she chuckles at R'miel's comment. "Right. Exploring, or getting into trouble? An' 'm Ysa." This is said turning back to the crowd, which she waves her mug out at them. "Let's go mingle an' be nice, Ram."

"I don't care if you say it. You aren't an arrogant bronzerider telling me I should step aside, M'iri." It seems that the bluerider can say what certain others can't. Niva looks up from the paper again, waggling fingers at R'miel and Ysa, before turning to nod at T'eo as he's blown in, and her gaze lingers on Or'un as he appears rather muddy. Perhaps its better that its the Tavern than the cavern - the headwoman would never forgive her the mess. "How is it blocked off?" She questions L'alie with a confused look, shaking her head. "He didn't mention anything, either."

Senkyou looks over to Ysa and R'miel, responding to their intros by distractedly saying, "Senkyou." Looking again at the charts she quirks an eyebrow at L'alie. "How can something be blocked from the air? An' what is it with this road?" Curiously she follows the visible road on the map, "I'd bet one of my riders could find it, Dulacth would ask if it's important to you."

M'iri takes note of L'alie's "out of it"ness, turning back to the bar idly as she listens to the three speak, before taking in the people that are not from Xanadu. "Nice to meet you, rider R'miel and rider Ysa. Welcome to Xanadu Weyr." The bluerider perks, a slight blush deepening her cheeks, because she doesn't know them. Saved by the entrance of someone she does know, M'iri lifts a hand in greeting to T'eo, waving him over as she does so. "How goes your day, T'eo?" She asks, abandoning T'dahr entirely and leaving the grumbly side of her personality with him. Note is also taken of the entering dirty person, and Miir wrinkles her nose, again. "Plenty of crowding in here… Whats with all of this? Somebody purpose a 'Xanadu drunk day' or something?" Senkyou is given an eye, almost as if this might be the brownrider's fault. Gaze flicking back up at Niva, the bluerider nods tentively, glad for not getting the lashing a certain bronzerider did. "Well, atleast I can be assured your not blinded to it, like some parents can be."

L'alie chews on her lower lip, eyes catching on T'eo for a moment before sweeping away. "I just know what the note said, Niv. Kind of a mystery." She glances at the others around, and her eyes glaze over for a brief moment. "Ah, anyways, I'll look for it later." She pushes the maps into a pile and out of the way. "Ah, I suppose if they're celebrating, we should be celebrating! Who wants a drink?"

T'eo is not so strategic, as far as just oblivous. He moves right infront of R'miel and Ysa's line of speech. Here he stops, staring at Senkyou in confusion. Why'd she just say… Oh! He shoots a glance over his shoulder to the Ierne pair and quickly leaps out of the way with a nod of apology. Most unfortunately he catches his heel on someone's… whose? He doesn't know, as all he's aware of is he's falling… again. Backwards he hurtles, wheeling an arm for something to grab onto. He manages a M'iri shoulder, which probably will not help him avoid his ritual meeting with the ground.

After the server leaves with his order Or'un sets to scanning the tavern. His eyes pass over the faces present, not lingering for longer than a few seconds though it's enough to catch Niva's gaze and M'iri's nose wrinkle though he doesn't pay much mind to it. It isn't until he hears a vaguely familar voice that he perks up and when his eyes land on Ysa he gives off a frown, turning his head away from the rider and placing his attention on his newly arrived klah. But before he can take sip he catches T'eo's fall in progress and a snort is given off before he can help it. "Bit early for that." He says amusedly to no one in particular as he watches.

Senkyou watches T'eo tumble towards the ground, and in the moment as he is slipping says, "Watch yourself!" At this point it is late, but she tried. At the mention of celebrating she scans all the people, and shrugs as L'alie handles the road problem herself. Ignoring the map she asks R'miel, "I'm not drinking but what are we celebratin'?" Relaxing a little she starts into small amounts of chair tipping.

R'miel is way ahead of L'alie. He's already ordering two more pitchers of the ale they're drinking and getting a myriad of mugs. He moves over and invites himself to L'alie's table, but at least he's bringing the beer with him. "Here we go, ladies and gents. Compliments of Ierne riders." There's a wink from the bronzer. He spots T'eo's fall and can't help but chuckle a bit. "You okay, man?"

"Thanks," Ysa replies to M'iri and her greeting. "An' just Ysa is alright. No rider or miss or— well, Ysa." She trails off to take another drink, licking her lips of the ale as she glances down to her mug. Once R'miel gets up to head to the tables, she gets up herself, standing up on both her legs and slowly making her way towards the tables. She winces, in part to T'eo's fall, though, and furrows her brows down at him as she passes. "Ya alright there?" But she continues making her way, taking a seat between L'alie's table and the empty one with the other Ierne bronzerider. "Or'un," she says by greeting, grinning at him and raising her mug. "What's got ya all messed up so early in the day?"

L'alie grins at R'miel, "Ah, I like a man who brings me booze in the morning!" She whoops, getting up to get more mugs for everyone. "Senk, you want some juice or anything?" Perhaps.. Limeade? (Duck). Her eyes flick towards Niva with a little nod of acknowledgement and then go back to thunking her mugs down. "Pour 'er out, bucko!"

Niva moves to offer T'eo a hand as he falls and she passes by him, with a grin. "Watch out there, T'eo. Too early to be out of commission." And the pitches of ale are eyed with interest, though then she's moving to wave the others towards the table before her. "We'll figure those maps out later, L'alie. It'd be a good place for Vivian to start."

M'iri feels the hand go to her shoulder, and reaches a hand up almost immediately to the offending hand before grey-blue eyes snap up to see a falling T'eo. Lifting up a little to try to help steady the bronzerider, the bluerider ultimately fails, stumbling forwards and out of her chair as she does so. "T'eo, are you alright?" M'iri asks, trying her best not to put a foot onto T'eo as he lands, or landing on top of him, and attempting to steady herself in the process. Huffing a little at T'eo, she looks at him and just starts to laugh a little, "Using someone smaller then yourself to steady is not a bright thing to do, man." Turning her eyes to the rest of the crowd, she shakes her head, "I don't drink alcohol, but get me something that doesn't give a buzz, and I'll gladly toast to whatever appeases you." Miir seems to be in better standing on the shy 'o meter, but the blush will surely never go away, not with this many people crowded into the tavern. "Bluerider M'iri, but as you said, name will suffice, Ysa." She tries to smile, but she's still trying to cover her laugh at Matt's fall. Steadying herself back on her feet, she lends a hand down to T'eo, helping him to get back up off the floor. "I might suggest a seat, before you take another tumble."

R'miel chuckles at L'alie and starts dishing out the ale. There's plenty for everyone, he'll make sure of that. "Come on and help yourself everyone." He grins to the bluerider. "Ah, fair enough. Tender, be a gent and get the lovely M'iri whatever she desires. I'm not about to leave out a cute blue rider." He winks to her and puts and arm around Ysa. He turns to the gold rider and the other Ierne rider. "Who's your friend?"

T'eo would be embarrassed… would be. Except, as some individuals present already know, it's standard. Laying on his back in a rather awkward but well practiced position, the sailor just gazes up at the passers by with a furrow of his brows. He takes M'iri's proffered hand and rights himself with just a grunt of acknowledgment before slipping into a seat across from… oh.. brilliant. He looks dead at the all too familiar brownrider before quickly looking down… and then away. Away to R'miel who gets a raised brow. Not that M'iri's not cute and all, but… "Does that really work?" He mutters in a halfway rhetorical question.

Senkyou leans more comfortably, balancing herself precariously so that she is in a semi-reclining position. The ale being carried over gets looked at, and given consideration before she shakes her head and asks the bar keep for some water, L'alie's question gets a shrug, "I'm good for now." T'eo's accident gets him a small chuckle, though she sounds sincere when she asks, "You gonna be ok?" Though Senk seems to be holding back a smirk, looking over the Ierne riders she says, "Brownrider Senkyou, but senk or Senkyou works for me. Nice to meet you both."

Or'un ignores the rest of the commotion and sets to work on his breakfast, his blue eyes focused on the plate in front of him as he eats slowly. It's because of this that Ysa's words cause him to pause before slowly looking up. "There was a problem in the stables. Escaped stock and I was passing through so," He moves his eyes down to his shirt as if to finish his sentence before glancing towards R'miel and then to Ysa. "What are you doing," But his words trail off at M'iri and T'eo's jumbling. "Might want to check your soles, make sure they're not worn out." He says towards the clumsy rider before facing Ysa again who has now been joined by R'miel. "We're not friends, just met the other day." He states casually before adding. "Or'un, Aslianth's rider." He offers with a hand for a shake.

L'alie tries to smile at T'eo, except he looks away. Right, awkward. Ahem. "Er, soooo." Awkward trail off before attention is turned on the Ierne riders. "Well met, Or'un." Yep, good distraction tactics. Ysa downs the rest of her mug before putting it on the table next to the newer pitcher. She raises a brow back towards T'eo, aware that the rider was completely alright after that fall. She gives a small shake of her head before smirking at R'miel. "Yah, what he said. Not exactly friends." She chuckles and turns back to look at the messy bronzer. "Least ya were nice 'nough to help. An' don't think I've forgotten the fact that ya owe me a drink. But at another time, of course. Back home at the pub." Her attention goes back to the main crowd as she leans forward to fill up her mug. "And well met, everyone."

Niva listens to M'iri decline the alcohol, raising an eyebrow of her own at R'miel before settling down on a stool herself and waving M'iri over. "Bluerider.." SHe offers a bit formally as she pushes a stool out to her, and then another to the T'eo, sitting on the far end of the series of tables from L'alie - it'll be less awkward then, right?

R'miel lifts his mug finally and nods to everyone. "To the busiest inn I've ever seen in the morning. My, do you riders from Xanadu like to party. We're gonna have to hang 'round here more often. Or all of you are going to have to stop at Irene. Cheers." He grins and takes a swig of his ale. Then he turns back to his fellow Irene riders, nodding to Or'un and giving his hand a firm shake. "R'miel, well met. Sure you don't want a beer, man?"

M'iri's smirk wipes off her face at the sudden placement of T'eo, and what causes him to look inadvertantly down. A look goes from T'eo, to L'alie, and then back, before a sympathetic look crosses her face. She doesn't comment on the reaction, because she knows that is something that is none of her business. R'miel's comment catches M'iri's attention then, and a shy blush that seemed contolled suddenly flares over her face, causing the bluerider to look down and play with her fingers. She acts this way until a cup is brought and sat before her, then she tentively grabs it and twirls it. Peering up again through her lashes, one can get the impression she is waiting for her reaction to go away, almost a frustrated look passing over her face for even blushing at the comment. Looking over at Or'un, she nods again, offering a tentive smile to him, "Nice to meet you, as well, and welcome." Does she notice that he might not be particularly talking to her? Oh well, and she greets the rider, anyways. Of course, also at that moment, M'iri takes a sip from her drink, and nearly spits it back out as she hears what T'eo asks, eyes going wide as she controls herself and swallows. She cocks a thumb over to R'miel's arm draped over Ysa's shoulder. "A little obvious that it works, eh? Though, I little corny, in my opinion." Taking the stool offered by Niva, she sits down lightly in it— the farther away from awkardness and crowdedness, the better for shy riders, yes?

L'alie grins, lounging back in her chair and lifting her beer mug up, "Xanadu, where it happens. I'm from Ierne, you know.. sorta. I lived there for awhile before they Searched me here and I Impressed Adinaeth. That was a very long time ago, though."

Or'un nods his head at Ysa's words. "I'm familiar with beasts so it wasn't much. I used to work in the stables back in Ista." He offers as an explanation for his actions before finishing off his drink. After R'miel releases his hand he shakes his head a grin on his face. "As much as I'd like to waste away the morning drinking I've got to head, I'm due back soon." He says, catching the greeting from M'iri he nods towards her. "Thanks"

T'eo glances at M'iri's reaction and tries to hold back the snickering smirk that begs to be allowed on his face. He glances to the thumbed at Ysa and then to Niva's stool offering. Getting up as if shocked, he follows the blueride to the offered seats. "See… that's what I thought." He takes the stool and mug, debating whether he really wants to drink this early. His eyes rise to his former weyrmate who happens to be speaking and without any more hesitation grabs the pitcher. Yeeeah. Once the glass is full he tries to direct his attention around, but at this point he's lost track of who is who. Hm. Pity.

Ysa has noticed M'iri's shyness, but just to make sure, she leans into R'miel further with a toothy grin at everyone else. But it falls as she turns to the bronzer next to her and she pokes him with a free hand. "/Ale/, Ram. It's insulting to call something like this beer." And she takes a long pull from her mug as a toast to one of her favorite drinks. "I'll catch ya 'gain for that drink, Or'un, back in Ierne." She offers him a smirk. When the two riders go and join the Weyrwoman, however, her attention seems to split between the two groups. "Did something happen here?" She really didn't notice any of the looks being passed or avoided around the table.

Senkyou notices the awkwardness, looking back and forth between the two and shrugging. L'alie gets a long stare, as if she is trying to figure out why the two are acting unusually. Shrugging it off as people being weird she toasts with her water and says, "I must be missing something if we do this all that often? If so I haven't been invited." Watching Niva, for a moment, before addressing R'miel, "Did I hear you say Ierne? Me and Dulacth called it home for two turns. I think we took most of with us." She says reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small crystal like rock.

Niva leans with an elbow on the table top as M'iri and T'eo join her, and she offers them each a smile in turn. "Its not the greatest time, but I've been meaning to talk to you. I wanted to tell you that R'sul and I would like you to be the wingleader - and your handling of that little.. issue.." And her head is tossed in the direction of the drunken greenrider, "It just makes more sense." And then she turns to T'eo with a bit of a grin. "And, I may have a job for you and your ship, if you're interested."

Or'un pushes his plate away from him as he stands. "Well met." He says to R'miel and Ysa with a nod. And with a final scan of the tavern he grabs up his sack and makes his way out of the tavern just as quickly as he entered.

R'miel grins at L'alie. "That so? Ys and I impresses at Telgar, actually, then headed to Ierne afterwards. Heh, couldn't have been that long ago." Then he nods to Or'un. "Sorry to hear that, man. We'll catch you when we get back, apparently you owe my girl a drink." There's an eyebrow waggle to T'eo and M'iri, though he doesn't bother them as they've clearly got business with the Weyrwoman. There's a nod for Senkyou. "Wow, lots of Ierne riders here. Maybe we ought to be heading here in a turn or two." He chuckles and looks to Ysa, then leans in to kiss her cheek. "Yes, love. /Ale/. Excuse me. You sure you don't want anything to drink?" He gives her a one-armed hug.

"Senkyou, if half the stories involving you and ale happens to be true, maybe there is a reason you are not invited to these meetings more often… If these are meetings." M'iri peers around, taking note of everyone and grinning a little evilly at Senkyou. Lifting her cup to the toast, M'iri is much more comfortable not sitting in the middle of it all, it seems, and is much more amicable. In an jesture to keep her from having to carry T'eo out, the bluerider lays a hand on his shoulder, "It'll only solve the problem temporarily, and give you a mighty good headache to live with." The sympathy is there, the bluerider knows how it feels, and she tries to show it to T'eo. More time would be given to comforting the
nearby bronzerider, but Niva's words take up her interest, and the bluerider blinks dumbfoundedly, "Whaa—?"

L'alie points to Senkyou, "Senky Impressed at Telgar, too, you know. So did Ethne. We've got a couple Telgar transplants around here, come to think." She shrugs and grins. She looks over at M'iri and grins. Inner privledge, inner knowledge. But what's this about boats? Eyes narrow for a moment, trying to eavesdrop on group by the bar.

"I've got to know if there really are these meetings here. No offense to M'woen an' his bar, but I like this tavern a lot better," Ysa says as she gives the area a good look around while finishing off her second mug. "I jus' settled into Ierne an' you're talking 'bout moving?" R'miel gets her full attention again, brow raised up. "Really. The only way someone will get me to move is to offer a full supply of ale. Or if Ierne gets overrun with felines." The last is said with a frown and a wrinkle of her nose. "But there's got to be something attracting so many Telgar riders, an' Ierne riders, here," she addresses to the rest of the group. "Good weather?" She catches some of what is going on with the other goldrider, though she only passes those a glance and a smirk.

T'eo starts to take a sip of his mug but feels a hand on his shoulder. Mur? He looks about to M'iri, watching her eyes in earnest before looking away very suddenly to the liquid in his mug. As the Weyrwoman discusses her request of M'iri he looks back up again just in time to meet Niva's look. Brushing some tendrils of dark hair behind his ear he half smiles. "Hm? Really? Well, interested." He sets down the mug.

R'miel chuckles at the goldrider next to him. "What does you liking the bar have to do with having meetings here? Heh, you may have just arrived at Ierne, but I've been there a turn now. Too quiet for me, maybe. I'm sure Ella will be thrilled at the prospects of decorating a new weyr. Though I suppose we owe it to L'ren to stick 'round until his shop is up and running." He grins at her. "We gotta bribe you, eh? It's good company around here, at least."

Senkyou is listening to what Niva is saying, though she is unlikely one of the list to get a raise. Senk gives M'iri a warning glance, "Don't believe everything yu hear." She says quickly in a hushed voice which makes the words harder to understand. Distracting herself with R'miel and Ysa she says, "Dulacth was indeed hatched at Telgar, and the weather here is worth it. I transferred due to that, and the oppurtunity that opened up. Dulacth an' me are pretty settled and not planning a move anytime soon."

M'iri snorts lightly at Ysa's remark, "If the rain we have is any indication of 'good weather', I think Telgar and Ierne must have horrid weather…" Wrinkled nose, again, before she notes L'alie's look. A snort comes from Miir's throat as she gets the implication of look, and what Niva is telling her. "I suppose I can accept your offer, though I can't guarentee to be so kind to the slackers who happen to be in that wing." Amazingly, the glares meant for T'dahr are not finished, and Miir sends another one the greenrider's way, causing the drunk rider to skitter out under her gaze. The glare crosses over Senk, and Miir grins innocently. "Oh, not everything, of course."

"We're suppose to be getting a shipment of rather nice runners from one of Western's holdings. And, I'd rather have someone I know and trust handling their care on the journey. Would you be willing to take your ship, and handle their transport?" Niva questions the bronzerider, before nodding to M'iri. "You can do with them as you see fit - it will be your duty to get them back in shape." For now, she's not really paying attention to the other bits of conversaton floating around, however.

L'alie grins, spreading her arms out. "Xanadu is the place. Beautiful weather, the sea close by.. best of all, we're entertaining." she winks to the couple and says, "Well, if you get the urge to move, check us out, hm?"

Ysa shrugs a shoulder at R'miel. "The ale's better," she offers as an excuse. "Why take the time to come here if I don't like the surroundings as much as the company?" She turns to lift a brow to Senkyou. "I can name plenty of places in the south that have better weather than Telgar." She chuckles at M'iri and raises her mug to the bluerider. "I guess congratulations are in order over there." She sits back in her seat and listens to the conversation. "Bribe me? Why would ya bribe me? Ierne might be quiet but helping L'ren isn't so bad…"

It's not the most graceful of entrances seen in the tavern, but certainly not the last as Katherine stumbles in. "Whoops." She brushes what ever dust or dirt that might be on her hands away. Katherine heads to a vaccant table and takes comfort in sitting down.

R'miel chuckles a bit. "Ah, well. It's the lady's decision to move or not, you know? Weather is nice in Ierne, too." He looks over to the bluerider. "Congrats, hm? Is that so? Maybe it's time for another song, eh?" He grins at the surrounding riders. "Ah, I'll spare ya, I'll spare ya. But we'll keep Xanadu in mind when Ysa is ready for some more excitement. Or for when Ella is, really." A mug is lifted to the new arrival.

T'eo's hand even comes off the mug. Lookit that! He sits up a bit, as if this might make him appear more capable. He gives Niva a nod. "I can certainly do that. Lor's ev- oh yes… that's right." Lorena is now with the weyrlings. "Well, I was going to say Lor loves when we get runners on board, but I suppose that's irrelevant now. Either way, I know the crew always enjoys it." He glances at the "Whoops" from the entry way, to see if anyone else has taken casualty. Nope. Just him. He looks to M'iri. "Well," Half-smirk. "Good luck." He teases.

And in walks Syril. She doesn't trip, or stumble, or run into anyone, but she does dodge a girl with a handful of mugs. She follows her with her gaze, arches an eyebrow, and then takes a good long look around. Oooo… ale…. And with that thought seeming to run through her brain, she heads for the bar at a quick, trotting sort of pace.

Senkyou nods to R'miel and pays no more attention to Niva, as nothing she is saying seems to affect her life. Instead she gets another glass of water, and says, "Well when your ready I doubt you'll be denied, though I'm not the one to say. That's for the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman." Pointing to Niva, and getting a little risky with her chair leaning, as she goes a little to far back and almost slips, luckily catching herself at the last second and grinning, like she could have planned it.

If L'alie doesn't stop M'iri from snorting, she might soon have a loogie, but Miir snorts again at L'alie's comment. "Geez, Alie, are we a Weyr, or a vacation spot? This is Xanadu, not Ista." She sticks her tongue out, before she blushes again at the congrats from everyone. "Thanks," She mumbles a bit, before turning to the sound of "whoops", even though it's rather loud in the tavern. Nothing escapes teh quiet bluerider. "You okay?" T'eo's smirk at her promotion makes her smack the bronzerider's shoulder, knowing that he is teasing her in that fashion. "Don't pick on me! I might send Kieranth after you." She glares playfully, the prop of her brow telling of her teasing back. Is she flirting? Nooo… Not possible. And the Bluerider turns away again to the door. "Good grief, have we become a central station for something?"

Ysa also looks up at the new entrances, expecting someone else to trip. But, unsatisfied, she turns back to her current companions. R'miel gets a roll of her eyes as she looks up to him. "Ya know 'm all up for excitement. So long as it's not exploring through any jungles for awhile. Though I think it'll be awhile 'till someone can convince me of moving anywhere after I finally got the place back in Ierne to Ella's liking." She looks around the filling caverns as well. "Does this place always get so full? I haven't really been around Xanadu 'fore, so I guess I must be missing something good. Not good 'nough to move, course," she adds at the end, just in case it brings anymore ideas.

L'alie looks around the tavern. "I think we're doing better business than Ista tonight, Wingleader." She teases her friend. "Maybe we should just open a resort of our own, yeah?" As for M'iri's snorting.. not much can be done about that. You always were crazy, Miir, we just know why now.

R'miel chuckles a bit and waves to Niva when Senkyou points her out. "I find I rarely make a good impression on the Weyr higher-ups. Though… Sharix was really Tonny's fault. And L'dran… well. That was just plain unfair." He grins at Ysa. "You don't want to go feline-hunting with me again, Ys?" He covers his heart with his hand. "My heart, it's… it's breaking." There's more chuckling then he leans over to refill his mug. "Alright there's been some more newcomers, who haven't I met?"

Syril orders something tall, cold, and suspiciously strong looking, and heads for a chair. It's on her way towards said destination that a certain phrase catches her ears. She perks up, and heads over to the table it came from, and asks, "Feline hunting?" in a voice that clearly says she's very interested in this idea.

Katherine glances around, catching the query perhaps meant for her, "Me? Quite well, thank you." Lazily she begins to make little circles on the table with a pointed finger until somebody arrives to take her order.

T'eo glances back hesitantly at L'alie. But it's only a moment as Miir smacks his shoulder. "Heeeyy… None of that now. Kier gives me nightmares." He says with a smirk. "Or Raenth nightmares and they pass to me. Not sure sometimes what's his and what's mine." He shakes
his head, eyeing his hair as it falls in his face. Murph.

Ysa doesn't seem phased at all with R'miel's mock heart-breaking routine. Instead, she takes his advise and refills her mug with whatever is left in the pitcher they had been drinking from. "Yah, feline hunting. Ask R'miel 'bout it, cause he'll probably make it sounds much more exciting. I'll only make myself look bad, an' the whole idea stupid." She waves to the woman that asked about their adventure. "'m Ysa, by the way."

R'miel nods to Syril. "Mm. Ysa and I spent hours tracking a wild feline out in the jungles outside of Ierne. Finally we were about to give up, then… BAM!" He slams his mug down on the table dramatically, but not too hard. A bit of ale goes sploshing out of the top. "It springs out of the brush and attacks my lady here. Well she in such a state of shock that she drops her knife, and the cat tries to drag her off by the
leg. Of course I wasn't going to let this happen, so I rush in and the cat lunges at me. He gets in a good swipe at my arm, but I manage to stick him with my sword. Now Ysa here was losing blood fast, but Faranth knows this girl wasn't about to just give up without a fight. So I do what I can and scoop her up in my arms and run back to the hold with her to get her healed up. It was quite an adventure." He grins. "The Weyrholder had to send someone else out to skin the beast."

Syril juts her chin towards Ysa in a 'hi' sort of manner. "Oh, ah, Syril," she says, lifting her mug to indicate herself. She listens to R'miel's story with an arched eyebrow, and sends fleeting glances to Ysa, to see if she is validating his version of events. She nods a little, sips from her mug, and finally says, "Sounds like it. Good you got 'im in the end, though. Nasty creatures." Without an invite she snags a chair, drags it over, and plops herself down at the table.

Katherine continues to make little circles until somebody finally approaches her table. Smiling up at the barmaiden Katherine places an order. Her attention is drawn towards the others, casually listening.

M'iri smirks a little at T'eo, "Oh, c'mon, Kieranth isn't that bad, he just has a thing against… Well, everybody." Miir pauses for a moment, turning her eyes towards R'miel and his story, intrequed by it. While… Miir leaves her hand on T'eo's shoulder. She quickly fixes it with a swift blush, looking down and thumbing her new knot Wingleader knot, not yet having put it on her shoulder. L'alie's specific remark of formal greeting earns the brownrider another glare, before the bluerider tips back her drink again, taking the hand that betrayed her on Matt's shoulder, to her mug with the juice in it. She turns to Syril with face still a-sipping, lowering her mug just then to greet the other rider that just came in. "Welcome, M'iri, Kieranth's rider." She tries to fake her blush at meeting new people. Yes. Thats it. Greeting a bunch of people she doesn't know. "What brings you to Xanadu?" She asks of both Syril and Katherine, flicking her eyes between both.

"Well met, Syril," Ysa says before turning to her companion as he gets into their story. She bobs her head every so often. "Still makes me look bad," she says with a wrinkled nose. "But all quite true. An' I've yet to see one hair of that feline coat I've been hoping for. Or a rug. Anything that'll get me a piece or it, as well."

Senkyou grins at M'iri and tilts her head, "I guess Dulacth hasn't met Keiranth, or isn't commenting. Though he isn't one to have anything bad to say." Curiously she slouches a bit, stretching her legs out and listening to R'miels story, afterwards she grins. "I've dealt with felines before, though usually I'm on Dulacth. I lived at sea after leavin' home, didn't see many felines." Sarcastically saying with a smile, she comments. "I did fall into the lake at Telgar when Dulacth was just a weyrling, closest I've ever gotten to death it bothered Dulacth for a really long time."

"Syril," she repeats, this time addressing the group at large so as not to have to repeat herself. "Blue Rhyth's." And that's that. She gives a wide grin towards the group, and takes a hearty swallow of her ale. And yea, she catches that glance, and the knot, and arches an eyebrow towards M'iri after she's introduced, "Knew knot, hm? Is that what the congrats was all 'bout?"

T'eo's half smile resumes at Miir for the comment on Kieranth. "Well… everyone but you." He points out. His amber gaze flicks down to her hand on his shoulder right as it is removed. Huh. He catches her eye a mere moment with an unreadable gaze before looking back out to this conversation on… felines. He doesn't say anything, however, feeling a bit… distant at the moment. He looks on beyond to the other bluerider just introducing herself and nods… as if he's always been in attendance in this conversation. Perhaps, whilst tuning back in, he'll get something worth saying.

R'miel stretches out a bit and finishes off what's left in his mug. He looks to Ysa, then gives a smile to everyone around. "Ah. Well, it's been good meeting all of you, but I think it's time for Ysa and I to head off." He grins. "I think we'll be back soon though" He gets up to pay off the tab and buy a couple more pitchers for the remaining crowd. "Goodnight, Xanadu!"

Katherine glances in M'iri, "Hmm?" As the cobwebs get clearned from her mind Katherine says with a smile, "Just passing over the area and thought I would stop by and get a spot of ale before returning to Ierne."

Ysa looks down at her half-finished mug. The new pitchers are given a sigh and she sets down the drink without finishing it, as she still has to get home that day. No use getting drunk if you weren't going to hang around and enjoy it. She puts her hands on the table and pushes up onto her two legs, making sure that the ale didn't affect her more than she thought it did. With a grin to those around, she offers her farewells. "It was good meeting all of ya. Congrats 'gain to the new knot er…" Right, names. She merely grins instead and offers a wave before slowly making her way to follow after R'miel.

M'iri perks up a bit as she hears R'miel greeting the whole of Xanadu g'night, and adds her own little wave to it. "'Til next time. I'm sure this tavern will bring you back." The bluerider grins, trying to toss off her shyness. It never works. The greeting of Syril is noticed, and her fellow bluerider is given a smile, because well— they're a bluerider. "Yeah, I guess the Weyrwoman was insan—" She stops, eyes Niva with an innocent grin, and continues, " Thought I showed good leadership in my wing." Yes, yes, that's what she was going to say. Kathrine is nodded to as well, both new riders used to shake off her sudden shyness with T'eo. "Well, it would seem Xanadu is attracting alot of riders, today, to this tavern. Was there an offer of ale half off?" She is still trying to figure what would attract so much attention, but she shrugs it off, braving herself another look at T'eo. "Well, I hope Kieranth likes me, I'm his rider, after all. If he didn't, I fear there would be alot more dust in Xanadu…" And by dust, she means drama.

"Yea, well," and Syril shrugs in a manner that suggests she's not terribly thrilled with authority. But she's grinning and cheerful all the same. "S'why I'm lazy and inconsistant. No one's going to be handing /me/ a knot with responcibilities any time soon!" Nope. She drains the last of her mug, slaps it down on the table, and pushes off to stand. "But, a girl does have to make a living. See ya," she calls. She gives the remaining group a wave, and hops towards the door.

T'eo watches the gold and bronze pair leave with a faint lift of his hand. He wasn't about to guess why everyone was stopping in. His eyes rise to the other bluerider and a faint frown slips over his face. He's, after all, a sailor. Lazy and inconsistant are beaten out of you the first day at the Hall. "They're not all bad." he says suddenly. Probably in such a way no one knows what he's referring to, but the bluerider has left anyway. To no one in particular… "I mean, it's work, but…" He looks around a moment and shrugs. "I enjoyed my wing." Among other things. But it seems before he can get all nostalgic Miir has brought him back. He smirks. "What's that line… only a mother could love? Or a rider…" He feigns confusion, stroking his chin.

Senkyou stands, looking aorund as everyone seems to be clearing out. "I better get going, I have to do some paperwork and I've gotta make sure my wings in order." Taking the last sip of her water she says, "I know I'll see you all around, if you wanna get a hold of me just have yours contact Dulacth." Not pushing in her chair she leaves the tavern to go about what has started out as an unusual day.

M'iri watches all the riders suddenly depart, and is halfway tempted to smell her armpits, to make sure it's not her… No, no, of course not. Just business as usual. The bluerider shakes the feeling off and nods absently at everyone leaving. "Never anything wrong with a good day's work. Keeps you out of trouble, atleast…" She says to the leaving rider, watching the door with bemused eyes before hearing T'eo's comment and smacking his shoulder again, "Thats what Mallorn says about whers!" « And I am /not/ a wher.» A certain blue dragon add in with a huff, his darkened presence obvious to the suseptable mind. "And technically, that could be said of any dragon, what might be intolerable to some, is a blessing to others…" Miir will not mention Adinaeth, she will /not/. Ahem.

Well it seems that Katherine was in for a quick drink. As quick as her drink arrives, she gulps it down. "Saddle up Yssath, time to head on back." And on that note the rider hops to her feet and meanders on out.

T'eo blinks, brows furrowing at the cacophony of beast sounds that start up at random as the others leave. Hm. He looks under the bar. Nope. Oh well. With a wave to Senkyou he gives a small "Ack!" at getting swatted again. But all in good fun. Smirk. Oh look! A full smirk! "Hey, I wasn't going to go there. I figured Kier might eat me. But yes… though it makes me wonder what goes on in that mind of yours." He says, pointing at her forehead with an actual grin. Psh… he's not flirting back. No way…. er… he didn't drink anything right?

M'iri seems wierded out fro mthe sudden noises, and turns to the bar, lifting out of her stool a bit and looking behind the bar. "What /exactly/ are they doing back there?" The raised eyebrow raises a little higher and the bluerider suddenyl sits down, deciding she doesn't /want/ to know. She tries to say goodbye to Senk and Kath ,but the rush out too quickly for her to respond, and it's met with a bit of a frown. That is, until M'iri finds a finger nearly pointed at her head, maknig her eyes cross a bit as she leans back and tries to look at it. Those eyes flick back to T'eo and she quirks her lips a little. "If I impressed Kieranth, I am sure you don't want to know what goes on in my head, especially if Kieranth is the mirror of parts of my personality." Shy, timid rider, having a bloody, vicious side? Maybe not quite so believable, but one never knows…

T'eo bites the inside of his lip to avoid any sort of laughter at the face Miir makes. But at her comment his brows raise and he quickly, rather over dramatically, looks down at… ooh look! Mug! He pulls it towards him, peers in side and… oh yeah. That's right. He pushes it away again. He looks back to the bluerider, half leaning on the bar. "I think it's just one of those things that always sat at the back of my mind…" « Mine too. » "And Raenths," He rolls his eyes. "And never thought much beyond that." Where was he going with that. Who knows. « I know. » Shush.

Maybe Miir is as naive as Senkyou thinks, for she looks rather innocent, trying to figure why T'eo is suddenly so interested in his mug. Maybe he did have a few sips to drink while Miir wasn't looking. "Well, Raenth shows your personality rather well, since he has a facination for the sea, yes? Kieranth just gets me either from one embarrassing moment to the next, or through one embarrassing moment to the next, depending on his involvement." Miir has taken an interest in the subject, atleast, "I figure Kieranth is the way he is to give me the backbone I don't always have, on my own." Courage through blood… What an interesting concept. Suddenly the darkness decends and Kieranth bugs into the conversation. Curiousity killed the cat. Or in this case, bloodied the mental view, when Kieranth is involved. « Know what? » M'iri arches a brow, not sure what the hell the two dragons are talking about.

T'eo shrugs, a thoughtful frown passing over his features and knitting his brows together. "Raenth… is okay with the sea. He's learned to enjoy floating around like the lazy bum he can be. But I suppose he does the same thing… Gets me through my moments. Like all the falling down…" Or the flirting… or various other things he's not a natural at. "So I kinda see what you mean. Like… I could see that working for you." Meanwhile, the mental hum of deep brass shoves its way on the scene with a bold shot of hard liquor. « Know my rider's thoughts, naturally. »

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