Random Log: Weyrlings and Bakers

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

T'eo saunters in, cause sauntering seems to be the gait for overworked and over stressed wingleaders. But it's own Matteo-fied uniqueness comes when a small herd of weyr brats run infront of the poor guy, causing him to jump, stumble midstep and land right on his arse. Insert explitives here.

The kitchen door swings open WIDE and a slender young woman forges on into the cavern, her arms and hands ladened with trays. Why is Angelyka doing this? She asked for it. Literally. With her tongue stuck out in clear concentration, she finally makes it to the serving table. She doesn't have much time to put the dishes down and soon is bombarded by some of the weyrfolks. Nimbly, she slips out of the way, her eyes wide with disbelief.

T'eo is helped to his feet by a journeyman of his craft. "Yes… yes I'm fine, Jerogh. Thank you." The sailor offers a seat at their table seeing as Matt's normally neatly bound hair was a mess. "No, thank you kindly but, well, I've work to do. Could you… yes, thank you." The sailor grabs his bag which'd flung a distance away. "Yes, well then, thank you again, Jerogh. I might try and get some food now. A bit more wary." And indeed he makes his way to the food table.

As she observes the hungry weyrfolk, Angelyka finally draws back and turns. She pauses, however, to get a cup of juice before ambling away from the serving table. She absently takes a sip before wondering, "When did they start getting this hungry?" A nearby assistant headwoman shrugs and that's the end of that conversation. The baker soon re-enters her domain, disappearing from view.

T'eo hardly notices the baker's presence admid so many others so it's not surprising tht her departure is virtually unnoticed. He snags himself some bread and cheese and a glass of benden red before looking about for a table at which to sit and do his work. he scowls as his usual one is taken.

F'alk walks in with a terrifically bald head and a reasonably competent, confident step. However, he does seem to be yawning.

T'eo locates himself a table and settles down, pulling out papers from his bag. He flicks through them, sorting them into piles: Recruiting papers, Rider's records, Accident reports, Equiptment servicing reports, unfiled and unreviewed reports. But as he looks up to take a sip of wine he notes a weyrling wandering unsuspectingly through the caverns. He makes a quick scan for other wingleaders or wingseconds. Satisfied that all are busy he calls out. "Weyrling! Come join me." Oh yes, even tired, T'eo could be charming.

"Why would you want me to do that?" F'alk says, clamping yawn closed with raised blonde eyebrows, his air half suspicion and half roughly theoretically determining the answer to his own question. Nonetheless, he approaches.

T'eo gives the weyrling an appraising look. "Are you diseased or something?" He smirks. "For sheer company, boyo. Why, indeed." He kicks out a chair for the young man and offers him some of his selection of cheeses and bread. "What's your name, boyo?"

"Surely not," F'alk says, as he takes a stiff seat on the proferred chair and tchs at bread and cheese with an automatic snobbery. Yet, "It's F'alk."

Cirilia slaloms through the caverns, passing by tables on the way to the food. She seems to be slightly out of breath, as if just out of doing the dreaded exercise routine. She slows, muttering softly, as she finds her quarry and now can concentrate on finding a seat.

T'eo nods and scans a sheet in one of his piles. "Green Rakirikath, am I right? Congradulations. You know, my own sister is in your class… Ah, and so is this young lady. My dear," He calls to Cirilia. "Have you any prior engagements, or could you do a sailor a grace by joining him?" Oh yeah, the charm is totally turned on now.

"You're right," F'alk says, and leans so slightly back. "Rakirikath's mine. And who's your sister?"

An eyebrow raises at T'eo's greeting, and Cirilia casts a glance at F'alk to gague his reaction. She clears her throat just a tad and nods slowly, "I think I can oblige. My" she peers over her shoulder for a moment, "my prior engagement is busy in the kitchen." She weaves through the tables, nearing T'eo and F'alk's.

T'eo pushes another chair out for Cirilia as he answers F'alk's question. "Lorena… with brown Loyauth. And you, my dear, your name?" Of course this is directed at Cirilia. He resorts his piles, pulling the recruitment one closer before taking a small sip of wine.

Cirilia sits slowly, trying to place the name of the rider herself. She glances at the knot and hums, "Bronzer, hmm?" a small grin creeping across one side of her lips. She slides in the offered seat and replies, "Cirilia. Mine's blue Tamasth." She nods towards the archway, though it's been months now since the blue was small enough to 'meander' himself inside.

T'eo smiles broadly to the young lady and nods. "Yes, blue Tamasth. Again, congradulations. I, by the way, am T'eo, rider of bronze Raenth and Galaxy wingleader. Apologies for the late introduction. I was just mentioning to F'alk here that my sister's in your class. It's nice to meet some of her peers." Peers used loosely seeing as she was a little over two years younger than both of them. "How've lessons been for you both?"

Cirilia chuckles, "Not as fast as Tamasth would like. Or others I know at that matter." At the mention of others, Cirilia looks over her shoulder towards the kitchen. It's a quick glance, and even if she were searching for someone among the tables, she's more like to miss seeing them than find them.

Denna comes out of the kitchens a mere moment after Cirilia's searching, looking rather harried. Sighing, she starts to collapse at one of the tables, but looks around, and smiles slightly when she sees the bluerider talking to T'eo. Slowly, quietly, she moves up behind Cirilia.

T'eo nods with a gentle laugh. "I know what you mean. Raenth felt much the same way. Our first manned flight was, well, spectacular, I guess you could say." Now to get down to business. "Have you put any thought into what wing you might join, once you both graduate?" He raises his eyes to the baker creeping up behind.

Cirilia doesn't notice the upturned gaze. She's more interested in what the bronzerider just had to say. "Wing? No.. I can't really say that I have," she replies. "Tamasth says that any are fine as long as he can go swimming afterwards."

Denna smirks, and puts her hands over Cirilia's eyes, then leans over and whispers something in her ear. She seems very happy to see the Blue weyrling, a slight flush on her face.

T'eo chuckles more. "Well, that's certainly within our range of expertise. Might not even have to wait till after in some cases. After all, or wing specializes in search and rescue. We've had many water rescues." This could probably be concidered T'eo's specialty, seeing as he's a ship captain and sea crafter. "You'd want to play to your dragon's strengths of cour-" He pauses in his demi-speech as the baker claps her hands over the blueling's eyes. "Master Baker," he acknowledges, oblivious that he might have ruined the game.

Cirilia gasps sharply as the world goes black, but the grin returns at the voice. It spreads further as T'eo confirms her suspicions, "Would there be any doubt of that, my dear?" She places her hands over Denna's, not quite removing them yet. She does duck after a few moments to dislodge the darkness and turns, "T'eo and I are apparently discussing wings." She nods to the recruitment sheet, "And he's come more prepared than I have." She cocks her head slightly, "Search and rescue" and her eyes dim. A nod. "Yes.. that's interesting to Tamasth."

Denna grins, as she settles down in a chair next to Cirilia, not letting go of the younger woman's hand, instead squeezing gently. "That could be interesting, but I'm not sure I could take it if something were to happen to you.

Enter the poster child for rider abuse - Marte. "That horrible, horrible woman, horrible I tell you." The brown rider marches over to the gather dartboard and yanks a few darts then flings them at the board, one at a time from the hand with delibarate action.

T'eo gives both understanding smiles. "Yes, it's been a topic that comes up sometimes with this wing, but it's a chance to help others actively aswell as an opportunity to use your talent as almost every craft becomes important to the wing. With some it brings on a sense of pride, because each member definately counts and can make the difference in a tight situa-" He eyes the brown rider and new wingleader with vague annoyance for her distraction. "-tion…"

Cirilia eyes the brownrider curiously. She refrains from saying anything as she doesn't want a dart to suddenly come sailing in her direction. To T'eo's comment, she breaks into laughter, "Ah, that's where you'd be missing something. I don't have a craft other than shoveling up after runnerbeasts and grooming, but that wasn't even for the beastcraft." She smiles at Denna, "And don't worry. Everything worth doing has some risk involved. Tamasth will keep me safe."

Denna nods, and leans her head on Cirilia's shoulder, not saying anything at the moment.

Well enough darth throwing for me. Marte looks at the placement of each, "Not bad, I should take up darts." She'll just leave them there for some poor sod to groan about. "Now, let's see." Eyes dart about looking for someone, "Now where are those pastey faced, no tanning wingmates of mine. Probably up to their…" Oh, a fellow wingleader. She gives the man a moment's smile before going on, "Up to their necks trying to get rid of some nasty virus that was textually transmitted." Marte shudders. "Geeks."

T'eo gives the other wingleader a polite smile, but his attention goes back to the pair with him almost at once. He grins at the mentioning of skills. "Ah, then it's the perfect opportunity for you. Find your own way into any line of skills. After all, by employing so many there are so many to learn about. My new wingsecond, who's been with me quite a while as a rider, is a healer, and we just got a new transfer dragonhealer. My background is in sea craft, and we've two dolphineers. Often we must work with the tech-wing, Nebula and with Minecraft aswell, according to the situation. It certainly depends on the situation, but builds a wide repitoir of skills. Always something new to learn."

Cirilia eyes Marte again curiously. She murmurs quietly, "textually?" before looking back at T'eo. Her eyes widen. Such an amount of large, multi-syllabic words and the bronze knot completely destroys her theory of testosterone rotting a perfectly fine brain. Well, there's hope for Tamasth yet! Amused, she nods again, "Y'know, I've heard similar sales pitches in Bitra. Are you sure seacrafting was your specialty?" There's a grin quirking her face. Hopefully, she hasn't terribly offended the man.

Denna squeezes Cirilia's hand again. "Some sort of computer virus? I can't believe that there are people out there that write those things." She shakes her head. "It's enough to make you wish for a time before AIVAS."

The quiet approach of a slender woman doesn't arise the attention of any of the weyrfolk. And yet, the knots clearly draw murmurs - who is this new face? Sheyna's lips curl into a cordial smile, a nod directed to everyone. As she tucks her pack and things into place, she mumbles something. The expression upon her face clearly indicating she was talking to her dragon. With a faint mmf, the bluerider searches for those within her wing. Clearly, she hasn't a clue who they are. Settling at no particular table, she sets her things down. It isn't long before she is 'blanketed' by her fair of lizards. A small gold curls a tail tightly about her neck.

Marte nods wided eyed at Cirilia, "Yes, textually. From sticking your I/O port where it doesn't belong. Not taking any sort of premeditated cautions." Spotting Sheyna the woman points, "Hey! Shame I got promoted. I could have shown you the ropes." Down goes the finger. Shrug.

T'eo isn't offended, but smiles good naturedly. "A porter's hold, that. I'll admit to have my fair share of market talk exposure. Mostly I'll blame the experience and love of my wing, though. As any good wingleader." He eyes the other… or, well, the brownie. As in comes the Fortian, newly appointed. Dear Faranth! Raenth's thoughts give him vague satisfaction, however, aswell as the alertion that his sister approaches.

Cirilia nods slowly. Well, the bronzerider passed that test. And another one of her mother's long speeches about bronzeriders always being either leches or high and mighty falls to dust. She looks at Denna and smiles, squeezing her hand, "Well, it would be something interesting. But.. honestly, how would you feel about it?"

Lorena hums to herself on her way in. Her dark hair is loose and long, looking brushed and she's actually wearing clothing that fits. There seems a glow to her cheeks and a bounce in her step and the funny thing is it's a dragon that's done it, not a boy. She strolls over to food, as most do, then to get a drink. At last, now, to sit- oh look! A Matt!

Denna shakes her head, shrugging. "I can't rule your life, love. Just know that I don't ever want to lose you. I…" she bows her head. "I don't know if I could live through that again…" She takes a breath, making an effort to put this behind her, and looks around, nodding politely to the other new arrivals.

A brow lifts but the bluerider simply smiles to herself before a laugh comes from Sheyna, "If I came earlier… it was never meant to be." She chortles, a slight nod directed towards the others in the cavern. The former Fortian rider diverts her attention soon afterwards. She dubiously recalls now, where are her bloody manners? "Scuse me…" She clears her throat, calling over to the weyrfolk and such, "Sheyna, rider of blue Pegath… formerly of High Reaches Weyr and recently, Fort Weyr. Newly snapped up Wingsecond of the Comet Wing." She rises briefly, executing a quick bow before sitting right back down. The actions jolt her queen lizard and the brown that found space on her other shoulder. Both squawk a protest. She faintly snorts, regarding both, "It ain't like you're goin' to fall off.."

T'eo senses the ill feeling and makes a genuine attempt to reassure. "We take the best care of our riders, ma'am. Make no mistake. We take every precaution we can. There is no sense in rescuing one life by loosing or doing great damage to another. I have here records of every piece of equiptment, recently serviced, which me make sure of, accoriding to the item, anywhere from once twice and turn to once a month. Riders never go out without their partner and never without myself, my wingsecond, and the leaders knowing of it. The dragons monitor events and we are always ready to send someone in should something be even vaguely amis." He smiles kindly. "We don't take chances in saftey." He notes his sister's approach vaguely.

Lorena looks about at the Fort rider with curiousity. Introductions, imagine that. She'd never been to Fort or High Reaches. We they all that polite? She smiles at the woman and continues over to her brother where she silently pulls up a seat.

Denna nods. "I know that… It's just that Cirilia and I have barely found each other, and I…well…" She trails off, sighing, and hanging her head. She doesn't seem all that reassured, but that's nothing to do with T'eo's words, but rather still all too painful memories of a lost love.

Cirilia smiles at Sheyna. She notes, "My Ma impressed at the 'Reaches. I'm sure she'd know your name if I asked Tamasth to ask Myrrath." She turns her attention back to T'eo, "Well.. if you're willing to take on a craft-less me, you've sold me on your wing." She lays her head atop Denna's, "It'll give me something worthwile to do while you're feeding the Weyr."

"My mother was Weyrwoman of Reaches many Turns ago… your mother might've known her. Kayla. Can't remember her lifemate's name…" Sheyna murmurs quietly, seemingly pensive but warming up soon afterwards. As her attention drifts, her brow raises slowly upwards and towards her browline. As she listens, the bluerider's lips brief twitch at the corners. She soon drifts back to the present, blinking herself into wakefulness.

T'eo nods slowly to Denna, understanding silently. Oh yes, he has learned the language of women. Blame L'alie and his sister. And M'iri for that matter. "Well, I'm glad that it holds interest for you at least, Cirilia. And trust me, master baker, she and her blue will gain much experience as we can manage for them, they will be well taken care of. Pardon my shortness in discussion…" he looks at Lorena. "I need to speak with you." He nods to the ladies, and stands, taking Lor's arm gently and guiding her a few tables away.

Denna nods silently, pressing closer to Cirilia, wrapping one arm around the other woman's waist. She doesn't seem particularly any more, closing her eyes as she enjoys the closeness with her love.

Lorena erps softly but follows her brother's direction, giving a vague three wingered wave to the pair.

Cirilia smiles and nods. "Colth," she replies. "Ma has a long memory for names. She said you were a credit to your ma's lines, not like your dad.." she pauses, "D'nel at all." She coughs slowly, "Sorry, I still haven't figured out when to stop relaying word for word what Tamasth says. He's not big on tact." She kisses Denna on the top of her head, "If you'd rather I didn't accept, love.. I don't want to cause you pain. Tamasth says that he won't let anything happen to me, though."

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