Random Log: T'eo and L'alie at Ista

Adinaeth lands in a swirl of sand, settling down and folding his wings. He lowers himself to allow his rider to dismount, and she does so, jumping down so fast her excitement is tangible.

"Iren there! Iren, I say! Faster, man! Don't you know how to row? And you Cusaen!" T'eo bellows, standing in the stern of one of the Oranna's skiffs, watching the dragon land on Ista's coal-black sands. "Ah bugger it!" He snaps, taking off his jacket and hat and hopping into the waist deep water. Leaning fowards he swims his way towards the shore only to jog out of the water and towards Alie. His coxswain, an amiable sort, gives a chuckle. "Don't take it to hard, lads. He's just a lonely one." he assures the other hands and they wheel the boat around and start back.

Adinaeth's neck> L'alie lifts an eyebrow, waiting patiently for her weyrmate to come sloshing out onto the shore. She sniffs and teases, "Oh, now you expect me to hug you after you've soaked yourself?"

T'eo stops before her with a genial smirk. "Aye, well, if I found good hands capable of getting a skiff ashore within the turn I wouldn't need to have done the honor." He looks himself over, after all, he was only… er… dripping… but hey, he -was- wearing a white blouse. Doesn't he get points for that lack of forethought? He notes this and frowns to himself.

L'alie chuckles and gives up and comes forward to wrap T'eo into a hug, planting her face into his wet chest. "You're too hard on them. Besides, I didn't see you rowing."

T'eo, with his arms around her, gives a snort. "My days of rowing are over, thankie. And it'd be purely a lowering of my status to take up an oar among those men. Give them a turn and they'll be used to my ways enough that I needn't worry about insubordinate comments. Though…" he frowns a little, "With this new wingleader position I believe I might be kissing the Oranna by in just a few more months. I have a feeling I'll be confined to land. Oh in a couple years they'll toss me on a boat and maybe up my rank, but that's all for show."

L'alie leans back a little, resting her fingers splayed where her face had been. "I for one won't complain having you landbound for awhile.. It's hard to have a family when half of it is gone."
T'eo looks at her a long moment. "About that whole… family… thing. I'll be home more, as you said and… well…" Right. He's not good at this sort of thing. Master on the seas and even in the air but on land… in land matters? He might not ever learn.

The edges of L'alie's mouth curl down slowly. After a moment she asks softly, "Are you having second thoughts?" She presses her lips together. "It's okay if you are…"

T'eo blinks a bit. "No… no that's just it… I…" Shards, she never made this easy… well, in truth -he- never made it easy on himself. "I think it'd well… you know… be a good time to start this whole… family… thing." Hm. That wasn't so hard. "I mean, I think a family could be… er… should be… more than the two of us."

L'alie ohs softly and blushes a little, "I.. see." She looks around and then squeals, grabbing T'eo around the neck and hugging him tightly.

T'eo jerks up in alarm. Reflex, you know. But then relaxes into her hug and chuckles softly. "I take it then that's not a bad idea?" He's now much more at ease, though his neck smarts from that initial reaction, but it's a small price.

L'alie lets go and giggles a little, "Sorry." She lets go, rubbing the back of her neck. And then she clears her throat seriously. "You know that I'd expect you to be home more often?"

T'eo gives a small smirk and half closes his eyes as she rubs his neck. One opens. "Yes… You and Niva both. Unless we have a lot of disasters come up it seems that will be the case." The tone of his voice is one of undecided feelings towards this.

L'alie adds on after a brief hesitation, "And… it would be nice if the boys would play nice.. so we could move in together.."

T'eo chuckles a little. "Yes… well Raenth seems happy enought with Aelith now… I think he'll be alright. I'll speak with him. Might have to explain to Aeris that she's gonna get a big copper lump visiting now and again. He really likes that older gold."

L'alie chuckles, "I suppose." She smiles happily, leaning up to kiss T'eo gently. "I'm glad, at least. And I suppose Adinaeth can keep his pink tendancies away from Raenth."

T'eo returns her kiss and kisses her forehead before chuckling. "Yes… well he might be less pinkaphobic now. At least, he talked about possibly talking to Adinaeth about where he, that is -you-, get some of your fabrics. This whole Aelith thing has rather obsessed him I'm afraid. But I suppose its much better than him griping all the time. Apparently she really likes pink and purple as colors so you can bet he'll be trying to get his talons on anything he can in those colors."

L'alie sniffs, "I'm sure Adinaeth will be thrilled to provide him with any answers he wants." She just chuckles at it all. "Dragons are so odd."

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