Random Log: Xanadu Riders Argue at Ista

Ista Weyr: Infirmary
Equipped with the latest healing technologies, this spotlessly clean, large room smells slightly of antiseptic and numbweed. At one end, cots sit for the recovering to recover on. At the other end, are the proceedure tables. Cabinets with supplies and medical files sit along one wall. At any given moment, there could be any number of people in here. A weyrchild with a broken arm, a mother recovering from giving birth or even one of the residents recovering from heat stroke or sun poisoning, a rider and dragon recovering from a strained wing muscle.

And Calanth, but she's infirmary watching right along with the bronze, though she throws in the occasional comforting thrum or croon. Casi glances out at the gathered dragons, then shakes her head. "No. S'va was out cold by the time we reached him. It was quick thinking mostly on Calanth's part to get the Master Healer and save his life." She sighs, softly. "How is he doing?" She hesitates to ask, seeming wary of the answer.

Lisle stiffens a bit at the question, holding her chin up a bit, "He will be fine. He is a strong man and will not let this little thing hold him back." She is no actress and this is not very convincing. She gives a quick nod to Casiella, "I must head back to work, if you remember anything more please inform the healers. Every little thing helps." She gives a bit of a nod to the healers before heading out of the infirmary, walking past S'va's bed on the way.

T'eo has never been the quiet one upon entry, no sirree. "Sure as shells she can see me! I've had it up to here with you lot! Now backoff! Sons of a coxswain's whore." Gripes the sailor once the Weyrwoman was out of earshot. He pushes his way into the infirmary past some young apprentice who's got the brains of a… yeah… that. "You!' he points directly at Casi, fixing her with a piercing copper stare.

Casiella nods as the Weyrwoman leaves, flopping back against her pillow as the need for being strong and self-assured is over. Then she winces at T'eo's entry, the little color left in her already pale face draining. "Bronzerider." She says, wearily.

I'ven is sitting besides Casiella, a tired look to his eyes. He blinks a little as he looks tiredly up at T'eo, a glazed look coming to his eyes as he eyes the man. "T'eo." He says quietly before turning to look at Casi, tilting his head.

Ayame follows on T'eo's heels, wincing at the loud voice. "That's our job, you know. Ordering people about in the infirmary," she points out to him, but her eyes twinkle. She strolls up to Casiella's bed and leans against the wall, slipping her hands into her pockets. "And how's my queen-rider today? Thought you could hide in another weyr to escape me did you?"

A quick glance is shot I'ven's way, as T;eo hadn't seen him uppon enterance. He frowns, lips pressed in a thin line. He snorts as Ayame slips past him to Casi's bed. "Yeah well… You saw the practical cavity search they did on my hands and my ship! She's never been violated so." He scowls about at those healers who haven't run and hidden yet. "I ain't about to let them push me around so as if I were some seedy trader or something… and no less so for coming to see my own goldrider." He pauses, as if having forgotten his origional train of thought. Again, eyes fall on Casi, and it comes back. "Yes… You. You, galavanting off with a queen that color and for what? To get yourself cut to ribbons? Haven't you a brain in that head? You could've called on anyone else. You are a Queen-rider now and it's about tim you learn not to go parading in the limelight and start deligating. What would you have done if Calanth was with egg or has clutched, eh? You wouldn't go flying off… you'd find someon capable. What about this lad? Eh? Ain't he good enough? Cause if he ain't then you might aswell find yourself a new weyrmat, woman, or Faranth help us we're going to be cleaning up after your need to be the hero." And no… he didn't take a breath till now. Hurry, get a word before he keeps going!

Ayame stightens up and her hands move from her pockets to her hips. Her eyes fasten on T'eo with THE LOOK. "Do you /mind/?" she hisses. "Isn't she bad enough already, you have to hollar at her?" Her hand comes out and a finger prods his chest. "You want her sicker that she already is? If you do, just keep at it. Why don't you upset her some more," she invites him, standing aside and waving him towards Casiella sarcastically.

Casiella struggles to sit up, anger lighting dangerously in her eyes. "How *dare* you speak to me like that, T'eo? Vsonath called. Calanth and I answered!" She points viciously at the bed where the Weyrleader reposes in unconsciousness. "He's been stabbed twice. TWICE! And by a Xanadu resident! Do you know what this could have done to our Weyr! Not only that, but I was stabbed by a Xanadu Resident!" The queen rider bellows, almost shrilly. A Healer steps forward to try to sternly calm her, to be fixed upon by her angrily snapping green eyes and forced back a step. "I'm so glad you condescended to coming to berate me. Niva sent you, didn't she?" Her eyes flick over to Ayame, then back to T'eo. "As if it isn't bad enough. This is preposterous. I've been stabbed, I can't even walk straight, CALANTH IS FINE, and I'm being berated by a bronze rider instead of told what a brave lass I was to try to help the Weyr. Not that I expected much little." Snort. She glances over at I'ven, helplessly. Help!

T'eo might have been sedated with the words the healer he'd brought over. That kinda of approach seemed to work with him. Casi's, well… heh… "You -would- be looking for praise, wouldn't you? An' no… Niva didn't send me, minus arranging that it was I who ferried passengers and hold merchants over." Pause. Maybe…. Meh. "Calanth is fine for now, child, just wait till you find yourself face to face with some ruddy apprentice who jus' wanted to change your bandages and your queen caught by some sharden Istan bronze or something. That's ofcourse, assuming he didn't search you out so maybe you'd have a bronzer instead. As for the weyrleader…" Snort. He chooses to not comment. "Nevermind him… Point is, you weren't the only one and given the circumstances you should have known better!" Hrumph! Ayame is glanced at a bit nervously.

Ayame eyes T'eo suspiciously, then decides he's not quite tamed enough. "What, you think your queen-rider's a dolt, she can't figure that out herself?" she asks, voice dripping with sarcasm. Then her attention goes to Casiella. "How much of /this/ kind of stuff," her thumb goes to T'eo, "have you had to put up with?" She moves to the foot of the bed and picks up the rider's chart, flipping through the pages with an occassional 'hmm'" "Because I can put an end to that right now," she states most firmly.

I'ven frowns as he looks up at T'eo, "I'm here." He says quietly, lifting his head to look up at T'eo. "I was even ordered to be here when her gold goes up, you know?" He shrugs idly.

Casiella snorts. "There really wasn't a lot of time to think, T'eo." She snaps. "We popped in. Cal finally got Vsonath out of the way. Save the Weyrleader. Rangle the perpetrator. Subdue the perpetrator. Said perpetrator had knives in two hands. And Calanth's not going up any time soon." The young goldrider snarls this, with such vehemence that Calanth, outside, bugles her distress. "She's hardly two Turns yet. She's got a long while to go. And I can fight off the advances of most anybody in this Weyr, with the help of my bodyguard." A flick of her hand shows that she means the healers, and a smile at I'ven shows that she means him, too. "So lay off her rising. You're just mad because unless you and Raenth guess right, you may not get a chance to catch her." And here, she smirks challengingly at the bronze rider.

T'eo eyes Ayame with a purely mutinous look before looking to I'ven. He's torn between his fondness for the few-word brownie and his annoyance at Casi to really make a decent comment so he just grunts noncomittally at him. "There is always time to think when others, whether it be YOU, your dragon, or someone else at risk… Always." He says shortly. He snorts looking at the healers around then, pauses on I'ven again, as if appraising how well of a bodyguard he'd be. His eyes flash back to Casi with a deadly look flying amidst the swirling amber. "Why you arrogant little.." he bites his own tongue, a muscle twitching in his arm as if he'd very much like to hit her.

Ayame's eyebrows disappear under her bangs and her lips twitch. "I do believe you might not even need your bodyguard, young lady," she comments. The chart is replaced, and she steps back and faces T'eo. "Nevertheless, disruptions in the infirmary are simply not acceptable. Even from /you/," she turns to Casiella. "You might consider keeping your voices to a dull roar for the sake of your bed-mate." She nods towards the next bed.

Casiella snorts, glowering at Ayame venemously. "Arrogant little what, T'eo? Touch me, and L'alie will get a full report of it when I get back." She glares at him, too. "Everyone seems to forget Calanth's color. She's already relayed to me from Kilaueth that I'm in a good load of mess when I get back to the Weyr. And as much as Cal would like to pretend she's a green, she's not. She's gold. Which makes me a Junior Weyrwoman. I don't have to take your tone, T'eo, and I may just be a little girl in your eyes, but a little respect from your end *would* be appreciated!" She flicks her eyes at Ayame, including her in that statement. She struggles to sit further up in bed, drawing herself up and puffing out proudly. Calanth, outside, snorts, but remains quiet otherwise.

I'ven moves to put a hand on Casi, frowning, "Try to keep your voice down, love, the weyrleader needs his rest." He says quietly, "And the rest of you, Casi needs to heal herself."

T'eo shivers with rage. "The day you become senior is the day Raenth and I transfer. I don't care whether you're a gold or not, young lady. You still have a lot to learn and that's enough for me. You gonna sic 'daddy' on me? Because sure as shells Niva'd say the same things I am." He shoots a look at I'ven that more or less states he wasn't budging for Casi's sake because as far as he was concerned if she was fine enough to give me flippancy she was fine enough to endure his grating. He with Ayame a withering look. "Don't encourage that ego of hers."

A grin flashes across the healer's face. "Sorry, but you'll have to get used to that. Even the grannies are young lady to me. Habit I picked up from my da, you see." She moves to the weyrleader's cot and picks up his chart, studying it with much care. "I'ven, next time someone comes in and creates such a fuss, I have no objection to putting them in a cast after you're through explaining the necessity of politeness to them," she tells the bodyguard. She looks over to Casi. "My dear… hmm, is that preferrable to young lady? My dear, as far as I'm concerned, I would have done the same thing as you. And for now, you don't need this hassle. I don't suppose you could just ignore this rude young man?"

I'ven frowns softly, "I'm only here because she is here, I am helping the best that I can. MOst of the healers are overtaxed with S'va over there." He lifts a hand to point at the weyrleader, "I'm just here to look out for Casi's wellbeing."

Casiella growls deep in her throat, though she doesn't shrug I'ven's hand off. "Junior Weyrwoman is preferable." She snaps, still growling low in her throat. Calanth gives a warning growl herself. «Casiella, CALM DOWN!» She snaps, loud enough for the other dragons to hear. A heated discussion takes place between the two, before Casi seems to force herself to relax. "I do not quite care what Niva would say to me, nor my father, T'eo. They are my Weyrleader and Senior Weyrwoman first, and I expect them to act that way. I *will* sic my mother on you, and if you think I'm a stuck up brat, then your ears will burn by the time my mommy's done with you." She smiles sweetly at him, arrogantly. "And I don't think my becoming Senior Weyrwoman is something you quite have to worry about," she continues. "Niva's young yet, as is Kilaueth. But your transfer would be acceptable - then I wouldn't have to worry about you being in that guest weyr during my flight!" She smiles challengingly at him again. "Unless, of course, you're a lucky bloody guesser." She lays her hand on I'ven's on her shoulder, smiling affectionately. "You take care of my well being better then any other Healer could possibly hope to, lovey." She tells him in a low voice.

Ayame closes her eyes and pinches her nose with a sigh of exasperation. "T'eo. This is an /infirmary/. In here, we discuss things to do with /healing/. Symptoms. Equipment. Medicines. Stuff like that." Her hands describe a slow circle around the room, pointing out the fact that yes, this is an infirmary. "/You/," her hand now points at T'eo, "are discussing /weyr/ matters. They are to be discussed in a weyr/. /Not/ here." The hands finally return to her hips. "Is there anything in what I just said that you did not understand? Because I am coming very, very close to prescribing a sedative for /you/!"

T'eo snorts. "yeah… you WOULD think your well-being is your ego." He snaps. He's unphased by the 'threat' of Daniella. Little brat. "I wouldn't give a bloody rats arse to your Calanth going up you sick creature.. or have you failed to notice I'm rarely present at a flight?" He growls lowly. "That be L'alie's good fortune." Oh yes, he was aware of her origional crush. Who was teasing who now? He gives I'ven a disgusted look. "You could do so much better." But that's all he has to say, his temper thinning out to near nothing but true disgust. He looks at Ayame and makes a mocking face before reaching into his bag that rests rather hidden behind him. He pulls out a bouquet of native Xanadu flowers carefully covered in a plastic film and tosses them carelessly on the bed. A snort. Glare. And he turns to leave.

Casiella glowers back at him, her face reflecting a little of her stunned demeanor. She looks from the flowers, then to his retreating back, then scowls. "T'eo." She calls after him, sounding unhappy about it. Calanth moves to pointedly block the door with her muzzle, looking down on the bronzerider with interest.

Ayame watches T'eo leave with a sniff of disparagement. "Men!" That one word says it all, doesn't it? She looks over the flowers. "They are pretty, though, aren't they?" I'll have someone bring a vase for them." Hands busy tidying up Casiella's blankets that were disturbed during the fuss. "Now tell me, is this the first episode, or have there been others plagueing you as well?"

T'eo pauses in step and stands, back to her, for a long moment before eying Calanth with a 'why me?' look. He turns and grunts. "Yes?" Looking still rather annoyed, as if he'd rather she just took them and not said anything about it. He glances at the flowers as Ayame comments on them. He liked those flowers in paticular… kinda uncharacteristic for a male sailor to like flowers. But they reminded him of his childhood.

Casiella sighs, softly. "I'm sorry I snapped at you." She says, looking disgruntled. Calanth trills prettily, watching. "I didn't mean to say… What I did. About the flight. And L'alie." There's a beat of silence. "Thank you. For the flowers." Casi shoots a glare at her queen. "And for coming to see me." She turns to look at Ayame, sighing heavily. "No. This hasn't. There's been two visits already - Mom was one of them. The Healers tried to kick her out. She was… Not happy, to say the least." The goldrider winces, good naturedly grinning.

"Hmmm. Well. That's no good. We need you rested. Can't have you getting upset, your blood pressure goes up, you know, and that slows your healing." Hands slip a pillow from behind Casiella and plump it up quite nicely before replacing it. "Would you let me prescribe some tea for you? Three times a day. Bergamot, kind of lemony-mint. Won't make you sleepy, just help you relax a little."

I'ven nods his head slowly in agreement, "Exactly, I don't know what he meant by what he said…I'm a healer…I know what I'm doing." He says softly, fumbling at the sheets on Casi's bed, "I'm not stupid."

Casiella shifts uncomfortably. "I've already told the healers here I don't drink tea." She replies, shifting uncomfortably. A look is sent at I'ven, and she grips his hand in hers, tightly. "Besides, I've a journeyman Healer in my constant companion." She smiles affectionately up at I'ven. "He sees to it that I've the best care there is. And of course you aren't stupid, lovey. Mom's just… Well. Used to getting her way, to say the least."
T'eo eyes Casiella, slowly approaching again. He looks then to I'ven and Ayame… Paticularly I'ven, his wingrider, wishing they weren't here. He had his own stock of pride after all. His eyes go to the blankets and he grumbles softly, almost inaudibly. "Didntmeantomakeafuss, Istandockhandsmademangryan'stuff."

T'eo gets a nod of approval, and Ayame moves away from the bed. "Well, then, no tea," she smiles. Her gaze turns to I'ven. "I'm just here as an extra hand. Give you time to rest. Can't have you getting run down, or she'll be worrying about you, too. When was the last time you ate?" she asks, eyeing his face.

Casiella grins at T'eo, relaxing. "Not too long ago. The Healers are conscious of my rank, and the fact that I am quite far from my home. They've been quite fussy about making sure both of us are well, well aware of the… rift between our lands." She frowns, then taps the bed near T'eo's hand pointedly. "The Farmcraft reports. What did they say?" She asks, urgently.

I'ven smiles fondly at T'eo, "It's all right T'eo, just because she looks fine doesn't mean she is, she needs to get better and she can't do that with loud noises." He smiels slightly before turning to nod at Ayame "An extra hand is always needed and I'm fine…really…you don't need to worry about me." He waves an indifferent hand, fighting off her fuss before grabbing at Casi's hand tightly."

T'eo obediently sits in a mechanical way, like he's a little apprentice again. His eyes remain anywhere but on someone. I'ven's coddling makes him wince just for feeling so… low. He starts to fidget with the sky blue and white cording on his navy uniform pants.

"Well, then. I'm off to get myself settled in." A gentle hand pats Casiella's knee. "I'm going to be taking the midnight shift here for a few days," Ayame explains her presence. A nod goes to I'ven. "I'll be in the guest quarters if you need me sooner." And she disappears out the door.
Ayame has left.

Casiella sighs, softly, watching the healer go with almost a look of relief before turning her attention back to T'eo again. "T'eo?" She says, to get his attention. "What did the farm crafters say? I'ven and I have been out of the loop. We can start exporting again, right? It's nothing serious?" Her voice is hopeful.

T'eo blinks, realizing he's being addressed. Out of his brief self-beratement he looks about to Casi with a less than pleasent smile. "Ah… no… not exactly. Apparently there are, er, more grubs in those fields we've had problems with. They believe that the grubs aren't the problem but that the grubs like to eat what ever is causing problem… So, er, they've actually asked us to lessen our exports… no root plants are to leave aswell as grains." A heavy sigh follows this.

I'ven lets out a quiet yawn, closing his eyes for a moment to take a nap besides Casiella, not paying attention to the conversation.

Casiella frowns unhappily. "Something that's not Thread?" She asks, sounding perplexed even as she draws her conclussion. "How strange. Have they suggested anything else? Anything we can put on them or anything like that?"

T'eo shakes his head. "No… though I must say that they could use with a bit more speed and efficiency in their testing." he mutters. Such is the nautical mind. Speed and efficiency. "But I must commend the weyr cooks for getting so many uses out of some of them tubers and roots…" he chuckles hollowly.

Casiella winces. "May they have it sorted out by the time I get back." She says, fervently, then frowns again. "I might could spend my time reposing here to good use." She says, softly, her face pulled in thought.

T'eo gives her a bit of a reappraising look. "Mayhaps…" He watches her think a moment. "But mind in your condition there's not much unless I bring ya a Farmcrafter and have you yell at him for us?" He smirks a bit but his eyes go back to the bed sheets. He reflects it's been a whole turn since he was in an infirmary, which for him was probably a record.

Casiella snorts. "Much as I would like to, that's not going to be helpful. Wheeling and dealing with the other Weyrs, so they quite avoiding us like the plague and contribute, would be more along my lines. We *won't* end up like High Reaches Weyr - too proud and stubborn to ask for help." She appraises I'ven as he naps, gently reaching over to brush an imaginary bit of hair away from his face. "You know that the attack on S'va made us look worse then anything anyone could have ever done, right?" She says, softly. "I'm sure Igen's not very pleased with the thought of their rift with us just now - seeing as how Ista was in the same boat as they, and an assassin was sent for their Weyrleader." She sahekes her head ruefully.

T'eo frowns a little. "I doubt we'll be like 'Reaches… but I must say Ista's ports haven't been too friendly to us. Some captains won't ferry anymore. I know they're looking out for smugglers but I for one have a clean record for stowaways, criminals and smugglers, thankie." A squeaker bounds in through the infirmary entryway explaining to the healer that stops him: "I need to see Captain T'eo!" Squeakers, a term for really young apprentices, were rightly named and this boy very much so, his voice reminicent of a mouse more than a man. He walks quickly towards them, (having been reprimanded for running) bows to Casi and salutes T'eo. T'eo relieves his salute. "Yes Mr. Allian?" He asks. "Sir… an' ma'am a'course… I was sent by Mr. Ryndar… says the ships put to docks and all hands are ashore. 'E, that is, Mr. Ryndar, sir, wants to know who you want on deck with you tonight?" T'eo sighs softly before turning to Casi. "I'll need to go talk with my bosun… He's a good man b-…" he glances at the boy. "Yeah… I'll drop in before we set off tomorrow. Come with me, Mr. Allian." He stands. "Hope you, er, like the flowers." He removes his plumed hat and touches it to his chest before replacing it and stepping out.

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