Random Log: T'eo and Saralynn

Telgar Weyr - Living Caverns
A large open room, built for the days when the weyr's population was larger. Now, the amount of tables and chairs have dwindled and those that remain are crowded closer to the hearths. One long trestle table is still set for serving and there's always the pot of porridge and klah on the hearth so despite the moderate emptiness the room remains welcoming.

Tall… dark… Passibly handsome? The bronzer-sailor T'eo bears all the dignity of a captain Journeyman of Sea Craft. Which, of course, includes tripping on a small rise in the rock floor and staggering to catch his balance. Let's -not- let anyone see that wingleader knot, eh? He regains his footing and dusts himself off as if mildly offended that the ground would reach up and grab him like that! Honestly, now! A small rumble from outside comes from the bronze Raenth who still finds entertainment in T'eo's ole' sealegs. "Yeah yeah yeah. You just busy yourself with letting them load you, eh?." The bronzer mutters to no one in paticular before moving to get himself something to drink.

Saralynn stands over one of tables near the hearth, a rag in her hand and a large bucket at her feet. Resting one of her palms on the table she sweeps the wet rag over the table, humming softly to herself. The sudden noise in the cavern causes the candidate to jump, looking up, "Oh… My." The woman slowly moves around the table, raising an eyebrow, "Are you okay, sir?" T'eo's talking to an unidentifiable figure results in a smirk from Sara. Crazy. She returns to wiping down the tables, dipping the rag into the bucket and wringing it out.

T'eo gives the young woman a look. Yeah. That's right, candidate, he's crazy. Just wait till -you- have something talking in your head. Yep! But she looked familiar. Hm. Go figure. He gets himself some klah, not that he likes the stuff, but nothing else looks appetizing and their tea smells funny. He goes to take a seat and just… relax for a while. Raenth grumbles about incompetent packers in his head which makes him snigger as he sits back near the hearth. Something green pokes it's head out of his flight jacket hood. Warble? "It's klah. You don't like klah. The green thing, now seen to be a plump grass green flit, starts to extract herself, followed by another dark bronze head which gives a disdainful snort and disappears back into the hood.

A look? Saralynn completely misses it. Such the hardworker she is. Once more dipping her rag in the bucket, she wrings it out and moves to the next table, continuing her humming. The candidate looks up upon hearing the man's voice again, "Who in the… Oh." Blink. Sara watches the green firelizard for several moments before shaking her head and scooting further down the table. Wipe, wipe, wipe. A glance is sent toward the man again, catching his knot, "Those are Xanadu colors. Hello."

T'eo raises an eyebrow after a moment. "Only talk to Xanadu riders or something?" He asks with a calculating voice. Hestia, his little green, crawls along his arm to the klah cup and dips her nose in it. Snuffle. Snarggle! She manages to inhale some of the hot liquid and gives a squeak, falling over to hang by her back toes and tail from T'eo's arm. The weigh gives his arm a jerk and some klah spills out on his hand and with his own yelp he nearly drops the mug. "Hessy!" He snaps. The green looks at him cutely from hanging upside down, wings out like a bat. "Come one, get up here… I told you… it's klah. It's hot and tastes bad." He hoists her up onto the table and inspects his scalded hand.

Saralynn shakes her head, blinking rapidly, "No, sorry. I'm from Xanadu, actually. I guess it's just nice to see someone from home… Or not." She considers his tone and smirks, dropping her rag into the bucket and moving between the tables as she heads back toward the kitchen. The man's shout catches her attention, a glance shot over her shoulder as she watches the klah spill over his hand as the result of the creature. "I always wished people would leave those things outside," Sara mutters, speeding into the kitchens. She returns a mere minute later with a glass of cold water and a clean rag, manuevering quickly around the tables, "Here. The cold water will help stop the process of the burn."

T'eo gives the girl yet another look but takes the water and proceeds to soothe his hand. "I knew that, but thank you." He says curtly. Hestia, however, is much more interested in this new person, yes. She hops away from the klah and her T'eo to inspect the woman, chirruping and gurggling as if trying to talk to her. The bronze's wedged head appears again. He surveys his T'eo's hand then the klah and huffs. His eyes go to Hestia and then the woman. Pause. Groan. He starts to extract himself from the hood with a sluggish arrogance, eyes whirrling in annoyance. "Aht! No… You can keep your tiny bronze butt right here, She's not doing anything wrong." T'eo grabs the bronze's tail before he can launch into the air. Huff.

"Perhaps you knew that," Saralynn says simply, eying him with mild contempt, "But perhaps you didn't know where the water was and perhaps you were going to try to be too much of a man to even get up and fetch some. I was being the helpful woman-with-a-brain in the situation. I apologize." She smirks, fiery eyes falling from the visiting bronzerider to the green on the table in front of her. "You know? I agree. Frankly, men never know when to stop the ego game. And between us girls, it's better if we scald them every time to remember that they're not as high and mighty as they think they are." Sure, she can't understand a firelizard, but why not torch the man's attitude. A glance flashes toward T'eo before she turns on her heal and makes for the food table.

Freya arrives from the candidate barracks.
Freya has arrived.
Freya comes out of the candidate barracks shaking her head and sighing.

T'eo's eyes narrow. He, however, doesn't have the temper his gruffness would suggest and shrugs. "Or perhaps…" he mutters to Hestia. "I didn't want to bother her since she clearly didn't think much of me anyways." he takes a swig of klah, scowling at the taste and ignoring as it burns his tongue. Hestia looks between the two and narrows her little glittering eyes. With a wiggle she leaps into the air and flits back and forth in the dynamic swooping of flitterby before landing neatly on Saralynn's shoulder and chirruping cutely.

Saralynn is certainly not a fan of firelizards, but when Hestia lands on her shoulder she doesn't seem to notice or do more than offer the green a smirk, murmuring, "He's probably not a bad guy, you know… Well, I'm sure you know, you look well fed enough." She grins, lithe fingers taking up a place and taking a piece of this and a spoonful of that as she makes her way down the serving table. Suitably piled, Sara takes her plate back to one of the clean tables and sits, offering a bit of something to Hestia. Freya's entance is noticed but the woman decidedly keeps quiet as she begins to dine.

T'eo watches Hestia leave and gives a small huff of annoyance. He looks to Ember, his bronze, who slinks down his arm and seats himself in front of him. "Women." he mutters. The bronze puffs his breath out in a flitter's sot of sigh. Hestia meanwhile takes what she can, but always is ever so polite about it, giving a coo each time. After a while however she chirrups towards T'eo and Ember. Ember gives a hiss like a teapot in return. Noty deterred the green appeals to T'eo only this time who just looks at the green. Warble Warble! Chirp Chirp! "Hestia. Quit it. Leave her alone." he snaps.

Saralynn seems to be ignoring things on T'eo's side of the table, happy to let Ember hiss and T'eo mutter away as long as her meal isn't being deserved. The green is offered occasional small chunks of meat and scraps of bread as Sara progresses with her meal, a small smirk playing her lips. "It's okay. She's not bothering me… Mind your burnt hand and I'll take care of her," Sara replies to T'eo's snap, her tone more motherly than rude. The woman shifts, taking a sip from her mug before returning to her meal.

T'eo furrows his brow and turns away, but Hestia seems to have other ideas. She hops down and steals a spoon from the girl. Trotting towards the end of the table and diving off. The heavy object causes her to drop a moment but she manages to regain her balance and glides towards T'eo and Ember, setting to spoon in the glass of water with a 'clink!' "What…? Hestia!" T'eo growls but as he tries to take the spoon out she snaps at his fingers. Very un-Hestia-like behavior. Ember bristles and pounces on her with a snarl. "Argh! Ember! Hestia!" he grabs for the ball of fighting flits but the pair roll off the table, Hestia yelping and Ember growling.

When Hestia takes off with her spoon, Sara's eyes go wide with irritation. She was being patient despite her dislike of the creatures, but taking the spoon that she's using goes a little too far. Narrowing her eyes, Sara focuses her attention on T'eo, pushing herself up from the table. The candidate moves toward the fighting firelizards and wraps her fingers around the water glass. Spoon and all, she dumps the contents of the glass onto the pair, hoping it will catch their attention so that T'eo can get his pair under control. "You do realize that this is ridiculous? If you cannot control those two, you should never bring them inside! Look at this ruckus!"

Hestia and Ember spook and disapear between, still locked together. T'eo gives an annoyed snort, stands, and glowers at the girl. "'You -do- realize'," he mimics. "Yes Candidate," he snarls. "I realize. What -you- fail to realize or even so much as know is that they haven't acted like this in turns and I had planned on retrieveing myself an icecube earlier and that you have an insufferable tongue." he snaps. Raenth trumpets outside. "Yes. Thank you Raenth. If you are loaded we will go now…" he looks back at her with a glower. "Good riddence." he snaps, in reguard to her candidacy, and storms out.

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