Xanadu's Galaxy Wing

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

"Right! Galaxy, come to order!" Comes the quarter-deck bellow from down the line of dragons and riders. They quite. Most of them anyhow, looking the way of the stern ill-tempered face of T'eo, their wingleader. "Our first drill will be a sea-rescue in pairs. We shall be simulating high seas. -Which means-" he raises his voice for emphasis. "Rider one, go out and cast down your harness. Crawl down a secure your rescuee. Rider two, spots rider one. Rider one, bring your rescuee up, and return to shore. Rider two administers first aid. Then change positions." He looks down the line for comprehension. "You have two minutes to ready your equiptment."

R'soe salutes and clicks his feet together, rather…failingly. He's so not a military type. "Yessir," and looks around. Who wants to partner with the weirdo blue red-headed kid who gets shifted from wing to wing on a regular basis.

F'ai is standing near Faelynath, of course, the green's head wound down by his shoulder as he stands with his hands clasped behind his back, rocking back and forth on his feet. He glances aside at Faelynath, sticks his tongue out in silenced laughter, then nods a little only to throw up a hand when T'eo has finished his explanation, "'Scuse me, sir?"

T'eo raises brows to F'ai. "Yes, Greenrider F'ai?" Was that an eyetwitch? T'eo clearly still has apprehensions about this class. He glances at blue rider R'soe and sighs. How'd -he- end up in his wing? Didn't his blue wreck the fishing shack? or was that the other blue in his class?

Aeris has decided this day to take a walk on the beach, her golden lady following behind her. The pair pause as they spot the group of riders, and the two just watch them quietly for the moment.

R'soe is excited to start! But who want to partner with him? He peeks around still, then catches his attention to F'ai as the greenrider speaks. Siyamath makes a little sound of interest, and R'soe giggles. "Silly."

"Who are we going to be rescuing, sir?" F'ai asks cheerfully, seemingly wholly unaware of T'eo's eyetwitching as he drops his hand back behind him and returns to swaying, all bright, sparkling cheer as he stands beside his bright, sparkling lifemate. SPARKLE SPARKLE. Bwahahahahahahahhahahaha.

T'eo gives the green rider a rather condescending look. "The dummie in the water? As usual?" Raenth trumpets at a pair of blues, putting them together then to the Siyamath and Faelynath. « You two… pair… Your minutes are almost up. » Raenth, normally quite the suave one with greens, has adopted the gruffness of his rider. Why would that be? Well, there's a lovely goldie waltzing down the beach, that's why. "Greetings Weyrwoman." No, T'eo had not failed to see them, though that could be attributed to his bronze. "Hurry up, you're all down to one minute."

R'soe quickly jumps on Siyamath, "Okay, c'mon then," he says, giving F'ai his most ravishing smile. "Lets get that dang ol' dummy out of the water, then," Siyamath for the most part, gives some impressing little greeting bugles to the approaching Gold. Nothing to distract a blue from a pretty green like an enchanting gold. Siyamath was such a sweet young Dragonet when he was clutched, but he's become something of a cad. "Behave Siya," R'soe coos.

Aeris smiles at the greeting of the wingleader, and Aelith rumbles softly in appreciation of the bronze's taking of control. "Hello Wingleader, please don't let me interrupt your drills, we're just out to enjoy a bit of fresh air."

F'ai considers this lengthily before he queries, in an innocent tone of voice, "Yes, but what's his /name/?" His reaction to Aeris is much less formal as he just lifts a hand in a happy wave before he leaps, graceful and dextrous, up onto Faelynath's back, swinging his leg over and fixing himself between her neckridges. He straps himself in quickly, checks to make sure he's in good and secure, then grasps the straps comfortably, leaning back. Faelynath, for her part, seems too interested in the dummy they're going to go save to really be social. She's trying to sniff at it. Sadly, it is too far, at the moment.

T'eo just stares, caught in disbelief that he should have, by now, gotten over, as the greenrider disapears from under his nose and mounts his dragon. "Right…" he mutters to himself before touching his brow to the Weyrwoman in affirmative answer and acknowledgement. "Right." he repeats, louder. "30 seconds!" a little green and her rider meander down the line of riders and dragons, pointing out problems and offering assistance. Her rider, the singsecond Jeni, departs to come to T'eo's size. "Oh, come now, sailor. Wipe that grimace off your face." She orders in a cosollative voice. "Yes, ma'am." He answers sardonically. Raenth starts counting down. « 10… 9… 8… »

Aeris chuckles quietly as she watches the wing. "Looks like you've your hands full, hmm?" She asks of the wingleader with an amused sort of glance. Aelith decides to wade into the water, to make it more interesting for the rescuers, by adding waves to the rescue efforts. Ebil gold.

R'soe is already on his dragon, and already where he is supposed to be, waiting for further orders. Yay.

Tellus strides on to the weyr's lacustral beach with her hands loosely hanging from pant pockets. Her pace slows a bit as she spies a wing or a portion there of collected about.

F'ai is ready, thank you very much, and merely sits up straight as he adjusts his tinted goggles so that the glare off the water won't blind him. He pushes his hair straight back, causing it to spike amusingly, and talks to Faelynath absently in their last thirty seconds, "I don't think T'eo wants you to eat the dummy, no… I'm not sure that constitutes as saving it…"

Raenth rumbles the signal. « 2… 1… Go! » He turns to the gold and rumbles his appreciation of her assistance. Perhaps if there are waves, these lumps might take this somewhat seriously. T'eo nods to the weyrwoman. "Indeed. And what with Jeni transferring," He nods to the green rider beside him who smiles and nods to Aeris. "I have to choose one of this lot as a second." His voice sounds less than enthused at this as he watches a blue nearly face plant when he catches his foot in the loose traceings of the rescue harness. Jeni and her green hurry to assist, leaving the wingleader to just shake his head with disbelief. "That one… is one of the newly graduated." He explains to Aeris. A bronze and brown take off wonderfully which makes him smile a little. "But there's some hope."

Aeris eyes the green and her rider, curiously. Hmm, eating the people you're supposed to be rescuing. "Well, at least a few of them look possibly decent." She motions at the brown and bronze team.

And their off! « We'll do the spotting, » Siyamath pair offers. Because R'soe's player is not in the mood to make detailed poses of a rescue detail. Siyamath takes the time to show off his arial manuevers whilst they're up there. Show off!

Aeris eyes the green and her rider, curiously. Hmm, eating the people you're supposed to be rescuing. "Well, at least a few of them look possibly decent." She motions at the brown and bronze team. As she's looking about at the wingriders, she catches glimpse of the minecrafter and offers her a wave in greeting. Aelith rumbles amusedly at the show-off bluepair, sending a splash of water towards them. Oops, did she do that?

Like a shot in the dark, the acrobatic figure of Faelynath shoots neatly off the beach, skimming low to the water and swaying back and forth as she goes. She doesn't wait on Siyamath, figuring the blue will either follow or not, but this is a game, and she intends to win. Save the dummy! And don't eat it. Yes. F'ai holds the rescue harness in one hand, the other fixed on the straps, and glances over his shoulder to look for R'soe while his lifemate hones in on the little bobbing blob of hapless 'victim'. When it's time for them to get with the rescuing, F'ai unstraps with the speed of practice, and rather than just crawl down the harness, he holds it in one hand and lightly jumps off his lifemate's back, arrowing down into the water near the dummy. Snatch-a-dummy! He fits himself in the harness with the dummy and Faelynath rises up with them dangling beneath her, forepaws clasping the rope to keep it relatively secure whilst the green returns to shore. This makes it easier for F'ai to set the dummy down and unhook it, wherein he kneels nearby and just waits for R'soe to get with the kiss of life.

Tellus pulls up a bit of beach and sits to watch the riders go about their day. She spots Aeris' wave and waves back with muted enthusiasm. Seeing F'ai's heroic rescue play out the miner applauds the rider.

T'eo watches the pairs and nods at the brown and bronze. "yes… N'varre and Allyson work well together. One of the strongest pairs." Jeni returns to the pair. "Seems that bouncey green pair have put that energy to good use." T'eo's amber stare diverts from the brown and bronze to one of the blue and green couples out on the water. "They're behind time." Jeni snorts and grabs his jaw and turns his head to the returning green. "THAT green." Honestly, how could T'eo miss the little green sparkly. "Ah…" He clears his throat. "Ah… yes… Yes, so it appears." Raenth surveys the pair to see just wat that blue will do with the gold's waves, a trickle of amusement dripping in like brandy over the hard ice of discipline. « Don't get too cocky, blue Siyamath. Attention to teh job at hand. »

R'soe pouts when his blue is chastized, and pokes the blue on his neck. "Hey, you behave Siyamath, kay? This is serious stuff," he says, and they do their job of 'spotting'. Yay, spotting.

Uh. Hello? Dying dummy! F'ai blinks up at R'soe and Siyamath, makes a face, then sighs as he leans over the dummy and stretches it out flat on its back. Thumping the 'man's' chest once to clear his fake lungs, F'ai tilts its head back, opens its mouth, and leans down to breathe into it while holding its nose. HUFF. He performs normal first aid procedures, including dramatic checking for the heartbeat. Eventually, he proclaims, with a heartfelt, melodramatic sniffle, "He has no heartbeat!" Sob. He throws his arm over his eyes and falls over backwards in the sand to lament. The dork.

Man, you go somewhere for a nice day at the beach yeah, whatever and you find people kissing dummies! "No Uth, I haven't the foggiest as to what they're doing," an unfamiliar voice can be heard saying as the two prowl up onto the beach.

T'eo opens his mouth as if to say somethings but… just… can't. He shuts it and turns away from the green rider. Jeni, too, seems to be in disbelief. She starts to giggle, however. "Raenth? Please informe Siyamath of his delay and what it could have caused?" Raenth huffs in agreement and rumbles to Siyamath with the cold of ice in a drained glass, adorned with a lime devoid of juice. « Blue Simiyath. You have cost your pair greatly for such inattentiveness to your duties. You have been warned. You shall return to the beach now and prepare for a second run. » T'eo turns back to see who else has returned. Almost all the pairs are either landing or giving first aid now. His eyes rise to teh greenrider and his bond approaching. As Jeni assesses each of them, still giggling, T'eo strides across the beach towards the pair. "Xanadu's greetings to Ierne. We are at the moment running a drill for the Galaxy Wing. Can I assist you in anyway?" Curt, but trying not to seem too unfriendly. That was what Jeni told him to work on…

R'soe gulps. Both he and Siyamath thought they'd be handed the 'dummy' in the air. But, they weren't given a signal or any sign of 'your turn' from the other pair. R'soe, as a result, gives F'ai one of the ugliest glares the boy can muster. "Sorry sir," he says and they land down on the beach for the second run. Siyamath, for his part, is now pouting quite in a manner to match his riders. Awww.

Aeris has proceeded to silently scolding her gold for distracting the blue and causing him trouble. "I think that was our fault, Wingleader, Aelith will stay out of it next run. Won't you Dear?" She looks, pointedly, towards her lifemate.

F'ai can be heard in the background, muttering complaints about being covered in sand as he picks at it off himself, giving R'soe a blink at that. What? The first thing T'eo said when they were starting the drill was what the second pair - the spotter - was supposed to do. Like it's his fault. F'ai just hauls the dummy up and gives it a piggyback ride, humming lightly and bouncing it a couple times for the sake of having something to do while he waits for the second run.

"Sir," A'i politely says to T'eo, lips quirking into the faintest of smiles as he observes the others who are supposed to be practicing, or so it seems. "Don't mind us, we're just visiting and thought we'd drop by and see what the beach was like here. Thankfully it's an off day, otherwise we'd be delivering mail."

Tellus briefly watches the interaction between A'i and T'eo for a moment then goes back to watching the other riders. Lazily she takes a finger and draws something in the sand while then studying T'eo out of the corner of her eye.

T'eo nods to the rider. "Very well…" Pause. Jeni's eyes can be felt on his back. "Wingleader T'eo of teh Galaxy Wing." He holds out a hand. "And my wingsecond, Jeni." he gestures to the woman who smiles then looks back to her charges. She's far more the mothering one of the pair as she reassures R'soe. "It's alright. You're new in this wing, right? It takes some getting used to." He turns to F'ai and the others with dummies. "Place your dummies in a pile here. Raenth and Wiloeth will replace them in the water. Buck up, boyo." She says firmly to another blue rider. "You'll do better next time." Raenth grabs the first pile of dummies and Wiloeth waits for the rest. T'eo looks around to teh weyrwoman. "No… She's quite fine, ma'am. I assure you. they'll be dealing with a lot more than those waves when they're out there in a squall." Tellus catches his eye as he looks back around and he nods his head in greeting.

R'soe and Siyamth do buck up, and they're a little more timely from now on.

Aelith watches the placing of dummies with curiousity, she nonchalantly reaches to snag one, she wants to play too! "Aelith, put that back!" The junior weyrwoman calls to her gold, plump body moving to intercept golden maw and poor hapless dummy.

F'ai carts his dummy over to dump it into one of the piles, dusting his hands off and looking pleased before he trots back to Faelynath, wrapping his arms up and around her neck while she stands behind him. He blinks curiously at what's going on, dark grey eyes curious and cheerful as they ever are. Finally taking note of Tellus, he grins brightly in her direction, "Hey! Telly! Hi!" Then, of course, Aelith makes a break with one of the dummies, and Faelynath creels in alarm. « Why does SHE get to eat one? »

A'i's greeting to T'eo is far warmer than the one he gives the woman, Jeni, his attention focusing upon the man instead as he nods politely to both and states, "T'eo, Jeni. I'm A'i, of Ierne Weyrhold, and that lump over there is my green Uth." Said dragon is making her way down the beach now, rumbling at the various other dragons gathered there and watching curiously as they 'work'.

Raenth has just deposited a dummy as Aelith lifts it. He rumbles with amusement, splashing mirth with the warmth of whiskey on the rocks and pooling playfully in her mind. « My dear lady, I beg all pardojns but to say that unfortunately that dummy is needed to train these young ones up in being worthy and prepared to help with salvaging the lady's weyrfolk and riders. Though if the lady is in need of such a sack of fluff I am certain I can aquire an extra for her? » T'eo looks around to frown at the gold and Raenth. Well, if anyone can sweet talk it free it'd be Raenth. Wiloeth distributes the others and flits her way over to Raenth and Aelith, the rumbles of thunder and chill of a hard mist invading on their minds. « Ma'am… All due respect, but we need that. » And she goes, without any further ado, to pluck it away from the older gold. "Oh dear. Wilo! Wilo, come on. Raenth can handle it." She's not even noticed the difference in greeting from A'i. But she's got a lot on her plate.

Aelith was paying attention to the bronze when the green snatches the dummy from her. « Hey! I only wanted to help. » And her bright playful tones quickly turn to sad dull tones as she proceeds to turns her big gold behind towards the bronze and his green helper and move along to another part of the bech, to pout, or something. Aeris rolls her eyes a bit. "Aelith, I'll get you something else to play with…later." The weyrwoman gives her sulking gold a loving thump on the rump and turns to the wingleader and his 'second. "Aorry." She says quietly.

T'eo watches the dragons a moment with a small frown as now Raenth and Wiloeth get into a bit of an argument. « A shiney piece of tail and you can't veen hold to business! » « Excuse me miss never—flown-by-ones-she-likes, you need- » « What? What was that? Wait… how many flights have you won? Hm? » Raenth's eyes whirrl. « You once… » And the green's blaze. « Of all the- » Both T'eo and Jeni bolt towards the water. "Raenth!" "Wiloeth!" "Galaxy is dismissed!" T'eo calls, voice dangerous. "Raenth! You copper lump of unrefined metal!" The pair begin scolding their dragons and are lost to the rest of teh world at this point.

F'ai just watches the scene with his eyebrows arching up into his mussed, wet bangs. Weee-ooo. That's a bit of an argument there. The greenrider presses his palm over his mouth to help avoid bursting out into laughter, little chortling choking sounds escaping him. He gives a wave to Tellus with his free hand, stormy eyes bright and mirthful.

Aeris watches as T'eo and Jeni move off to scold their dragons abnd shakes her head. "See what you did, you big shiny lump." The plump woman is saying to her lifemate as she strides off with the gold, who is looking for something else to play with.

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