Clearing Gathering

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

It's a nice sunny day in Xanadu! A rare sight. The ground isn't so mushy that you can't sit on it, either. It's a little past noon, the caverns have been open for lunch now for a bit, but this bronzer apparently has preferred to stay outside. He's packed up a nice little picnic and has gone down to acquire his first born son from the caverns. He's apparently replaced the pipe that Niva smashed in her horrible proddyrage and sits on a blanket smoking it. Lyram is playing in the grass.

S'ya is making her way out of the caverns, her guitar slung over her back and a book full of music at hand. Sophyrinth is busying up in the sky, the green trying to play by herself since her rider is grounded, twisting and turning happily. As for Zallesh, the baby is safely back in her Weyr. The greenie not trusting him to Nannies while the pox plague is still working it's way through Pern.

Delynni herms, following her blue closely. Ryukith is leaping around practicing his take offs and landings, the blue's whirling blue and green jewels sparkling happily. He leaps up just the right height and then slowly glides back down. His movements are smooth, fluid, and for such a lazy little blue he has very good reflexes.

Some are enjoying lunch when they ought not be. At least such seems the case with the younger Miner that has settled at Xanadu. Archy has just woken up, getting in a few hours before his wher is up and about and they can work. "You /just/ got up?" Satoris stands by, arms folded across his chest, an expression of pure annoyance upon dark features. ""I've been waiting two days on those reports and I have yet to see them." The boy is sitting upon a barrel, eating food that's stacked precariously in his lap. He rolls his eyes at the Journeyman. "We're not done yet. C'mon, you know I sleep differently." But the elder isn't having any of it. "I told you to get me what information you had every day. Just because you haven't surveyed /everything/ doesn't mean you can't give me some of the work…" He throws up his arms in annoyance before pointing forward the resident barracks. "You can eat while you work. Get to it." Glowering and muttering, Archy soon sulks off, holding a bundle of his food and eating as he goes.

There's a familiar gold! Ellamariseth was in the clearing, near the tavern actually, with her wings out and enjoying the Xanadu sun. For more than a week she and her rider was missing, but they were back! Ish… Ysa was heading out of the tavern, actually, with a full mug of ale in her hand. She had her youngest son with her all night, and was looking miserable. While she had tried to stay sober for the infant, immediately after taking him to the nannies she was getting something to drink. Pox or not, this woman needed a break. She meanders slowly along the clearing, almost clueless, or avoiding people, that is until she sees her eldest boy and forces a smile to her face. "Hey, love," she says softly towards her son.

S'ya catches sight of the familiar bronzer, sending R'miel a wave. "Hey love, how is the little one?" She asks happily, glancing up at Sophyrinth as the green dives into a barrel roll. She just shakes her head a bit before shuffling her guitar. Her eyes do catch sight of the grump Miner, an enthusiastic wave sent his way. "Satoris!" And there's a wink sent after. Nope, she's not giving up on him just yet! So is the first to spot the other dragons, a happy bugle issued as she makes for them, leaving S'ya to just plop down on the grass and send a sad sort of smile over at Ysa. "Hey love, back from paradise?"

Y'ki is not ill! Which is good, because he'd very likely be even more difficult to deal with if he had it. In fact, the young bluerider tromps across the clearing with a low-flying dragon in tow. Wings give a faint flap as he goes a bit /too/, low, creating a rush of wind before he finally drops all fours to the ground. "Do you /have/ to do that? Geez, gonna knock someone over. Namely /me/."

Delynni's attention is caught by Ysa, and then distracted as Ryukith warbles a calm collected greeting to Sophyrinth. She watches as the blue leaps higher, a spring in his wingbeats as he tries to mimic the green. He can't quite do it, but he tries, and ends up wobbling left or right midair rather than barrel rolling.

R'miel looks up at the gathering of people around him and smiles. "Hey." It isn't sure if this is directed to Ysa, S'ya, or whoever else. Probably to everyone in general. Lyram toddles over to greet his mother with a hug, while R'miel opens up the basket to pull out a wherry sandwich for himself. "You guys eating here with us?" Us being him and his son, apparently.

Still watching the apprentice go — likely to be certain that he does go to the barracks and not elsewhere — Satoris doesn't quite pick up on who called his name right away. He turns in time, however, to see the wink that S'ya directs his way. Brows furrow as the skin at his cheeks darkens somewhat. He grunts something of a reply before shoving his hands into his pockets and making for the caverns; mumbling something about grabbing some food. Seems he'll be back, but maybe seeing everyone else eating reminded him that perhaps /he/ ought to eat.

Ellamariseth raises her head towards the arriving dragons, the little blues getting a warble from her first before Sophyrinth's is answered with a croon and a stretch of her wings. Ysa stops moving towards the toddler when she hears shouting, raising her brow over towards the Miner. "Hey! You!" she calls, brows moving up and then straight down. "What's with all the fuss? Relax a little, it's lunch time." And just to prove her relaxing, she takes a big gulp of ale. She tenses, though, at S'ya's comment as she turns back around. "Hm? Don't know what you mean." Leaning down to give Lyram a big hug, she takes hold of his hand to lead him back towards Daddy and the greenrider.

S'ya glances over to Ecoatleth as he creates a wall of wind, giggling a bit as she smoothes her hair down. She sends a little wave to her clutchmate before stretching out a bit. Sophyrinth meanwhile is pleased to be influencing the younger blue. She flies up higher before diving after Ryukith, changing direction at the last minute. Show off. "No, I already had my lunch. I was just passing through, done with my lesson and all." S'ya says to R'miel, watching Satoris go with a sad little look. "I think he is avoiding me! And well, nothing love." She says to Ysa, noticing her reluctance to talk.

Delynni spots S'ya, there's a face she hasn't said hello to. "S'yaaaaa!" Delynni cries, rushing over. "hey hey, remember me? A while ago? Delynni? I was left standing when you impressed Sophyrinth!" She says eagerly, blushing. Ryukith whistles in frustration. That's not fair! He's liiiitttleer, he can't fly that good! The blue darts down to the ground, and then takes off, arrowing as high up as his growing wings will allow and trying to catch up to Sophyrinth. Heeeeeey! Wait for him!

Arinith, surprisingly enough, is no where to be found. A quick ask though will reveal him to be playing at the beach. He had no interest in lounging around with all the other dragons in the clearing, or doing flips in the air. R'miel turns his gaze to Ysa after nodding to S'ya. "You going to eat with us?" The bronzer is busy cutting up a sandwich into smaller bits so his son can partake. "Have you had anything to eat since we got back?"

"Nothing?" Ysa questions, pressing her lips tightly together. But before she can ask, the bluerider butts in. Ysa eyes the strange young woman for a moment before sighing and directing Lyram to sit next to R'miel before she settles on the young boy's other side. "'Course I've eaten," she says with a grunt, looking down at her mug and pulling it closer to herself, almost protecting it from the bronzer. You never know. Ellamariseth lifts her head up and folds her wings back as she watches the smaller dragons partake in their flipping and diving, watching but doing nothing else. "Are ya doing any better, S'ya, since we've last spoken? Sorry I haven't really been 'round to… help out much."

Oh, maybe he is avoiding her. Maybe not. Ysa's comment to relax garners another snort before Satoris is gone within the caverns. He soon returns with a sparse meal: a thrown-together sandwhich and a handful of meatrolls. He's eating the latter as he walks, glancing warily to the dragons that play above.. as if one might suddenly miss when diving so low. He casts a glance to the barracks and gives a sigh, standing there as he eats. Seems he's apparently assuming the lad to finish righ tnow.

S'ya looks over in surprise as Delynni calls out her name and comes running. "Oh?" She asks, blinking a bit. It had been a few turns after all. "Delynni? Well, I uh, sorry. It has been a while after all!" Silly greenie. To Ysa she bobs her head quickly, a grin spreading over her face. "Yes, I am doing much better. K'ael came to visit yesterday and L'ton the day before. Seems this ban is not really doing much." She can't help but giggle, happy at the idea of her bronzers coming back to visit. She'd been a bit lonely after all. She scoots over to the goldrider, digging something out from her pant pocket. "And here, this is for you two." It's a flyer announcing the opening of "Love Grows". She catches sight of Satoris' return and grin, waving him over.

Delynni blinks in surprise. "Ban? oh the bronzerider ban. Why, you have a bronze sweetheart?" Delynni grins in greeting to R'miel. "I apologize Weyrsecond, I haven't seen her in a long while." Ryukith growls, playfully fluttering higher and higher. The blue's flight cutely resembles the butterflies of old Earth as his easy flying practice wobbles through the air.

R'miel nods to Ysa. He peers at her mug, but doesn't say anything about it. Sure she'd eaten. Things that are liquid. He hands the sandwich which has been cut into eight little bits to his son to stuff into himself. "Eat slow, Lyram. You want me to take Illi tonight?" He asks the goldrider. This should give a more accurate picture of what was happening between the two of them. He chuckles a bit. "K'ael was here, hm? And L'ton. Nice of them to stop by and visit me." He nods to Delynni, and gives Satoris a look that says 'run away while you still can'.

It's not the dragons in the sky he had to worry about… Ellamariseth notices the Miner out and about, kind of off on his own, and crawls forward a bit on her feet in his direction, trying to be… sneaky-like. As sneaky as a big gold dragon can be. "That's good to know," Ysa says with that forced smile towards the greenrider, eyes dipping lower towards her belly. "So… uh, everything alright there, with the brat and all? Mike's, you know," she says towards R'miel, looking directly at him for once and fidgeting a bit. Delynni gets another look, but just briefly, before she turns back to the bronzerider and shakes her head. "No, that's alright. I can handle it." She downs the rest of her mug and sighs.

Those incredibly pale eyes just blink a few times. First at S'ya, then at R'miel. Satoris really doesn't quite understand what's going on, but he does catch onto the title given to R'miel and then spots the knot. Well, that helps. He shifts somewhat and begins striding towards the bronzerider. Even as the gold is inching towards him. The miner casts a sideways look to the dragon and tries to sidle more to the side as he approaches the gathering. "Weyrsecond," he states, almost stiffly. "Could I have a moment?"

Sophyrinth continues to fly circles around Ryukith, the green egging the smaller dragon on before dashing away. Mean thing. "Yes, well, I am expecting his child." S'ya says happily to Delynni, softly patting her still firm belly. She was only two months along after all. "And the other one is the father of my first born." S'ya has caught on, but doesn't pry into the couples business… for now. "Yes, well, we were rather busy. I was playing some of my music for him." She says to R'miel, grinning a bit as she lays back on the grass. "You should bring Lyram over for a playdate soon, love." When Satoris joins them she sits up again, grinning at the man. "Satoris, how have you been doing, love? Did you ever manage to find your bed?"

R'miel nods to Ysa. "Alright. Come get me if you need to? I was thinking of letting Lyr stay with me tonight. Don't want him in the caverns too much really with the pox going around." He smiles and nods to S'ya. "That's Mike for you. I'll bring Lyr around when I get the chance. Just let me know when is good for you." Then he looks up at Satoris. "Sure." He gets up and moves away from the women for a moment. "You're Satoris I take it. There something I can do for you?"

Delynni blinks at the miners arrival and grins. "Congratulations…." She says with a chuckle at S'ya. "I don't think I ever want kids. /ever/. Especially if they act like my older brothers. With my luck I'd have all girls and a single boy being driven nuts by them." Ryukith wails, then pours on the power! The blue makes a swift dart, almost graceful, definately deft before he wobbles and has to land again to rest for a few minutes. Drat! He glares up at Sophyrinth irritatedly, trying to analyze the green's movements and figure out /just how/ she manages to do so many tricks! Delynni listens to R'miel, Satoris and the others gathered around the picnic blanket.

Ellamariseth only continues to inch along, pretending she wasn't caught, until she was just about hovering over Satoris. Especially since he was next to her lifemate afterall. She gives a rumble down to the group, eyes whirling at all the food everywhere. Ysa doesn't particularly pay attention to the gold dragon, but she does flash a jealous glare after S'ya when she asks the bronzerider to bring their first born. It doesn't last long, as she shakes her empty mug. "Sharding need a refill now," she mumbles. "'m I missing something here?" she asks more loudly, glancing between S'ya and Satoris. The latter gets a curious look.

"I'm fine," Satoris answers S'ya, almost stiffly. "You sound well." It's more a statement than a question, but at least he's trying. Another concerned glance is cast towards the gold dragon that hovers and he clears his throat, stepping nearer to R'miel as the bronzerider gets to his feet. "Yessir. There was a fissure found in the wake of the earthquake and I feel that it could be a prime site for a mine. With the Weyr's permission, I would like to get my tools in and begin to check it out."

S'ya moves to poke at Ysa's side, having caught the goldriders momentary jealousy. "You too, love. I have not seen you outside of your office for too long. We should have lunch or something with the boys!" To Delynni she grins, bobbing her head as she accepts the congratulations. "Thank you! I am rather excited. I am hoping for a girl this time." Sophyrinth finally moves in for a landing, the petite green gracefully gliding in before coming to a halt in front of Ryukith. "Oh, I do not know. I think it is something related to his craft." She says to Ysa concerning Satoris. A happy smile sent the Miners way when he replies.

R'miel blinks a bit at Satoris. "A fissure? Hm, well, you're the miner, you would know. Anyways, I don't see there being a problem with that. I'm sure there's some paperwork or something that needs to be filed. You'll need to come to the office and talk to R'sul probably." He nods to the man then takes a seat back down on the blanket and pulls out another sandwich for himself. Mmm. "You want a snadwich, miner? The girls are all on diets and I packed too much."

Ellamariseth rumbles again and lowers her head to one side of the two men, opening her mouth in the universal 'Feeed me!' sign. Her big whirling eye staring at the two of them. Ysa fidgets at the poking, moving her free hand to rub at the spot. "I suppose so. I've just been… busy is all." She turns her attention upwards to regard the Miner, picking up on the news with a raised brow before leaning towards the others. "/Earthquake/?" she questions in surprise. First time she's heard of it, obviously having been away during that occurance.

Delynni watches as Ryukith rumbles in irritation, backing up a pace or two with the draconic equivalent of a blush on his face. The blue squeaks, then glares a frustrated death glare at Sophyrinth. The blue falls into his customary slouched sitting posture, wings falling flat at his sides and sinking his talons into the grass as he carefully watches Sophyrinth's every movement. "You should talk to my brother's boyfriend about baby clothes. Ricky…. er Ricton rather, is a tailor, he enjoys making baby clothes. He made a blanket for this holder from a cothold near Rubicon, I swear it repelled dirt, mud and various kinds of baby stains." Blink, blink. "Earthquake?" She asks, Ryukith's head whips around and he croons, interest captured.

"I'll stop by, then. I just didn't know if there was another site in mind. All I knew is that a mine was desired and so far, the fissure seems the be-" Satoris glances over towards the gold, stepping a few paces away. "I… is something wrong?" Seems for the Holdbred, being so very near to the largest color of dragon is somewhat unsettling. He holds up his sandwhich, not yet eaten. "I'm good, thank you, sir." The questioning tone from Ysa draws his attention and he nods, trying to inch away still from her lifemate. "Yes'm. A handful of days ago there was an earthquake. No major damage near the weyr, though."

S'ya rolls her eyes at R'miel at the mention of being on a diet, a hand sent over to grab one up. She is preggars after all! "They better be good, Ram." She says before taking a bite, her hazel eyes fixed on Satoris. "So, made any new friends yet, Satoris?" She asks after a moment, eyeing him curiously. She grabs up what is left of her sandwich and offers it to Ella with a giggle. "Silly gold. And you really must, Ysa." She doesn't seem all that concerned about earthquakes, happy to just bask in the sunny day and make googly eyes at Satoris. "And K'ael bought a whole mess of clothes for the baby already. But I will keep him in mind if they do not last long." She says happily to Delynni, hazel eyes watching as Ryukith mopes.

Delynni nods and then blink blinks at a soft croon from Ryukith, almost an 'aherm'. "Oh." She asks the miner. "Ryukith wants to know what makes earthquakes." She adds helpfully. The blue eyes the unsettled miner, curling his tail paitently around his legs, but keeps his distance, observing the exchange intently. Ella is bigger, Ella goes first. If he frightens the miner he will never learn how the earth quakes! "Oh S'ya that's so sweet, bringing all those baby things for you when you can't leave the Weyr." Ryukith seethes quietly in place, clearly not interested in the baby talk.

R'miel blinks at Satoris. He was so used to Ella being around he barely notices her. "Hm? She just wants a snout pat. Right Ella?" He grins to S'ya. Like the bronzer would eat anything that didn't taste good. Even his son was munching down on his sandwich. "Hm. Turns out I'm needed back at the office in a few minutes. Can you make sure Lyram gets back to the caverns okay, Ysa? Ah, actually he's just about finished, I'll take him down myself in a bit. Come on, Lyr. We can finish lunch in my office." After taking up another sandwich or two, the bronzer scoops up his son and heads off with a wave.

Ysa was on a diet, really… Or something like it. "Sounds like I missed some excitement," she comments to the Miner. Ellamariseth was interested in the Miner and his food, but that didn't stop her from moving away for a moment to stretch her tongue out and take the sandwich from S'ya. Yum! But then it's back to Satoris, giving him a pointed look, maw open. She was a big dragon. Ysa nods back towards Ram, bobbing her head. "I can," she says, moving towards Lyram, but the bronzer decides otherwise and she frowns after the pair.

"A… snout pat?" Satoris sounds quite unsure, but when Ellamariseth focuses upon him again, he reaches out a calloused hand warily towards the gold, to pat her upon the snout… should she not decide to take off his hand or somesuch. The miner glances past the behemoth towards Delynni and her lifemate. "Ah… Well, the simplest explanation is that there are… gigantic plates of rock underneath the ground that shift now and again… When they bump into each other, it causes an earthquake." He shrugs, absently. "I don't know perfectly the reason, but that's the best I've always been able to figure it." The man nods to R'miel as the Weyrsecond disappears.

Delynni blinks at Ellamariseth taking an offered sandwich, then nods at Satoris' explanation. Ryukith can stand back no longer, he now knows how the earth quakes and the blue sniffs his way forwards. "No, you cannot have a sandwich." Delynni glares up at the blue. "She's a queen, she gets whatever she wants. You be a good weyrling and eat normal weyrling food." She holds back a laugh as she strokes her lifemate's muzzle. "Besides, you're wacky enough as it is. Human food might make you wackier!" She nods at Satoris. "He says that that makes sense, but wants to know how big the plates of rock are."

S'ya bobs her head excitedly. "I know! Since he is the Weyrleader of Ista now he said he had plenty of marks to use on the baby. He also got me this." Voila! A pretty gold bracelet! Someone was getting spoiled. She makes sure to send R'miel a wave as he heads out, her eyes moving over to Ella as she accepts the snack. "You silly thing." She says affectionately, moving to pat the gold on the nose but then she's off! S'ya huffs a bit at being ignored by the Miner, pouting in her spot before getting to her feet. Sophyrinth is making her way towards the throng, looking for any scraps people are willing to give her. That way she can have something else over Ryukith! It's all a game for this dragon, really. "Fine." S'ya says before feeding the green a roll, rolling her eyes at her lifemate. "I think I had better go, Zallesh is due to be up any moment now." And with a slight wave she heads out, Sophyrinth warbling a farewell before following.

Ellamariseth pushes against the hand as well, crooning. Well, that was a good snout pat. But then she whuffles his hair and drops her maw again, not satisfied. She wanted his food. "Just throw her something already," calls Ysa, looking back towards her lifemate for once. "Sandwiches don't hurt 'em at all," she says to both the Miner and the bluerider. But the gold doesn't wait around long, giving her lifemate a glance and a huff. All her food being directed elsewhere… Ysa sighs as she waves after the greenrider, getting up herself as she looks back towards the office. "I should get going. I have to check in on Niva to figure out what paperwork I've got to do." She bobs her head towards the others in the clearing before making her way towards the caverns.

Delynni laughs as Ryukith whines, glaring all evil like over at Sophyrinth as the green walks away. The blue growls, nagging Delynni. "No." Growl/nag "No." growl/nag "NO." growl/nag. When Ysa says its alright. "/fine/." She sighs and looks helplessly over at the picnicers. "He wants to try a sandwich." Delynni huffs. Ryukith whines and opens his mouth in a blatent beg for human food.

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