Runners in the Meadow

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

Casiella is intent on her current activity - runner riding. The black runner beneath her seems flighty and hard to handle - at random moments he will shy one way or the other, throwing his head up and rolling his eyes. Casiella's face shows little but a fleeting glance of frustration as the stallion pops his front feet off the ground, jabbing him firmly with her heels. "Go /forward/ already, will you?" She grates out, making the runner walk off. Eagerly, he prances along, pulling at the taut reins with his head as if he'd like for little more then to take off.

T'eo has always liked runners. Island River Hold had many and when his mother wasn't looking he used to get rides on a couple. Over his time at Xanadu T'eo'd gotten many chances to ride and learn how. It was now a favored past time for him. His own mount, a little red chestnut mare, moseys along through the meadow nonchalantly, stealing a few bites of grass here and there. The pair both look in curiousity to the black runner and his rider. "Well now, Bendela… See this is just what I mean." The mare puffs her nostrils as if in response, but gazes at the fiery stallion. "Now don't you get all starry eyed, lady mare."

Upon seeing another runner, the black stallion rears playfully, showing off. Casiella growls audibly, and brings the reins up to crack him lightly across the head, bringing the runner back to down to crowhop and buck. "STARLIGHT." She bellows, aggitated, but she lets him crowhop and caper until he settles himself back down. "Now I know why Mom was so eager to let me have you. You may be fast on the track, but you're such a pain in the a- Oh, hello T'eo." Casiella's rant becomes a smooth salutation as the girl reddens. A lot. "I didn't see you there."

T'eo gives a small smirk but nods his head in greeting. "Greetings," He calls. "Some stud you have there." He comments. Bendela seems to agree, whickering low and swishing her tail. She paws and prances in place with her fore hooves. "Bendela… enough now."

Starlight swings his head merrily back and forth, prancing in place like the mare. Casiella pops him and he jumps off, trotting a couple of paces before she brings him back down to a walk and around in a circle. Now that her concentration isn't quite as necessary, she looks frustrated indeed. "Indeed," she agrees, a tinge of annoyance to her tone. "He's one of Mom's racers. She raises them in her spare time in that back barn over there." And here the girl jerks her head in that direction. "He," and she gestures with her chin down to the stallion beneath her, sitting sedately for the moment, "is out of one of her prized studs and brood mares. The stud's one many a race in his time, and Starlight seems to share his speed - but his temperament," and here she yanks the stud's head up from picking at the grass at his feet, "seems to favor his mother." She shakes her head as he sidesteps underneath her. "Mom can't do a thing with him - and all of the jockey's are disgusted with him. I've managed to train a few of the yearlings that she's handed me, but Starlight's a four year old. And he's a lot meaner then any of the yearlings I've handled." Here, Casi wrinkles her nose. "Mom's probably getting a trip out of it."

Ziven walks cheerfully into the area, his arms swinging in time with his steps. He whistles to himself. It's probably one of the first times that Ziv's not carrying a book…scary thought there.

T'eo chuckles softly and pats Bendela's red neck. "There's always one, ya know? Bendy here… she's a dream. Never a wrong footing for the most part." Except now, as Bendela reaches out her nose to inspect this new stallion, taking a few steps. "Bendela…" She halts, but her nose stays out untill she spots the new comer. "Hey Ziv."

Casiella glances in Ziven's direction, nodding politely. She hasn't got the energy to be rude to the crafter, especially since the stallion decides to crowhop sideways, apparently hoping to unseat her. "Yeah, there's always one. Or two. Mom's working with a pretty little bay she's named Miserable Mistings - that filly is almost a bigger terror then Star here." Casi scowls, then sighs. "But Mom knows how to breed'em. Her colts and fillies invariably have two speeds - stop and quicker-then-b*tween." The girl grins good naturedly, just before the disgruntled colt rears again, twisting agiley.

Ziven offers a wave as he trails over, a curious brow arching. "Hey," He greets, turning to look at Casiella. "What's up with you…? Is that your runner?"

T'eo watches a little worriedly. The colt could get both of them into danger if he wasn't careful. Bendela snorts in alarm and tosses her head, bunching her muscles to hop, but she settles with a sharp "Bendela!" T'eo looks to Ziven and nods. "Apparently so."

Casiella glances over at T'eo, then sighs softly. Smacking the colt with the reins again to get his attention, she wheels him around. forcing him to plant all four feet solidly on the ground. "He's acting up," Casi explains tersely. "And yes, he's mine." Her terse voice may not be for the Crafter, but instead for the colt. "I'm going to take him in, before he starts your mare off, T'eo. I'll be back out in a little while. Hopefully, with a more peaceful mount." She nudges him, a little too forcefully, and her runner flatlines gleefully for the stables, with a choice few words of Casiella's exasperated ranting drifting back to those in the meadows.

Ziven nods slightly as he watches the girl walk off the colt, "She doesn't seem to happy…" He says in a quiet manner, shaking his head slowly as he turns to T'eo. "What's with her?"

T'eo frowns as Bendela plunges her head and whinnies after the stallion. She doesn't move but it's clear she wants to. There's a long pause after Ziven's comment. T'eo looks over at him brow raised. "You serious?" He slacks the reins as Bendela calms. The chestnut nibbles at the grass greatfully. "She just went bolting off on a fiesty black stallion and you're wondering what's with her?"

Kylynara walks up from the weyr. She has her knapsack over one shoulder and for once is wearing more than just her bathing suit, albeit barely more. She looks around slowly watching the trees and insects. Daydreaming as she walks. Suddenly the voices around her sink and she looks up quickly. She give a respectful, but curt nod to Ziven and smiles at T'eo. "Hello, Raenth's rider."

Ziven blinks and turns to look at the ground, shifting in his spot, "Well, I don't know what is going on…" He trails quietly turning to look at Kylynara, "I'll just go, sorry for disturbing you."

T'eo snorts suddenly. "Ziv… no… hey, man… it's okay. er- Grettings, ma'am." He slips off the mare, who seems uncaring of the action and continues grazing. "Her runner was acting up. I thought that was obvious. I'm sorry. Been raised around runners I often forget some people haven't been."

Kylynara looks at the ground, appearing a bit sheepish. "Acctually I think it's my fault. Journeyman, you can stay. I'll leave. I'm out of my element here on land anyway." with that she turns to head back towards the weyr.

Ziven looks up quickly and shakes his head, "No, it's fine, it's nothing to do with you." He says quickly as he tries to grab at the girl's arm, "Stay. It's a misunderstanding." He turns to T'eo, nodding. "I have one runner that takes me about Pern, but he's still new to me, I don't really understand runners."

What in the world? Is it contagious? "Ma'am… no… please…" T'eo sighs heavily but nods to Ziven. "Yeah… they can be quite difficult to understand, really." He smiles faintly. "Got bit several times when I was little before I learned that ears back was a warning, heh." Bendela lifts her amber head and walks over to headbutt T'eo. Is everything okay? She gazes at the newcomer then, convinced things aren't dire, she lowers her head and starts grazing again.

Kylynara chuckles. "I'm no ma'am, just an apprentice. Journeyman Ziven and I don't get along. He was here first and outranks me. I will not force him to leave by my presence." She explains to T'eo.

Ziven snorts queitly, "Fine, ignore, me whatever." He turns around, wrapping his arms over his chest. "I /said/ you could stay." He mumbles in an annoyance. He merely shrugs to T'eo, "I only use him to get around Pern when I can't hitch a ride otherwise, I don't care much for riding dragonback anyway."

T'eo frowns, looking between the two critically, his bright eyes narrowed. What happened here? "Look, I enjoy both of your companies at any rate so indifferences such as whatever you both have matter very little to me. Rank in paticular matters little to me. But I suppose if you both are uncomfortable… I can just go back to riding. I'm sure Bendela wouldn't mind."

Kylynara sighs and turns to Ziven. "I wouldn't wish to force-" she replies spitefully before biting her tounge. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. If it doesn't bother you then I shall, but I've no desire to annoy you further." She nods quietly to T'eo. "It's nothing against you, bronzerider. However with the Journeyman's kind permission I shall stay and keep you company a bit."

Ziven shrugs slightly as he turns to T'eo, "It's nothing with you, sir." He says quietly, turning his head away to judge a nearby bush, seeming to find some interest in it. "How about your runner, have you had it long?"

T'eo continues eyeing the two, much confused by all this but he responds accordingly. "Thank you, Kylynara… As for Bendela…" She raises her red head again, looks about at them all then sighs as if to say 'your problem, not mine'. "I've had her for a couple turns now. She was a gift. Her and her brother, Dendos. She's got a lot more personality then him though."

Ziven nods his head slowly as he eyes the runner, "She seems a bit more friendly than that othe runner that girl had…." He trails off, scrunching up his nose, "Can't remember her name. I really need to get out and meet some more people."

"Casiella," T'eo supplies. "Yes… that one was very much a racerunner." Bendy seems to know they're talking about her. She lifts her head again, grass poking out of her mouth, and approaches Ziven, snuffling him, then turns to Kylynara and wuffles. Why were they standing so far apart? Silly humans. Come say hi to me. She nickers. T'eo watches his nosey mare with a small smile and runs a hand through her mane. She shakes her head. I don't want -you- to pet me.

Kylynara looks over the runner again. "What is her name? She is a mare right? I fear I'm not particularly familiar with runners." She holds stock still as the runner investigates her. "What am I supposed to do?" She asks carefully out of the corner of her mouth.

Ziven watches the runner for a moment before offering his hand to the muzzle, "She's interesting." He says, grinning at T'eo. "Do you ahve a lot of runners? I only have just my one, and she's easy enough to get along with."

T'eo breaking into a wry halfgrin. "Bendela… And yes, she's a mare. Just pet her… he won't do anything to you. She's like a dragon or dolphin really, just furry and with hooves. Best ever, she's a herbivore so she's even less likely to bite you." He shakes his head to Ziven. "Just three. Bendy, Dendos and another older mare, Fugue." Bendela lips Ziven's hand curiously for treats. Nope. No treats. She nudges him then turns to the female human and nickers again.

Kylynara reaches one cautious hand out to pet the mare. As she stokes the mane gently, she answers softly. "Bendela? That's a pretty name. She's so soft." she says her lips breaking into a grin.

Ziven lets his hand fall to his side as he watches the mare, "She's really pretty, sir." He grins as he turns to T'eo. "You have three runners /and/ a dragon? How can you take care of them all?"

T'eo chuckles as Bendela's eyelids droop. "She enjoys the attention. He rests and hand on her red withers. "Yeah… well Raenth's teh most high maintenance. Fugue and Bendy get along well so sometimes I take them out together or just let them wander around together. Fugue's smart enough not to go far and Bendy doesn't like to be alone so they stay near. It's Dendos who can be a bit of a handful. He needs a good work out at least a 5 times a week or he's a mess. Often I have someone help me when I'm out and about. Raenth thinks I should let him eat him and that saves me the trouble." He smirks.

Kylynara grins and chuckles. "Oh did you get the ship?" she asks the Bronzerider. Just then a bell is heard faintly. she sighs. "I'm sorry, the dolphins are ringing. I gotta go. Nice seing you again, Rider T'eo. Thank you for letting me pet your runner."

Ziven nods his head and waves to Kylynara as she heads off, "See you," And then he turns to wrinkle his nose up, "That's still a lot of work, I would think. Sometimes I glad I just have to take care of firelizards."

T'eo seems a bit pleased with himself at Ziven's goodbye to Kylynara, "Farewell!" but he nods a little. "Yeah… actually I have to say my Ember is more of the pain then this lot put together. Flits aren't called 'flying stomachs' for nothing." He grins. Bendy opens her eyes and nickers sadly. Where was she going? Oh well… she still had another to keep her company… other than T'eo of course. She nudges Ziven again. Pet me!

Ziven wrinkles his nose, "I rather just call them firelizards." He says simply, "And mine are a bit annoying." He grins slightly at the runner, lifting his hand to run over her neck, "She's certainly friendly."

Bendela half closes her eyes again at the attention. "Indeed. I often joke with Raenth that they don't deserve that long a name, hence why I refer to them as flits. Easier. Efficient, and remeniscient of their temperment. Ember's anyway. You know he and Kaisha's blue went around stealing all my hair ties and hording them in a tree?"

Ziven nods his head as he continues to stroak the mare, grinning to himself. "I don't think I remember that, sir, I haven't been here all that long, you see? I'm new…" He trails off for a moment, "Flitts is a stupid name for them, and I don't see why everyone is calling them that."

Casiella comes out of the stables, mounted on a pretty red roan that seems much better behaved. There's a hint of a smile on Casi's face, and at some unseen movement, the runner moves into a quick, reaching trot. She gives the runner it's head, letting the reins fall and stretching out backwards in the saddle as the runners move. Obeidiently, the gelding comes to a slow halt near Bendela, without any instruction from his rider. Casi gives a big smile, and leans down to let her arms dangle childishly on either side of the runner's thick neck, her face buried into his mane. "This is Dream Cloud Nine. Or Dreamy, for short," she introduces the runner, her voice muffled.

Bendela whips her head around at the approach of the roan. She nickers a greeting. "Well, I'm always found it rather efficient for something so pes-ky." As Bendy turns her head she also turns her body and bumps T'eo with her big red haunches. "Er… Bendy.. babe," He pokes against her flank and she shifts out of the way. T'eo surveys the other horse. "Nice… Very nice."

Ziven turns as Casi comes back in, arching a brow, "That one certainly seems better behaved." Ziv observes with a slight tinge of amusement to his voice. "Firelizards are a nuisance no matter what way you look at them."

Casiella lifts back up, giving T'eo a coquettish smile, and then glancing at Ziven. "My little brown is not a pest." She says, matter-of-factly, then she smiles. "And yes. This is my three year old. I trained him myself from the time he received a halter." The roan stands still, legs splayed lazily. He turns his head to bump the girl's leg, and she grins. "He's out of the same stud as Star, but a different mother. It shows."

T'eo leans on his chestnut's haunch. She flicks an ear, but seems more interesting in meeting this new runner. He was a lot more composed then the black one, to be sure. She nickers again, as if making sure he heard her. "Indeed." T'eo smirks. "He's got nice movement. Lovely coloring."

Ziven shrugs, 'He certainly seemed like a pest to me…" Ziven comments quietly as he shifts in his spot, nodding quickly to T'oe. "Oh? You trained him? He's certainly well-behaved."

Casiella eyes Ziven cooly. "My brown has never done anything to you," she responds, her tone matching her gaze. "He is as well trained as this runner. Sleeping upon my cot, like I instructed him." She wheels the gelding, who has been eyeing the chestnut with interest. He gives a tiny nicker, but obediently trots off in a circle. Casiella focuses, drops the reins, and the roan flies off into a perfect extended canter. Casiella's movements shift slightly, and he does two perfect flying leadchanges in a row. On the second, though, Casi's timing isn't quite right, and her weight shift makes the gelding stumble slightly, pulling him back into a walk, huffing. She looks furious with herself, but she guides him back over to the circle. "Sorry, had to let him blow some energy real quick. Mom said to keep him warm, maybe try him on the track."

In comical unison Bendy and T'eo look at one another then back to the roan as he canters. Both runner and humans wince as the other stumbles. "Nah… that's quite alright… I should do that with Den today… or he'll antagonize the girls." Bendy whuffles as if in agreement. She pricks her ears to the roan again and bobs her head.

Ziven shrugs his shoulders as he lets his gaze fall upon the ground, "What do I know about runners, I'll keep my mouth shut."

Casiella nods to T'eo, still blushing from her falter. Dream reaches his muzzle out towards Bend, looking curious. Casi's expression then rests on Ziven, and her expression softens. "I didn't say you didn't know anything about runners, Journeyman Ziven. Just that you shouldn't go about badmouthing people's pets and prejudicing. Fire lizard or not, they have feelings, too. How would you like it if someone said that all Healers are quacks?" She tilts her head. "But they're not. I happen to know that you are a very good Healer, just as T'eo is a wonderful seaman. To each their own. But you shouldn't be hurtful." All this out of an almost-fifteen-Turn-old. "It's all right to express an opinion, just not a hurtful one."

T'eo had made the decision to stay out of it. T'eo was not one to like conflict of any kind. How in the world did he survive as a sailor all these years? Bendy couldn't care what's going on with the humans. She extends her muzzle aswell and puffs curiously at the roan. Hello. I'm Bendy! Who're you?

Ziven frowns, "Well, I don't know much about runners, miss. I'm only stating what I observe, how am I supposed to know what yours is like?"

Casiella raises an eyebrow, her lips twitching downwards. "You don't have to have any knowledge to observes," comes the simple reply, and Casi watches as the roan reaches out to touch muzzles with the chestnut, puffing back just as curiously.

T'eo opens his mouth to say something but Bendy gives stifled squeal in excitement and raises a hoof, wanting to play. "Bendy! Quit it." He grabs her reins and gives a short tug. The mare jerks her head up in alarm, eyes rolling. She watches T'eo fearfully as he lets go and pats her neck, flinching as he touches her. "Bend… babe… calm down…" Nooo! You scared me!

Ziven just sighs, "I think I'm going to get going, it was nice meeting you, sir." Ziven says quietly as he wheels on his heel and heads out.

Casiella watches the journeyman as he leaves, shaking her head. "He's wierd," she says, wrinkling her nose. Typical child. She watches as the mare and man interact, calming Dream's startled sidestep with her hand on his neck. She doesn't open her mouth to try to give advice, but she does smile when he calls the mare 'babe'.

It takes a little coaxing but Bendy finally forgets about the reprimand and closes her eyes as T'eo strokes her red cheeks. "Yeah… Granted he's generally been in a decent mood recently." He says, speaking of Ziven. He kisses the mare on her striped brow and she gives a silent nicker.

Casiella grins at him, tilting her head. "I heard that another man had been giving him attention," she says, bluntly. In a Weyr, a child is bound to grow up knowing and accepting the ideal of one being 'gay', but she seems curious about it. "Is it true, do you know? And that mare there is quite a beautiful runner, if I might say. I'm sure she'd throw beautiful babies."

T'eo shrugs, continuing to stroke Bendy's cheek. "You know about as much as I do, really…" He moves along her neck and gathers the reins to mount back up. At the comment about Bendy he smiles. "Yeah… Perhaps she would. Her brother has granted he's a right pain in the arse, really, and strangely his offspring are typically moody creatures. Bendy seemed to get the sane genes." He strokes her neck. The mare seems to wake from her doze and looks about her. Where's the other human go?

Casiella smiles again, and tilts her head. "I didn't know you liked runners, T'eo." Then she glances down, to play with Dream's mane. "I… I'm sorry I upset you the other day. In t'Living Caverns. I shouldn't have said what I did. It was childish of me. I've been wanting to apologize." She murmurs, sounding embarrased.

T'eo frowns a moment, trying to remember. "Ah, yes… that… well… don't worry. I was in a sore state as it was. I got a ship though… Different one, but a ship's a ship really." He smiles brightly. "The Silvara… smaller than The Ringtail, but a fine little three master. Got the notice just the other day. But I don't ship out for a while. They need to arrange a crew and officers."

Casiella tilts her head at him, her face pinching. "You're leaving Xanadu?" She asks, sounding disappointed, then shakes her head. "That was silly of me. Of course you'll leave Xanadu. But how often will you come ashore?"

T'eo smiles and chuckles softly. "I'll hardly be gone. When you're assigned a ship it's not like you have to live on the thing. But when they have a comission you go out for a few months, sometimes as much as half a turn, depending, of course, and the come back. This one will only be two months… It's a short jaunt." Bendela shifts boredly, sniffing the grass then looking about.

Casiella nods, then looks shy. "Is she yours?" The girl asks, curiously, nodding to the mare.

T'eo nods, tugging at parts of Bendy's mane. He absently wonders what's made the girl so shy all of a sudden. "Yeah… she and her brother were a gift."

Casiella nods. "I… I could sort of keep them for you, while you're gone?" She offers, her eyes shining hopefully. "You know, ride them and tend them and such - make sure they're getting everything they need?"

T'eo's apprehensive smile turns into a grin. "Indeed. They'd deffinately need some looking after. Paticularly Dendos. I'd be much thankful to you for it." Bendy has taken interest in Dreamy again and nickers. Hello again.

And the roan nickers back. Hello, you. Too bad I haven't got any hormones. Casiella laughs. "These two seem to get along infamously, at least. You know, it would be a pleasure to ride with you sometime, T'eo. I didn't realize what an interesting person you are." She grins at him impishly, then takes up the reins again, giving a tiny yawn. "But I think I'm going to go turn in. I've been training all day, and it's tiring business." She gives him a little wave, turning the horse lazily. "I do have to thank you. Dream can just wait until another day for his track start." The roan gives a parting look and wicker to Bendela, then saunters on back in the direction of the barns.

T'eo smirks wryly at that comment. "Indeed. Well, have a good rest of the day, Casiella…" Bendela whinnies a farewell, earning a pat from T'eo. "Don't worry, lady-mare. You'll see him again I'm sure. Come. Let's go take a short lope then you can go back with Fugue." He gives Bendy a gentle heel and she starts off at a trot across the meadow, breaking into a easy lope.

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