A New Arrival

Myra is pacing, holding a couple of notes in her hands, and scowling. She's muttering about something or other, the name Trian is repeated in her ranting. Ailath is sitting nearby, humming at her rider, though the woman doesn't quite get what that means. The green glances to the sky absently, as if … expecting someone?

Ailath projects to Dhonzayth, « It's time! Myra is about to have her hatchling! »

Ailath senses that Dhonzayth trumpets both mentally and aloud, ribbons of metallic going though his mind. « We come! »

Dhonzayth and L'ton are arriving in a hurry, the bronzerider practically falling off his dragon in his rush to get to the ground. The bronze settles down with Ailath to hum, while L'ton is rushing to her side. "My!" And the fussing begins, the Istan running his hand nervously through his hair.

Myra's pacing stops suddenly, and she groans, clutching at her /very/ obviously pregnant belly. "Sharding /Trian/. Stress is not good for the baby!" Nnnope. Still not getting it. The greenrider blinks a little at L'ton's sudden appearance, murmuring, "What're you doing here? I'm not due for another few days yet." with a confused frown. "I…" she winces, and looks down. "Oh." is all she says, glancing up at L'ton. "I'm gonna, we're gonna…" Now she gets it.

"Ah know.." L'ton just offers with a grin, moving to wrap his arm around her shoulders, resting one arm loosely on her stomach, feeling. "Ailath called.." He finally offers in explanation, before looking a bit confused at the greenrider. "What.. What did that man do?" He murmurs, even as he's lending his support.

Myra waves a couple of notes at L'ton, before another contraction hits, and she leans against the man for support. They seem to be romantic notes, though scrawled and smeared with grubby fingers. The first one says '<smeared> morning, sweet<something>, I <long smudge>.' and the second says 'You absolutely glow.' with something scratched out afterwards. "/Trian/ has been leaving these!" But they're not signed, not exactly. The only sign is a small heart in the bottom corner. There's a grimace then, and she grits her teeth. "Infirmary." she mutters, nodding that way. Ailath's humming has stepped up a notch.

L'ton is tightening his hold on Myra as the contraction hits, squeezing her gently and reaching to take the notes from her hand, making a face. "Ah'll find him, and then Ah'll.." Whatever he's going to do though gets left to be discussed later, as he escorts Myra to the infirmary, Dhonzayth's humming rising with the green's.


Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Myra scowls at the notes, giving them up gladly. "Haven't seen /him/ since…" well, L'ton was there. Trian's turnday. /That/ went wonderfully. Cough. "But it's /got/ to be him…" she grunts at another contraction, and bellows for a healer, in her good old weyrlingmaster yell. She has quite the set of lungs! "Giving /birth/ over here!" she calls, making a scene, but it gets her a healer, and led to a cot.

The infirmary really has seen far too many riders of late, though at least in this case, its for a good reason and not from plain stupidity. "Well, Ah'll look fer him, cause he shouldn't be messing with ya like that." L'ton says rather disapprovingly, usher Myra along as she's taken to a cot, the bronzerider staying at her side. "Ah'll be right here, My.."

Myra shoots L'ton a brief /look/, and says, "You'd better be… It's your kid." That's not Myra talking, that's the pain talking. The contractions are coming closer together now, but the healers keep telling Myra to be patient. "And… He left flowers… One with the first note, /lots/ with the second… He /never/ gave me flowers…" she furrows her brow, but doesn't have long to dwell on it. Another contraction hits, and she scowls at the healer, "Can I push /now/?!" but the healer shakes her head.

"Well, if'n ya said that ya wanted flowers, Ah would have brought ya some. Ya never mentioned it, so.." He tries to talk, just to keep her distracted, moving to fold his fingers through hers, one hand gently rubbing her shoulders. "Maybe he's trying ta be sorry.." L'ton supplies, giving the Healer a nervous glare.

Myra grits her teeth as another wave hits, then scowls, muttering, "Well, I don't, /now/. It's all creepy now." Her mysterious admirer is really not in her good books right now. She grips L'ton's hand /tightly/ as another contraction hits, and the healer finally gives her the go ahead to start pushing.

"Well, maybe later.." He murmurs, hand squeezing her shoulder as his other hand is held tightly, the bronzerider squeezing his eyes shut for a moment. "When.. When ya feel it coming, remember ta push." He stutters, shaking his head. A look at the Healer, and then he's back to quietly encouraging Myra.

Myra grimaces at L'ton. "You think it's /easy/? I know you, I know your /reputation/. Babies across Pern. All those poor /women/." Again, not Myra, the pain. "I'm going to listen to the healer, /she's/ been there." the greenrider mutters between contractions and pushing. The healer just sort of shrugs at L'ton, and echoes what he just said about pushing. Throughout this though, Myra doesn't release L'ton's hand, no. He's not going /anywhere/.

L'ton guesses he really doesn't need that hand, though it would be nice to not be mangled, but really, that's a lost cause at this point. "Ah never said it was easy Myra, but.. Least its just one.." The last little bit is murmured softly, hopefully she won't hear, before he's rubbing her shoulder again, satisfying himself with just shutting up.

Myra thinks shutting up is a good move, especially as her capacity for conversation is rapidly diminishing. He's doing more pained moaning and groaning than anything else. The healer is murmuring encouraging words, or at least, is, until Myra mutters, "Shut it.", her patience /not/ at its longest right now. The healer shrugs, and goes quiet, only speaking to say, "I can see the head now, just a few more pushes!"

"Ya.. Ya're doing good Myra.. Just keep pushing.." He murmurs softly, holding her shoulder and shifting his hand to avoid it being further smooshed, but he's not letting go. "Almost there.." He murmurs again, trying to sound soothing, gaze having shifted to the Healer as he waits.

Myra is near screaming now, but it won't be long now… Whether L'ton's hand will make it out unscathed is another matter. It seems to take forever to Myra, and possibly L'ton, but the healer grins. "It's a girl!" she says, as the baby starts to cry. Looks like she got her mother's lungs! The woman gives the baby a quick check over, before declaring her to be "A healthy baby girl!" and giving her to Myra to hold. L'ton's hand is released instantly, and the woman stares in wonder at the little blonde-haired girl.

L'ton winces as Myra cries out, and winces again as his hand is wrung. But, despite the rather pathetic look on his face, he's still encouraging her softly. "Almost.." And there's the cry, and L'ton is relaxing, releasing that the baby is in fact alright. "Shards.." He mutters, craddling his poor hand against him, shifting to look down at the little girl, a soft sigh. "Shards.." He murmurs again, this time in awe.

Myra seems to have melted almost as soon as the baby was handed to her, and she's even smiling tiredly at the little one. "Hello there." she coos, looking up at L'ton. "Isn't she beautiful?" Well, she kind of just looks like baby at the moment, but Myra sure seems taken with her.

"She's darlin', Myra.. Ya done good. She'll be breaking hearts before ya know it." He teases her softly, shifting to settle on the edge of the cot so that he can get a look at the new little arrival. "Did ya have a name fer her?" He asks, a smile on his face, one finger gently brushing the infant's face.

Myra tilts her head up at L'ton, smiling with pride for her newborn baby already, then frowns at the name question. "A few thoughts…" There's a pause, and she suggests, "Zirani?" Well, having heard rumours of the man, and then seeing the number of Z-named children about, it's not /too/ much of a stretch… "Does, does she look like a Zirani to you?"

"Ah think she's the prettiest Zirani Ah've ever seen." L'ton agrees with a nod and a smile, gently touching her cheek again, before turning to touch Myra's. "Thank ya, sweets.." He murmurs softly, sitting quietly with the new mother, and the new child.

Myra nods a little, then notes, "It was nothing like I expected. For one, I thought she'd be born several days later… and be a boy." Myra shakes her head, and smiles at the baby. "I, I'm glad you could come." she murmurs to the man. If nothing else, his hand was excellent for squeezing. Zirani is his daughter as well, though. Ailath wouldn't /not/ call for them. Outside, Ailath's humming has stopped, and the green settles in with an eye on the infirmary. There's a disappointed « I don't suppose Myra'll want to go camping as much any more. » to Dhonzayth, but at least her rider is calmer now.

"Well, we ain't always right. But, now its over, and ya have yer lil girl." He grins, shaking his head. "Ah wouldn't have missed it, Myra, dun ya worry. Ah'm just glad Dhon and Ah got here in time." He admits, sighing a bit. But then Dhonzayth is settling down to nudge the green with amusement. « Soon you will have two to go. »

Myra looks a little curious then, and has to ask, "Er, she didn't interrupt anything important, I hope?" The baby, or Ailath? Well, Ailath only called about the baby, so probably the baby. Ailath snorts a little, and mutters, « But it's a /baby/. It cries and eats and poops. » Speaking as a former weyrlingmaster's dragon? Not that the green can remember back that far, but there seems to be a faint lingering familiarity with the baby traits. « It can't pitch a tent or light a fire. What is it's purpose? » she puzzles over this one, because Myra is so set on being /useful/. Babies just seem needlessly wasteful to the green.

L'ton chuckles and headshakes. "T'was in the baths, but Dhon said Ah had ta move *now*." L'ton offers, patting Myra's shoulder. "Dun ya worry. Sides even if'n it was important, we'd still have been hee." Dhonzayth is still amused. « You were a baby. I was a baby. Yours and mine were babies. They grow up. » The bronze supplies, having likely had that same question for his rider at many points in his life.

Myra giggles a little, and shakes her head. "Lucky it was just the baths, don't know if Ailath would've accepted no for an answer." she grins, then murmurs, "Would… you like to hold her?" offering the little girl to her father. Ailath just doesn't get it. « You and I were only babies for a turn, two at most. That baby won't be fully grown for /eighteen turns/. I'm not even that old yet, not even half! »

"Yeah, Ah dunno what would have happened had it be something else.." Given his habits and all. "Ah.." And he nods, carefully settling the little girl in his arms, tilting his head to look down at her with a smile. "Look at her," He murmurs softly, despites already being a father many times over. Dhonzayth snorts a bit. « They aren't helpless though. It is only five or six turns before they are like little people. And then they do stuff like camping. »

Myra smirks a little at L'ton, and glances out to the clearing. "Lucky." she repeats, before her eyes resettle on her newborn daughter. "She's so adorably tiny." Funny, she wasn't thinking that when the healer told her to push, or a sevenday ago when she was waddling around the Weyr. But /now/ she's adorably tiny. Right. Ailath peers at the infirmary. « I was a weyrling that long ago… I guess that's not too long to wait… Can they be trained? » She's certainly very curious. But she's going to wind up spending a good deal of time with this infant, so of course she's interested to know what to expect.

L'ton holds the little girl for another minute or two, before forcing himself to hand the child back over to Myra with a smile, very careful. "She's gorgeous, really Myra… Ah.. Ah'm sure yer family'll be coming as soon as they hear.." He says softly, eyes still on the babe. Dhonzayth leans against the green out there with him. « They are not like those other pets. But they will learn. Mine says if you let them do something, they will keep doing it. And that is bad. »

Myra forces a tired smile, and nods. "Sure they will…" she agrees, though she's a little hesitant. "Or'len will, definitely. But Joiran… He always was a bit holdbred. He doesn't /approve/." she frowns, and holds her daughter close. "I'm hoping seeing this little girl will turn him around. Honestly. /Such/ a double standard. He's been with more women than I've had hot dinners." And she's a chef who /specialises/ in hot dinners! Ailath shuffles away from the bronze a little, not really a touchy-feely kind of dragon. She's more of a loner, she has her rider, and that's all she needs. « Hmm. But it won't really listen for a couple of turns yet, will it? » she muses, eyeing the infirmary.

"Well, in time. Ah dun think anyone could stay away from such a precious lil'thing." He comments with a smile, before he's looking at the Healer, who seems to be waiting for him to go. "Ah.. Ah should probably let the two of ya get some rest, 'fer they kick me out." He comments with a bit of amusement. "Ah'll be back ta visit, though." He promises with a smile. As Ailath scoots away, Dhonzayth stays put. « A turn or two, maybe. They listen. But they don't always do. »

Myra nods, grinning tiredly at the baby. "I'm sure he'll come around…" she murmurs, unable to tear her eyes away from the little girl. "You be sure to do that. Visit, I mean." she says, in a tone verging on the threatening. But she'll be fine, she has her brothers. Well, /a/ brother. Ailath seems to be considering Dhonzayth's words, and finally she rumbles. « Maybe if I scare it a little… » Right, like Myra would let her get away with /that/.

"Ah will, Ah promise. T'will be easier once Dhon is off the Sansd, but Ah'll visit." He agrees, with a grin, leaning to kiss both of their foreheads, lingering a moment before excusing himself, and returning to his lifemate. His lifemate who just chuckles and snorts, shaking his head. « You will not want to scare it. It is not bad. I know. » And then, the pair is back off to Ista, and to Dhonzayth's yet-to-hatch babies.

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