Save 'N Flee

Xanadu Weyr - Garden


An arch woven from the tendrils of a willow tree stretches overhead lightly creeping with ivy as one steps in from the meadow into this sanctuary of green. Cool gray flagstone carefully spaced enables a soft velvety moss to thrive within the cracks, and creates a single wide pathway that fluidly breaks off into two paths of stone once free of the natural arbor. It is a wonder this place, and meticulously tended from the way it seems not a single leaf is out of place. On either side of the main path expansive grassy patches are trimmed short and edged behind with natural tan colored stone selectively chosen to stack just right. Beyond these are a line of fine puffed shrubberies in vibrant green intermingled with flowering bushes of brilliant pinks varying in hue from the very light to the very dark, which causes the occasional snowy white blossoms of other scattered here and there without worry to simply pop out of the scenery.

Directly in the center of the garden is another wall of intricately stacked stone, this of muted grays, creating what from the air would prove to be a perfect circle. It's been set high for safety, but not so much as one would not be able to lean over it to admire what lies beyond, either standing or sitting at the smattering of benches whose backs are set every four feet along it. Flush to the ground inside it's protective stone outcropping, is an enormous twenty foot wide fish pond. Within one can glean the metallic glint of playful goldfish, the unhurried cruise of fat koi, and even a frog or three among pale yellow and white flowering water lilies and their thick green pads.

The trees surrounding the entire garden were planted to give the impression that they had always been here, not only lending to a rustic look, but also eluding to the beauty that can be found among the wilds if only one might just look for it. Species vary from the ordinary Birch and Pine, but the flaming red capsules of the Indian Shot to the robust orange spokes of the Firewheel tree suggest the spice of the exotic. The two paths leading away from the entrance have come full circle, wrapping around to meet each other on the other side, yet still continue on to the far left and right. One path leads off deeper into the surrounding woods, while the other wider; cheerily decorated with brightly colored slabs of painted stones.

X'hil has come to the gardens after work, frowning absently. There's /something/ he's forgotten, but he can't quite figure it out. Kinseth probably knows, but he can't reach the bronze, he's probably asleep. He's not sure exactly why Cenlia would know, but that's who he's seeking out. "Erm, Cenlia?" he calls out, frowning a little. Meredith is chittering and trying to drag the man to the meadow, but X'hil keeps batting him away. "Will you /stop/ that!" he snaps at the firelizard, who groans in response. Honestly!

Cenlia is in the garden, but she's not gardening. Nope. She is, erm, putting rocks in a basket? A basket full of sand. Three of her flits are up in a nearby tree, peering down curiously, but keeping their distance. Cenlia's little bronze hatchling, however, is fussing over the basket like a mother hen, crooning and then hissing at the other three flits. And as Cenlia adds the small round stones to the basket, the bronze re-arranges them, and then curls up around the pebbles with a 'gwrrr!' and a suspicious look at the approaching X'hil. The man actually gets a hiss. What's gotten itno the little thing? Cenlia looks up and sees X'hil, "Oh, hey-" and then her bronze flit hisses some more and the girl turns to glare at it, muttering, "I preferred when you were trying to charm his pants off."

X'hil tilts his head curiously at the bronze, just sort of staring for a long moment, then shakes his head. "Odd little fellow…" The hiss gets a blink, and the man steps back. "Er. So." He furrows his brow, having entirely lost his train of thought at the bronze's odd behaviour. "Yeah. Hi?" he says, with a feeble little wave. Meredith is growling in response, being very possessive of X'hil of late, and cranky. He doesn't want your /rocks/, silly bronze! Grr!

Cenlia rolls her eyes as the bronze flit hisses and growls some more, the 'gwraawrr!' easing off as X'hil takes a step back. Seemingly satisfied, the bronze firelizard snorts, curling up around the rocks, and crooning back at Cenlia. The little thing is already goldeny for a bronze, and now it's acting like one, nudging the pebbles in the sand into little depressions and turning them just so. Cenlia looks exasperated and says, "Dragonhealer K'vin said he was /fine/, but then he started actig like this. Even the dragonhealers don't know what to do about it." She glares at the pebble-possessive bronze firelizard and continues, "When I get ahold of Eled, I'm gonna dump them stones down his shirt." And then she pauses and blinks, glancing back at X'hil with a furrowed brow, "Wait, where /is/ Eled anyhow?"

X'hil eyes the bronze cautiously, and frowns. "Well, if he's fine… Maybe he's just a little dazed, he'll get better eventually. I could give him /real/ eggs to watch." he half-teases, though it's also a possibility. Then he suddenly smacks his forehead with his hand, when Cenlia mentions her brother. /That's/ what he forgot… "Er, probably still in my weyr, unless he managed to get himself down…" he says, looking a little sheepish. Bad X'hil, /bad/. Meredith warbles suddenly, and ceases his desperate tugging towards the meadow. He gets it, he finally gets it!

The gardener girl looks somewhat horrified at the offer of /real/ flit eggs. And then she snerks at the idea of her brother in the barn, "Ya don't think he's still there, do ya?" She gets up and dusts her hands off, leaving the bronze flit to his basket full of rocks, "Better check," and she makes a face. She looks like she'd prefer not to, though.

X'hil nods quickly, his face gone a bit pale all of a sudden, and turns back to the meadow, bolting for his weyr at top speed, cursing under his breath. It's only been a couple of hours! Eledri will be /fine/. He tears into the barn at top speed, almost colliding with Kinseth. Dodging slows him down slightly, but soon he's zooming up the ladder.

Cenlia snickers and follows X'hil at a slightly slower pace. She's not in any hurry to get her brother down…

Xanadu Weyr - X'hil and Kinseth's Weyr

The inside of this barn is large, though the rider's quarters are squooshed up in the back, a bed and a few storage cupboards. There's also a loft with a ladder, and the loft is filled with musty old blankets and pillows, an excellent place for hiding things, especially in the eyes of firelizards.

Cenlia follows X'hil into the weyr at a jog, waving to the dragon with a, "Hello, Sir Kinseth," as she passes. She climbs the ladder more slowly, and is still snickering when she spied Eledri. X'hil fast entrance seems to have startled the computercrafter a bit. He's still sitting up in the loft, with his arms crossed and looking grumpy. "About time," he mutters, eyeing X'hil and then Cenlia when she appears.

X'hil looks very guilty at least, that's … something? "I, uh, I… Stay there." he tells Eledri, sliding back down the ladder, and moving to rummage through cupboards. "Hmm, rope, good… Where're the spare… Ah, there they are." he mutters as he searches, pulling out several ropes and a spare saddle for Kinseth's straps. Handy that it happened in his weyr, where all this stuff is, really. Right. "I, uh, sorry about this!" He calls up, moving over to the bed to arrange the ropes and saddle in preparation for constructing a harness. Meanwhile, Kinseth simply sleeps. But it's clear he hasn't left the barn at all since Eledri was abandoned.

Eledri rubs his wrist and grumbles quietly, "It would have been nice if you'd come back to check," but then he notices the lack of flits around Cenlia and frowns, "Is your firelizard okay?" Cenlia plops down beside her brother and rolls her eyes, "Yea, klonked his head and is acting like an egg-sick hen. Otherwise, he's just peachy. No thanks to you." Eledri frowns some more, but wisely doesn't say anything more. Instead he watches X'hil, "What exactly are you..?"

X'hil glances up at Eledri briefly, flashing a brief grin. "It's okay, I was in search and rescue, I know what I'm doing. I've rigged harnesses with less!" he boasts, though he's being pretty honest about it, at least. He deftly threads the rope through the strap holes on the saddle, one to go across the rear, one to go across the front. He ties the four ends together, adding a fifth rope, then swinging the entire contraption over his shoulder and making for the ladder. It actually looks kind of /comfortable/, and the man does know his knots.

Eledri just watches, though Cenlia looks somewhat dubious. She remember what happened to the ovine! "Er," the girl says, eyeing the contraption X'hil made and glancing at her brother. Eledri on the other hand gets up and looks caguely embarrassed, muttering, "I'm sure I could get down on my own… I just need a hand." Cenlia starting to snicker just then probably doesn't help much.

X'hil snorts, and nods at the ladder. "Not on /that/ you couldn't. No room for anyone else, not even to give you a hand. Maybe if I asked Kinseth to stretch his neck out, /he/ could get you down." he ponders, and the bronze's eyes open. You rang? Slowly he lifts his head and peers up at Eledri. So, it's harness or dragon? X'hil just stands there at the top of the ladder, waiting to see what Eledri will decide.

Eledri pales as the dragon looks at him, mumbling a, "Don't need to bother the dragon." Cenlia is still snickering, and she grins, "Aw, am sure Sir Kinseth is more'n strong enough to lift you down all by himself. Dun need to rope you down." She snerks some more and Eledri glares at her, then turns to X'hil, "Uh, I'm sure the rope will work fine." The computercrafter swallows. He definitely remembers the sight of those dragon teeth earlier! Cenlia is enjoying this immensely, but tells X'hil, "Just so long as my brother dun't go flying like the ovine did." Eledri doesn't look at all happy, "What ovine?"

X'hil nods simply, then leans on the railing, testing its sturdiness. Good? Good. He loops the rope around it, looping the free end around his own arm and bracing himself, before pulling up the saddle harness, placing it on the edge of the railing. "Now, just come sit in the harness, I'll lower you down. /Carefully/." And he is right above the bed, so there's that for some measure of comfort. "Forget about the ovine. That was a case of too many people pulling in different directions." Or, something. "I won't let you fall. My honour, as a rider and weyrsecond."

Eledri actually looks somewhat reassured, though Cenlia doesn't. Eledri follows X'hil's directions, though he does appear to be rather embarrassed. Cenlia finally stops snickering and leans back to watch, saying, "So you gonna keep the knot, then?" Referring to X'hil's last comment.

X'hil carefully lowers Eledri in the harness over the edge, telling the man, "You can hold on tight to the ropes if you like. You'll be fine." he nods, beginning the slow and careful process of lowering the man. Let the rope go slack, feed it over the edge, let the rope go slack, feed it over the edge. The rope holding Eledri is pulled tight by his weight, and is moving down in jerky increments. "Might." he responds at the question of keeping the knot, as he's releasing more slack rope. He pauses to feed it over the edge, adding, "Depends." when he's back to releasing the slack.

Eledri does hold onto the rope, though he doesn't really look nervous about being roped down. Being born in an orchard tends to dull one's fear of heights. He does eye the dragon warily as he gets lowered. He is only holdbred, after all; big dragons with big teeth could make anyone nervous. Cenlia smirks at X'hil, saying, "Thought you said earlier you wouldn't be 'round very long." But she grins at him, "Well, 'least you didn't get yelled at by the weyrwoman, didja?" She's assuming he hasn't, since he's still around. And breathing.

X'hil smirks, and shakes his head, trying to squeeze everything into those precious moments with the slackening rope, because he needs all his attention for feeding it over the edge. "Well, no, I…" pause, feed, resume, "…didn't." That's good. "Might…" pause, feed, resume, "…stay, go back… to search and rescue… Good work." he says, Eledri /alllmost/ down already, which is good, because X'hil is grunting a little now under the strain.

As he nears the ground, Eledri shifts and glances up. Cenlia, meanwhile, is just sitting against a pillow and blanket pile and watching. She doesn't offer to help, though considering the disaster the last time she was near ropes, it's probably a good thing. She tilts her head to regard X'hil, "Search and rescue, huh? Well, as long as ya don't try to rescue any more ovines." And yes, she does snerk a bit. Then she peers over towards Eledri and adds, "Ya got Eled down okay." Does she sound just a bit surprised?

X'hil simply nods, concentrating on the last few releases and feeds. /Nearly/ there. Grunt. His legs, braced against the railing, seem to be getting a liiittle wobbly, but he manages to lower Eledri safely onto the bed, letting go of the rope once the harness part has gone slack, and falling backwards onto a pile of pillows, with a triumphant whoop! /Yeah/ he got Eledri down okay. He knows what he's doing!

Eledri gets up from the bed and stands at the foot of the ladder, peering up at X'hil's whoop. Cenlia laughs, peering down at her brother, "Ya alright Eled?" before flopping back on the pillows and grinning at X'hil. Eledri mutters a, "Yeah, I'm fine." Except the two of them are still up in the loft and he's stuck down there. Cenlia tells X'hil jokingly, "Shoulda dropped him on his head," though she doesn't really mean it. The girl snickers, "He already hits like a girl." She seems to remember her flits suddenly, because she looks around, muttering, "Hope Charmer gets better. Three that steal things is bad enough."

X'hil just lays there for a moment, grinning up at the barn ceiling. Finally, he sits up, with a grunt. "Whew. I'm out of shape." he notices, with a brief frown, but he soon shakes it off. "But /man/ that was a good workout!" He grins, getting up to move over to the railing to check on Eledri. "Aw, now, you /know/ I couldn't clean up after that the same as the sheep." he points out, with a slight smirk. And then he's nodding to the ladder, a silent suggestion to go down, but he doesn't move yet. "I, hope he's okay?" he murmurs, in regards to the firelizard. "I, well, I've never seen that sort of … behaviour before."

Cenlia eyes X'hil, saying, "If ya think Eled's heavy, you must be." Eledri snorts from down below, muttering, "I'm not that heavy. Come down here and I'll sit on you to prove it." Gee, someone's cranky today. Well, after being stuck in that loft, it might be understandable. Cenlia rolls her eyes, but frowns, "My da had some chickens that used to act funny. They get all panicked and sometimes run into walls if something spooks 'em at night. This one hen would run around and around in circles. And it tried to nest on some garden tools once." She makes a face, "Sure hope my flit doesn't get it into its head to do that. Bad enough the others ones keep stealing my spades." And then she grins at X'hil, "Or your wierd-lookin' one does." Be if she's mad about a snatched spade, she doesn't show it. She moves over to the ladder, sticking her tongue out at her brother.

X'hil snorts absently, but follows Cenlia to the ladder. "'S difficult, all I had was the rope, the weight was concentrated, or something." he tries to explain, then just shrugs. "I keep active, Kinseth keeps me active. But I was a lot more fit when I worked search and rescue, is all. Just haven't had the need since. Ooh, sewing a bit of cloth to another bit of cloth, how/ever/ do you keep from fainting!" he rolls his eyes, that last sentence clearly sarcastic. He frowns a little at the chicken story, and shakes his head. "You know when a person's hit on the head? They might act a little weird, maybe forget things?" It happened to R'miel just recently. "I think it's like that. It'll wear off."

Cenlia does snicker at the sarcasm, "You should join up again. Probably why you couldn't hold yer tuber ale." Yeah, she still remembers X'hil passing out after only 3 shots - or at least, passing out before /she/ did. And then, "Hunh, so that's what happened to weyrsecond R'miel. No wonder he was actin' funny. 'Least he didn't think he was a girl." And she snerks. Eledri, overhearing, mutters, "I know an orchard brat who occasionally forgets she's a girl." Cenlia peers down at her brother and threatens, "I don't gotta grab another pillow and whap you, do I?"

X'hil snorts. It was more than three, wasn't it? Strong stuff… Strong. "Bah. I had more than /you/, I'm sure." Well, yeah, he's bigger, takes more to knock him down, or out, rather. He shakes his head and moves on, climbing down the ladder and moving over to sit on the edge of the bed. Hey, there are pillows on this bed. Cough. X'hil seems to be acting more his age now, perhaps he's just tired from all that exertion just now. Or the hours-long meeting he was in. "Mmhmm, that's what happened to weyrsecond R'miel, that's why I've been so busy lately. Picking up the slack, you know. But he's better already, or mostly." So see, hope!

The gardener girl gives her brother a grin as she climbs down, "Well, 'least I don't hit like a girl." Eledri rolls his eyes, "You're proving my point," and then he twitches as she pokes him in the ribs. Turning to X'hil, Cenlia says with agrin, "Wait'll I get my hands on more tuber ale." Eledri fixes his sister with an exasperated glare, "When? You are /NOT/ thinking of-" but Cenlia punches him (lightly) in the arm. Nevertheless, Eledru goes, "Ow!" Cenlia turns back to X'hil, "And am glad he's okay. Maybe I should have Eled here to ask him about fosterin' me." Eledri eyes his sister and adjusts his glasses, saying, "I don't think Uncle Cernien would be happy about that." Cenlia just rolls her eyes, "Uncle Cern is only happy with three bottles of brandy inside him and a pile o' marks in his lap." Eledri frowns.

X'hil snorts, and shakes his head. "Don't make me separate you!" he threatens, with a scowl. "I'll do it, too. I have the power." Rar. Power. X'hil smash. …Ahem. Moving on! "Well, I mean, R'miel is weyrsecond, you don't get to be weyrsecond just by… Huh. Hang on." he frowns, and does a bit of a mental regroup. "You don't get to /stay/ weyrsecond if you're not responsible." Right. Better.

Eledri looks somewhat embarrassed at being scowled at, even going so far as to mumble a, "Yes, sir." Cenlia gives her brother a sideways glance, but then shrugs, and starts snickering at the 'staying weyrsecond' bit. "Just by getting the senior weyrwoman drunk?" she asks innocently. Eledri turns to stare at his sister, "Please tell me you didn't…"

X'hil nods at Eledri's obedient agreement, satisfied, but Cenlia is a different matter. He folds his arms over his chest, and /frowns/. He can't keep it up though, looking /very/ sheepish when it's mentioned that he got the Weyrwoman drunk, though he doesn't confirm or deny anything… But Cenlia helped! "Look, I'm still weyrsecond, that has to count for /something/." Yeah, Niva's been too busy or has just forgotten to take back the knot… But still!

Cenlia giggles at X'hil trying to be all frowny. She's gotten worse looks from her uncle. Still, she offers, "Ya get to stay outta trouble as a weyrsecond?" And then seems to ponder, "Not a bad way to get a job, either." Eledri just shakes his head, exasperated beyond words. They got the /weyrwoman/ drunk.

X'hil smirks a little, accepting that he is not a master of the frowny face. You know who is? Isabet. It strikes terror deep into the man's heart, even now. Much like someone else, but he hasn't seen /her/ in years. On purpose. "Easiest job I ever got, I have to admit." he says, with a shake of his head. He wouldn't /recommend/ it though. There's a knock at the door then, or rather the side of the barn, and he looks up, eyes widening at the silhouette, backed by a neon green dragon. "Okay, everybody OUT!" he says, making a running leap for Kinseth's neck, half climbing. It's a long way up!

The farmcrafter girl snickers, "We gotta a do that again sometime," meaning the booze run, not getting him promoted. Then Cenlia blinks, and Eledri looks confused, "Huh?" the two say in unison, moving with not much speed towards the exit. They kind of eye X'hil, Cenlia saying, "What's wrong?" She stops to peer at the person who knocked.

Xylaihl takes a tentative step into the weyr, her neon green dragon waiting outside, though the green is quite small, she'd probably fit. X'hil's mouth sets in a firm line, and he tugs himself up the last bit of distance on the straps. "OUT!" he roars, Kinseth picking up on the man's agitation and flaring his wings, well, as much as he can in the barn. Xylaihl backs away, face paling. "I knew I shouldn't've come, I knew it, I knew it…" she's rambling, getting out of the man's, or rather the dragon's, way.

Cenlia and Eledri move out of the barn, the latter going pale. Cenlia eyes that neon great suspiciously, and turns to watch X'hil from outside. Her expression is somewhere between worried and highly amused.

Kinseth runs forwards as soon as the coast is clear and /launches/ into the sky, disappearing almost before he's left the ground. Uh-oh. Xylaihl /stares/ where he just was for a moment, until the green nudges her. "Oh, oh no, this is bad… I /know/ I should leave him alone!" she's rambling, "But, Xvet, he's my /son/!"

Cenlia watches Kinseth go, and blinks in surprise, "What's got into him?" But then she hears Xylaihl and mumbles, "Oh." Eledri just looks confused.


Xanadu Weyr - Meadow

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the northern edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the east.

It's a lovely day to be outside and, er, standing around! Cenlia and her brother Eledri are standing here, the latter looking a bit baffled and staring at the sky. They're standing near a big barn - X'hil's weyr actually, and Cenlia blinks at Xylaihl, "Erm." The farmer girl is so articulate. "Uh, he's been… good?" she says. What exactly to you say to a weyrsecond'd mother? Eledri frowns, looking from the greenrider to his sister, then back up at the sky.

Thea is hobbling across the clearing, looking fairly sleep-mussed. Her face has sheet-creases in it that may not come out for weeks and her hair is sticking up funny. One hand cradles her backside - like that's gonna ease the bruised area on her fanny. She's not watching where she's going as she's concentrating on the ground, making sure each foot goes just where she intends it to. As she's muttering to herself, she doesn't hear the voices of anyone else - at least not just yet.

Xylaihl frowns a little, and stops her pacing, glancing to Cenlia with a hopeful expression. "Good? Really? That's, that's … good." Yeah… She seems to have perked up a little, though she glances up at the sky briefly, still a little rattled. "And, and Kinseth's well?" she asks suddenly, clearly concerned. Xvetaoth croons at her rider. It'll be okay. It'll work out in the end. The woman is too preoccupied with her own troubles at the moment to notice Thea, but Xvetaoth is peering at the dazed woman, curiously.

"Um, yea. Sir Kinseth's fine," Cenlia is getting so used calling the dragon that, she probably doesn't even realize she's still doing it. Eledri doesn't say anything, though he rubs his wrist. Now that the girl is outside again, her four firelizards zoom out from the garden, the two blues and brown chittering at her while the bronze flit… is hauiling a basket? Why yes, the little bronze is fluttering madly, talons clasped to the basket handle while it drags the thing across the meadow towards Cenlia. Whatever else the girl was going to say, she's a bit distracted now. Occasionally, one of Cenlia's other flits flutters over to try to assist the little bronze, but the bronze just hisses and continues flapping. The basket itself is full of sand. And small round rocks. Cenlia groans at the flits, "Ya ain't adding more!" As she eyes the flits, the gardener girl catches sight of Thea, and looks around for an escape route.

Thea notices the basket-toting bronze firlizard, mainly because it drags the basket across the Clearing right in front of her. "And where are you going, Prince Charming?" A tad sarcastically, but she smiles faintly at him. He's a cutie. Her gaze lifts and she spies Cenlia and one finger points to the girl, "You." Thea says it tonelessly, but the young Junior's shoulders tense. She looks around, but there is no current disaster befalling the area, so she relaxes. She continues her painful trek, which draws her nearer to the group. "Ah, good afternoon, Rider…" brow wrinkles and then she remembers, "Xylaihl." She gives a quick glance at the sky - it is afternoon, right? Then Cenlia is given a long, considering look. "Seen our brave Weyrsecond around?" Definite sarcasm in her tone this time.

Xylaihl raises an eyebrow curiously. "/Sir/ Kinseth?" she asks, with a blink. "Good lord, always said he had an ego the size of the red star." she … giggles? And even Xvetaoth is looking more her bouncy full of energy self. It's apparently contagious, over the rider/dragon bond. Then, it's staring time. "What /is/ that fireliard up to? Are… are those rocks? Is he dragging a basket full of /rocks/ around?" The woman's curious frown turns into a scowling frown as Thea gets sarcastic with her. "I've /seen/ him." she says defensively. Yes, for all of five seconds, before he freaked out and disappeared. "I don't like your /tone/." she snaps. Her son, X'hil, won't even /speak/ to her, and it's rather a sore point with the greenrider.

Cenlia's little bronze HISSES at Thea. Hisses! What?! Hissing from the flit that loves everybody. What the heck is wrong with him? Cenlia groans, having been spotted, and mumbles an innocent, "Me?" She looks around, then coughs, "Um, X'hil had to… um, go." Somewhere. Very fast. Cenlia eyes her bronze and mutters, "Shardin' flit hit his head… thinks he's a gold now." She pauses and frowns, "With eggs. Dragonhealer K'vin said he didn't know anything he could do, said to just let him rest." Eledri stares at his sister, frowning also. The bronze flit is definitely not resting, as it drags the basket closer to Cenlia and then begins scouring the meadow for more stones, even hissing at Cenlia when she tries to approach the basket.

Thea looks a bit confused at the older woman's ire. One hand scrubs at her face, as she mutters to herself. Patiently she tries again, "I was talking to her, actually." One hand gestures towards Cenlia. She just gives the bronze firelizard a blink. "That so?" She smirks a little, "Not hurt badly?" Then her attention returns to the group, "What's he runnin' away from?" Besides irate goldriders seeking to flay his hide, that is.

Xylaihl frowns a little, then snorts, and simply walks away. Buh? Well, she's probably got… things to do? She does shoot back, "None of your /business/!" when Thea asks what he's running from, though. And then she's gone, with Xvetaoth bounding after.

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