Random Logs: Cavern Gathering

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant colour and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colours of undyed wool.

Perched on one of the couches near the entrance to the Lower Caverns, M'iri is looking over her pocket computer, tracing a finger thoughtfully before touching the screen. The living caverns arnt so noisy over where she's at, which works quite well for the Weyrsecond. Looking only up for a minute up at the other end of the caverns, which is more crowded with riders and residents alike. Miir gives a light sigh, folding her legs on the couch indian-style and going back to her work.

Ziven skips happily into the area, pausing only to grab himself a cup of Klah. Someone seems /mighty/ happy today, one might onder why since the healer used to be spotted in a constant bad mood. The healer offers a bright smile to anyone who greets him before helping himself to a seat.

T'eo saunters on in, his dark hair looking wind blown, a vacant and distance look upon his swarthy face. Something seems wrong, and yet the normal nervous agitation of the sailor was no visible. It appeared as if something had stunned him. An apprentice hurries towards him from a table a ways off and a string of questions awakens T'eo from his daze. "What? No… No, the bosun would be the one to talk to, Mr. Lamery. Tomorrow morning, make a ride down to the docks. You know your station, you can handle it." He was a bit stern with the lad who retreated back to his table. T'eo, himself, continues down the way towards M'iri and the quiet side of the caverns.

Casiella steps in and looks around, a somewhat curious expression on her face. She's still proudly stroking the almost-full grown brown on her shoulder, and he's practically a puddle, flopped lazily around the back of her neck. Ziven gets a bit of a nod, then Casi, too, wanders in the direction of M'iri - or, more likely, that shiny gadget the Weyrsecond holds in her hands.

M'iri hears the skipping of Ziven before she actually sees him, stormy eyes glancing over her screen and at the healer. "Ziven?" She says, almost doubting her eyes as she sees him. "Its good to see you in a good mood…" She mentions with a quirk of her lip, though she no longer looks at him. She's trying to get stuff done. Really. This time, she doesnt even have to look up to reconize the other voice across the room, grinning just a bit as she greets her former fellow werylinger. "Ah, Hello T'eo." The sound of his voice makes her look at the apprentice he was talking to- which also brings her eyes to see Casiella heading her way, and instinctively tucks her pocket computer closer to her.

Ziven turns slightly as he pauses, offering a cheerful smile, "And why shouldn't I be in a good mood when everything's so wonderful?" The healer asks, pausing to nibble on a piece of his roll. Casielle gets a cheerful wave.

T'eo seems not to be in the thought of much other than space; breathing room really. He flops down on the couch beside M'iri, staring into space across the caverns, then seems to realize he'd been spoken to. "Hm? Oh… Hello, yes… sorry…" His words, though a moment ago stern and sailorly, fell apart into confused mutterings. He glances upon the girl who approaches, not having formally met her. Not having formally met a lot of people in the past few months. Ziven… yes, he's spoken too. or had M'iri just said his name. T'eo's ambery eyes pass over him a moment then back into staring into space.

Casiella's eyes light up curiously at the contraption, and she comes near. "Weysecond M'iri," she says politely, giving a little courtsey. "Bronzerider T'eo." All right, courtesies over. "What's that?" She says bluntly, her eyes riveted to the curious little divice. "Is that one of the newest PCs?" The acronym rolls off her tongue easily.

"Hrm… What so wonderful has happened, Healer?" The Weyrsecond quirks a brow, almost not sure something could be quite so magnificant. T'eo's odd actions only prove her point, and setting the pocket computer into her lap, looking over at the bronzerider. "Are you alright, T'eo? Whats wrong?" A look of concern crosses her face as she watches the bronzerider. She can tell he's phasing it, and that makes her worry a bit more. As she opens her mouth to ask further of T'eo's current emotional state, Casiella says something and the Weyrsecond turns to her. "Uhh." Miir looks down at the thing in her lap before briskly nodding. "Well, not entirely new. Its an older version… The computer craft updated to a newer one a while back." She raises a brow. "Hrm… I don't think I've met you before?"

Ziven shrugs slightly, "I…met someone…" He says quietly taking a minute to eat his food. And that seems to be his only explination for the time being.

T'eo is about to salute, hearing his name, then pauses, hand partly raised to his temple, at seeing that it's not one of his crew but the girl, Casiella was her name? yes. He nods his head politely instead. He's about to zone out when M'iri catches his attention with a question. "Wrong? oh… just… well, it's nothing really. Seacraft stuff…" he mutters and trails off as she gets distracted.

Casiella blinks, looking both somewhat incredulous and slightly disappointed. "Oh." She says, slowly. "I didn't think, well…" Then she blushes. "I'm Casiella. You know, Cyclone Wingleader Daniella and Weyrleader C'ian's daughter." She fluffs herself up importantly, then deflates slightly. "Of course, my twin brother Daenian apprenticed to the Healer Hall last year, so he's not around much anymore." She shrugs, then looks back at the computer. "Really? Well, that's okay. My mom doesn't like those. She calls them silly. She doesn't even like using the paper she's provided for her notes and reports and things, but she uses it. She says that hides were good enough for her ancestors, and they're good enough for her." Here, the girl looks embarrased at her mother's old-fashionedness. Then her head tilts at first Ziven, then at T'eo. "You've met someone?" The girl sounds almost snobbishly amused. She looks back to T'eo, but no comment follows other then the curious tilt of her head.

M'iri perks up at Ziven's words, looking up at the healer for a moment before quirking her lips and nodding. "Then you have well enough reason to be happy. Feeling a little surreal?" She grins teasingly at the journeyman as she watches him, only flicking her eyes over to Casiella when she thinks the lad would like to be left alone. "Ah, Casiella. I have heard of your name before. Daniella and me have somewhat over a history. Not sure if you know me by M'iri or not?" Her eyes roll a bit at that thought, before clearing her throat and continuing. "Eh, I prefer this, myself. Papers can get lost, and hide after a while can become smelly. Though I guess everything has its setbacks." She flicks her eyes again to Ziven when Casi speaks to him, then back to T'eo. "So? Seacraft or not… seems to be effecting you…" She hesitates for a moment, before continuing. "If you need to talk to someone, I'm all ears. Though I'm sure L'alie is helpful on that point, aswell."

Ziven shoots Casiella slight glare, "Think what you want, but I'm very happy, this is the happiest I've been in a long time and I'm not going to let someone like you ruin it." He pushes himself to his feet and nods at M'iri, "I'm very happy. But I'm going to get going, I'll see you later." He offers those surrounded a quick wave before heading off.

T'eo watches Ziven go with a small frown. he liked the guy. Quiet, moody, yes, but somehow that never bothered T'eo. M'iri seems to have remembered him though and the sailor clears his throat. "Well… Just got word that my next ship was, well, mutilated in a storm near Western. She's being delayed a good few months and, well… perhaps won't end up mine if some upstart" emphasis on the 'some', "gets his promotion he's been vying for. Then I'm shipless once more. If only I had dropped sail with the Orrana… just seconds before…" he murmurs rather sadly.

Casiella blinks at first M'iri and T'eo a moment, but answers M'iri first. "Ah, yes ma'am. Momma was quite worked up that day. I wasn't but a young lady." She puts a tiny emphasis on 'young', "but since Momma doesn't get very upset often, it was worth remembering." Here, the girl gives a tiny, girlish giggle. "Ezventh was pretty upset, too. He was grumbling awfully loud." Then she glances back to T'eo, tilting her head again. "I'm sorry, bronze rider," she says, quietly. "That's too bad. Can't Raenth help you get the ship, somehow? Or at least take you to where it is so you can save it from the aforementioned upstart?"

M'iri nods to Casiella's words as she speaks to T'eo. "So don't allow the upstart to get ahold of it. Raenth should be able to help you get the Western to repair the ship… go stay at Western as a guest for a sevenday or two, and sail back to Xanadu with your prized ship in hand… or at sail, however you wish to formulate the phrasing." She places an akward, but hopefully reassuring, hand upon his shoulder, looking at him. "We all make choices that will effect us all, for the good or bad. What happened concerning the.." She barely catches the name, repeating it. "'Orrana'?" As Casiella's other words reach the Weyrsecond, a bit of a wicked grin passes across her face, before settling for a bemused one. "Yes, I remember Ezventh's and your mother's reactions well enough. Hopefully she forgave my dragon and his mouth at some point…" Not likely, but Miir can still hope, right? Leaning back into the couch again, she offers Casiella a seat, before stowing away her work in a belt pouch made specificly for the PC. "And if not, I'll have to get around to apologising to her for Kie's tongue."

T'eo looks to Casiella breifly and sighs. "It's the Craft Master's decision really. Whether I'm there or not. There's a high chance that because of Raenth I won't get it. It's hard to be anything higher than a post-captain when you've a dragon. Your employment can be sacrificed to the duty of your weyr. So typically only really upstanding sailors with dragons get a ship, and usually it's greens or blues. Browns sometimes but bronzes, well.. let's just say I'll be the first if it happens." There was the true worry of T'eo since he'd passed his Journeyman test. There wasn't a single bronze rider who could get himself a perminent ship. The Orrana, his last post, was a sloop whos captain had suffered to the illness and died two days before T'eo mishandled her in a storm. He got the notice of his posting two days after the ship had ported and been deemed "unsuitable for sail". He was a fine sailor, no doubt, but that was all he had going for him and his claim on the Ringtail.

Casiella shrugs, choosing her words carefully. "Mom said that if you were good enough for Dad and Weyrwoman Niva, she could excuse your blue's rude phrasing." She says, slowly. "Besides, she has complimented you to me recently. She's says you've done good things for Xanadu, though she didn't say just what you'd done." They young girl looks even younger with a mildly confused expression, then turns to T'eo, the confused expression replaced by a slightly insulted one. "Well, then, let the fishcraft have their ships." She says, stoutly. "You're a bronze rider, T'eo, and a former Weyrleader. I'm sure you've plenty of marks - and if not, plenty of credit. Why not build your own ship?"

M'iri clucks her tongue and looks upwards at Casiella's words. "Right. I probably turned out okay /due/ to the second weyrlinghood." She flicks her hands though, not delving too much into that subject wit hthe lass, instead turning to T'eo's problem that is at hand. "Well, you did end up with Raenth… Thats one deal your getting that ship captains arnt getting, right?" She doesnt know enough about the seacraft to give much reassurance to the bronzerider, brows furrowed. What she wouldent give for her eldest brother to be here at the moment. "And I can imagine if you put yourself to your truest potential, and Niva voices to the craft about how you could be useful to the weyr as a captain.." She shrugs her shoulders. "The possibilities are endless, I think." She's not very good at the comforting thing, a light coloring of pink covering her cheeks in her inner embaressment. The PC is pulled out again and suddenly Miir is scrolling through it, looking down to hide her physical show of shyness. "I mean, Xanadu's relations to the seacraft would be very important to us, being as we're connected to the sea of Azov…"

T'eo looks up sharply, taking offence. Fishcraft. As if! "I happen to be a captain appointed to the marine exploration division. My last appointment, the Orrana, worked with the Dolphineers in the eatern most waters recoverring wreckage from several turns ago." He doesn't respond at first to the last remark. He seems very cutted deeply by it. Before he can speak however, M'iri does. M'iri goes on about what Niva could say. Indeed, that was true. Azov only had one M.E. ship running it. He seems to calm down, relaxing a little. But the girl's suggestion had awakened a memory T'eo wanted buried. He grunts to M'iri's suggestion, silently apologizing for his rudeness… he'd make it up later.

Casiella glances at the bronzerider, then at the Weyrsecond, her expression shrewd. "I did not mean to offend you, bronze rider." She says, stuffily. "At any rate, there is still no reason that you could not build your own ship. Matter of fact, there is a friend of mine - Atani, who apprenticed to the Dolphineer craft about the same time my brother apprenticed to the Healers. She was quite upset that she would have to go all the way to Eastern to Apprentice, and made the remark that she wished the Dolphineer craft had satellites a little bit closer to home." Here, the girl shrugs airily, causing the napping fire lizard splayed across her shoulder to squawk drowsily. Casi shoots him a quelling look, then glances back at the bronze rider frankly. "There's no reason /you/, bronzerider, couldn't give the Dolphineer craft reason to move farther down towards our end of the coast by comissioning your own craft. Aye, even a fleet of craft if you chose."

"I think he loves his craft too much, Casiella, to become an idependant or breakoff of it.." Miir peeks up, noting his snort and looking down at her pc again. "Its sort of a loyalty issue, which is what makes him a good bronzerider, aswell." He was Weyrleader, afterall, and that takes alot of loyalty to put up with the hecticness of a Weyr. Tilting her head as he finally tells of what the Orrana is, the Weyrsecond listens a bit intently. "Eastern waters, eh? Opposite end of Tillek, so you probably didnt know my father or eldest brother…" She mumbles, before continuing on a much easier subject for her. "Must've been hard work recovering wreckage… Though I can't recall just how deep or cold the eastern sea can get." He is being silent for now, and so M'iri follows suit, clicking on one of the buttons on her screen as she reads.

T'eo bristles, which is odd for T'eo as he's not normally one to get angry. Just agitated. But M'iri hits the nail on the head once more and he sedates somewhat. He takes a few deep breaths. He'd had, at one point, a job designing for the craft in his early time as a journeyman. It would be… wrong. It would be a betrayl of everyone he'd befriended. "I'm going to get some tea." He mutters and proceeds to the drinks table, needed to cool off a bit more.

Casiella shrugs a little. "Just because he has his own ships doesn't mean he has to break off from the craft." She tilts her head again, thoughtfully. "For that matter, it would be better. A member of the craft is more likely to be privy to Craft advancements. And Xanadu would be proud to have such a talented bronzerider as part of our ranks." She puffs up again, then watches as the rider goes to get his tea. She slips into a seat, her short legs dangling a little. "I didn't mean to upset him," she murmurs. "It's just that… A xanadu bronzerider shouldn't have to suffer such insults. It's a free Pern. He should be able to do as he pleases."

M'iri watches T'eo stand, a bit of her former worry flashing over her face, before nodding her head. "Bring me back some aswell, please?" She says as he goes to get a drink, turning to listen to Casiella murmur, M'iri nods her head. "I can see things from both sides of the fence. The Craft doesnt want to take a bronzerider from his Weyr because he is the link to the future of dragonkind.. or atleast, Raenth is. But T'eo could also benefit the relationship between craft and weyr greatly… I just don't think the craft is seeing it that way, yet…" Ideas of talking with Niva flutter through M'iri's mind, but she doesnt voice them, again looking up at the fourteen turn old. "And you alright. I think the whole thing is just making T'eo tense right now. Anything could make him upset, if it catches the right way…" She's thankful she hasnt done that yet, stretching her arms out over her legs to end the cramps she recieved from working in the caverns for hours.

T'eo gives a curt nod to M'iri's request. He stops at the table, pouring the hot water into two mugs and looking through the tea leaves for something… stress relieving. He'd never told anyone but he had tried to get his own craft built. Once. He only told L'alie about the outcome. It'd been denied because they had too many ships unmanned and once T'eo had passed for captain he was assured one of those vessels. And here he was… waiting with baited breath for a ship to come out of the dry docks. The Orrana didn't help his predicament, but the master he spoke with understood and sympathized. Now to hope that he could sway the Craft Master. Politics. Ick. He chooses a tea and returns. "Sorry," He murmurs gruffly to them both, handing M'iri a mug. He takes a seat in an armchair adjascent.

Casiella nods at M'iri's words, looking thoughtful. For once in her life, she seems to be learning - if a little late. "I see." She glances up at T'eo's rearrival, and smiles at him girlishly. "What's there to be sorry for?" She asks, innocently. "You stuck up for what you believe in, T'eo. One can't be expected to do anymore then one's best, and what one thinks is right." She shrugs, then yawns a touch. As if on cue, the brown lizard on her shoulder glances up, suddenly alert. He tilts his head to one side, then chirps commandingly. Casie's expression goes foul. "That's Mom." She says, resignedly. "I have to go. We're supposed to go to the Healercraft Hall to visit my brother." Her expression seems a little less under-the-weather at the mention of Daenian, then she gets up and courtseys again. "Thank you for the conversation," she says, politely.

M'iri looks up to T'eo when he comes back to the couch, blowing on her drink before taking a judicious sip. Then she halts mid-sip, and anyone that knows well enough knows that Kieranth has just bespoken the Weyrsecond. Finishing her second sip, she pushes back the mug from her lips, nodding to T'eo. "Thankyou." She remarks, standing up from her seat to look at them both. "If you'll excuse me. It seems something is in need of my attention…" She notices Casiella getting up, and she nearly hesitates leaving T'eo to his own thoughts, but the reminder from her lifemate affirms the decision and she nods to the young girl. "It was nice to meet you, Casiella." She turns to T'eo, then, looking down at him. "And if there is anything I can do for you, bronzerider, just say it, and I'll try at the best of my abilities.." A friend of L'alie's is a friend of M'iri's, afterall. Taking mug with her, the bluerider is out of the caverns, and to the clearing.

T'eo seems distant once more, as if the wall he'd put up was the only thing keeping him sane. He'd need time to think. He'd be okay. He nods again curtly to Casiella. Of course she'd not meant anything by it. But politics made T'eo a lot more agitated. They were something he didn't understand and thus perhaps he felt a bit chastized because of it? Either way it didn't matter now. He nods and gives a small grunt to M'iri's parting words too. Perhaps it was good to be alone right now. Have some time to mull things over. He catches his manners, however. "Er… yes… thank you M'iri. Good bye to you both."

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