If Looks Could Kill

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

T'maz brings in food with some drudges assistance to the Healers and patients alike.

Thea sits up in her cot, leaning back against the headboard. She's got a stack of papers on her lap, flipping through them and scribbling something on each as she reads and sets aside. She looks up at a passing healer, irritably asks, "You certain I can't just rest in my own Weyr? My head isn't hurting as badly as yesterday." The healer just shrugs and moves on. Thea is not please. Mutter, mutter. The drudges enter along with T'maz. Sniff. "Something smells good."

T'maz nods."I brought food for the patients and the healers too." He passes his food tray over to one of the Journeymen."Today it's stew and sandwiches." He announces in a quiet voice."And in honor of those that tried to kill it, it's lamb stew." One of the other journeymen in the room rolls his eyes."Does it have to be lamb?" He mutters."That was my ma's cure for 'everything'

Thea sets aside her paper stack on the bedside table. "Lamb stew?" She smiles in vindictive delight, "After all the damage those creatures have done around here, the least they can do is feed us with their carcasses." By the look on her face, this is a meal she is going to enjoy. "Hi T'maz," she adds as the initial thought of revenge-upon-hapless-ovines thoughts are sated.

T'maz smiles and gets some stew and a sandwich for Thea himself. as the other drudges and journeymen pass out food to the humans in the Infirmary. "What would you like to drink?" says another drudge paired with a taller drudge laden with a tray of mugs and other things full of juice, wine, water and Klah.

There's wine? Thea perks and waves the wine-bearing drudge over. Ooh me! Pick me! See, she missed out on the brandy-fest last night thanks to the fellis-induced snooze. As T'maz approaches, she moves over a bit and pats the cot. "You can sit by me." He has food!

T'maz smiles and moves over to the Weyrwoman's bed with the food."Lamb stew and sandwich…" The drudges bearing the food also move to give the Weyrwoman her drink."What's your pleasure Lady Thea?" The more vocal drudge bows to her and reaches for the drink containers.

"Wine, absolutely. Wine, please," Thea answers the drudge, ignoring or perhaps missing the 'Lady' bit. She really needs something to soothe her ire with being cooped up in the same room with the ex-second Weyrsecond across the room. She shoots a glare in that general direction to boot. T'maz, however gets a sunny smile.

The drudge pours the wine and puts it on the bedside table closest to the lady in question.

T'maz watches the drudge pour the wine for the Weyrwoman as T'maz hands over the stew and sandwiches. On each plate are two sandwiches, a small bowl of the stew, and a decorative flower, made of redfruit curls.

Thea reaches for the plate, "Thanks." Then noting the flower-fruit, "Oh, these are pretty, musta taken a really -sharp- knife to make them. I'll send a note to Cook, I might want to borrow one." She shoots a significant glare towards X'hil's cot. She eyes T'maz, "You gonna sit or just stand there?"

T'maz moves around checking on the other patients, asking how they like their food… Shellie is looked at with a soft smile on his face as she sleeps. He also nods to Thea returning to keep the Weyrwoman company."I'll be the emissary between you and the cooks, I am a Bakercrafter, when I'm not riding Dementh, or out helping other Bakers with stuff." He also adds."And I don't think X'hil would appreciate being used as a pin cushion, or knife target either."

Thea watches T'maz by Shellie, a worried expression in her eyes, "I- hope she'll be all right. I didn't mean for her to get shot." She busies herself with her stew, chewing on the lamb with relish. She's enjoying this meal all the more primarily -because- it is lamb. As T'maz speaks, she hrms. "Oh -him-?" She's not using the bronzer's name, "So much the better." A sweet smile follows that.

T'maz says "I talked with the Journeyman this morning when I came in, and you were still asleep. He said Shellie was doing as well as could be expected…And then she went and ripped at her stitches so had to have them redone… So she's still being doped with Fellis and painkillers to keep her out for a while." he tilts his head."If I may suggest, he gets duties helping archivist or something tedious, when he is released from the Infirmary?"

Thea's expression softens at the mention of Shellie's progress towards recovery, though the Junior winces at the mention of ripped stitches. Her expression hardens again at X'hil's name. "Too good for 'im! If Seryth gets sick, his butt's gonna have more arrows in it." Grrrrumble. The wheels are turning in this weyrwoman's head, however. "We-ell…Ysa and I were talking about a scribe for all the paperwork we do." Scribe nothing. Slave. She eyes X'hil thoughtfully. He just might do…

T'maz says "Sounds almost like something that one of my brothers had to go through…He was caught making eyes at one of the Weyrlings several years ago, and his indiscretion had him out on patrols and then helping sort through lots and lots of papers for several sevendays."

Thea chews thoughtfully as T'maz talks. "I'm thinking the rest of his life might begin to repay…" She's looking much more cheerful than she was before. A healer stops by her bedside with a tiny cup of dark liquid. "Oh, n-no. No more of that." The healer does not reply, rather she nudges Thea's hand with the medicine and the junior sighs. "So my head hurts, I'll deal." But she takes the stuff with a mutter and tosses it back.

T'maz nods at the Weyrwoman."I am definitely glad that the sheep didn't mess too much of the Infirmary… or even try to get into the Kitchens. I bet if the sheep had tried getting into there he'd have found himself in a stew in moments."

"Where were you the day it rampaged through here? Behind the table with X'hil?" Thea blinks at T'maz, the effect of the medicine beginning to work as she dumbly repeats him, "'Didn't do -too much- damage'?" She jabs a finger at the pile of papers beside her bed. "All those're requisitions for new stuff those stupid ovines ruined." She blinks at T'maz again. Why are there two of him?

T'maz looks at Thea."I came in and the creature moved into Shellie's office… I was bringing in food for people then, as well." He adds."I picked you up, and put you on the cot over there and the ram nearly got me too." He points to a cot next to where X'hil is.

Thea leans her head back against the cot's headrest. She's getting quite relaxed now. Soft irony in her tone, she murmurs, "Didn't have a knife, huh?" Her eyes won't stay focused, "Still can't believe it - a bunch of dragonriders held hostage by -ovines-" And beat up by them. They'll never live this one down.

T'maz nods."True…" His voice goes soft and he picks up the wine glass from Thea's hand before it falls."I was going to try to get the sheep, but I figured getting you out of danger was more important…Twice over…" He adds,"And Shellie too."

Thea doesn't even realize she still has the wine glass and she blinks in surprise at it when T'maz removes it. "There's wine?" Like she needs any of that. Her eyelids droop just a bit, and she asks with a bit of wonder in her voice, "You did that?" There's a bit of a pause then, "Thank you." Longer pause, "At least there are some -real- men around here." Jab-jab at poor X'hil over there. Glare would follow, but Thea's eyes couldn't shoot daggers right now if she tried. Besides, they're closed.

T'maz quietly removes some of the extra papers and puts them aside on the table where Thea will see it when she awakens."Just rest now Weyrwoman Thea… The Journeymen are keeping a close eye on everyone…"

T'maz is helping clear away some trays of emptied stew bowls and sandwiches. If one notices, the scent is quite ovine in nature.

Ovine stew scent battles with the other smells associated with Infirmaries.

X'hil mumbles in his sleep, tossing and turning a bit, though he doesn't ever manage to roll completely over. "mmmf, don' ma' me go" he's complaining about something in his dream, or nightmare rather, hands gripping to the sides of the cot.

Thea lies in her cot in a half-awake, half-asleep state, thanks to the insistent healer giving her more fellis after lunch. "Mmm?" She's answering X'hil in blissful ignorance of who is sleep-talking and of course, forgetting she's not speaking to him. At least not purposefully.

T'maz helps remove a few more trays from other patients that have finished eating and are now resting quietly, or some healthier journeyfolk who also got the lamb stew and sandwich meal.

X'hil's knuckles are white where he grips the cot, and his tossing and turning is getting more desperate, though at least holding on to the cot prevents him from rolling onto his wound. Finally, he stirs, crying out in a loud voice, "I don't want to leave!" before blearily opening his eyes and taking a look around. He lets go of the cot in favour of holding his head, and groans.

T'maz says "You're not leaving the Infirmary until one of the Journeyman pronounces you fit…" T'maz says to the waking up former weyrsecond."You hungry, I have lamb stew and sandwiches for your dining pleasure.""

X'hil's cry rouses Thea enough for her eyes to flicker open and focus - with some effort - on the ex-second Weyrsecond. Her eyes narrow and she mutters, "Pity." Then she spies T'maz wandering about with trays, "You still here?" Like how long has she dozed? Probably minutes.

T'maz nods at the woman."Yes… quite a few people here still needed food." He steps over to look and see if Shellie is awake but stays quiet when he tiptoes over to where she is to look down at her.

Shellie starts, then sitss straight up when X'hil yells. "Wha?" She's still half out of it on fellis, although this time the shoulder is still well bandaged.

X'hil's face goes pale at T'maz's offer, and he grimaces, shaking his head slowly and carefully. "Nooo… I'm … fine." he mutters, eyeing the stew with disgust. He shoots Thea a look, more sheepish than, well, his cranky looks of late. Almost apologetic. "Didn't mean to wake anyone…" he mutters, laying his head back down.

Thea's eyes rove the room uncertainly for a few seconds, then with a grimace, she sits up. "Waking folks. He apologizes for -that-. " Grumblegrumble. Her mouth is dry anyway. Since her glass of wine is still on the bedside table, she reaches for that. Softly she calls across the aisle "How are you feelin' Shellie?"

Shellie blinks, and tries to get her bearings. "I'm feeling a bit better. I think they must be putting numbweed on the shoulder." She smiles at Thea. "Your crossbow you said? I guess that means we're even for my accidentally drugging you?

X'hil snorts, and is /trying/ to not be awake, really. "Can we /not/ get into that right now?" he mutters at Thea. "And you, too!" Kinseth? Most likely. Not that he's in /any/ position to dictate anything at the moment.

T'maz gently puts a hand on Shellie's good shoulder."They are… One of the apprentices got it for one of the other journeymen while you were asleep earlier." He smiles at Shellie too."Want me to get someone to bring you some stew or something to eat?" He looks over at X'hil."One of the other choices you can ask for from the kitchens is a salad, if you don't want the lamb stew and sandwich plate."

Thea winces at Shellie, "If you says so. Though that's some pay-back." She ignores X'hil for the moment and his request. She responds to T'maz on X'hil's behalf, sweetly suggesting, "How about dry bread and water?" She sips her wine serenely.

X'hil grunts at T'maz, still looking a little queasy at the idea of eating /lamb/. "Salad." he requests, adding in a mutter, "There's no sheep in salad." Though, with how he's feeling right now, dry bread and water actually sounds pretty good. He lifts his head briefly to peer over at Thea and Shellie, then snorts, but he doesn't say a word.

Shellie yawns. "You know, I'm a bit hungry too. Tom, do you have any of that ground lamb roast on flatbread with yogurt sauce?

T'maz nods."That I do…" He writes a note and sends it via the drudge carrying some cups back to the kitchens for washing what Shellie wants and X'hil's order. A few minutes later the drudge returns with a covered dish on a tray. Salad and dry bread for X'hil, and the meat with bread and sauce for Shellie."What do you wish to drink Shellie?"

Thea hums to herself as she finishes the wine. She looks relieved that Shellie wants to eat something. She places the empty glass back on her bedside table and oh joy! Someone must have found her crossbow in the garden, for it has been left there beside her. The Junior reaches for it, frowning when she notes the arrows are missing.

X'hil mutters to himself, nodding briefly to T'maz as the man brings him the salad and dry bread. The ex-weyrsecond picks at the salad idly, though is apparently not all that hungry. He glances over to Thea absently, grimacing as she reaches for the crossbow. He's got your arrow, right here! Well, no, not really. But it /was/ there, sticking right out of his rear. Right.

Shellie thinks for a moment, as she digs into the food. "Just chilled water please, Tom-love… Oh, and how are Mareena and the girls doing?"

T'maz says "They're fine… came to see you when you were asleep earlier today too." He pours water for both X'hil, and Shellie."I've let them stay in my weyr too."

If only Thea had had the satisfaction of putting it there! Alas - that honor shall have to remain with Eledri. She strokes the polished wood-grain of the cross-bow and her eyes flicker towards X'hil's cot, narrowing just a bit as they clash with the occupant's eyes.

X'hil scowls, and looks away, back at the wall. He's not feeling particularly sociable at the moment. He nibbles at the very corner of the dry bread, then places it, and the mostly untouched bowl of salad, on the table beside his cot. The water is similarly sipped at and put aside.

Shellie nods. "Could you let Mari know I'd like to see her alone at some point? I miss her…" She can't help shaking her head at Thea and X'hil, dreading the day she has to patch one up after the other attempts murder.

T'maz nods."I can do that."

Thea smiles a slow smile as X'hil looks away. She just busies herself with cleaning the crossbow, whistling tunelessly as she does so. The lamb scent mingled with garlic and herbs still permeates the room. "That lamb was very good," she comments to the room in general, "Very tender." She tilts her head, watching Shellie eat, "Don't you think so?"

X'hil groans at the talk of lamb, as if the smell wasn't bad enough. "Wish I could be moved to my weyr." he mutters, but he needs to be where the healers are, he can't change his own bandages, after all. He reaches for the dry bread, nibbling slowly at the corner of it.

Shellie nods. "It is good, at that. Although I kind of wish I could have had mutton over lamb, honestly. Specifically mutton that my bloody dragon ended up eating." Still, she grins. "Thea, why don't we arrange to put a small herd of ovines in X'hil's weyr?

T'maz whispers something to Shellie and smiles impishly between Shellie and Thea as though he had thought of the same idea for a decorating scheme for X'hil's weyr…

"Please." Thea shudders, "No more ovines in places they don't belong." She quirks a brow at T'maz, "Besides, Kinseth would just eat them." No, she'll probably cook up something more painful than ovines. Then as if she's just remembered, she's asking X'hil sweetly, "Poor Kinseth, all shut up in that weyr-barn of yours. How is he feeling anyway?"

X'hil snorts at Shellie's suggestion, grumbling something about it being close to Kinseth's feeding time, then suddenly lifting his head. "Shards. Who's going to get food to Kinseth?" Since, you know, he's not allowed to leave their barn. The sudden lift of his head is followed by a groan, and his hands rush to hold his head. Seems someone's got a bit of a headache. Surely it doesn't have anything to do with the empty bottle underneath his cot… He snorts. "How do you /think/ he's feeling?" Then there's a pause, and a sheepish, "Oh, you probably meant sickness, right? No, nothing yet."

Shellie is hungry, as she wolfs down the meat, acting as though she's starving to death!

T'maz smiles as he watches Shellie chow down."Don't eat it too fast you'll choke."

Thea at least takes pity on poor Kinseth. None of this was -his- fault. Her tone implies this as she comments, "No need to starve a dragon for his Rider's error. Seryth will snag him something from the feeding pens, since she's the only one in the Weyr who's already been exposed." She's silent for a moment, "She tells me they're keeping a water cask full for him, too." She puts the crossbow down on her bedside table and pats it once or twice.

X'hil nods absently, perhaps making contact with the bronze. "He… He says that'd be great, thanks… He blooded at Ierne, but he, he never eats." Before a flight, that is. The man scowls, looking rather irritated with himself, now that he's had some time to really think about things. "I can't believe I /did/ that. What was I /thinking/? /Shards/."

T'maz helps Shellie settle down before she gets passed a sleeping draught.

"You weren't." Thea bluntly points out to poor X'hil. She makes no comment about the lack of flu symptoms, but she's looks relieved. She reaches for her paperwork and immerses herself in it, finished at least for now, tormenting X'hil.

X'hil nods briefly at Thea, and picks up the salad, apparently feeling hungry all of a sudden. He doesn't really say much after that, except to wave a healer over for some fellis-dosed wine. Sleep it off, that's the way.

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