Boozing In The Aftermath

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

X'hil blinks a little at Ysa, but shrugs, and starts fishing around under the cot for the others, blinking when he can't find them, rolling over - onto his side, not his back - to narrow his eyes at Cenlia. The bottles are too large compared to the rest of the things in his own firelizard's hoard, so he knows /his/ blue didn't take it. "Mer, go find Izzy." he orders the brown, but the firelizard chitters even louder at the man. No, not the one with the children. /No/. Not going.

Ysa's hand drops away before she can get any bottle, and then frowns. Her head tilts for a moment and she sighs at the others. "Drinks another time. I'll buy ya a drink sometime, X'hil," she says to the bronzer, giving him a bit of a sympathetic smirk. This goldie was just tired, probably from looking at Thea. "I got to get somewhere. Feel better." And with that she makes her way out.

There's a pleased trill as bright blue Mizzle re-appears from *between* with something in his paws. He lands in Cenlia's lap and deposits a… spork. Cenlia sighs, and gives the flits a scritch for the effort, anyways. Rogue sees there be scritches, and hurries over to Cenlia's lap to recieve his share. Seeing the third weyrwoman go, Cenlia says, "She's not so bad…"

X'hil nods slowly, waiting until everyone is either asleep or gone before rounding on Cenlia, "Shame the rest of the bottles just … disappeared. Isn't it?" he asks, glancing to Rogue with a slight frown. And attempting to ignore Meredith's obvious agitation. Poor guy, not a fan of children, it seems.

Cenlia smirks just slightly, "Yea, real shame, that." She also glances around, making sure no healers are nearby. Then she turns to her brother and says, "Hey Eled, can ya walk?" Eledri narrows his eyes at his sister, "No." Cenlia starts to nod, than 'ughs' as she grabs her head, muttering, "Shardin' dizzy." Then she shrugs and tells the young man, "Can ya at least reach under yer cot?" The computercrafter looks at her sourly, but tries, wincing as he shifts. Eledri shakes his head, "I can't." Cenlia sighs, then peers at Rogue again, mutting, "Alright, you little thief, go bring 'em back…"

Shellie stirs in her cot. It seems that the dose of fellis from earlier is wearing off, and the healer is starting to wake up. Still, she's bleary. Unfortunately, it appears that the wound in her shoulder is bleeding, as the bandage around it is turning red…

X'hil peers over at Eledri when he's asked to reach under his cot, and gives the man a wry smirk. "Eledri, you rascal, didn't know you had it in you." he can't resist getting a dig in, but it seems to improve his mood somewhat, or be a sign of his improving mood at least. The man sighs then, glancing to the knot in the bin. The knot that was formerly on his shoulder. Shellie missed quite a bit… Unfortunately X'hil is more focused on acquiring alcohol at the moment, but /Meredith/ is on the ball, the brown firelizard going and pestering a healer, trying to drag them over to Shellie. Here, healer, this person needs … something. Red is a /bad/ colour.

Cenlia is sitting on a chair beside X'hil's cot, her two blue flits and a …spork? are in her lap. The girl peers at the darker blue firelizard, concentrating, but he seems more intent on nuzzling her hands hoping more scritches and is not paying attention. The other blue is likewise distracted, watching Meredith curiously. Cenlia's two other flits are back on her cot, the bronze still on his pile of round stones and the brown snoozing away on Cenlia's pillow. Eledri frowns at X'hil, but then just lies back with a sigh, reaching up to rub his head and muttering, "I could use a drink, too." Cenlia sighs, and gives up trying to coax the 'lizards into returning the booze, and shrugs, "Well, 'least it's safe."

Shellie groans, and turns on her side, which, because of the broken ribs, elicits another groan. The red patch on her bandages is getting bigger.

X'hil nods slowly, eyeing his pillow thoughtfully. He's reluctant to do anything at the moment though, instead seeking a distraction. Which is why he finally turns to notice Meredith's frantic antics. "Would you /quit/ that!" he snarls at the firelizard, with a scowl. The firelizard just /looks/ at him, with a disappointed croon. No-one ever listens to firelizards. X'hil looks right back at the brown, finally asking, "What?" In response, Meredith flutters over to Shellie, and warbles. X'hil's eyes open a little wider, and he waves over a healer, sending her over to the groaning woman.

Cenlia snickers a bit at X'hil and his pillow, but begins scooting her chair over towards Eledri's cot. She blinks when she notices the brown flit and then frowns when she sees the red on Shellie's shoulder, muttering, "Shardin' ovines." There's a pause, and Cenlia adds, "Shardin' arrows," giving the bronzer's bandaged butt slightly amused look and scooting slowly nearer Eledri. The computercrafter turns to eye his sister, probably guessing she's not there to offer sympathy. Indeed, she isn't, and Cenlia very slowly and carefully leans down to snatch an unmarked bottle from beneath her brother's cot. Eledri gives her a sour look, but then seems a bit wary when Cenlia actually offers him the bottle with a sheepish, "For catchin' me when I fell outta that tree."

Shellie groans again, her eyes closing. She's getting more pale now, obviously from loss of blood. The healer on duty, noticing X'hil's wave, runs over, and frowns, then immediately removes the bandages, pulling out a large wad of gauze, and pressing it firmly to the wound in the shoulder.

You'd be surprised at how often the butt has to rest against surfaces, supporting a good deal of weight. All X'hil has been doing has been laying around on a cot, but he's still found it painful to lay on his back for even a moment. He's on his front now, and digging under the pillow for … something. Cough. He hesitates though, just as his fingers wrap around the … whatever it is. "Shards, she's not looking so good." he murmurs, looking over at Shellie.

Eledri takes the offered bottle from his sister with a snort, and grudgingly opens it and takes a swig. A long swig. Cenlia, meanwhile, leans down and retrieves a second bottle from under the cot. She looks over towards Shellie when X'hil speaks, but the gardener girl looks away quickly, grimacing and saying again, "Sharding ovines." Celia looks a bit queasy. She begins scooting her chair towards her own cot, but still keeps ahold of that second bottle of booze. Eledri coughs a bit, but eyes the bottle he has curiously, mumbling a, "I suppose it's not bad." When he glances over towards Shellie, he frowns and asks, "Is she going to be alrigt?"

The healer sighs, and shakes her head. "It's all right. She just ripped out her stitches from all the tossing and turning…" And with that, a curtain's pulled around the cot…

X'hil pulls the third and final bottle out from under his pillow at last, and frowns at it. He's not quite sure whether to drink it or not, he keeps glancing over at Shellie. And then the curtain is pulled, and he frowns, though, the healers words just moments ago must mean it can't be all that bad? He looks a little concerned about his own stitches, but the bandages were changed not /too/ long ago. There's an absent frown as Eledri takes a swig, and the man waits for the reaction. Not bad? He actually smirks.

Cenlia gets back into her cot, dislodging the flits, who all pile at the foot of her bed and cause the pebble-hoarding bronze to getall growlys again. At least he does not bite anyone. Cenlia leans back and closes her eyes moment, then holds her bottle up with one hand and a spork in the other. She furrows her brow, but then shrugs and tosses the eating implement under her cot. It can always be returned to whetever, later. The girl eyes the curtain that's been pulled with some concern, saying, "Hope she's alright. Bad enough gettin' hit by a mad ovine without getting shot too." The girl makes a face, and opens the bottle she has, sniffing the contents thoughtfully. Eledri, still frowning, says nothing, instead taking another swig of the booze.

X'hil seems to be considering the bottle from a more logistic stand-point. How is he supposed to drink it if he can't sit up? He scowls at it, and tries to roll onto his side a bit, taking care /not/ to roll onto his wounded side. He holds the bottle up from this position, miming drinking it, and frowns, readjusting his position again, and again. It seems he has a drinking problem - the problem being that he can't drink.

Cenlia is about to take a sip from her bottle when she notices X'hil's miming and eyes him quizzically. "Ya need to open it first," she says, then seems to realize his problem and snerks a bit, saying, "Maybe Mizzle can go fetch a straw." The girl peers at the bright blue flit, who peers back. He gives her a confused warble, and stays put. Cenlia tries the same on Rogue, and the little thing scuttles over to demand scritches instead. Eledri takes another sip of his bottle before closing it and setting it aside near his pillow. He, too, eyes X'hil, the computercrafter chuckling just a bit.

X'hil /scowls/. He finally gets the genius idea to stand to drink it, wriggling backwards off of the cot slowly, then leaning forward against the back of one of the chairs. Complicated maneuver, yes, but it gets the booze in him. He practically chugs half of it right then and there, exhaling sharply. "Good… Good stuff. /This/ is a real drink." he smirks, taking another, much smaller, swig. "Oy, laugh all you like, I got it in the end." he calls over at Eledri, but the man does seem to be relaxing now. "Shards, it's been a crazy day." and it's still early. The very thought of /more/ of the same is exhausting, evidently, as the bronzerider is swaying a little on his feet.

At the sight of the bronzer wiggling off the cot and then chugging the booze, Cenlia bursts out laughing, almost spilling her bottle as she subsides into snickers. Eledri continues to chuckle, rubbing his sore ribcage a bit after a while. "I am sorry about the crossbow," he says, though he seems to have gotten over looking guilty. Cenlia snerks, and says, "Ya weren't even drunk, neither." And then she finally takes a sip, saying, "Mm, guess it's alright stuff. Not Orchared brew, but good enough." To X'hil, she say, "Well, 'least that's prolly the worst of it? I ain't ever seen anyone get chewed out so bad." She might be lying. Eledri corrects her, saying, "Just wait until we return home, Cenlia." Cenlia cringes, shooting her brother a glare, but turns back to X'hil, "And 'least you don't gotta do all that work Thea was tryin' to hand you."

X'hil smirks, and raises his bottle, "To … not doing all that work!" he toasts, though it's not as enthusiastic a toast as it could be. He sighs, and takes a swig of the ale. "I … hope I don't have to /leave/. I don't think I want to leave." he frowns, glancing over to the trashed knot. "I don't think the Weyrwoman is going to let me /stay/ either, though." he grimaces, and takes another swig. "It… It's okay… Least it keeps me around til I heal." he says, about his crossbow-related injury. He'll probably take longer to heal than Kinseth will to show - or not show - symptoms of that flu.

The curtain around at last opens, and the healer steps away. Shellie is out cold, her shoulder once again wrapped, and a blood transfusion running into her arm.

Cenlia raises her bottle with an obligatory, "To Sir Kinseth," and takes a long swig, and then adds "If ya don't want to leave, stop runnin' away." Yeah, she's still a bit sore about that time in the kitchens. Cenlia takes another long swig. Then she seems to think of something and adds, "But if you can't stay, it's not like you can't visit. You've got a /dragon/." After stating the obvious, she takes another swig. Eledri eyes his sister warily, muttering at her a warning, "Don't get drunk. I'm sure your head feels bad enough already." Cenlia lifts the bottle for another swig, but then lowers it again sheepishly. She spies the healer, and quickle closes and hides her bottle. Eledri does the same, though he manages to look much less guilty.

X'hil takes a final swig, or is about to, when the curtain opens. He hastily corks the bottle and stashes it under the pillow, then makes a show of stretching. He thought he was out of shape before, wait until he gets out of this enforced bed-rest. "It's not as simple as that. I don't want to leave, or to run, but, if I don't have a knot, I can hardly stay." he frowns a little, and shuffles back up onto the bed. "I'll visit, I'll definitely do that. I'll even help clean up the garden when I'm healed, whether I'm staying or not." he promises. But, realistically, unless something /else/ happens, it'll be cleared up again by then.

The healer looks a bit puzzled at the reactions, but heads for the (now sheep free) office. Shellie is probably out for the count at the moment, and is definitely not in the best of condition.

Cenlia watches the healer go to the office, and then giggles, just a bit. She glances over towards Shellie, then turns back to X'hil. The gardener girl seems to think a moment before saying, "Am sure all them candidates will do it," meaning thew garden, "but can she actually kick you outta the weyr? Didn't look like that other weyrwomen…" Cenlia seems to be blanking on the name, "-didn't look like she was too happy with her." And then she says suddenly, "What'd they mean about that girl and her father?" She frowns, obviously having been wondering since it was mentioned, "And renegade dragonriders?" He brow furrows, and even Eledri frowns and looks over, having lifted his book again.

X'hil looks a little confused himself, and scowls. "I dunno. Kinseth caught the gold," It's out now, might as well admit it, "but I never met a rider. Didn't look like any Ierne gold I knew, figured at the time it was a transfer from just before the flu or something." He hasn't been back at Xanadu all that long really, Cenlia's been around longer than he has, so he missed Kate's impression and disappearance, and all of it. "Shards… If she's really a renegade, and, and her dragon… clutches. /Shards/." He's cursing like it was /his/ fault, but there were many other chasers that day. "Least it was a short low flight. Should keep the egg numbers down, if there are any." he grimaces.

Cenlia frowns, glancing out to the clearing, her brows still furrowed. "How would a renegade manage to impress a dragon in the first place?" Eledri asks, but he doesn't seem to expect an answer because he continues almost immediately, telling Cenlia, "I don't think /I/ want you staying in this place. If I have to go back to South Boll and bring Uncle Cernien back with me, I will." His voice is firm and suddenly very serious. Cenlia swings her head back to eye her brother, but she just snorts in response, "You do that, Eled." Turning to X'hil, she says, "What'll happen if there are renegade dragonriders?" The idea seems to worry her, though that worry is more the vague detatched worry of hearing about a disaster somewhere else, than any immediate concern. After all, Cenlia has other urgent things to worry about, like re-potting the lavendar and dodging ovines. The girl glances Shellie's way again, and her gaze passes briefly over the snoozing Thea. More important worries, like injured friends and a brother who wants to drag her off home. "Hope there are no more ovines running around," she mutters randomly, pulling the blanket up and causing her flits to chitter iritably as she shifts.

X'hil admits, though it pains him to do so, "I don't /know/. Shards. No-one even knows how riders are chosen by dragons. But if a candidate isn't there…" he trails of, and scowls. "Right now I /really/ wish I could be with Kinseth. Poor dragon." He'd be worrying about the fate of those eggs in a different manner to X'hil — they're his eggs, whereas X'hil just sees them as a problem. "Shards, I hope she turns up soon…" he whispers, staring down at his pillow.

Cenlia peers around the infirmary, suggesting, "Could sneak out? Back to your weyr, I mean. You can stand, at least." Eledri shakes his head and mutters, "That is a terrible idea. He is already in enough trouble, as it is." Cenlia makes a face at her brother, but she agrees reluctantly, "Yea, maybe not a good idea." She does eye the door longingly, though, already shifting restlessly in her cot. She may not be able to keep her balance properly, but she's much rather be outside than in the infirmary. To X'hil, Eledri says, "I'm sure she'll turn up soon. A dragon has to lay eggs somewhere?" Cenlia frowns a bit, "Thea said maybe the sickness will…" but she trails off, shrugging.

X'hil snorts, and shakes his head. "Much as I hate leaving him all alone… I need medical treatment, need my, er, my bandages changed, whenever the numbweed wears off. I'm not going anywhere." He scowls, and rolls onto his side a little, just for a change. "Beaches are good enough for firelizards… There must be a ton of beach places that no-one knows about, hidden coves, out of the way places… Never seen a dragon lay eggs outside of a Weyr, but doesn't mean it can't happen." He grimaces, then admits, "It'd be better for everyone if she just didn't clutch, or laid all duds." Though he feels guilty just saying as such, because /Kinseth/ cares.

"Couldn't…" Eledri begins, taking a moment to think, "Couldn't the weyrs send out searches? Even with the travel ban, surely a weyr can search its own area?" But Cenlia snorts a bit, saying wryly, "Y'know that woman who was in here yelling first was the senior weyrwoman?" Eledri pauses, this perhaps taking him by surprise. He'd been too busy hiding behind a book to look at knots. Cenlia continues, "And them other two that came in, also weyrwomen." It takes him a moment to guess at what Cenlia is getting at, but he finally peers at his sister, saying, "I'm sure theyknow what they're doing." Despite this, there isn't any confidence in his tone. Cenlia snorts, "Was worse'n getting a bunch of orcharders together when there's tree blight."

X'hil adds, "You think they haven't already /tried/? Shards. You think they /like/ having a missing goldrider to their name?" he just rolls his eyes, and glances to the exit absently. He wants to /go/, be with Kinseth. But he can't move that far, it was only adrenalin that got him here from the gardens under his own power, and Kinseth isn't allowed to leave the barn. "I… don't want to talk about it. It's upsetting Kinseth." he says, with a scowl. An upset Kinseth doesn't exactly lead to a happy X'hil, after all.

Eledri frowns and eyes his sister. Cenlia stares grumpily back at him. Eledri opens his mouth, maybe to suggest something else about the current situation, but then sighs, instead shaking his head and then turning to nod at X'hil. Eledri eyes his sister again and finally snaps in exasperation, "Stop looking at me like that - if you want, you can write Uncle Cernian a letter of your own, and I'll take it back with me when I go." Cenlia finally stops loking all grumpy, even giving X'hil an apologetic look, and then mutters at Eledri, "Good." Now that that's settled, the girl pulls out the booze again, and then peers around and muses, "Bet there's somewhere around here I could set up a still. Have homebrew by the end of the turn if I start now."

X'hil seems a little grumpy himself, but he can't help but snicker when Cenlia mentions setting up a still. "You should get Izzy to help, she knows a lot about the subject for a humble kitchen-worker." he says, with a wink. "Between her knowing what tastes good, and you knowing what grows good…" He's assuming a little bit there, but he barrels on regardless, "You'd make a great team. Just watch she doesn't rope you into baby-sitting or something." Not that he thinks she will, exactly. He knows her of three and more years ago, before the twins. Chores are children different matters entirely.

Cenlia grins a bit, saying, "Will ask her, definitely. Promised to take us drinkin' when we get out of here, too." And Cenlia holds up the bottle, adding, "She brought decent booze." Eledri seems to have gone silent, ducking behind that book again. Funny thing, he hasn't turned a single page since before the weyrwomen arrived. Cenlia makes a face at the mention of babysitting and says, "Done enough of that. Soon as I was old enough to hold a babe, the nannies in Boll were after me to help out, since all the boys got sent to the orchards. Was almost glad my ma wanted me in for kitchen work." She continues grinning as she says, "Yer kids are cute, though." And then she adds with a snicker, "Gonna be right terrors if they're anything like you."

X'hil blinks. "Promised to take us drinking? When was this?" Riiight about the time he fainted… Passed out from manly shock? No, he fainted. "Though I'm not surprised, sounds like her. Shards… I was the /good/ one when we were growing up." Those kids are going to be /nightmares/. "They are adorable though, aren't they?" Well, except when the girl was crying, he didn't like that part. And then he smirks, and peers over at Eledri. "Good book?" he asks, teasingly.

Cenlia snerks, "You were out for a while after she told you about yer kids. Said some other things too," and Cenlia glances at her brother. Eledri remains silent, his face stubbornly hidden behind that book. Cenlia smirks at her brother, but then goes back to grinning at X'hil, "You were the good one?" She sounds like she doesn't believe it.

X'hil tilts his head curiously at Cenlia, before rolling back onto his stomach. "Some… other things?" he asks, curiously. It's kind of obvious his question is really 'About me?' and he realises that, with a shake of his head. "I… don't want to know." he decides, changing the subject. "Oh, yeah, always. Did my chores, did most of hers… I mean, she paid me, in marks, but I would've done it anyway. I kind of had a bit of a crush on her… This was before I impressed though, I was just a kid, we both were. After I impressed, I grew up fast, and became the responsible one too." No, really. Stop laughing. "But we still hung out, did everything together, except weyrling and rider stuff." he frowns a little then, feeling a little guilty for shutting her out of that part of his life. But she wouldn't have understood… Kinseth was his life, his world. Only a rider can /truly/ comprehend the power of that bond.

Oh, Cenlia's not laughing. Okay, maybe she's snickering. A bit. It's clear she has a hard time believing him, and the girl tilts her head to the side, "Responsible one, hunh? Bet she musta loved ya. How come you get in so much trouble now?" And the girl shakes her head in amusement, though slowly, "Supposed to be a brat when yer a kid and grow up all responsible. Not do it backwards." Although Cenlia notices the frown and raises an eyebrow, probably wondering what's so bad about weyrling rider stuff.

X'hil shrugs, but the gesture is mostly lost, what with the laying on his stomach thing. "Kinseth muddled everything up!" he complains. He's already said he impressed aged 12, graduating — or experiencing flights, at least — at 13. "I didn't get to do the same things as Izzy any more, we saw less and less of each other over the course of weyrlinghood, and then there was this … gap. It took turns to bridge it, get to a point where we were friends again." Wait, didn't this start out as in 'I was the good one' explanation? X'hil frowns absently, and loses his train of thought. "Sheep!" That's the answer. "I get in so much trouble now because of sheep!" Riiight. Only three things were actually sheep-related, really.

Cenlia furrows her brow, perhaps not quite following the 'explanation' there. She immediately tenses at 'sheep' and looks around with a horrified, "Where?" before she hears the rest of that. And then Cenlia really does start laughing, doubling over a bit and finally snerking into the booze bottle. She takes a swig, what the hey, and grins at X'hil, "Shardin' ovines!" And then the gardener girl makes a face, "If I never see another ovine again-" and she takes a sip of ale, "Almost got run over by one after you ran off. Went in the smithy, and my shardin' flits went after it." She eyes her flits, all of which peer innocently back at her. Cenlia continues, "Shardin' ovine near ran me over. And then thing caught on /fire/." Even Eledri is looking at her now, and the young man mutters, "So that was what that was."

X'hil's eyes open /wide/. "Flaming /sheep/?!" he asks, just /staring/ at Cenlia. "/Shards/." he whispers, tone filled with awe. Nope, can't top flaming sheep, no-one can. "And I missed it… Thank Faranth!" he says, with a sigh of relief. "Shards. Hope there aren't any more sheep loose, don't think the Weyr could stand another!" he mutters, shaking his head.

"Shoulda seen Thea's face when the thing ran through the meadow." Cenlia rubs her head, "It almost got to the caverns. Was sure it was gonna burn the weyr down. If it wasn't for all the flits that showed up, it might've." And she makes a face, "Was sure I was gonna get in trouble for that somehow. Good thing Thea was there." And then Cenlia peers at the door, eyeing the clearing and muttering, "South Boll ain't got nothin' on this place. I thought the orchards were crazy. Almost makes me wish I was back home. Even the chickens were bettern' flamin' ovines." And her pained expression quite eloquently conveys her opinions on poultry. But the girl shakes her head and rubs her temples, saying, "Sometimes I miss the orchards." Eledri gives Cenlia a strange look, the young man frowning from behind the book, which he closes finally to stare at her fully. Eventually, though, he lifts the book back up. It's a computercraft manual. Which, by the way, is now upside-down. It seems to take him a moment to realize this before he flips it around.

X'hil pulls the bottle out from under his pillow, props himself up on his side, and /very carefully/ takes a few tiiiny sips. He's liable to spill something if he goes any faster. He lowers the bottle slowly, and snickers. "I can imagine… Good thing it didn't get too close to the caverns, can you imagine the /damage/ a sheep on fire could /do/ to the Weyr?" He shudders at the thought. He gets slightly more serious then, frowning absently. "I know what you mean… I /missed/ Xanadu. I didn't even want to /be/ here, I just … missed it." he says, with a half shrug. X'hil catches the upside-down book, and can't help it, he lets loose a short bark of laughter. "Ha!" He chuckles a little bit afterwards, and smirks at Eledri. "That book must be /fascinating/."

The gardener girl grimaces. Flaming sheep damage is probably not something she'd ever thought she'd have to consider. And then, for a brief moment, Cenlia actually looks a bit homesick, though it might be hard to tell with her hand still rubbing her sore head. She might just be experiencing an early hangover. When Cenlia hears X'hil laugh, she looks up and spots Eledri flipping the book around. The gardener girl snerks. Eledri sinks down a bit further in his cot, not answering. Cenlia grins at her brother before turning and saying to X'hil, "He's still sore I can't keep my mouth shut. Said he wasn't gonna speak to me again. Ain't been very good about it, even if he keeps hiding behind that." Eledri lowers the book and glares, saying stiffly, "You /can't/ keep your motuh shut." Neither can he, apparently.

X'hil looks /very/ curious about this shut mouth business, but he doesn't really want to make things worse, so he sips away the last of his ale instead. Finally, he changes the subject. "So… Guess I've got to figure out what I'm doing once I'm out of here." he mutters, glaring very briefly at the knot laying discarded in the bin, before rolling back onto his stomach. There's a pause, and he decides he doesn't like /that/ subject even better, instead frowning at the empty bottle. "Hey, Cenlia, reckon your firelizard could get rid of this?" he asks, curiously. "Just… /Elsewhere/. Preferably far."

Cenlia rolls her eyes at her brother, muttering a, "Said I was sorry," at him before nodding to X'hil and peering at her flits. Blue Rogue lifts his head to look at her. Cenlia closes her booze bottle and stows it away, then peers at Rogue some more and tells him, "Go steal that, you little thief." Rogue peers at X'hil's bottle, tilts his little firelizard head, and then tries to eat the end of Cenlia's blanket. So much for that. Cenlia sighs and shrugs, saying, "I need to get A'dar to teach me that image thing. His flits are trained good and proper," and she grins lopsidedly, "Even that lazy green. Mine just listen till theys gesh borrrd." The girl blinks,and coughs, bringing her hands to her head with a groan. Booze and concussion are definitely not the greatest things to mix. The gardener girl flops over on her pillow, causing the flits to chitter irritably and re-settle around her head. Eledri blinks at his passed-out sister and calls a healer over, but it seems she's just fainted. Looks like she can't tease the bronzer anymore about holding his ale - Cenlia never even finished her bottle. Well, she had a knock on the head too… But anyway. Eledri finally puts his book away, when he's certain his sister didn't keel over dead, and then shifts so his back is to everyone else muttering something about needing fellis-laced wine. When a healer brings him some, he drinks the glass in a gulp and drowsily buries his head in his own pillow.

X'hil smirks at the blue, then blinks as Cenlia passes out, quickly hiding his own bottle under his cot, and /hoping/ no-one will find it. He waves the healer over to tend to his wound after Eledri gets his wine, and by the time the curtain is thrown open again the bronzerider is re-numbed, re-bandaged, and re-snoring. But it's only a /little/ snore, barely noticeable really. Cough.

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