A Goldrider Explosion

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

The infirmary is rather full today with several inpatients. One bed has a sleeping Shellie, looking pale and bandaged about the shoulder and ribs. Another contains Cenlia, looking booze-deprived and bruised. Her brother is in the cot next to hers, reading from a computer manual. Across the way from them in Thea, still head-sore and within the effects of the fellis-drought she's been given. X'hil is in another cot with a small group and a few tots visiting him.

Cenlia is in a cot, using her pillow as a backrest. Her brown flit, Trouble, is in her lap, peering at the girl's bronze firelizard who is fussing over a pile of small round pebbles at the foot of the bed. Cenlia snickers, giving X'hil a grin, "Ain't she?" But Eledri mutters a sharp, "You're being fostered at /Fort/, Cenlia, and that's the end of it." Is he still going on about that? His face is hidden behind that book, though. Cenlia rolls her eyes and mutters, "Was just jokin', Eled. She ain't old enough; could be my /sister/." Eledri snorts from behind the computer manual. Well, at least he's talking to her again? Cenlia doesn't seem too bothered by his threat, though her blue flits - midnight-blue Rogue and bright blue Mizzle - perch on the gardener girl's shoulders and hiss at Eledri. Cenlia smirks a little. What good little flits. The gardener girl does eye Thea's bronze firelizard, Ruin, warily, saying to the goldrider, "Y'know, A'dar wants him yew- er euth- euthanized…" She knows what it means. But that klonk on her a bit fuzzy still.

X'hil is laying on his stomach in a patient's gown, split up the back, as they are. His posterior is clearly bandaged. There's a toddler boy on the cot with him, and two chairs beside it, one empty, one with an older chef - Isabet - and a toddler girl in her lap, who is gleefully squeezing the life out of an indignant brown firelizard, the way toddlers do. The toddlers have the same hair-colour as X'hil, as well as a certain resemblance. A woman enters from the clearing, carrying a plate with several unmarked bottles, one of them juice for the toddlers, and some cups. She takes the empty chair beside X'hil's cot.

Izzy starts to pour the drinks, waving a crazy straw at X'hil, teasing the man. It's difficult to drink when you can't sit up.

Isn't it said that the infirmary is suppose to be a place of rest, relaxation, and quiet so that those poor souls who are gathered there can recuperate? Unfortunately for those many souls who are settled in the Infirmary, suffering from bruises both of the body and of the ego, Niva has arrived on the scene, and she doesn't look happy. Face red, temper clearly shot, the woman is storming in from the direction of the Hatching Sands, and pushing past the Healer that attempts to stop her and calm her down. "Shut up." She snaps at the poor young woman, who's shrinking away from the Weyrwoman's fury, Niva's hands resting on her hips as her gaze goes over each and every one of those in the infirmary, fuming as she attempts to figure out what to even say.

"He's not the only one," Thea growls in response to Cenlia, giving Ruin an evil eye of her own. Ruin merely basks in such looks. The Junior returns her attention to the stack of papers on her lap, frowning. "The nursery asks for baby blankets after a sheep chewed on their entire stock…" Niva's arrival interrupts her as she's on the verge of spluttering on again about the blaasted sheep. Niva's red. And angry. Uh, oh. As the Weyrwoman's eyes rest on her, she stares back wordlessly. Not much she can say at this point. At least she doesn't giggle.

At Izzy's return, Cenlia grins and looks about to say something, but then the gardener catches sight of the senior weyrwoman, and hesitates. Cenlia shrinks down a bit in the covers, looking a bit sheepish about something. Whatever the girl was going to say, she wisely buttons it.

X'hil /quickly/ busies himself with the paperwork Thea had handed him, on sight of Niva. It's not easy though, as he's stuck on his stomach, and the toddler boy is trying to 'help'. Griselda - 'Izzy' - has stopped pouring the drinks at three, all juice, and quickly stores the unopened bottles under X'hil's cot. Cough. /Nothing/ to see here… Trying to hide it will really only make things worse if it's discovered, though.

From up there on the curtain rod, Ruin perks. Now this is more like it!

As each in turn looks at her, Niva meets their gaze with a glower, though for her part, Cenlia surprisingly is free of anything other than a disgusted look. Thea is also glared at, but then the pile of paperwork is spotted, and she mutters under her breath. "At least you do more bloody paperwork in here than Ysa does in a sevenday." She spits out at the young Weyrwoman, still fuming at her attention falls on X'hil. Unfortunately for the bronzerider, he's the one that her attention lingers on. "What the *shards* were you doing at Ierne?" The woman's voice rises, high-pitched as she practically shrieks.

Enter Angry Goldrider Number Two. Ysa did work! Well, she did the bare minimum, but there was a certain new gossip that made her blood boil and stalk the Weyr. Her red face had a little to do with her anger and a little to do with the fact that she just came off the sands, looking for the Weyrwoman. She spares everyone in the infirmary her glare, jaw set as she stomps in to find her target after being (kindly) redirected by someone that spotted her. "This is all your fault," Ysa snaps at Niva as she stands there, turning her head briefly to eye X'hil, having caught the near-shriek as she was stomping in.

Thea's glance flickers down to the pile on her lap and back up. She was doing paperwork? Oh, yeah, for a few seconds there, she was. With Niva's screeching question at X'hil, her eyes swing towards him and her mouth drops open. Her cheeks also flush red. She doesn't wait for the man to clear himself or explain, "You!" Her eyes narrow, "You said you didn't go /a-ny-where/!" She's angry, very angry now. And she's shaking. "And Kinseth /landed/ right /beside/ Seryth!"

Cenlia raises her brows at X'hil when Ierne is mentioned. So /that's/ where he went in such a hurry? Eledri lowers his book a little, glancing curiously over at the bronzer. Well, it's entertainent, of a sort, especially when yet another angry weyrwoman wanders in. And since Niva doesn't seem to be mad at Cenlia, the gardener girl relaxes a little and just watches. When Thea starts yelling, though, any sympathy in Cenlia's face for X'hil's predicament dissolves into a frown. Seryth was the first dragon Cenlia met, and the gardener girl has heard the lower caverns rumors… she can suddenly understand why the weyrwoman's upset. Eledri, too, is frowning, though he looks more confused than anything.

X'hil winces, and cringes. "I, I… I panicked." he admits, in a very small voice. "I never /intended/ to… I just…" he looks thoroughly guilty, and ashamed. He /panicked/. "I didn't exactly plan it! I would never!" Never break rules, or never risk infection? More the latter, really. Since they returned, Seryth's been the only one to actually see the bronze. He's been hiding out in the man's weyr. "I, I…" He frowns, and sets his mouth in a line. "/Griselda/, take them, /leave/." he mutters, and the woman gathers up the toddlers, heading for the clearing with Isabet in tow. "I panicked. Ierne was home." Past tense? "I … went home." he mumbles, staring at the pillow of his cot.

"You're a sharding fool!" Niva is practically screaming at X'hil as he stammers through his explanation. But then Thea is unleashing her own fury upon the injured bronzerider, and Ysa is setting herself upon Niva. Still fuming, Niva just huffs at X'hil, stammering before she throws her hands up in the air, apparently unable to form a sentence to even begin to express her displeasure. Besides, that's what Thea is for, right? But, Ysa, unfortunately, is not as easily to forget, and the Senior Weyrwoman is whirling on her Junior, glare settling on her instead. "/My fault/?" Niva just glares at Ysa, shaking her head. "I suppose I should be honored that you think I can sicken an entire sharding Weyr with a thought."

Thea just stares at the whining. "You..you…!" She's never done what she's about to do, she's usually self-controlled, but when Seryth is concerned all bet are off. She starts in low-voiced, "You wherry-butted, ovine-brained, empty-shelled ninny!" She takes a breath and continues, "You risked the health of your dragon and -mine- and maybe the next clutch to
run home away from your mama?!" Her voice ends on a screech. Probably the first time in her life she's done that in public. "Where's my crossbow, you need another arrow in your tush!" Above her Ruin chortles with glee.

Ysa likes to silently fume there, especially since Niva had to get her words out first at the poor bronzerider. There might be a slight pitied look for X'hil before she's back to glowering at Niva. "Yah, /your/ fault for lacking any common sense, Niva!" She snaps her mouth closed for a moment as she lets the idea of a sick Weyr sink in, and now her fury is turned on X'hil.
"That /was/ irresponsible, bronzerider. And if ya unleashed even the slightest of sniffles on our dragons I'll skin ya up myself! But that's beside the point," she quickly says, rounding back to the Weyrwoman. "/KATE/ is the problem. That sharding cave-gal's dragon is /mating/!"

Cenlia can't help it, even she's giving X'hil a look now. But there are already people yelling at him, and so the gardener girl remains silent. She does glance down under the bronzer's cot. Are those 'unmarked' bottles still there? Someone's going to need to get good and drunk after this, that's for sure. She eyes Ysa curiously, now looking as confused as Eledri.
Seems the lower caverns aren't as gossipy as all that.

X'hil scowls. "Kinseth has been shut up in our weyr since he got back. He's not harming /anyone/. If he gets ill…" The man just scowls. "It wasn't exactly a pleasant journey for me, either. If I had my way, we'd've turned right around and come back before running into any other sharding dragons." he mutters. Only, not. Maybe laid low somewhere else for a little bit. Without dragons. The bottles are still there, Griselda left them for later… Or didn't want to draw attention to them when she left. Either way.

"Why the shards do you think I know *he* was at Ierne, you blubbering idiot?" Niva glares back at Ysa, her finger pointed back at X'hil, the bronzerider not given a chance to defend himself before she's carrying on. "*His* bronze caught Lusiath. So you're a little late, Ysa. She already did mate." Niva's voice is practically a hiss as she argues with the other goldrider. A glare is turned to Thea and X'hil, Cenlia getting the briefest of glances, before her attention is back on Ysa. "Did you forget that *I'm* the Senior, and you are not? I'm *not* wrong." She says, in an overly sweet tone with a smirk.

Ysa glowers right back as she stands up straighter, hands fisted at her side. "Mating, mated. The sharding point is that she's /alive/ and the only thing we can hope for is that Kilaueth has laid some defective queen instead and there're no eggs." Her voice isn't shouting, but it's definitely bordering on growling. The others are given a look and she waves her hand about. "We got the flu to deal with but now we endangered the rest of Pern with renegade dragonriders because of that girl!" Her fist was lifting! It was going! But just a little bit and then back down. The goldrider's dark face was obviously red in anger. "When I said it was mistake to allow to her stand, were ya right to say she could? When Keziah an' I came to ya after we were taken by Kefai, were you right saying it we were making it up? No big deal? Ya might be Senior, Niva, but even Pern has seen their failure in Seniors before."

Thea listens to Ysa and ohs silently. Seems something has clicked in reagrds to Kate's dragon having a clutch. She suddenly starts laughing, (chalk it up to the head-bang and fellis-draught) her finger points to X'hil, "If…if Kinseth gets…" she pauses for breath, and giggles, "sick…" more breathing, more sniggering with a few snorts in there somewhere, "S-so will Lusiath." She looks from Ysa to Niva, "Maybe she -won't- clutch! Or have viable eggs." Her face sobers and she gives X'hil a stricken look, someone she had counted as a friend, "Didn't think of that when you skited off, didja X'hil? Do you know Kilaueth is carrying eggs? Do you know Seryth ought to be rising soon?"

Eledri has gone back to hiding behind his book. Since neither he nor his sister are being yelled at, he can hunch down and eavesdrop. Cenlia, however, is looking around, possibly for that crossbow. Though whether she wants to prevent Thea from shooting the bronzer or help the goldie skewer him is questionable. But when she hears the possibility of 'renegade
dragonriders' the girl's gaze swings right back to the weyrwomen. "What?" is out of her mouth before she can stop it. Hearing the rest though, she wisely shuts it. Her little midnight-blue flit, Rogue, nuzzles he girl's chin, and Cenlia eyes the 'lizard.

X'hil glares at his pillow. He doesn't really have anywhere else to look, being stuck on his stomach with a bandage across his rear. "Sharding /dragons/. Kinseth can't let a sharding flight /go/." he grumbles. He's more upset that Kinseth has been exposed and might already have the flu. He doesn't, but it's far too early for anyone to know that yet. His face /pales/ at
Thea's words, and he just sort of stares at the pillow. "I… He… /Sharding shard-blasted SHARDS/!" He just flops his head down on the pillow now, unable to even justify that. So many potential outcomes of that flight are whirling around in his head, none of them good.

"Stop laughing." Niva snaps over her shoulder at Thea - her words clearly going in one ear and out the other, having no serious impact on her thoughts. Instead, her attention is solely on Ysa, shaking her head. "No one could have guessed she'd have run off. Besides, what person in their right mind believes a drunk like you? Not *me*." But, then again, there's also a debate as to how much in her right mind Niva actually is. "You shouldn't even have been there." Niva snaps at X'hil, before she's glaring at Ysa. "Don't like me? Leave. You're a useless drunk." And then Niva is taking aim for X'hil's cot, reaching for his shoulder, aiming to yank his knot right off his shoulder.

Although Cenlia's peering about is noted with a quizzical glance, Thea has no idea what the girl is searching for. X'hil's continued whining irritates her into a grumbled, "Wouldn't have been an issue if you hadn't been in the area." She subsides after this, but continues glaring at him. Likely to do that all night, too, unless the fellis intervenes. She has her attention on the unfortunate bronzerider when Niva snags the knot off of him. Her head turns to Niva and she says firmly, "Ysa's -not- useless." She may not argue the point, but she will not back down, either.

Seeing as Avaeth is clearly the only gold who is /not/ throwing a fit, she's decided to send a scout into the infirmary to see what all the fuss is and bring peace about the Weyr once more. Zevida, the scout, does peek into the infirmary quietly. A bored expression upon her face that seems to go into one of dread at the sight of the problem. Saying nothing to disturb, she moves in quietly and stays in the background. She's not going to get into the middle of this, seeing as it seems like a major free-for-all in the Infirmary. She's just here to pick up the pieces.. After the bloody battle. For now. Avaeth hasn't poked her head in to interferr, either.

Ysa passes Thea a look. It wasn't quite a glare, but it was definitely a warning to shut it. "One can only hope that gold drops out of the sky dead from the flu. And takes that cave-thing with her." Niva wasn't going to get off that easy, especially when Ysa's personal habits were prodded at. "I wasn't drunk at that time, if ya recall. I was /pregnant/. And ya wouldn't even believe Keziah who's never given ya any reason to distrust. You sharding laughed at us. And didn't I say she was going to run to her father the moment she could? If you can't listen to your Weyr, Niva, you might as well step down. You're sounding like a senile old woman." Thea gets a grateful smirk (and while Niva was looking away a mouthed 'thanks') as she moves to stand closer towards those injured now. There's a bit of a frown when X'hil's knot is taken but she wasn't going to complain.

Cenlia gives Rogue a scritch, and then just watches the scene unfolding near X'hil's cot with some fascination, while blue Rogue has his attention fixed in that direction as well. Cenlia doesn't look surprised at the de-knotting, though maybe she does look just the slightest bit sorry for the bronzer. She doesn't notice the entrance of yet another weyrwoman.

X'hil automatically dodges Niva's attempt to take his knot, rolling all the way over. His eye starts to twitch as he fights the — admittedly, numbed — pain. Was it worth it? No, no it was not. He scowls, yanking the knot off himself. "I shouldn't have /come back/!" he retorts, pain and humiliation bypassing his brain, apparently. He seems reluctant to hand the knot over, giving up the /paperwork/ first. "I shouldn't have /ever/ come back." he mutters. If Thea had taken Cenlia home from that lesson, none of this would have happened. He doesn't say as much, but he's certainly not shooting Thea any pleasant looks. He scowls at the knot, and just … gives it up. It's not worth it. "And /you/ shut up!" he growls, no doubt at Kinseth. The bronze is /most/ upset by this turn of events. There's an anguished roar from a barn off the meadow when the knot is released, but no charging bronzes are forthcoming. At least /one/ of the pair is responsible, although even that point is debatable.

"Oh, shut up." Niva snaps at Thea, shaking her head. "Clearly your fellis is wearing off." The knot is taken from X'hil once he finally hands it over, and thrown in the closest trash can. "You and your bronze aren't *moving* until we're sure they aren't carrying the flu." The paperwork is practically thrown at Zevida as the Weyrwoman passes her, whirling back on Ysa. "I'm not going anywhere. And I've done everything I can to find her, and her father. If you don't like it, go find her yourself." And even then the Weyrwoman is already on her way towards the door.

Thea tightens her lips into a thin line at both Ysa and Niva's ire. She leans back against her headboard, just watching. She has no idea why X'hil is shooting -her- dirty looks, since she can't read his mind. She's waiting for the ninny to apologize for exposing them all to the flu. A glance slides towards the sleeping Shellie. Lucky girl, to miss this! She places a hand to
her lump - her head is throbbing once more, but she doesn't let that stop her. She sits up and begins getting out of her cot. "Where are my clothes?" She's asking the healers, "Where?"

Zevida doesn't squeak as the papers are shoved at her, instead she frowns slightly and glances towards the other riders. A frown to each one of them as she settles the paper at her side. A grumble as she moves to grab Thea's arm with her free hand and attempting to shove her back into the bed. "If you're not well, you're staying here." She snaps, looks to X'hil,
"and you stay there, too. Otherwise, I'll put guards up here and have them not let anyone out of this shardin' place. Obviously, you're all causing chaos one way or another!" Then, towards Ysa she says nothing, simply looks at the other woman for a moment. "Why don't you go take a break?" Pressing her lips into a thin line, she looks towards the door after Niva with a shake of her head. "Shells. Ava. You shoulda done this yourself." She grumbles. Sure, big gold lumbering into the infirmary and staring everyone down would be helpful..

Ysa rolls her eyes after Niva. "You could have started when you were first given warning!" she calls after her, fists clenching again. With a huff she sits down on the edge of the X'hil's bed (hey, he made a bit of room for her) and she shakes her head at the retreating Weyrwoman. "Sharding thick-headed woman." Her head shivels around at Thea and she glares, pointing her finger at her. "As far as it looks there isn't any way that the Healers will let you out like that." Her glare turns on Zevida now, the other goldrider finally noticed. "I've been on break. I think Niva wanted /you/ to get that paperwork done now that we're out of a Weyrsecond." Oh yes, X'hil is the recipient of a third glare.

Cenlia has seen most of her cousins and brothers get in trouble and chewed out for something or other over the turns, and admittedly, X'hil almost ranks up there with them, especially after all the trouble they seem to encounter. Cenlia feels bad for him, and maybe it shows a little in her face. She's not a rider, so the scare of dragon flu for her is more that her friend
Thea is so upset. The gardener girl watches Niva leave with a wary look - Cenlia still remembers the senior shooting back a half-glass of straight tuber ale and still remaining standing. Cenlia shivers a bit, and peers at X'hil a moment before sitting up straighter. She swings her legs round to the floor, edging to the side of the cot carefully. She blinks dizzily for a moment, then peers at X'hil's cot again. Rogue does the same, while the girl deposits her other flits on the blanket beside her. And then, very slowly, she pushes herself to her feet. At the creaking, Eledri glances over to peer at his sister, lips compressed in a thin linbe. When Zevida speaks, Cenlia hesitates, leaning on the nearest table for support, but since the goldrider isn't speaking to the gardener, Cenlia continues moving. Slowly. Leaning on bedrails, she goes towards X'hil's cot, aiming for the chairs Izzy and Isabet has vacated. She does pause when Ysa sits down right at the foot of the bronzers cot, the gardener girl looking halfway sheepish and halfway determined. That head-bump's gotta be killing her, and from the way Rogue is pressed up against the girl's neck, with a drooping snout, the flit can't be too happy either.

Thea looks down at her arm where the goldrider's hand is, then back up at Zevida. She appears to ponder her options. "It'd make me sicker to stay in her with him!" Her thumb jerks in X'hil's direction. As Ysa speaks, there's a burly healer backing up her words and just looming in her way. Thea slides back into bed, and pulls her sheet up to her chin, unhappy with the
world. The entire room gets it. Glare. Then, because there is only one sane person (in Thea's mind) presently in the room, Thea asks Zevida in a small voice, carrying the weight of her worry, "Have you heard if any of the sick dragons have recovered?"

X'hil just rolls back onto his stomach, and scowls at his pillow. He has nothing more to say. He doesn't actually /want/ to leave Xanadu any more, which makes it all the worse. Izzy isn't going to want to run away with him to Ierne, she has a life here, friends, family. And, so does he, now. He grunts as Zevida tells him to stay put in the infirmary, because it's not like he's going anywhere any time soon. "Never wanted that knot." he mutters under his breath. He seems a little startled by Ysa on the cot, and Cenlia moving over to the chairs. "Go 'way." he mutters, sullenly, shooting a brief glare at Thea. He doesn't want to be around people at the moment any more than she wants to be around him. He feels bad enough already.

Zevida glances at Ysa and smiles, "I was going to. Seeing as I've done most of the paperwork since becoming a Junior." She points out softly, glancing towars Thea and frowning slightly. "If you're bugged by him so much, I'll find a curtain to put up so you don't have to see him." She pats the younger rider on the head. "I'm certain they'll find something to make them better. They always do." A bright smile and she glances towards Cenlia as she just notices the girl, feeling sorry for her.

"Ya don't look so well yourself," Ysa notes the obvious to Thea, waggling a finger towards the beds as the girl wanders around. She doesn't look like she was going to go anywhere, even at X'hil's words. "It isn't going to make a difference if I leave right now or not." No, she was going to get comfy right there. "Don't give yourself so much credit, Zevida," she says,
passing the goldrider an irritated look. To Thea she answers, even if it wasn't directed at her. "No worries. That flu isn't getting here," she says in a falsely hopeful voice. She clenches her jaw tightly, shaking her head slowly.

Cenlia snorts at X'hil and keeps moving to those chairs, and it soon becomes clear that X'hil is not actually her target, even if she does look sorry for him. The moment the girl takes a seat in the chair, Rogue scurries down her shoulder and there's a bit of clinking under the cot. That sneaky little blue has every intention of *betweening* away those unmarked bottles if nothing stops him. Cenlia glances in X'hil's direction, mumbling, "So much for keepin' the knot."

Thea blinks at Zevida as her head is patted, then frowns at both Ysa and Zevida in irritation. "I wasn't looking for empty assurances," she bites out, "I want to -know-!" She doesn't need a curtain, either. She'd much rather glare at X'hil. In fact, she may just get better staying here knowing he doesn't -want- folks around. Hey - it's therapy! Cenlia's foray is noticed for the first time. What is that girl..? She spots the bottles and smiles with a headshake.

Zevida frowns at Ysa, "what, you did dump a /lot/ of it on me. And I have the papers here that I'm going to do as soon as I get out of here. I'm not taking credit for things I /didn't/ do. I am only taking credit for what I did." Glancing down at Thea, she shrugs. "I don't know, I couldn't tell you. But, I'm sure Seryth will be fine."

X'hil blinks at the clinking, and shifts in the cot a little, letting one arm hang down the side. Cough. He grabs on to /one/ of the unmarked bottles, and refuses to let go. This is /his/. Not that he really has much of a chance to drink it in here, considering Izzy took the cups and the straw away. Meredith pops out of between then, finally free of that blasted toddler, and chitters angrily at X'hil for abandoning him to such a fate. The man groans at the brown, and tries to bat him away with his free hand, but, lying on his stomach, his hands can't really go 'up' at all. "Great. /Everyone/ hates me." he snorts, though he does look over at Cenlia as she mentions his lost knot, with a lopsided frown. It's almost /not/ a frown, hooray?

"You make it sound like I shoved the whole lot at ya. I've had long nights in the office, too. And this time, blame Niva," Ysa replies to Zevida. She keeps her voice down at least, all her anger only directed at Niva at the end. And then the other goldrider gets a long look and her shoulders lift up. "No, probably not. They're still sick from the last note I got from Ista Weyr. Some cure didn't work. Sorry, Thea. But Ella /or/ Seryth aren't going to get sick if it's the last thing I do." Clinking? She knew that noise! Her head swivels about to stare at Cenlia. "I hope there's 'nough to go 'round. We need it."

The little midnight blue flit has almost finished his task, when a hand grabs a bottle. There were three… now there's just the one, which the flit wraps around. He's not a meanie like the brown, though, and instead nuzzles those fingers and chirps. Yeah, not so sneaky now. Cenlia grins a bit at Ysa's words, the gardener girl saying promptly, "Will need some cups." She points down to indicate the /one/ bottle left under the cot. And maybe she snickers a bit. But where are the other two? Eledri rolls his eyes in exasperation at his sister, "/Honestly/, Cen."

Thea sits on her cot quietly, "Can your lizards steal cups, Cenlia?" Hopefully the healers didn't hear that. Thea appreciates Ysa's honesty and nods solemnly back at her. She sighs. "Might as well send some of that paperwork down here for me to do since I've nothing else to do," she tells Zevida.

Zevida blinks, slowly nodding. "Yea.. I suppose it was Niva…" She grumbles and shrugs, "I'm sorry, Thea. But, I doubt that she'll get sick." She smiles, "I'm going to go finish these papers seeing as they need to get done." She nods at Thea.

X'hil blinks a little, and pulls up the one bottle, peeling the firelizard off with a scowl, and then tucking the bottle under his pillow. /His/. Cough. There were three there before, and he can't see that two have disappeared from his position, so he feels completely justified in hoarding one for himself. There /are/ two more, after all. Right?

Ysa's brows lift up at Cenlia's words. "/Cups/? We don't need any sharding cups, trust me." And she prompty holds her hand out for one of those bottles, glancing over at X'hil when he hides one. "I saw that. Ya can remake friends faster if ya share, ya know." Soeone /really/ needed a drink. There's a sigh and a nod towards Zevida, waving her other hand after her
before smirking at Thea. "I still say we should strike. Give Niva plenty of the work."

The little blue gives a disappointed warble. Alas! This booze be taken. But Cenlia has another job for him, and the girl says to Thea, "Can try…" Cenlia stares at the little flit. The midnight-blue firelizard stares back. Cenlia concentrates some more. The blue chirps and loses interest, going back to worrying X'hil's pillow. Cenlia rolls her eyes and then snickers a bit at Ysa's words, "Guess we don't." The gardener girl seems thoughtful, though, as she eyes her other flits. The brown ignores her, bright blue Mizzle gives a confused chirp, and the bronze on his pebble-pile growls outright. Mizzle, though, disappears *between* and Cenlia looks hopeful.

Thea mutters a 'see ya' as Zevida leaves. Yay, more paperwork will be on the way. She half-smiles at Ysa's comment, "Makes more sense to hire a staff to do it. Then it's done and there's no yelling from Niva." She has to make some marks, first though. She slides further down in the bed, yawning. All these temper fits have worn her out. "Just keep it quiet over there, hrm?" And she's dozing off already.

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