A Normal Day at the Infirmary

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Shellie is in a nearby cot, sleeping. She's obviously in some pain, as she's groaning

X'hil is simply asleep, laying on his stomach in his patient's gown. His butt has been slathered with numbweed and bandaged. He's mumbling something in his sleep, something about… babies?

Cenlia is snoozing in a cot too, though much more quietly then some. Eledri is awake, and reading a book. He occasionally shifts in his cot, grimacing as the cracked rib protests.

Shellie moans as her eyes open. Even though she's awake, she still seems fairly groggy, but considering that she's heavily dosed with fellis

X'hil starts to toss and turn, apparently having a nightmare. There's a sudden loud /yelp/ as he rolls over onto his injured behind, and he quickly rolls onto his stomach again, now completely awake, and scowling.

Cenlia sleepily raises her head at the yelp, peering around ad blinking. Eledri glances over at X'hil, but seeing that the bronzer isn't dying, the computercrafter goes back to his book. Cenlia, though, rubs her eyes and mumbles, "Y'alright?" It takes her a moment to spot X'hil and Shellie, and she sits up slowly, yawning and rubbing her temples. She shoots a quick glances at her brother, but doesn't say anything to him. Eledri, likewise, ignores his sister. Well, at least they're not bickering?

Shellie groans, and looks towards everyone. "Uh… what happened?

X'hil grumbles, and tries to get a look at his rear. It's quite impossible. "I rolled onto my wound!" he complains. Well, it looks fine, nothing wrong with the bandage at least. "That /hurt/." Master of stating the obvious.

Eledri sinks further down into his cot, blocking his expression with the book, a computercraft manual. Cenlia peers at the bronzer's bandaged butt for a moment before answering Shellie, "We got beat up by the ovine, is my guess." She pauses. "Er, 'least I think you did… Me and Eled got beat up by a tree. Thea too maybe…" Another pause as she glances at X'hil. "Eled shot him in the butt with an arrow," she waves a hand over in X'hil's direction. Of course, Cenlia, being unconscious for most of it, had to have heard what happened from somebody else. The gardener girl rubs her head.

Shellie groans, nodding. "I… I remember something… The ram was charging me, I tripped, and then all I knew was pain…

X'hil scowls, and finally gives up trying to look at his bandaged behind. "/And/ my jacket!" he notes in a mournful tone, nodding to the pierced garment. "It got shot, and pinned to a tree!" Right. And then he mutters something about /afterwards/, glancing briefly towards Cenlia and Eledri. They were the only other ones conscious 'afterwards'.

Thea has been snoozing away most of the night, having awakened and then been given a dose of fellis for her throbbing head. Voices rouse her now and she stirs, turning over in her cot. One eyelid lifts slightly and she peeks at the room in general. She's listening, even though she's been silent - she speaks up now, "I missed that." A pause, "Er, how is your- how are you feeling, X'hil?" Her eyes range across the other cots and she blinks, confused to find them filled. Shellie's voice she expects to hear here, and Cenlai visiting X'hil wouldn't be unusual. That konk on the head apparently made her forgetful of all the events last night.

Cenlia grimaces and looks at Shellie with a bit of concern, "Didn't see you when we was brought in… you okay, ma'am?" Eledri seems to be trying to sink even further into the cot, and a quiet and guilty-sounding, "Sorry about that, sir," comes from behind the book. Cenlia peers over at her brother curiously, but then when Thea speaks, the gardener girl grins a bit, saying to the goldie, "Think we both took a knock on the head."

Shellie shakes her head, groggly. "I… I'm not sure. I hurt all over, but especially my right shoulder, and it feels like they have me on fellis.

X'hil mutters something under his breath before answering Thea with a simple "Pain. Pain is how I am feeling." Oh, come on, it's just a little flesh-wound… Though he did yelp rather loudly earlier when he rolled on to it. He grumbles, "And Kinseth won't even leave my barn to come see how I'm doing…" Not that he'd fit in here. But he could look in from the clearing now and then. Poor bronze. Seems to be some kind of self-imposed quarantine, after that trip of his. /He/ won't be the one to bring the sickness to Xanadu. Never mind that he hasn't actually /got/ the sickness, he can't know that yet. The man makes a sound that's half a sigh and half a groan, and glances over at Eledri. "I'll live." he says, flatly. That's about as close as he'll get to telling the man it's okay, at least while he's still injured. Turns from now they'll laugh about this, they will. He grunts as he shifts a bit, scowling. "Numbweed's worn off." No kidding.

Thea reaches tentative fingers up to feel the knot on her head and she ouches softly before responding to Cenlia, "You too huh? And who is that?" She looks over at the book-reader, but can't quite see who it is. She can empathize with X'hil, but a needle can't really compare with an arrow. "They ought to give you something stronger if it's deep," she suggests. Her eyes rest upon Shellie blankly for a moment, then, "Shoulder? Ohhh!" A rush of memory suffuses her face with red. "Oh, Shellie, I'm so sorry. I- my arrow came down into you." One hand lifts the sheet and she starts to sit up, and swing her legs out of bed. She want to go see if the healer is okay. She doesn't make it out of bed, however. A stern healer moves to intercept her, "Oh no, nuh uh. You stay in that cot, Missy." A firm hand pushes her back into her cot.

Shellie shakes her head again… "Arrow? All I remember was being trampled, and everything is just a blur of pain after that." She's pale, looking down. "I don't know anything of what happened after I fell.

Eledri lowers the book a little, peering over the top at Thea with a soft, "Me." Cenlia says while waving an arm in his direction, "I coulda broke my neck fallin' outta that tree. Good thing I landed on m' brother." Eledri rolls his eyes and hides his face behind the book again, still intent on ignoring his sister. Cenlia grins as Thea gets intercepted by the healer, the gardener girl saying, "They won't let me get up, either." Not that she'd really be able to stand, let alone walk, properly at the moment. Cenlia makes a face, eyeing the door longingly, but then says to the healer while indicating X'hil, "He needs more numbweed on his butt." Eledri coughs from behind his book, quickly muffling the snerking with a hand. Cenlia glances sideways at her brother.

X'hil grumbles, and mutters, "That's what I've been saying!" Only, not really. He was cheerfully proclaiming the virtues of numbweed right up until he fell asleep last night. "I mean, shards, that was an /arrow/. They're /designed/ to go in deep. Or something." Okay, so he doesn't really know arrows from apples, but still. The man frowns, and tries to recall what happened in the gardens. "Shards, it was /chaos/. The … sheep … is dead. Eaten." By Rieselth. And then there's a healer headed his way, and he frowns, glancing over at Cenlia, though not /quite/ gratefully. More embarrassed. But he'll be grateful /afterwards/. And the healer draws the curtains around the cot, setting to work on the man's behind. Poor X'hil, he may never live this down.

Thea eyes Shellie, noting her pallor with concern. "Maybe it's better that way," she comforts. After all twice-trampled and arrow-shot isn't a pleasure to reminisce. The "me" draws Thea's attention. A small smile tugs at her lips at the picture Cenlia's comment draws. She stifles a giggle X'hil's way, not wanting to laugh at a fellow sore-bum. They really should start a club or something since there are at least three of them in the Weyr now.

Shellie sighs, and shifts, groaning again as her broken ribs grind slightly. One of the other healers notes this, and comes over, with a glass of wine, laced with fellis.

Cenlia grins in X'hil's direction. When the curtain is drawn and Cenlia can no longer see the bronzer - and he assumedly can't see her - the gardener girl starts snickering. He can probably /hear/ her, though. Cenlia eyes the wine the healer has, and then the gardener girl glances out the door. There's a muffled chirping as two blue and a brown flit peek from behind Cenlia's pillow, but where's the bronze? Ah, there he comes, swooping into the infirmary and landing at the foot of Cenlia's bed. He has something in his little firelizard paws. It appears to be a very round stone. The flit crawls under the blanket and Cenlia pulls back the sheet, revealing a pile of round rocks next to her feet. With an eyeroll, Cenlia mutters, "You could at least be useful and go get me some booze." The bronze flit peers at her with a little chirp.

A green-eyed blonde woman enters, followed by an older chef. They each carry a green-eyed brown-haired toddler, a boy and a girl. The woman pauses at the entrance to the infirmary, calling, "Xa?" and X'hil groans. "Come in, Izzy." he calls from behind the curtain. The healer seems finished then, throwing back the curtain and moving off to see to other patients. X'hil glances over at Cenlia curiously, oh yes, he heard the snickering, but then has another thought, and props himself up on one shoulder to peer in the direction of the door, and groans. She brought them. And Isabet. Great. "Um. So. These are… Wow." he mumbles. Griselda - 'Izzy' - nods. "Grahil," she nods to the boy that she's carrying, "And Grahilda." She jerks her head at the girl that the older woman is holding. They look to be about two and a half turns old, possibly a few months older.

Thea is relaxing upon her pillow, the effects of her early-morning dose of fellis still with her. She rolls her head to watch the stone-toting bronze. "Did you ever give that charmer a name, Cenlia?" She winces in sympathy a few times as sounds issue from behind X'hil's screen. The arriving group is eyes curiously, since there's not much entertainment in the Infirmary. "Cute kids," she murmurs idly. There's a raucous shriek as Ruin pops into the room from *Between* right over Thea's head. Pain, misery, suffering. He has found his heaven.

Shellie finishes her fellis, and is about to fall asleep. Not even the kids can keep her eyes open. She drifts off, eyes closing, her mouth open slightly.

Cenlia grins at her bronze flit and shrugs, "Was gonna call him Charm or Charmer, but then he up and hit his head." The bronze flit HISSES at Ruin's arrival and Cenlia mutters, "But he ain't so charming anymore." The girl prods her bronze flit with her toe, and he hisses at her foot. Cenlia rolls her eyes again. Turning to ignore the firelizards, she peers over at Izzy and grins, agreeing with Thea and saying to Griselda, "Cute." Eledri, upon hearing Griselda, practically buries himself under the blanket of his cot. After the tongue-lashing he got yesterday, he's possibly scared of the woman. Cenlia notices, and snickers at him.

X'hil can't help it, he makes a 'proud-papa' grin when Thea comments on the cuteness of his kids. "I, heh…" he eyes Isabet curiously, then frowns. "You /knew/, didn't you?" he asks, and the older woman just smiles. Griselda shakes her head, assuring the man, "I swear, I never /told/ her. She … guessed." She guessed right. Also, the names were kind of a give-away. The two women pull up chairs by X'hil's cot, toddlers on their laps. X'hil frowns. "Grahil, and Grahilda." he murmurs. Quite a mouthful. Grahil reaches out to grab his father's finger, and the man melts. "My… son." he murmurs, in awe. Griselda grins, glancing over to Cenlia and Eledri, smirking at Eledri's reaction, but responding to Cenlia, "Aren't they just?" Aww. Proud parents, the both of them. Even if it was /very/ short notice for X'hil - he only found out they existed last night.

Thea responds to Ruin's unexpected arrival with the startled jump that gratifies the wicked bronze immensely and he settles upon the headboard with a smug purr. He flips his wings closed while chittering with pleasure at the ire of poor Charmer-to-be-named. "Oh go away, Ruin," Thea begs tiredly, uselessly and sinks down further into her cot. Her eyes flicker towards Shellie, worry showing in them. She is only sleeping? The healers aren't showing alarm, so Thea relaxes. X'hil's family reuinion draws a smile, but she doesn't stare. Ruin, has no such manners - this family looks far too happy to suit him! He leans forward to stare intently at one of the toddlers, eyes reddened and tenses as if to spring like a feline.

"Guess yer gonna /have/ to keep that knot now," Cenlia grins at X'hil, "Can't run off after this." And then jokingly to Izzy, "Might wanna send for some brandy. In case he passes out again." Right… because booze helps so much with staying conscious? Cenlia giggles though, "Gotta celebrate, right?" Captain-Charmer bronze flit curls over his eggs - er, pebbles - and peers suspiciously at Ruin. The other three flite try to steal Cenlia's pillow.

X'hil tilts his head at Cenlia absently, and smirks. "Guess I am… If the weyrleaders'll keep me, that is." After his little trip? Hmm. "But I'll be back, I'll visit." He hesitates for a long moment, looking into the eyes of his son and daughter. "I… might even… talk to my mother." He grimaces, and clearly doesn't really want to, but he /should/. He has to be the grown-up now. Yes. "Celebrate… Celebrating sounds good." Cough. /Booze/ sounds good. Izzy smirks, and shifts her son up onto the cot with X'hil, heading out to the clearing. She's really going to get that brandy? /Really/? Meanwhile, the little girl in Isabet's lap is looking intently at the firelizard Ruin, actually /reaching/ for him. Kids, honestly…

Ruin subsides with what he thinks is a scary snap of his jaws. Fear him! The child-hand reaching for him has the bronze skittering to leap into the air. He's off to find a higher perch. Whew! Close one! "You couldn't have been flying overhead when arrows were being mis-fired, could you have?" Thea growls to Ruin. She brightens, "Oh, X'hil, that reminds me! Was looking for you last night…" one hand reaches for a stack of papers on the bedside table and she passes them to a healer to take over to the second weyrsecond. "Ysa and R'miel want you to work on these." She's not saying whose idea it was.

Celia shoos her flits off her pillow so she can use it as a backrest, her brown, Trouble, giving her a little grumpy growl and nipping at her fingers before clambering into the gardener's lap, where he snorts at the broody bronze who is still fussing over pebbles at the foot off the bed. When Izzy leaves, presumably to go get booze, Cenlia practically beams, "I wanna get fostered by /her/." And she giggles, turning to snicker at X'hil's apparent paperwork.

X'hil groans, and takes the paperwork, with a grimace, holding it at arms length as though it is too putrid to think about. "Nothing /urgent/, I hope? I can't really face paperwork until I can /sit/ again." he mutters, with a groan. Little Grahilda starts to /cry/ when the bronze flies off, and X'hil looks suddenly frightened. "What do I do? What do I dooo?" he panics, grabbing his own firelizard, the ever-present brown, Meredith, and shoving him at the girl. She giggles and /hugs/ the firelizard, who merely growls. This is highly undignified, he doesn't /do/ children. X'hil relaxes a little, and smirks at Cenlia. "I wouldn't suggest that to her if I were you. She's not really the, ah, maternal type." But then, he hasn't seen her in over three years, so.

Izzy seems to be taking a while getting the booze… She'll be back though, won't she?

Thea nods, answering mildly, "Urgent according to Zevida. Requisitions from all over the Weyr to replace damages done by those sharding ovines." She yawns, but takes her own stack as reluctantly as X'hil does. At the sound of the squalling child she comments without looking up, "Try fellis." From his perch up on the curtain rod, Ruin chitters, pleased with sounds of anguish. It ends all too soon. If firelizards could pout, Ruin would be doing it.

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