Random Log: Touching Calanth's Eggs

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Tomaz enters and bows to the dragons and riders present even if perhaps the queen is napping. He steps carefully over to the egg with the Turbulent swirls…

Deguila walks in first with Menea, glancing about at the sands. She nods respectfully to the queen andthen back to the eggs as well "Wow… they're quite a colorful bunch… " she notes slowing somewhat as she skims over the eggs consideringly.

Tomaz gets down very carefully on his knees and gently puts his fingers on the shell of the turbulently swirled egg.

Menea looks over towards Deguila and gives a deep bow to the Queen, not willing to make the golden mad at a time like this. "Yes, they are." She says and looks over to Tomaz. She peers over to the eggs, looking for one to call her favorite. She moves over towards the Falling from the Heavens egg and gently reaches her hand out towards the egg, she places her hand gently upon the shell.

Deguila finally selects one, nodding to Menea "Much more detailled than from afar for sure." she admits in her soft voice as one band-aided hand brushes the egg shell.

Tomaz nods."This is the one I saw laid when I peeped in first time… I like this one's shell…They're all good looking eggs."

Lorena skirts away as another approaches it before her and moves to another.

Tomaz says "Hello?"

Deguila blinks at this, eyes widenng a bit as she shakes her head "A little jovial arent we? Where did you learn what doors look like?" she murmers, amused and calm as she rubs the egg gently, focusing on those eyes, willing them to come out.

Deguila laughs softly at that and tilts her head "oh, dont go yet. " she notes at that, waiting patiently for more as she brings to mind stripes and other such flashing things, envisioning a dark forest that she was hiding in. "can you find me?"

Deguila blinks at this and goes a bit pale,eyeing the egg now warily "That wasnt nice." she notes chidingly, somewhat rattled, but her heartbeat was slowing down quickly again "Hmm. I think you need some alone time." as she waits a moment for any last responses.

Tomaz tilts his head at the shell."Uhmmm Those are dreams I had… Sometimes one can't figure out what dreams mean at all?"

Lorena shivers at the mind that meets her. She almost withdraws her hand then frowns and presses her hand upon the shell more. "What's… why are you so cold?" She murmurs absently.

Tomaz blinks and tries to explain why people dream and how one has something like a box of memories in their heads that can spark ideas that causes dreams to happen.

Deguila tilts her head and laughs again slightly, enjoying this greatly, though she keeps it quiet "I think I will leave you for now, let others enjoy your antics." she lifts her hand after one quick last thought "Have a good party."

Menea blinks a bit as she touches the egg, an idle smirk forming on her lips. She makes no comments, her hand lightly trailing the egg idly, liking the feeling of this egg.

Deguila moves off to another egg, and will leave of course when the queen demands.

Lorena frowns at the dark solemn thoughts she keeps getting and removes her hand. Are they all this unpleasent.

Lorena moves to another egg and eventually leaves when others do.

Tomaz smiles slightly."Thank you… maybe we'll talk again…"

Jeordi comes skidding to a halt, breathless, as he reaches the front entrance of the sands. But he does not cross the threshold. Not yet. He takes a few large, gulping breaths, and pauses a moment to make sure his clothing is straight and his hair is…mostly intact. Then he does take a step inside, bowing deeply to Calanth. "Good day, Queen Calanth." He says, his words and tone the epitome of politeness. He looks around the room, completely unsure if he should even be there, since he /was/ late. If he doesn't find Casiela, he'll look for J'ymi.

Tomaz moves over to the first egg Deguila was talking to and settles down to touch the shell."Hello…" is said as he presses his hand gently to the surface.

Rafca aimlessly winds through the clutch, her left hand extended so that her fingertips gently and briefly brush each shell she passes. The contact is so brief that it's unlikely the fetal dragon within would acknowledge the presence. After she's touched every shell, she turns around and begins wandering through the eggs again. This time no contact at all, green eyes flickering over each shell.

Tomaz chuckles as he sees the feline appears."A smiling feline… And oh were there cakes and tea just now…I'm a Bakercrafter and love to make cakes…" He fills his mind with an image of the small cakes he made with multiple colored icings sitting on a silver plate and people trying them.

Menea lets out a small gasp from touching the egg, a smirk follows the gasp, replacing the open lips with something smug. "I'll help you." She releases softly to the egg, speaking softly to only it. "It's strange though… This feeling." She speaks softly to the egg, her hand and mind unwilling to leave this egg now. She simply smirks more. "Determined… Strong…." She whispers, "That's how you feel." Her hand idly trails down a bit, before bringing it back up.

Tomaz sighs."Oh well… have a nice party…"

Jeordi considers for a moment, looking around the room for a few minutes. Since he can't find anyone, and no one seems to object to his slightly grubby presence, he steps forward amongst the eggs, his eyes, indeed, his hands, drawn irresistably to just one. For now, at least.

Tomaz stands."That was quite strange…" He moves through the eggs again carefully.

Tomaz steps over to the Turbulent Swirls egg and settles down touching it."Hello…"

Rafca's shuffling steps carry her to the Maze of Stairs Egg. Her nose wrinkles as she takes in the optical illusion on the shell's surface. With a sniff, the decision seems to be made. Rafca places her palm flat against the eggshell.

Tomaz looks sad at the egg."Who's lost? and … scared? Don't be scared… We want to be your friend."

Tomaz hmms."I'm sure someone'll be your friend if you weren't angry… I'm sorry…" He then says."Goodbye…"

Tomaz moves over to the Floral spread of Ebony egg."Hello…" He shakes the hand that had been in contact with the angry egg and then settles his other hand on the surface of that egg."Hello there…"

Danewt greatly dislikes being late for Important things. It's rare to see a tensed body posture in the harper-turned-candidate, but until his bare feet touch the burning sand, that's exactly the posture that he's got. To Calanth and Zsuzsath, as well as Weyrwoman Niva, J'ymi and what the shards, his fellow candidates. A deep breath, and he moves to find an unoccupied eggy.

Menea releases a small smiles of pleasure, her breath catching her throat. "Lovely… Absolutely lovely." She murmurs towards the egg. "Such a pleasing feeling, sight… All of it." She whispers. She soon pulls back, reluctantly. Her smile fades as the touch of the egg leaves her hand and she moves herself to another egg. She moves to The Colors of Chaos Egg.

Tomaz smiles."Hello… Any questions I can answer for you?" He smiles at this egg enjoying the feel of the spring breezes in his mind as well as the illusion of the scents he thinks he is smelling and the colors he now sees as he's closed his eyes to experience the light colors.

Jeordi takes a moment, closing his eyes and leaning close to the egg. Curiously, he sniffs at the surface of the shell, and smiles, ignoring, for a long moment, those around him. Of course, were he to open his eyes, his ability to remain standing and not spin dizzily into a faint. "Wow." Is all he can croak out through a suddenly dry throat.

Rafca wrinkles her nose again, glancing about at her fellow candidates. Her green eyes darting about the cavern at her fellow candidates, her expression quizzical — even leery or perhaps avoiding the presence emanating from the egg. She purses her lips.

Danewt kneels down at the Turbulent Swirls Egg. Almost without thinking about it, he leans his left ear closer, a mimmiced responce from his father, as if he almost heard something in the far distance. Humming softy, a tune bitterweet and blue seems to match what ever it was he heard.

Tomaz looks down at the egg running his hands along the surface eyes still closed."Yep I'm willing to be a friend to you… Your brothers and sisters and you are all being touched by people like me." He opens his eyes to look at those in the room."We all want to be your friend as well as your brothers and sisters." He looks at J'ymi and his bronze and Calanth and Casiella. "Those are your Mom and Da, and their best friends in the whole of Pern…"

Menea laughs softly and coldly towards the egg. "You won't confuse me, you won't scare me with your laughter." She says with a soft arrogant tone. "Do you want to show me the way… Or shall I guess? Those eyes do not scare me, look into me if you must." She whispers, daring the egg to show her what she wants. "See all you can from me, there is nothing that I hide." She taunts softly.

Danewt continues with his improvised little song, hands twitching across the surface of the egg, as if physically shocked by something. Yet they remain within contact of the hardening shell. He chooses to stay with the Turbulent Swirls Egg, for now at least. After all, there are others that will soon be calling for his songs.

Relief replaces Rafca's expression as her gaze once more lands on the egg in front of her. One eyebrow quirks. "Well, have it as you will," says she, removing her palm from the egg. She shuffles away from it.

Jeordi stands up from the egg his hands lie against, and smiles slightly, moving away, a slightly dazed look on his face as he moves stiffly away. "Wow." Is all he can really say again, his brain temporarily losing the cohesion to speak properly.

Rafca gives the Painted by the Sun Egg a glance, reaches out to touch it … only to drop her hand. She shakes her head. Instead, she places a palm on the Falling from the Heavens Egg, on that splash of yellow on the shell.

Danewt takes in a deep breath at the almost sudden end of his song. The creshendo almost too painful to hear, much less hum. Rocking back on his rear, he takes a moment to take all of that experiance in, letting it settle within himself for a moment before standing to choose another.

Tomaz sighs and pulls his hand back…"That one's shy…"

Rafca fixes the Falling from the Heavens Egg with a curious glance, but her expression contains none of the apprehension or annoyance present when she touched the Maze of Stairs Egg. "Hmm," Rafca emits, but nothing more. Likely, she feels awkward about talking to an egg.

Danewt kneels down before A Courting on the Water Egg. His reaction to this one is very different than the last eggy. No tune comes to mind at first, no initial musical reaction from the man that sings in his sleep (quietly, though). His hands linger, though not at all certain that they should.

Tomaz turns to bow to all present."If you would, please excuse me, I have to go tend to some business with one of the nannies…Seems I forgot something in the nursery…"

"Trapped, eh?" queries Rafca. Once the words are out, she clamps her mouth shut. Her eyes dart furtively around, glimpsing each candidate and rider present. She clears her throat. "Know the feeling."

Menea lets out a bit of laughter, "You're not going to scare me." She says firmly, a small bit of laughter falling again. "Maybe I do not /want/ to see you and your toothy grin. And catch you, perhaps I will." She says with an idle snort, she pulls her hand back and smirks. She shifts her blue eyes off, looking towards the next egg. "Simply amusing…" She murmurs to herself. Moving to her next egg of choice, the Moonlit Hold Egg.

Danewt frowns a little to himself, as if confused mildly. "I was offering you a chance to….I dunno hear a song…but nothings coming to mind. What kind of music would you like?" Normally, he doesn't talk to the eggys. More often he just sings to them. More confidant now, his palms flatten against the shell.

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